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A Divine Idea: Should You Study Divination?


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 (A Position Paper for the Thule society)

Why Discuss Divination?


President’s Notes on Divination:

One of the Thule Society’s present members has studied various types of divination and spell casting for several years, yet I was not sure exactly what our organization’s official position on this topic would be, so I petitioned Randall Hilburn for further clarification.

The subject of divination is worth discussing at some point because Christianity explicitly forbids practicing divination, although the Bible does make a few references to various characters making use of various divination techniques.


Below are citations of Biblical censure of Divination, as well as Biblical references to using various Divination techanieques. Both of the sources cited below are copied directly from Wikipedia.org


William Blake‘s painting of Saul, the shade of Samuel and the Witch of Endor.

Various forms of witchcraft and divination are mentioned in the Hebrew Bible (Tanakh or Old Testament), generally (but not always) in a disapproving tone.

Biblical Prohibitions on Divination [edit]

Laws prohibiting various forms of witchcraft and divination can be found in the books of ExodusLeviticus and Deuteronomy. These include the following (as translated in the King James Version):

  • Exodus 22:18 –Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live.
  • Leviticus 19:26 –Ye shall not … use enchantment, nor observe times.
  • Leviticus 20:27 –A man also or woman that hath a familiar spirit, or that is a wizard, shall surely be put to death: they shall stone them with stones: their blood shall be upon them.
  • Deuteronomy 18:10-11 –There shall not be found among you any … that useth divination, or an observer of times, or an enchanter, or a witch, or a charmer, or a consulter with familiar spirits, or a wizard, or a necromancer.


Instances ff Divination Being Used in Biblical Narratives [edit]



Judging by the presence of Bible passages that condemn Divination being juxtaposed against passages from the same tome that speak of Biblical heroes practicing some form of divination, it appears that whenever Christians condemn Divination they are in fact hypocrites.

Like Christianity, Islam also officially forbids practicing Divination on the grounds that all Divination is a form of sorcery, which the Koran explicitly forbids. Islam preaches that some things are known only to God; therefore, it is wrong for humans to seek answers that are reserved for God alone to know, that is unless the Divine/God chooses to reveal certain information to chosen individuals who could be considered prophets. Official Islamic teachings state that genuine prophets will always note that the hidden information they possess and then share with others has arrived by the will of God for reasons only known to the Divine.

Despite the Koran’s official censure of all types of divination, except that which is revealed by God through an appointed prophet of course, Islam’s Sufi tradition is quite well-stocked with long-standing and varied traditions of mysticism and divination. Sufis are known to use chanting, singing, dancing, and cannubus to achieve altered states of mind for Divination purposes, and Sufis are also known to create sacred charms for the purposes of divination. Given the Sufi traditions of practicing Divination, it seems that the Islamic world is actually not without its own indigenous divination practices, so if Muslims wish to publicly condemn Divination practices, then they must also condemn their own Sufi traditions.



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Divination is a somewhat controversial subject for all Abrahamists because the Torah, the Bible, and the Koran all explicitly forbid Divination, yet the practice of Divination still finds its footing amongst the big mass-market Abrahamic franchise™ religions. The Jewish Torah may stand against practicing sorcery and divination, yet Judaism openly practices sorcery and Divination through their Kabballah and its accompanying school of Hebrew numerology.

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Despite the Bible explicitly forbidding the practicing of sorcery and divination, Europe has maintained various divination traditions across the Christian era through such practices as reading Tarot cards along with astrology and an altered Christian Kabbalah.

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Obviously, pre-Christian Europeans had many indigenous Divination traditions, so the topic of divination carries a certain amount of relevance when studying pre-Christian European history. For example, the ancient Greeks had the Oracle of Delphi which was essentially a temple to the Greek gods which was staffed by dedicated priestesses who held the tiles of Pythia, and it was the Pythia who gazed into water to find answers from the gods. The Pythia also remained virgins (well, so they say), and lived at the temple which was located in the city of Delphi.

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The ancient Greeks additionally practiced Lychnomancy, which is the art of Divination by way of gazing at a flame. The ancient Greeks also employed men who were professional Diviners such as the Ornithomanteis who specialized in interpreting the behavior of birds, the Oneiromanteis who interpreted dreams, and the Teratoskopoi who interpreted omens. Ancient Greek armies also traveled with professional diviners who went the by title Manties. Both the ancient Greeks and the Romans also practiced a divination technique where the liver and intestines of a recently slaughtered animal were read in hopes of gaining useful information, this practice was called Extispicy.

It seems that people all over the world and across the spans of time have always sought ways to obtain useful insider information in hopes of gaining practical advantages, so it seems likely that the practice of divination is here to stay.

Given the rich history of Divination along with the practical advantages it offers, the Thule Society does endorse divination, but only certain types of Divination. Divination is a useful tool for self-understanding and gaining insight into problems, plus it is a useful tool for forecasting future trends, so we encourage our readers and members to harness certain Divination methods when in need of counsel or perhaps when seeking a bit of input from the spirit world. Our pre-Christian Germanic ancestors used their own methods of divination such as reading runes during the Roman and Viking eras, observing the stars, noting the behavior of birds and horses, and reading severed branches from nut bearing trees, so we will honor and perpetuate their old folk ways into our present era.

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Let us now ask what the formal definition of the word “Divination” might be:

The Marriam-Webster website defines the word “Divination” as follows:

 div·​i·​na·​tion ˌdi-və-ˈnā-shən 

Synonyms of divination


: the art or practice that seeks to foresee or foretell future events or discover hidden knowledge usually by the interpretation of omens or by the aid of supernatural powers


: unusual insight : intuitive perception








Below is the definition of the word “Divination” as it is offered by Wikipedia.org:


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

For other uses, see Divination (disambiguation).

Divination (from Latin divinare, ‘to foresee, to foretell, to predict, to prophesy’)[2] is the attempt to gain insight into a question or situation by way of an occultic, standardized process or ritual.[3] Used in various forms throughout history, diviners ascertain their interpretations of how a querent should proceed by reading signs, events, or omens, or through alleged contact or interaction with a supernatural agency.[4]

Divination can be seen as a systematic method with which to organize what appears to be disjointed, random facets of existence such that they provide insight into a problem at hand. If a distinction is to be made between divination and fortune-telling, divination has a more formal or ritualistic element and often contains a more social character, usually in a religious context, as seen in traditional African medicine. Fortune-telling, on the other hand, is a more everyday practice for personal purposes. Particular divination methods vary by culture and religion.

Divination has long been criticized. In the modern era, it has been dismissed by the scientific community and skeptics as being superstitious; experiments do not support the idea that divination techniques can actually predict the future more reliably or precisely than would be possible without it.[5][6] In antiquity it was attacked by philosophers such as the Academic skeptic Cicero in De Divinatione and the Pyrrhonist Sextus Empiricus in Against the Astrologers. The satirist Lucian devoted an essay to Alexander the false prophet.[7]


The Mirriam-Webster Dictionary defines the word “Occult” as follows: 


[ uhkuhlt, ok-uhlt ]


See synonyms for: occult / occulted / occulting / occults on Thesaurus.com




The Practical Value of Divination

I have personally studied the Tarot deck in my spare time for a period of about five years, and I must say that this tool of divination gave me many valuable insights and good advice for making decisions. I would also say that this method of finding occulted information also imbued me with a better understanding of human nature in general along with an improved perception of the ways that life flows, so I encourage people who are interested in this practice to study it.

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Years ago, I paid a numerology company to read my numerological fortune and I must say that I was quite surprised by how accurate and informative their report was. In light of my personal experiences with numerology readings, I encourage all new parents to pay the money and have top-notch numerology readings done for each of their children soon after their births in order to gain a better understanding of who their children are from a karmic standpoint. Having a better understanding of each child’s karmic issues is beneficial for parents because this knowledge permits them to understand the challenges that each of their children will face over the courses of their lifetimes. A good numerology reading will also help a set of parents understand the God-given strengths and weaknesses assigned to each of their children. Nobody arrives in this world with a blank karmic slate because we all carry the consequences of our good and bad deeds from previous lifetimes, so each person who lives today is assigned a set of issues to work on over the course of their lifetimes and a good numerology reading helps shine light on each person’s unique challenges and each person’s particular assigned karmic lesson book.

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Numerology is often closely associated with the Jewish Kabbalah, yet a quick internet search reveals that the ancient Greek philosopher and mathematician named Pythagoras is not only credited with creating the Pythagorean Theorem  which troubles high school math students, but he is also credited as the father of Numerology. Some scholars speculate that numerology as it is understood today originated in Babylon or India, and this may very well be the case; however, Pythagoras’s system of numerological divination is still traced to ancient Greece by most investigators, so this system of divination should not be simply dismissed as a form of Jewish mind poison.



Concerning the topic of astrology, my mother payed a local astrologer hundreds of dollars to perform a very thorough and in-depth astrology reading about me when I was five years old. This astrology reading took place in the 1970’s, yet my mother did not share this information with me until the first decade of the 21st century. That particular astrologer’s written report was around 70 pages and this man also included a set of audio recordings that were saved to old magnetic cassette tapes. Luckily, services now exist that change old cassette tape recordings into new MP3 files, so I did have a change to listen to these archival voice records. Looking back on this experience, I would say that these recordings and their concomitant oral reports were full of valuable insight, so I would encourage other parents to have tip-top and thorough astrology readings done for each of their children shortly after their births.


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👎  Bad Ideas  🤕

Concerning the methods of divination the Thule Society endorses, studying Tarot cards is not forbidden, nor is astrology and numerology; however, use of Ouija Boards is officially prohibited because even casual use of these devices poses serious risks. One does not need to be an Evangelical Christian to acknowledge the dangers of Ouija boards, so we will adjure our readers and society members to stay away from these devices.

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Randall Hilburn’s Thoughts on Divination

I will preface this discussion by describing what it is Not. Divination is not Fortune Telling because fortune telling is a racket invented by Gypsies with the aim of taking advantage of gullible people. For Fortune Telling to be valid, people must be robbed of all free moral agency. We are all granted some degree of free moral agency by the divine so that we might learn from both our mistakes and our shrewd decisions, yet everything we do or ever will do is also mapped out for us before we are even born. Indeed, every moment of our lives is known and mapped out by the divine; however, the ability to know the future down to the smallest detail is a privilege that is generally withheld from humans and held for safe-keeping by the divine. So, in an absolute sense none of us have any free will at all, yet very few of us actually have any way of knowing what events are mapped out in the future by the Divine, so in a practical sense we still make our own choices.

In his book called Proof of Heaven, Eben Alexander tells readers that the divine grants all people a certain amount of free will because they understand that humans need to make their own choices if they are to develop spiritually. Alexander’s book describes his week-long near-death experience then outlines the spiritual lessons he gained during his time exploring the spirit realm. One of the most significant revelations Alexander received during his otherworldly journey was the insight that the divine allows the worst of evil to flourish here on Earth in order to give humans a true set of moral choices so that people may learn, develop, and grow spiritually.

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Eben Alexander
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The divine understands the principles of destiny and karma better than any human ever could, so we are most certainly helped, hindered, and dominated by various outside forces that are well beyond our control; none the less, how we respond to our circumstances is still up to us in an immediate and practical sense. Since we have established what Divination is not, we can move on to a discussion of what it is. There are a number of divination techniques around the world, so we will limit our discussion to methods that are native to Aryan people or at least long-present among our people.

Part One – Water Divination and the Like

 Some people have the ability to detecting underground springs and flowing water. Flowing water produces an electrical current which some gifted people are able to detect and read. Much confusion and controversy has been caused by the false assumption that everyone may have this ability, well at least latently anyway.

The only people who have the ability to detect underground water are male, and never female. The reason for this state of affairs is unknown; however, not every male automatically has this ability. While this ability often runs in certain families, not every male offspring from these gifted families has this ability. Diviners also have the ability to detect other things like hydrocarbon deposits (oil, natural gas, and coal), as well as a number of other mineral deposits, especially metal ores. This divining ability was known about and practiced by our ancient Aryan ancestors. Somebody said that we live in an “Electrical Universe” because electricity to one degree or another is constantly flowing everywhere. Obviously, there are individuals who, for whatever reason, are able to read the electrical fields that permeate The Universe and forms an integral part of it.

Image of the Marvel Comics supervillain Electro furnished courtesy of wikipedia.org


My father and my Great Uncle Elbert had the ability to look at a healthy woodland and determine what sorts of mineral deposits lay beneath the ground, and they were also able to know how deep these deposits were buried. I once asked them to explain this technique to me and they both said, “One understands how different minerals affect different plants in different ways. It has a lot to do with the shades of green one is seeing.” As my father explained it, discerning which minerals sit beneath a forest rests on the ability to note very subtle differences in shading within the same plant species and between different plant species. My father also told me that only certain individuals have the ability to read the colors of a woodland.


Part Two – Reading Tarot Cards

The Tarot deck is not a native Aryan system of divination, any claims to the contrary notwithstanding; however, the Tarot Decks has indeed been used by some Aryans for a very long time. The Tarot deck was originally developed by Sufi Mystics in Mecca during the earliest days of Islam while the Gypsies were also in the midst of their migration out of India. While the Sufis were experimenting with their newfound decks of Tarot cards, the Gypsies were passing through the area and they picked this practice up from local Sufi Mystics (Sufism is the mystical version of Islam.). After departing from Mecca, the Gypsies eventually reached Europe and scattered over large areas where they spread their knowledge of Tarot cards to Europeans. The Tarot finally reaching Ireland about 1,000 years ago.

LabyrinthTarot.jpg copy
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The Tarot deck is as a very general system of divination that is very successful and readily adaptable to many different cultures. Once one understands how the Tarot deck works, then it becomes obvious why this system of divination is so popular, despite all of its accompanying hype and rank commercialism. The specific Tarot deck that a person uses depends on their culture and the spirit of each particular reader; for example, Japan now has many of their own renditions of the Tarot deck — there is no one size fits all for this system of divination. Tarot decks all work pretty much the same way, but the images that readers might connect and commune with are different.

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To be a successful Tarot reader, one must come to understand that the Tarot is not a means to predict events, but instead, this method of divination is a means to forecast trends. When properly used, which it oftentimes is not, the Tarot deck can be uncannily accurate. Tarot cards tell the reader about the general future that current events, circumstances, people, etc. are tending towards, but they do not predict specific events. When a proper tarot card reading is done, you can rest assured that if all present inputs remain the same, then you will know what kind of future you are going to get. That being said, the events that a Tarot card reading portends are never set in stone, so the future is not set in stone either; therefore, an individual can change an input and in turn change the future for good or ill.

A Tarot card reader must always interpret the cards they read in their proper context, and they must always consider the individual who they are reading for. During a reading, some Tarot cards can bode for either good or evil, but this depends on the context.

A Tarot card reader bears an enormous moral responsibility every time they perform a reading for another person because the reader is supposed to be scrupulously open and honest with every client they see. For a Tarot card reader, doing anything other than telling the whole truth and nothing but the truth runs a very real risk of doing great harm to the individual they are reading for. During a reading, the cards say what they say, whether the client wants to hear it or not. Too many greedy and unscrupulous tarot readers concentrate on telling their clients what they want to hear instead of doing their job correctly.

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Telling a client what they want to hear as opposed to telling the truth can cause difficulties because a client may do detrimental things because they are basing their decision making process on poor information and bad advice. Each individual bears the ultimate responsibility for running their own lives, so it is never a Tarot card reader’s responsibility to play nursemaid to individuals who do not want to take proper responsibility for their lives. The Tarot is just a tool intended to provide certain insights that might help individuals make the best life decisions, but a Tarot deck is not anything more than this.


Part Three – Celtic Tree Oracles

GOTG Groot Poster copy.jpg

Image of the Marvel Comics character Groot furnished courtesy of marvel-movies.fandom.com

Like in many other cultures, every Ancient Celtic individual was born under a birth Sign. Celtic birth signs are somewhat similar to the popular signs of the Zodiac which is also referred to as the Greco-Roman Zodiac. The popular Zodiac sings that we are familiar with are Greek and Roman in origin, which is true as far as it goes, except the real origin of today’s popular Zodiac symbols actually traces back to Babylon.

Babylon by bus ENG cover lowres 5000x.jpg copy
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Unlike the Babylonians who used stars in the night sky to determine a person’s birth sign, the ancient Celts used various species of trees as birth signs. In old Celtic times, one was born under the sign of a particular tree. For example, I was born under the sign of the Cyprus tree.

Cypress Hill
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Concerning the significance of astrological signs, people often become confused and get things backwards because this state of affairs was created quite deliberately by Judeo-Christianity as part of an effort to discredit Native European Religion(s). Contrary to what others may say, the Cyprus tree does not make me what I am because I have presently incarnated into this world under the sign of the Cypress tree. The Cypress tree may represent my personal essence, but this plant does not represent anything more. It is tendencies that are predetermined by birth signs, not events. Despite its limitations, the old Celtic system of tree signs can be used to communicate with the spirit world and work with one’s higher consciousness in a manner similar to the Norse Runes, which I will get to later.

Part Four – Stars, Astrology & Prophecy

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 Once again, people have gotten things all backwards concerning the topic of astrology. The stars do not actually make people do anything. The general flow of world history, not specific events, operates according to a constantly repeating cycle that is driven by karma, so a risen individual can escape from the cycles of world karma; therefore, we should not assign too much importance to astrological sings and portends. The Universe is, among other things, one vast clockwork mechanism, so one can watch the stars and note certain information in a similar fashion to how one might look at the face of a clock to tell time. When one looks at the face of a clock to tell time, this action is a lot like observing the stars and taking note of their alignment because both actions are about noting schedules and not about predicting exact events.


Part Five – Gazing

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What I am referring to here is the act of gazing at an object or a “substance” with the intention of entering an altered state of consciousness in order to divine the future. Remember what I have said before, we are talking about forecasting trends not foretelling events. I have used a Crystal Ball myself, but some others use different things such as a candle flame.


Part Six – Casting the Runes

Holistic Shop
Image of traditional casting runes furnished courtesy of holisticshop.co.uk

The Runes are essentially a tool that an individual can utilize to connect with their own Higher Consciousness, but casting the runes is not a means of forecasting future events. As an individual embarks on a journey of self-discovery, this person can use the Runes to gain a better understanding of their own true potential, whether this is for good or ill. A person who invests in learning from the Runes gains a better understanding of their own strengths and weaknesses along with the opportunities their personal qualities present for personal growth and personal setbacks.

By casting the Runes, one can indeed gain insight into future events that can be extremely useful, but as I was just explaining, any insight into future outcomes only arrives by having a more developed understanding of one’s true potential and weaknesses.

The Ancient Teutonic Tribes did not originally use writing, and like their Celtic cousins and neighbors, they were a people who transmitted knowledge through oral traditions. Things only began to be written down after the Teutonic peoples encountered the Romans and their written alphabet. The Runes were both the earliest Germanic Alphabet and they were also used as a system of Divination. The runes were developed as an offshoot of the Roman alphabet that was later adapted to Germanic languages and traditions. The Runes were both a means of conveying ideas in writing, and a means of understanding one’s Higher Self. The runes are a way a person to learn about their higher self because each Rune functions as a letter which can be used to form words in a written text, but each rune also represents a specific psychological and spiritual element.


Part Seven – The Stone People

The Rolling Stones
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This method of divination is a bit tricky because it involves cultivating a relationship rather than practicing a method. Most Traditional Cultures work to cultivate relationships with one or another type(s) of Stone People. Each type of Naturally Occurring Stone has a particular Spirit, while each individual specimen of rock also has its own unique Spirit. The spirit of an individual rock functions as part of the overall Spirit for its type of rock, just as each individual ant functions as part of its ant colony.

 Stone People are “The Memories of the Earth,” which makes them analogous to the memory banks of a computer. The Stone People are also incapable of remembering anything but truth, and the older the stone, the greater the store of knowledge it retains. Nuummite (Named after the location in Greenland where almost all of it comes from) is the oldest known stone at 4,000,000,000 years old, which means that every piece of Nuummite was born at the same time as the Earth herself. It is obviously much easier to “divine the future” if you know what the past actually was, indeed I would say that it is impossible to truly know the future so long as you know nothing about the past.

nuummite polished plate 693g greenland unique rare collection piece.jpg

Image of a Nuummite rock for sale furnished courtesy of minerals-stones.com 

Hard Rock Cafe in Memphis, Tennessee
Image of the Hard Rock Cafe in Memphis, Tennessee furnished courtesy of mashed.com

While the Stone People are part of the Earth, it must be understood that they are also sentient beings unto themselves, so Stone People will communicate with humans telepathically, but they will only make contact with a human if and when they choose to do so. There is nothing you can do to make the Stone People speak to you, but it helps to approach them in a sacred (respectful) manner. After a while, sometimes a very great while, if the Stone People decide that they can trust you, then they may choose to speak with you. Once they start to speak with a chosen human, then that gifted person can proceed to develop a relationship with the Stone People that has a bit more depth, and in some rare cases humans can develop relationships with Stone People that go beyond simple matters of divination. Since the Stone People are incapable of deceit, and they remember absolutely everything, they can be of great assistance to humanity’s’ collective search for truth in regards to things on Earth and in Space.

Space ghost
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I am what is called a Stone Shaman in the Aryan Tradition. Many cultures have their own types of Stone Shamans who are appropriate for their cultures. What this means is that rather than being a General Practitioner of Aryan Shamanism, I specialize in working with the Stone People within the auspices of the overall Aryan Tradition. There are of course other Shamanic Specialists besides just Stone Shamans, yet the vast majority of all shamans are General Practitioner types.

Concluding Remarks

There are many different types of Divination, and many different variations within individual types of Divination. Here, I have only discussed the methods that I have worked with myself, but there are plenty of other methods that can also work quite well. This short reading should provide some general guidelines for individuals who is looking to start learning about Divination systems themselves.

Heil Hitler deva!

Randall Lee Hilburn

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