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Does the Luftwaffe have Spiritual Roots?


Part 1.

The Conventional and “Factual” History of The Luftwaffe

The Luftwaffe was the most National Socialist of the three regular branches within the Third Reich’s gestaltic military machine: the Wehrmacht (Army), the Kriegsmarine (Navy), and the Luftwaffe (Air Force). The primary reason that the Luftwaffe was so strongly National Socialist in nature when compared to the other two main branches of the Third Reich’s military complex was because the Luftwaffe was only created after Adolf Hitler became chancellor of Germany and the NSDAP took power. The secondary reason that the Luftwaffe was so notably National Socialist in nature was because it was commanded throughout its existence by Herman Goering who was a World War I fighter ace with 29 confirmed kills to his credit. Goering was also the commander of von Richtofen’s Flying Circus (JG-1, aka Fighter Wing One) after the “Red Baron” (Baron Manfred von Richtoffen) was killed. Manfred von Richtoffen was called the Red Baron because he always flew in fighter planes that were painted in all red. Goering was also one of the earliest NSDAP members.

the red baron
The image above shows both the Red Baron himself along with one of the Albatross D.Va aircraft that the flew into aerial battle during World War I. 

Herman Goering became the No. 2 man in the NSDAP after Rudolf Hess was treacherously kidnapped on the orders of Churchill. Yet another reason that the Luftwaffe was so heavily National Socialist in nature stemmed from the fact that many, if not most, of the earliest Luftwaffe pilots were teenage members of glider clubs that were primarily composed of members from the Hitler Youth (Jugend) once the chancellor came to power. The glider clubs became part of the Hitler Youth in other words.

 In World War I, the German Air Force of the Second Reich was called the Imperial Air Service. After World War I, the Imperial Air Service was abolished by the Treaty of Versailles. So, when The Great One tore up the Treaty of Versailles, a new Air Force had to be built from scratch; fortunately, the Great One had a cadre of experienced senior leaders who were former members of the IAS to help found a totally new German Air Force.

Werner “Daddy” Molders had a very unique story; he was the only man to become an ace in both world wars. He was the first commander of JG-1 in the new Luftwaffe and thus he became this group’s commander when World War II started. He was nicknamed “Daddy” by the pilots under his command because they were in their late teens or early twenties, while Molders was in his thirties during World War II. Molders also earned the sobriquet “Daddy” because of his great teaching and training ability along with the impeccable personal example he set for his students to follow in addition to the great concern he had for the welfare of his protégés.

Molders in 1941

The above image shows Werner Molders wearing his dress uniform in 1941. The image above is furnished courtesy of wikipedia.org 


Part 2.

The Esoteric History of the Luftwaffe


President’s Note:
Over the years, I have posted many Thule Society articles across various online platforms, and most of these articles received positive feedback, but some readers have written rather nasty comments about each article. What I learned from these experiences is that different people have different understandings of National Socialism and Adolf Hitler. Some people admire Adolf Hitler for being a great leader, a great statesman, and a great advocate for European peoples’ collective interest, but nothing more. These people who hold a civic understanding of Adolf Hitler are typically uncomfortable with discussions about reincarnation and “futuristic” technology among a list of other things.

Gort Firing
Image courtesy of wikipedia.org

Others see Hitler as a great statesman, a visionary leader, and a great racial advocate, but they also see him as a great spiritual leader. Those who also see Hitler as a great spiritual leader are typically comfortable with discussions about reincarnation and a bit of esoteric lore. People in this category are comfortable discussing items like reincarnation and prophecies, but they are usually a bit uncomfortable discussing items like extra-terrestrial contact, advanced ancient civilizations, and “futuristic” technology that sits outside of our daily lived experiences.

Lastly, there are people who see Hitler as a great civil leader as well as s great spiritual leader; however, these people are also open to discussions about more “fringe” topics such as extra-terrestrial contact, unusual “futuristic” technology, advanced ancient civilizations, and other topics that would make some of our readers a bit uneasy. I am mentioning these delineations because the rest of this article delves into subject matter that some readers may find a bit “fringe.”

The Fringe Question

Tinfiol hat
Image courtesy of edweek.org

Yes, some of the articles we publish deal with subject matter that is a bit offbeat or “fringy” to use a different word. On the other hand, many of the articles we publish deal with topics that are quite “grounded” and “conventional” so these publications are very credible for our readers who have a more conventional understanding of Hitler and the Third Reich. An example of our more conventional and “grounded” articles would be our recent discussions about the Russo-Ukraine war and our piece about missing children. I am aware that publishing articles that touch on “fringy” topics often hurts the Thule Society’s credibility in some peoples’ eyes; that being said, I still feel that some of the more “fringy” topics which we discuss are worth sharing, even if such subjects elicit a bit of scoffing from some of our readers.


Enjoy the fringe…


Third Reich UFOs Up to the Battle of Antarctica

(A) Vimanas|

Vimayas are the “flying ships” which are mentioned in the Puranas (histories) of Ancient India. These mysterious craft came in a variety of types from small scout and transport ships, through a various combat types, all the way up to giant heavy-lifting ships and even large and luxurious flying palaces. The Third Reich’s “Flying Saucer” Program (for lack of a better term) was a rediscovery and recreation of this same ancient Vimana technology from ancient Hindu legends. Assisted by others such as the Imperial Germans, the Vimanas that the Third Reich were slated for production in a large array of sizes and types that were intended for a variety of purposes.

pushpak vimana imagined with the help of ai v0 aro8y8khcy9b1

Image courtesy of ciasalesk.live


(B) Mercury Vortex Engines

All New Mercury
The image above is provided by Elenor’s Attic on eBay.com

The Vimanas were powered by these “Mercury Vortex” types of engines, and the intent was to power the Third Reich’s Vimana craft with these same types of engines. Difficulties in developing these types of engines in forms that were capable of being produced in sufficient numbers was the reason that the Third Reich’s “UFOs” were not used more actively during World War II. Mercury is of course an extremely dangerous element to work with and one must avoid physical contact with this element while also taking precautions to avoid breathing fumes containing this substance. Nonetheless, as long as the proper precautions are taken, then mercury offers tremendous potential, as we will see.

Inside of a proper Vimana, a sufficient quantity of mercury is kept in a perfectly sealed container which has to be large enough to keep this material contained as it heats up and expands. When in operation, This mass of mercury is subjected to a number of powerful magnetic fields which cause the mercury to heat up, expand, and ultimately to form a vortex that resembles a whirlpool in water.

It is from this mercury vortex that the speed and maneuverability of craft arises AS WELL AS THEIR ABILITY TO LITERALLY JUMP BACK AND FORTH BETWEEN DIMENSIONS!!  An individual who is riding inside of a craft that is powered by mercury vortex engines has no sense of physical movement at all, and this is why the giant heavy-lift Vimanas from Hindu scriptures could carry horses and elephants without any problems. The heavy-lifting capabilities endemic to mercury vortex engines allowed them to not only carry around herds of elephants and horses, but also to keep really big sly-borne palaces aloft.


(C) Third Reich UFO Prototypes and Pre-Production |

Most pictures one sees of old German “UFOs” depict these craft just sitting on the ground, but these pictures are really just showing the non-flyable prototypes that were only built for testing in wind tunnels as part of larger projects to develop the needed airframes for new generations of advanced aircraft. Fortunately, the air frame design work for German Vimanas and the needed wind-tunnel-testing work was completed before the war’s end. Any surviving pictures of German “Flying Saucers” which are actually flying are generally images of prototypes that were utilizing power plants other than mercury vortex engines.

These experimental German flying saucers were made to see if there might be feasible alternatives to powering these types of craft with something other than mercury vortex engines; the German scientists and engineers of that time quickly discovered that there was no sensible way to operate saucer-shaped aircraft by employing power pants other than mercury vortex engines. Mercury vortex engines are really the only practical way to power saucer-shaped aircraft, but it was absolutely necessary to actually test the airframes of saucer-shaped aircraft under actual flying conditions in order to gather the needed design data.

freddie mercury
Let’s not forget about Freddie Mercury!  Image courtesy of britanica.com

It is possible that a few prototypes were built towards the end of World War II which used mercury vortex propulsion technology, but such craft never progressed past the pre-production phase. The term “Pre-Production Phase” refers to a point where a design project has a workable prototype. After a pre-production phase is reached, the next step is to begin the work needed to put that item into real production numbers. The work of making something suitable for real production runs usually demands making additional design changes, but this phase can result in the cancellation of the project altogether if production problems cannot be solved.

Volkswagen bus space ship
The image above is furnished courtesy of civitai.com 

There is a fascinating picture of a Jagd (hunting) Tiger Tank Destroyer that is parked next to a giant flying saucer. The Jagd Tiger is the Tank Destroyer version of the Tiger family of heavy tanks and the Jagd Tiger weighed in at around 80 tons. The giant UFO that appears in this old photograph is a heavy-lift type, and it is fixing to undergo testing to see how well it can carry the Jagd Tiger, which is the heaviest AFV (Armored Fighting Vehicle) to be fielded by any nation during World War II.

(D) Imperial Germans |

The so-called “Foo Fighters” were actually Imperial German scout craft that were operating like an old-style cavalry which operated out ahead of a main force. In the case of the Imperial German “Foo Fighters,” the main body of fighter aircraft would not arrive until just after World War II had ended. These scouting “Foo Fighters” would bring the perfected design for a mercury vortex engine with them to the Third Reich’s new home in exile down under the ice cap that still covers Antarctica. A fleet of craft that were powered by mercury vortex engines helped cover the transfer of the Third Reich to the Antarctic. In the Antarctic, the Third Reich in Exile would proceed to produce and install the Imperial German Mercury Vortex Engines in their otherwise perfected craft.

(E) Battle of the Antarctic |

The Allied Force from the United States, Britain, and Australia that was led by Admiral Bird which came to destroy the Third Reich in their Antarctic home was decisively defeated by a combined force of Imperial German and Third Reich Craft (the latter was now with proper mercury vortex engines).

Stock Penguin
Image courtesy of stock.adobe.com 


An Essential Digression – Phobos: The Mysterious Moon of Mars

 It has been known by NASA ever since the 1960’s that even if the Earth’s Moon is not hollow (or made of green cheese), then at the very least it possesses vast voids within it.  As a result of these vast voids within the Moon existing, some researchers have speculated that it is actually an extremely old and derelict space ship dating back by an order of tens of thousands of years — this may or may not be so. As of December 1972, which was the date of the last manned moon mission (Apollo 17), the interior of the Moon had yet to be explored. Apollo 18 (followed by 19-27) would have begun that work of exploration, but the whole program was suddenly canceled with no explanation being given to many senior people who were employed by NASA at that time, so it sounds like somebody was hiding something, be that as it may.

Phobos, along with Demos, are both moons of Mars, but Phobos is MOST DEFINITELY HOLLOW. Phobos is covered in an outer metallic shell, and close photographs of this moon clearly show this. What first appears from a distance to be craters on Phobos’s surface are clearly seen to be great dents in this little moon’s metallic surfaces when viewed from close up. At the bottom of some of these dents this moon’s metallic shell has been split open, but no interior details can be ascertained.

Oscar the Grouch in Garbage Can
Image courtesy of sesameworkshop.org

In contrast, Demos is clearly a natural satellite of Mars. The age of Phobos has been estimated into the millions of years. Some have theorized, with good reason obviously, that Phobos is a derelict spaceship that has been in orbit around Mars for untold eons. Unlike Mars itself, no strange activity has been noted near or on Phobos.

I bring up this subject here to illustrate the fact that GIANT MOON-SIZED SPACESHIPS HAVE BEEN IN SERVICE AROUND THE COSOMS FOR WHO KNOWS HOW LONG. The relevance of this to our study of Third Reich UFOs will be clearly seen by the end of this blog.


Sub-Part One – The Real “Star Wars” 1945-2024

Darth Vader Wojak
Image furnished courtesy of andyrey38 on deviantart.com 

(A) Dark Elves |

There are three quite distinct sorts of beings who have been lumped together under the umbrella term “Elves.” First, there are the Light Elves (Nature Spirits) whose home is Alfhiem. The light elves dwell in the sunlight. The Black Elves (Dwarves) whose home is Svartalfheim dwell underground. Then there are the Dark Elves who are evil spirits that dwell in spiritual darkness and form part of the Forces of Darkness which fight at the Battle of Ragnarok in contrast to the Light and Black Elves who form parts of the Forces of Light. The Dark Elves appear as Grey Aliens, which is not to say that all Grey Aliens are Dark Elves in disguise, but rather that that is overwhelmingly the case.

Dark Elf
Image courtesy of gohtak on artstation.com 

(B) Nordic Aliens |

The Imperial Germans are at least descended from these Nordics, and they may indeed be the same thing. But what is for certain is that the Aryans are a further extension of this same line of descent. The cooperation and alliance between the Third Reich’s Breakaway Civilization, the Imperial Germans, and the Nordics start to make perfect sense when one realized that this alliance is really a FAMILY AFFAIR.

(C) Other “Alien” Races |

Nobody has any idea of just how many space-faring races there actually are in our galaxy alone, especially considering the overlap between the interdimensional and extraterrestrial categories of beings. Certainly though, the number is large and there is a truly great variety of space-faring races who are spread across the greater cosmos. Some space-faring alien races are allied to our side, some are bitterly hostile to us and these aliens are allied with our mortal enemies, while some space-faring alien races maintain a neutral stance and follow their own agendas.

(D) Tumult in The Clouds |

I have chosen to ignore any unsubstantiated claims by the Zio-American Empire’s Pentagon that many UFOs have been shot down by them because the technology associated with these UFOs has been adapted and utilized by the Zio-American Empire, but the opposite is certainly not the case because the USAF has lost a number of interceptors to UFOs over the years. I will focus instead on confirmed UFO crashes as well as confirmed cases where Zio-American aircraft have been shot down by UFOs. That having been said, I never accept any information about UFOs that originates from official Zio-American military sources.

(E) Thunderstorms |

Most, if not all, UFO crashes occur in close proximity to heavy thunderstorms, and this trend includes the famous Roswell incident. There was such a thunderstorm in the area around Roswell at the same time as that supposed UFO crash in 1947 that one has to wonder if these “Aliens” were flying their craft into or near thunderstorms when they get hit by a bolt of lightning which caused them to crash? Or is something else going on? I have asked myself this question more than once while reading various literature that discusses the Roswell incident.

Angry Cloud

Image courtesy of stock.adobe.com


(F) The Roswell Incident |

There are two items of interest relative to this blog:

There was, as I said, a severe thunderstorm in the area during the time of the Roswell Incident, but there was also a tremendous flash of lightning followed by a loud pall of thunder. Then the “Flying Saucer” came hurtling down from the sky, then flew into the side of a mountain. The bodies recovered from this crash looked like “Grey Aliens,” but they could have just as well been Dark Elves that had taken that form to enter this physical dimension before they subsequently got snuffed out.


The image seen above shows a highway exit sign for the township of Roswell, New Mexico. Yes, the city of Roswell has done all they can to cash in on the whole UFO thing. The image above is furnished courtesy of adriftasthetic.com 

Roswell McDonald's

Yes, Roswell; New Mexico even has a UFO-themed McDonald’s franchise in town. Image courtesy of the onlyinyourstate account on pinterest.com 

(G) Other Incidents |

According to many I-witness depositions, just like with the famous Roswell Incident,bright flashes of lightning are followed by deafening palls of thunder which are then followed by metal objects falling from the sky soon afterward. There have been a number of incidents where eyewitnesses swore that what brought UFOs out of the sky was not lightning but rather massive aerial explosions that took place near thunderstorms

I was an eyewitness to one such incident in 1983(?). Around midnight on a Saturday night I was driving from Montgomery, Alabama to Gadsden, Alabama which is in the southeastern part of the state. There was a powerful tornado-producing thunderstorm passing to the east near the Alabama-Georgia Line some miles away at that time and rain was pouring down in torrents, so I pulled over onto the shoulder of the road until this torrential downpour slacked off.  After having pulled to the side of the road, suddenly there was a bright flash that literally lit up most of south Alabama and South Georgia like daylight, which was followed by a tremendous and deafening boom, then a shock wave shook my car. This powerful shock wave from that night was heard and felt all over the same area.

Many people, including those in law enforcement, thought at the time that a large aircraft had exploded. Not to worry, said the NWS and NOAA, it was just a normal if rather powerful lightning and thunder event; however, anybody who actually saw and heard this even knew better. Even some of the local weather people in the media said that the official explanation that was offered by governmental officials made no sense. There have been no other cases anywhere in the world where a single flash of lightning and accompanying thunder clap affected such a huge area (+/- 300 miles across).

(H) The Fabulous Thunderbirds |

These large solid black birds sometimes appear near the strongest parts of the most powerful thunderstorms. There have been a number of photographs taken of the mysterious flying phenomenon riding the air currents around the highest and most powerful parts of such heavy thunderstorms. Their wingspans can reach 80 feet +/-. These mysterious Thunderbirds are interdimensional beings who only come and go at very high altitudes and they never approach the ground. According to some wise Native American elders, the Thunderbirds have been known to destroy certain “flying saucers” that are flown by evil spirits.

Thunderbird wine
Image courtesy of bumwinebob.com

(I) Luftwaffe |

(Nordic Aliens/Imperial Germans/Third Reich)

I have no reason to doubt that some UFOs are being destroyed by Thunderbirds, (one of which I saw from the ground at a great distance.) but I am convinced that most of the UFOs which are destroyed are taken out by the New Luftwaffe. In every case where a UFO has crashed and dead bodies of aliens were found afterwards, these alien corpses have invariably resembled Dark Elves (or Grey Aliens). Besides the Greys, there have been no other types of dead bodies found at the sites of crashed UFOs, and certainly no dead bodies of Nordic aliens have ever been found at UFO crash sites.


Sub-Part Two – “The Cats Whiskers”:

Actually, this term “The Cat’s Whiskers” originated during World War I and refers to the most advanced aircraft currently in service. These craft are mostly of German design, so it is now a little-known fact that one of the main reasons why the Treaty of Versailles forbade Germany from having an air force was because German aircraft were already decades ahead of their Allied counterparts. Before World War II started, Germany aircraft were so advanced that the Allies could not duplicate them for some time.


                    Meet the Latest Family of Third Reich Flying Saucers


(From a combination of eyewitness accounts and my own visionary experiences.)

This is what a visit to an Imperial German Vayama is like…

You stand in front of a craft whose legs are resting on the ground. This amazing craft is shaped much like a Stingray but without a tail. It is about 100 feet from wingtip to wingtip and maybe half that long. The ship’s body rests 10-15 feet above the ground. There is a ramp leading from it to the ground in front of you. Further back is what looks like a cargo elevator which extends down to the ground. The body in its central part measured perhaps 30 feet from bottom to top. A few small portholes can be seen in various places around the craft, and the exterior is emblazoned with Swastikas. The color of this marvelous craft is grey-green. In front and up high are two large sensors that leaves one with the impression that they resemble eyes. One has a strange sensation, like the thing is watching you.

manta Ray Space Ship 2
Image courtesy of openart.ai

The crew look very German and the speak to one another in German, when they do speak in English, they speak with pronounced German accents. They wear either Luftwaffe or SS Technical Branch insignia and uniforms. One is asked onboard by the captain, then led up the ramp into the interior if they choose to accept the captain’s invitation. One can see the bulkheads slightly move in and out once aboard, and when a visitor touches one of the ship’s interior bulkhead, they can feel a noticeable pulse and breathing. All of your senses are now shouting at you, “This thing is alive; it is a living machine!”

You are taken into the control room, which is empty except for what resembles an easy chair with what looks like a control stick in between the easy chair and a console of some type. This console has a number of projections on top of it that do not seem to indicate anything nor to do anything. You are invited to try the control stick. It is hinged to the deck and you can easily move it in any direction, but there is no connecting wiring or anything like that. This too does not seem to be able to do anything.

 You are introduced to the pilot. You look at him quizzically, as you move the control stick around. He looks at you knowingly because he does not speak English. He takes the fore and middle fingers of his right hand and taps himself upside the head. You understand the gesture, it means “It’s all in the head.” “Wow!” you think to yourself. “He flies with his mind.” As it was in the beginning, so it is now. Men who were to be trained to fly these “Flying Saucers” first had to graduate from the SS Calvary School. Only after you had first mastered horseback riding, only then did you commence training for flying the “Flying Saucers” themselves.

Plan 9
Image courtesy of IMBd.com 

You are taken for a brief ride. The pilot sits in the chair.  This pilot’s chair must be comfortable so that he can concentrate. He watches the console and occasionally touches one or another projection. He moves the stick about, and you can see him occasionally move one foot or another or he sometimes moves both feet at the same time while very slightly applying and releasing subtle pressure to the deck. There is no feeling of movement at all as this craft flies, so you would not believe that you are moving if you had not looked out of one of the small portholes and saw it for yourself. Then, the craft returns to where it started and you disembark.

Finally, the craft you are riding in has come to rest in front of what appears to be a huge hanger which you can see the inside of. Initially, you had assumed that it was a facility for building these crafts, however, you now come to realize that what you are seeing resembles a NURSERY MORE THAN A FACTORY.

Interlude – “The Firedrake”

This name means “Fire Dragon.” The Firedrake represents an ancient Celtic belief that great Earth-changing events are heralded by the appearance of a particular passing comet which the old Celts called “The Firedrake.” This comet was called the Firedrake because it resembled a “Fire Dragon.” When the Firedrake appears, it does not cause any precipitous events, but it merely heralds their relative soon arrival in a general way.

Celtic Dragon
Image furnished courtesy of the Castpaper account on etsy.com

In 1997, I observed the well-known Comet called Hale-Bopp for some time. Very soon after I had embraced the spirituality of my pagan ancestors, I formed the strong opinion that the Hale-Bopp comet was “The Firedrake” which was talked about by my ancestors. According the old Celtic legends, the Firedrake appears some years before the events that it heralds; now I know what it heralded, the return of The Great One & Company. (True, many people freaked-out over the comet at the time, but that was because they did not understand what was happening, although they sensed something portentous was occurring.)

Prophecies vs. Oracles

Prophecies foretell specific events for specific times, and prophesies are infamously inaccurate as we all know, that is unless they are made very close to the events which they highlight and predict. In some cases, prophesies are accurate simply because they are the result to a long-running plan, scheme, or script that is being acted out. Oracles, in complete contrast to prophecies, tend to forecast trends. Unlike prophecies, oracles frequently display uncannily accurate powers of prediction. As long as conditions remain the same, these are going to be the same results. — BUT ! — people are in control of their lives to some degree anyway, so they can change their conditions for better or for worse, or they can just leave the present conditions the same.

(*) One of many examples: Tarot cards can be extremely accurate when used as oracles, but the opposite is the case if you are trying to foretell specific events. Tarot cards are not native to Europe, but they have been used by many Native Europeans in certain areas for several centuries. (**) One must be very careful while consulting oracles and never read into them what they are wanting or dreading to see because reading too much into the feedback of an oracle is a known recipe for disaster; you have to let an oracle speak for itself.

Space Age Oracle
Image courtesy of Carlossosa3d on blenderartists.org


Sub-Part Three – Speculation About the Great One’s Return

 (A) “Devil” Comet? |

Just before the April 8th Eclipse of 2024, there was brief mention made that there was a newly discovered comet that was following close in the eclipse’s wake. Then there was complete silence regarding this comet which would apparently be approaching quite close to the Earth. Reports said the Comet was unique in that it had TWO TAILS which gave it the appearance of having two horns. Some fundamentalist Christians began to freak-out and they started claiming that it was connected to the prophesied “Casting of the Devil down to Earth” thus, the name they gave to this comet was “The Devils Comet.”

wojak fat devil thumbnail
Image courtesy of memeatlas.com

(B) What are they Hiding? |

News of the “Devil Comet’s” approach was certainly suppressed, whatever its actual true meaning is, and this makes me very suspicious. Furthermore, some alleged videos of 2024’s Eclipse were certainly fake or altered, and I saw that for myself. Whatever that “comet” was, they were hurriedly trying to hide something they were not expecting (videos had clearly been spliced together quickly and sloppily, and, the alleged Moon fluctuated tremendously in size as it passed in front of the Sun). In Central Alabama, the sky had been clear up until just before the eclipse, then it suddenly went overcast, so one had to observe the eclipse through the gathering grey cloud cover, then it started to rain. This same phenomenon also occurred in a few other parts of the country.

(C) The Mother of All UFOs |

This two-tailed comet that appeared around the time of the April 2024 lunar eclipse was actually not a comet but its appearance was still quite unexpected, at least as to its timing. This two-tailed object that was seen in the sky back in April of 2024 was actually a giant spaceship that is operated by Nordics/Imperial Germans/Third Reich and it heralds the Returning of the Great One with it. This false comet serves as a base and mothership for the Great One’s space fleet which is the reborn Luftwaffe. This comet-like space craft serves as a TENDER and COMMAND SHIP for the Great One’s space fleet, if one is familiar with naval terminology. It carries the fleet’s other smaller craft within itself, including some rather large motherships.

History Extra
Image courtesy of historyextra.com 

 (D) What’s in a Name? |

The Devil/Yahweh/demiurge are all one and the same. The name Lucifer just means “Light-Bringer,” as in one who brings the truth to those who are deceived by Yahweh. The name Satan just means, “The Adversary” in its original nature. More specifically, the adversary in question is none often than the Hebrew god who goes by the name Yahweh. Satan is also called “The Scapegoat” because Yahweh tries to make Satan bear the blame for sins he is not guilty of nor responsible for. The crimes that Satan is blamed for are rather the crimes which are committed by Yahweh’s Chosen People; namely, the Jews and whomever is Jewicized and serves under Yahweh’s leadership.

Some Fundamentalist Christians who freaked out about the April 2024 appearance of a mysterious comet in the sky are also guilty of conflating their idea of “The Devil” with Satan and Lucifer and thereby seeing all of these figures as falsely being one and the same, thus, they chose the name “Devil’s Comet” for the two-tailed object that appeared in Earth’s night sky. In this case, calling the two-tailed comet instead “Satan’s Comet” or perhaps even “Lucifer’s Comet” would not be inappropriate; however, it would be more descriptive to call it Adolf Hitler’s Comet” or maybe simply “The Great One.”

(E) Inner Earth |

There are of course bases and even civilizations that exiting in the Inner Earth to which survivors of the Fall of Germany retreated. This is where The Great One has been living ever since the end of World War II. These underground civilizations have been in regular contact with the Imperial Germans and Nordic Aliens, so the Great One has really always been present, but he has just chosen to remain hidden up to now. Likewise, the Third Reich’s breakaway civilization has also chosen to remain hidden for the time being.

Vintage verne

The image above is the cover to a re-print of Jules Verne’s class 1864 book called Journey to the Center of the Earth. The image above is furnished courtesy of penguin.com.au


Sub-Part Four – Speculations About the Great One and His New Luftwaffe

There is currently no nation on Earth that has both the means and the will to take on The Empire i.e international Jewry. Some nations have one needed factor or the other but none have both needed factors. The Foreign Policy of The Empire has for years been geared to preventing the formation of a coalition of Anti-Empire States that has both the will and the means to act decisively to defeat The Empire’s foul Global Ambitions.

The only possible solution is the direct intervention of the returning Great One and his Neu-Luftwaffe which will, among other things, neutralize the nuclear arsenal of The Empire as well as provide an umbrella of air supremacy that any Midgard Resistance can operate under. I am convinced that our side is stronger than we ever imagined. They have (or we have) just been laying low until they/we can receive proper aerial support. This proper aerial support includes preventing the Jews from implementing their “Samson Option” which is child’s play for the Neu-Luftwaffe.

The US Space Force was created under Donald Trump’s Administration to combat Adolf Hitler and his Neu-Luftwaffe. The public reasons given for the formation of the Zio-American Empire’s Space Force are pure disinformation that is intended to keep the general population ignorant of what is actually going on. In many ways, but especially technologically, the Zio-American Space Force is so far outclassed that they pose no real threat to the Neu-Luftwaffe.

Space Force Commander
The image above shows General B. Chance Saltzman who is the new commander of the United States Space Force. 

The moon-sized Mother Ship which is just arriving in the vicinity of Earth, and which has been misnamed “The Devil Comet” carries within her at least the principal part of the Neu-Luftwaffe, which will be joined by other elements that are coming up from The Inner Earth at the poles. The comet-sized mothership carries many assorted craft within her including smaller motherships. The “New Moon,” for that will become what she is once she is in orbit, navigates by gravity waves and rides gravity waves within the solar system. Riding gravity waves takes a certain amount of time relative to Midgard, and the various bodies within our solar system must be in certain positions for this propulsion system to work properly, this is why it seemingly to us took so long to arrive. One can visualize the two-tailed “Devil’s Comet” as a vast “Space Ferry” (0r UFO Carrier if you will) and “Command Ship” as well, for that is exactly what she is.

Time behaves differently in different dimensions and The Mothership can jump between dimensions, but she also has a “Cloaking Ability,” like all such craft do, which is used to conceal her presence and to make herself invisible if so desired. These ships of the Neu Luftwaffe can, and they do, show themselves visually while concealing themselves from radar. Such ships also sometimes show themselves to radar while also visually concealing themselves, or they show themselves to both visual and radar frequencies, or they conceal themselves from both frequencies when it suites their needs.

In a group of people, these ships can show themselves to some while concealing themselves from others by using some sort of hypnosis; as a result, you are only going to see them if they want you to see them. Both visually and on radar they can flit in and out which will prevent fire-control radars and homing devices from locking on to them long enough to fire at them with various weapon systems. Advanced craft from the Neu Luftwaffe can suddenly appear out of nothing and just as suddenly vanish into nothingness wherever and whenever they want to. They can also create clouds and then conceal themselves within these clouds; then travel along with these artificial cloud as they move around. They can knock out any electrical or electronic device at a moment’s notice by creating a powerful electro-magnetic pulse (EMP).

EMP Pulse
Image courtesy of asiatimes.com 

Some USOs (Unidentified Submerged Objects) are going to also come into play. Many are known to have airborne capabilities as well, and they come and go from bases under deep bodies of water, and perhaps these USOs originate from Inner Earth as well. The largest of these USOs is reportedly resting on the bottom of the ocean in the vicinity of the Channel Islands which lie off the coast of Southern California.

Yellow Submarine
Image furnished courtesy of thebeatles.com

 I am not suggesting by the way that ALL UFOs and USOs are “Good Guys,” what I am merely suggesting is that MOST of these craft are under the control of “Good Guys.” There are even some few USOs who are here to merely observe rather than take part in Earth’s regular happenings.

Conclusion – The Hammer and The Anvil

What we see developing is a “pincer attack to end all pincer attacks.” The Jews and the Jewicized (those non-Jews who have adopted the Jewish spirit and therefore have become assimilated into Jewish ways) are to be smashed between the forces striking from outer space and those striking from the Inner Earth while also supported by a Fifth Column here on the surface world of Midgard that attacks from within the midst of the enemy.

Heil Hitler deva!

Randall Lee Hilburn

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