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Do You Have More Than One Biological Father?

The Aryan race still exists in spite of the endless and inveterate harassment and genocidal hatred directed against it by enemies. Despite all of the attacks and racial vandalism, European people have still managed to preserve themselves as a distinct genetic and spiritual group that still maintains a relative degree of purity. Modern European people still retain a lineage that traces back to the original blue-eyed and blonde-haired Atlantean race that was the original race of this earth. The old Atlantean race was the original “hue-man” race or “species” that was derived from the gods as countless ancient lore recounts.

In the Bhagavad-Gita, these old gods are referred to as Devas. In the Old Norse Edda, these old gods are referred to as Vanir, and according to old Norse beliefs, it was the Vanir who gave rise to the Aesir through intermarriage with the children of the earth (Midgard). In the sacred texts of the Maya, the old men of Atlantis are referred to as Quetzacoatl, or the “white gods” of Huitramanaland, which meant the “white land” in the old pre-Colombian languages of Mexico.

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The ancient lore of pre-Colombian Mexico speaks of the old gods with blue eyes and blond hair that Jorg Lans von Leibenfels in his magazine “Ostara” and his book “Theozoology” also references as the Holy Graal. According to von Leibenfels, the term “The Holy Graal” denotes the possession of “Gotter Elektron” or the “Divine Spark” of the Aryan race that descend from the gods.

The inheritance of holy Aryan blood is transmitted generationally through biological reproduction, and more purity that is found in the blood of a mating male and female, the closer they are to the origin of the Aesir or “heroic” god-man who were also the blue-eyed and blonde-haired Atlantans. A rising level of Aryan blood purity leads to a higher degree of the “Gotter Elektron,” which is the light of Hyperborea and of the gods.

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Thus, blood transmits the characteristics and traits of a people, and this has constituted a “fact” throughout history. In modern times, we are all forced to live in the low point of the Kali Yuga; therefore, various (((distorters and falsifiers of Truth))) have come forward and attempted to introduce age-old false ideas that are based on egalitarian and raceless societies which are at best abstract ideas that have correspondence to reality. The ideologies that propound a raceless and egalitarian society include Zoroastrianism, Vaishnavism, Buddhism, three of the four Abrahamic religions(Christianity, Islam, and Marxism), plus Gnosticism.

In more recent times, falsifiers who push ideas of racial equality have become more secular, and France Boaz, who is the creator of modern academic “cultural anthropology” is a shining example of this same old business of racelessness being put into action. Boaz’s school of thought came out around the same time as the school of psychology created by a Jew named Sigmund Freud. Both Freud and Boaz attempted to prescribe a “Universalist Blueprint” for the diverse bipedal beings (species) that walk the Earth and both of these Jews attempted to combine what was the same. Regrettably, residue from these mad-house preachings from Jew #1 and Jew #2 linger throughout our mainstream cultural and intellectual matrix to this day.

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Of course, both Boaz and Freud were Jewish; therefore, they were both intent to inject their divisive thought forms into the minds of Aryan populations. These toxic Jewish though forms included encouraging race mixing by creating a general sense of apathy and disregard concerning the very real differences between the Aryan race and others.

This racial apathy was pushed by Jews in conjunction with such “plans” as Israel Cohen’s “Racial Program of the 20th Century”  illustrate the purpose and point of Jewish agendas: “to instill a guilt complex in the White race,” plus a campaign to discourage Whites from preserving their kind and to put social pressure upon Whites to facilitate their own erasure from the Earth due to contamination of their “blue blood, true blood” with the genetic-spiritual contamination of the non-White “Others.” The others that arise due to Whites race-mixing with others are the hybrids and beast-people of the Earth.

Both egregores (thought forms or “Ideas”) and the physical imposition of non-Whites into traditionally White spaces have been employed to facilitate this contamination process. These ideas/egregores being introduced a priori are a causal mechanism of influence that leads to the White population allowing foreign stock to enter their society then gain power and influence.

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Throughout history, it was Jewish advisors to White kings and captains of business that pushed for European expansion into overseas colonies, and this expansion out of Europe was accompanied by Jewish universalist ideologies which enabled the backflow or counter-colonialism into White nations. The non-White “Other” has been imposed into White nations initially as serfs and a source of cheap labor; however, Jewish conniving has pushed for the arrival of ever greater numbers of non-White surfs to the point that these Third-world serfs are beginning to displace Whites in their ancestral homelands.

Jews use a strategy to decapitate their enemies and confuse the minds of their adversaries by controlling  the media outlets and spreading emotionally-based ideologies that speak of egalitarian-universalism wherein “all men are equal.”

What defines a “man” is of course an assumed premise that is also a tautology, which is a mere equation of one ill-defined term: “man”(A) with another: “equal” (B), the latter being predicated on the former. Thus, the entire house of cards that constitutes Jewish egregores that preach egalitarian thinking eventually collapse from their own weight and what remains is a pile of rubble formed from the collapsed ruins of societies and empires


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This strategy of destroying empires by way of race mixing is employed as a survival mechanism for parasitic Jews, and these Jewish parasites recognizes the causality involved in inheritance; meaning, that Jews understand how blood is the life of a people and to destroy their enemies the Jews must vampirize their blood by mixing it with that of others.

The destructive mythos of the universalist anti-blood that was initiated by Zoroastrianism and later forms of ant-blood thinking are countered by the constructive mythos of “blue blood, true blood” which is the affirmation Gotter Elektron or the Holy Blood and the Holy Graal.

What was once credited as reality is now portrayed in the mainstream organs of (dis)information as discredited and “debunked,” or whatever other language is employed by Jews to denigrate; asperse, and defile perfectly sound and factual theories of racial purity. Thus, what calls itself “science” today is simply another vehicle of Jewish propaganda which serves the powers that be by perpetuating our dark age of ignorance. This Dark Age of Ignorance that Jews perpetuate involves trapping White populations in spiritual and mental cages of Jewish design.

Two “scientific theories” that relate to blood contamination are “microchemerism” and Telegony. Microchemerism is still considered valid although this theory is now relentlessly attacked by Jewish-controlled mainstream establishments and this theory suffers from a high degree of marginalization because it dutifully recognizes the consequences “blood poisoning” and the desirability of its avoidance. Telegony had its origins in the ancient world and was spoken of by Aristotle.


“Telegony” is the theory (the reality) that individuals can inherit traits not only from their fathers but also from males (anthropoidal males) that their mothers had previously engaged in sexual intercourse with. The transmission of genetic-spiritual substance by way of the father has an influence on the mother and for this reason marriages in the ancient world were always carefully arranged and the virginity of females was always safeguarded to the highest degree possible through strict policies of quarantine that prevented your women from having casual and unregulated contact with males.

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I ancient times, it was common practice to segregate boys and girls during adolescence because this separation preserves the gender identity of each sex, and this segregation also affirms sexual differences. The old practice of sexual segregation during adolescence also help prevent promiscuity which leads to unwanted contamination of females by males. In the past, arranged marriages ensured that the best interbred with the best and these couples then had the most offspring and vice versa; conversely, throughout the ancient world solid practices of arranged marriages were enacted to help reduce the number of undesirable matings.

Across the ancient world, normative sexual roles and behaviors were upheld and respected which meant that eugenic practices that ensured the preservation of races and prevented the proliferation of beastmen were in place.

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He Man

The blue blood of the Devas was articulated in the context of Telegony in the Roman mythology by noting references to the double fatherhood of Castor and Pollux, one a demigod the other a mere mortal. The Old Norse Edda also reveals the influence of Telegony, and the stories of the Bible allude to Telegony when understood in the proper context, and these telegony references also portent the “fall of man.”

Dual-father and dual seed-line Christian identity further elaborates on the notion of the fall of humanity from the origin of the Atlantean Adamic (red) race. The term “red” references Rene Guenon who spoke about the spiritually enlightened state of the “Rubedo.” Guenon mentions the Bubedo as a phase of alchemical transmutation that references a “ruddy’ color.” When speaking of a “Ruddy Color” Guenon is referencing a mixture of the “Adamic” race with that of the seed-line of Cain, which explains the presence of Jews on the Earth as well as the devolution of the Adamic line.

Guenon’s mythos is perhaps a distorted conception, but these ideas illustrate the notion that blood can be contaminated via telegony (“Eve in the garden with the serpent” prior to her conception of children with Adam).

The term “telegony” was coined by August Weismann from the Greek words (‘tele’) meaning “far” and “gonos” which means “offspring” in Greek. The name may also have been devised to connote the son of Odysseus “Telegonus” after which the Homeric poem “Telegony” was named, which for some reason, this poem has been (((conveniently))) lost.

The old-time Surgeon General of New York state, who was a physiologist named Austin Flint, noted in his textbook of “Human Physiology” (fourth edition, 1888) that the phenomenon of Telegeny is as follows:

A peculiar and, it seems to me, an inexplicable fact is, that previous pregnancies have an influence upon offspring. This is well known to breeders of animals[…] The same influence is observed in the human subject. A woman may have, by a second husband, children who resemble a former husband, and this is particularly well marked in certain instances by the color of the hair and eyes. A white woman who has had children by a Negro may subsequently bear children to a white man, these children presenting some of the unmistakable peculiarities of the Negro race.

The phrase “once you go black you never go back” applies to White females who have been “blacked” by the negro beast-man in their “relations.” White women who engage in carnal relations with negro beastmen take upon themselves the genetic-spiritual contamination of such beast-man and in turn such White women have also bestialized their souls and bodily forms along with those of their descendants.

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Such an “abomination of desolation” is the fruit of wound contamination and a spiritual abomination that leaves desolate “the house of God” (Beth-El) i.e. the “Holy Temple,” which is the bodily form of the Aryan race.

This is why such figures as Israel Cohen in his “Racial Program for the 20th Century” serve as exemplary cases of the genocidal intent on the part of Jewry in their endless schemes to contaminate the purity of Whites through dark magic alchemy.

Such prescription to dilute, contaminate, and defile a race’s genetic heritage is referred to in Christian identity as “Balaam’s Doctrine” and this idea is presented as the strategy of a political leader who was an enemy of the Israelites that wanted to destroy them. As then, so today, the masses of non-Whites who are flooding into formerly White homelands serve as an example of this Balaam’s Doctrine” being put into practice. The Jewish Magian Occupation Regime in Government (M.O.R.G) which controls our world directs its police and security forces away from the harm visited upon the Whites and reveals a dedicated strategy of Balaam’s Doctrine by way of coercive mongrelization for Whites.

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Rather than, as in past times, impose the death penalty for the rape of White women and girls by males (including by White men); by contrast, under the auspices of Balaam’s Doctrine violation of the sanctity and purity of all females is ignored with apathetic disregard for the continued survival of mankind. The any violations of White women threatens the long-term preservation Aryan women and girls and by proximity the entire White race.

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In the ancient world, the penalty for rape was death because rapes constitute womb contamination which contributes to racial degradation. In the past, interbreeding with non-White beast-men was considered a sin and this pattern of behavior was portrayed in the example of Phineas which resulted in the death of both the White female and the non-White “couple.” This executing of both Phineas and his lover served as a means of “nipping in the bud” any spread of the genetic and spiritual contagion that constitutes miscegenation.

The Gnostic followers of Valentinus extrapolated the concept of telegony into the spiritual domain because they understood that spirit and matter are one; thus, what happens in the spiritual realm eventually crystallizes in the physical world. In the Gospel of Philip, amongst the Nag Hammadi texts, this concept is presented:

whomever the woman loves, to him those who are born are like; if her husband, they are like her husband; if an adulterer, they are like the adulterer. Often when a woman sleeps with her husband, but while her heart is with the adulterer with whom she is accustomed to unite, she bears the one whom she bears so that he is like the adulterer.”

It is not physical transmission alone that determines the relative purity or contamination of a female and her offspring. The very thoughts or egregore within the mind of a female at the time of conception influences the nature of her offspring; therefore, information derived from sources of a foreign nature implants into the mother’s consciousness with that same “foreignness” and renders her susceptible those influences.

The spiritual contamination of the Aryan race applies equally to males and females and comes by way of cultural media which is the vector through which these egregores are transmitted as seed-ideas. By falling into error through partaking on what seems to be “harmless media” or “just entertainment,” the Aryan race has been led to its current state of crisis which includes being forced to live amidst a flood of mud in the blood that reduces White nations to sewers.

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The Christian religion has especially served as a transmitter of corruption and contamination since the Council of Nicea, formulated “in the beginning” to serve as a crucible of mongrelization on the false principle that “all men are brothers in Christ.”

To affiliate oneself with the non-White “Other” under the auspices of Churchianity is to subject one’s people to contamination of the soul as well as the body.

The diverse and conflictual auras of “church goers” represent “volk chaos” as Hitler called it. Volk Chaos is a jarring and cacophonous mixture of incompatible thought types which are unsustainable in any harmonious way. Examples of racial “integration” in South Africa and the Southern states of America serve as exemplary cases of what occurs to Whites when they are subjected the presence of non-Whites in large numbers. Having Whites subjected to continual and prolonged contact with non-Whites creates spiritual chaos and subsequently physical chaos in the form of race riots, mass rapes, and generalized mayhem.

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Theodore Bilbo’s book “Take Your Choice: Separation or Mongrelization” illustrates the consequences of “multicultural society” in its title alone. Brazil is a result of mongrelization with slight segregation; the Southern states of America represent this same principle in effect, but to a lesser degree. The greatest extent of this mongrelization exists in such places as the Near East and India, which are both truly chaotic areas of the Earth that embody the concept of “volk chaos.” Volk Chaos has its origins in interspecies conflict but also in the egregores of egalitarian ideologies such as Vaishnavism and Christianity.

The ‘Volk Geist’ or Culture Organism of the Aryan (and indeed of all races) must remain in segregation in order to preserve itself. Perhaps it is undesirable for certain groups to preserve themselves…so be it. However, the desirability or undesirability of any race’s perpetuation is not relevant to Whites.

Talk of “peace” and “love” through the promiscuous mingling of “diverse” racial types only leads to a uniform and non-descript pseudo “die-verse” admixture; besides, any notions that everyone will eventually dissolve into one undistinguished brown slave class are simply a naïve and childish fantasies that are wholly unrealizable anyway. Hence, aware Whites who are living in our times must focus on preserving their own kind and avoiding contamination by foreign thought forms which include auras, egregores, or DNA (blood).

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“Microchemerism” which is also known as “feto-maternal microchemerism” additionally goes by the name “Fetal cell microchemerism.” Whatever the name, this phenomenon consists of cells from a fetus passing through the placenta and establishing cellular lineages within the mother’s body. Such migrating fetal cells have been documented to persist and multiply within the mother for several decades.

Microchemerism is a common occurrence after abortions or miscarriages, which means that any children who are subsequently carried to term (birthed) by the same woman who has made many visits to abortion clinics are actually “the living dead” because they have a hybrid cellular makeup; for this reason, women who make children with many different men are living examples of ‘volk chaos’ being put into action, and the effects of this abortion-induced Volk Chaos are even more pronounced if the fathers are men from different races, Hence it is possible to have more than one father by this process, and one might conclude that promiscuous females who have absorbed the genetic-spiritual substance of myriad men are creating homunculi through this viviparous alchemy in the event that they ever produce living offspring!

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A woman who has completed many abortions that have resulted from having sex with many different men will create Frankenstein’s monsters of diverse and incompatible cellular parts in the unlikely events that they ever carry any babies to term and produces any living offspring. Abominations such as these products of countless abortions are also likely to play host to troublesome astral entities owing to their lack of inner integrity. The schizophrenia of the body and soul that arises from unchecked promiscuity and easy access to abortions explains why physical and soul hybrids behave so chaotically as exemplified by revolutionary leaders e.g. Che Guevara, Fidel Castro, Louis Riel, Lenin, Stalin, Robespierre, Babeuf, Mao, et.al

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It is too late to put Pandora’s pestilence back into its box because there are far too many hybrids crawling world today and examples of present-day France and Negrified America are testaments to the hubris of White men who assume they can control the Mud Flood and not become contaminated by swimming in it.

Another instance of microchemerism occurs in the case of blood transfusions. This should be an obvious fact; however, most people living today fail to understand that taking on the blood of another person permanently modified a person who receives blood from another. Jews have a long history of partaking in reverse blood transfusion by vampirising the blood of relatively pure Aryan children. Jews also incorporate Aryan blood into themselves by interbreeding. To inject the “life” of another (“the blood is the life” as the old saying goes) is to at least partially inject a foreign soul into one person and thus destroy the blood recipient’s very soul’s blueprint in the process, which in turn creates a Frankenstein’s monster out of the blood recipient. Transferring blood from one person to another fits within the Jewish trans-humanist agenda of the M.O.R.G (Magian Occupied Regime and Government) and facilitates the destruction and defilement of relatively pure Aryan people, which creates beings that are fragmented at a soul level.

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Perhaps this fragmentation process also enables possession by entities owing to a dis-integration (‘dis-integration’ in the sense of being harmful) of the soul which opens “fissures in the wall” of the collective Aryan soul and transfors them into Z.O.M.B.I.E.S (Zion Occupied Mind by Infernal Entity’s Supremacy). The microchemerism effect is undoubtedly something known by Jewry who serve their Prince of Darkness by defiling and tearing down the naïve and higher-minded Aryan.

Remedies for Spiritual and Blood Poisoning

America's Poison Centers - Press Releases

Blood poisoning is inflicted upon the Aryan race by Jewry and the hordes of beast-man. This war tactic of “Balaam’s Doctrine” has been practiced for millennia by Jews. Intermarriage and corruption via “lusting after foreign flesh” has been the downfall of the pure that leads to contamination of the blood. However, any initial spiritual contamination of blood memory and the collective mind leads to its physical expression. The “Minnesanger” or “blood memory” of the Aryan people is the source their collective power. Having effective blood memory is predicated on maintaining purity of the blood and to defile the purity of blood is to erase the memory of a people’s origins along with their collective attachment to the higher forces which perpetuate life. Contamination of the blood is the primary source of down-going “Untergang” as it is called in German.

The egregores and thought forms introduced into Aryan consciousness by Jews and their affiliates are designed to cloud blood memory and to blunt spiritual connections. To sever spiritual connections is to render the physical being impotent, and to render a physical being impotent is eliminate him as a force of resistantance.

Andi Kay on Twitter: "Resistance is futile said by a Dalek? Have they been assimilated by The Borg? #DoctorWho http://t.co/yYEJ3ZfFJY" / Twitter

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Hence the solution to Jewish agendas that are intended to destroy Aryan blood is to reactivate Aryan blood memory and to transmute oneself into a Minnesanger (Blood Recaller). To become a Blood Recaller entails beginning a path which requires negating foreign thought forms and affirming authentic Aryan culture and personal relations.

The affirmation of differences also constitutes a positive reawakening of Aryan blood memory. Reawakening latent Blood Memory includes choosing to relate exclusively to one’s own kind and minimizing relations with foreign “Others.” As Ben Klassen said: “phase out all dealings with muds and Jews.” Also disconnect yourself from all foreign thought forms or egregores as much as possible. Of course, this task is nigh impossible in our present world; regardless, we are still morally obligated to strive towards this end. Inward segregation should be maintained to the greatest extent possible when no option for physical disengagement is possible.

The Viral Cracker Barrel Meme You Never Knew About

Cracker Barrel was the last known restaurant in America to still hold a policy of seating Whites in a different sections of their restaurants. Image courtesy of mashed.com

Other positive suggestion for reconnecting with Blood Memory include practicing self-segregation from the “mixed multitude” by forming a parallel society that exists outside the chaos endemic to urban cloaca gentiums. Another possibility to form defensible spaces within existing urban cloaca gentiums in the form of separate suburbs, or perhaps by creating separate dwellings that serve as sanctums of retreat where Aryans can gather power and eventually bring insurgencies of cultural and combative nature against their enemies. (German nationalists are forming their own living compounds in German cities these days.)

Should one have the option to live a somewhat “normal life” in the traditional sense, then the “SS Mate Selection Guidelines” and other related Third Reich documents are available as guides for following a eugenic path that leads to recovering ancestral blood memories and perpetuating one’s own kind.

Everything begins in the spiritual planes; therefore, one must begin accessing Blood Memory by cleaning their home of contamination. The Nigredo (blackening) phase of eliminating foreign egregores and images along with sounds and practices must begin at once along with Albedo (or whitening) phase which consists of surrounding oneself with authentically Aryan thought forms and their sources. Authentic Aryan thought forms include books and the writings of great philosophers along with esotericists from the Aryan race, plus listening to the music of one’s ancestors. A campaign of Albedo must encompass only consuming the art and lifestyle practices of Aryan ancestors.


The process of reconnecting with your Aryan roots additionally entails rejecting anything Christian because such egregores simply lead to pathos and emotional insanity. “The Path of Cinnabar” is the title of a book written by Julius Evola which notes that there is only one path to transmute oneself from the White race of a purely physical-biological “Western Kind” to the “Red Race” of spiritually adept god-men from Hyperborea.

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