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Higher Realm Guided Meditation by Ajahn Punnadhammo


Tue, 31 Dec 2019 06:10:40 -0800


Brian Ruhe <brian@brianruhe.ca>


Ajahn Punnadhammo <arfh@xplornet.com>

Hello Ajahn Punnadhammo,

Today is my big 6-0! B-day. Please dedicate some merit to me. I’ll ask my local bhummi deva to help out with your winter retreat. Not that this is a commercial exchange, lol.

Only you, because of you… and I suppose one paragraph of The Buddhist Cosmos I seem to have had a step up since Dec. 1st. How may I support you? How may I pay you back? I can pay it forward as I do.

I did post the following on my Twitter and Facebook yesterday:

Brian Ruhe

Playing Chess
In my political or work related relationships I am playing chess.
In my normal everyday relationships in my personal life I am playing 3D chess.
In my relationship with the Talmudists I am playing 4D chess.
In my relationship with Shambhala and the Thai Forest tradition of Buddhism I am playing 5D chess.

Why am I emailing you?… I have to ask myself, right now.

Well, my feeling is… who do I report too? Who do I have to look up to? Am I the sovereign? I am sovereign over my own domain, I understand that, off and on. Do I answer to somebody? I don’t know.

Beyond metta,



Fri, 3 Jan 2020 16:48:00 -0500


Punnadhammo <arfh@xplornet.com>


Brian Ruhe <brian@brianruhe.ca>

Dear Brian

Happy birthday youngster! (I’m 65 in a few months)

In Thailand 60 is a big deal, it is the conclusion of 5th cycle; i.e. five times around the zodiac. And five is considered a lucky number.

Something I did recently you might be interested in; an experimental guided meditation relating the chakra system to the deva realms. Not very Theravada high church, I know.

If you are interested in checking it out, go to https://arrowriver.ca/desana.html   and scroll down to  Nov 03, 2019 Meditation on Chakras

May the New Year treat you well.

Jan. 10, 2020

Dear Ajahn Punnadhammo,

Thank you for your birthday and new year wishes. Good to know that you are young too. Thanks for telling me about 60 being a big deal in Thailand. I didn’t know that. For the Chinese the 59th birthday is a big deal to them because when you’re born that is almost 1 to them.

I followed your Meditation on Chakras at: https://arrowriver.ca/dhammatalks/talks19/241_MeditationOnChakras.mp3

and it took me a further step in the deva practice I have been doing. I will add that to my repertoire of meditations and I will do this. Very good!! Thank you for pointing that out! I am also happy to hear the “Itipi so” recording that you have with it on your website. This chant was recommended to me a couple years ago by Varapanyo bhikkhu who is with Maha Bua’s sangha in Thailand and I chant that often.

In my book, Freeing the Buddha, I recognized that the chakras were “Not very Theravada high church” but I have an interest in them as well. Your Meditation on Chakras is powerful for me with the concepts I learned from you, about the four great kings being fierce beings turned to be protectors- dharmapalas, which provide a seal from the asuras and others. Going up and down through the heavens was meaningful… and to contemplate the power of the devas of the sixth heaven and the tension with Mara. Let’s see how your guided meditation works out with me in the future. Sadhu.

I plan to continue my videos with Pannobhasa bhikkhu. It’s always an honour if you take the time to watch any of my videos or Blog posts.

We will be in touch and may the New Decade treat you well too!


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