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How to Improve the White Race


An Essay Written by Gregorio Bauer of Argentina



Social Darwinism is the understanding that the development of man is subject to the biological laws of natural selection and survival of the fittest. Man, like any other animal species, is the product of thousands of years of evolution that took place through a struggle for life that persists to the present day. Every man’s life from birth to death is a constant struggle for existence.


Nature is the order in which life originates through the struggle for existence, and only those species that succeed in this battle survive. Every form of life that we observe on the planet today has overcome harsh trials imposed by nature.


From conception, the individual begins his struggle for existence: some perish before birth, others parish a few days after birth, some die in infancy, while others die in adolescence and young adulthood, and some manage to reach a ripe old age. In each of these stages, the individual must face different struggles to survive against the hostilities of his environment while armed with his innate genetic endowments that are handed to him by his ancestors.


First-class men are those who possess the physical and psychological qualities necessary for survival, and in this category we find the world’s creators and doers of whom Vacher de Lapouge spoke. Creators build our world and doers improve what creators create.

Superior men strive to overcome their own deaths, and they achieve this goal through their creations which leave their mark on our world. These are the men who give rise to civilization and advance our race. Great men are characterized by their will to power, and such men never feel satisfaction in their achievements. Such men as these are also constantly pursuing their own improvement.


Second-class men are those who do not create and improve, yet they are capable of understanding the work the work and innovations of First-class men. Second-class men help First-class men further the survival of their race. In the Second-Class category we find the assimilators along with the so-called “brutes.” Brutes do not possess the capacity to understand much of anything, but they are still useful because they contribute labor.

Second-class men seek nothing more than to spend their days in the greatest possible comfort; therefore, they only adopt the ideas of the moment and never question such ideas. Men such as these simply seek acceptance from the powerful. For Second Class men, their passage through life is mostly physical in nature and they leave nothing after their deaths except offspring. Second Class men are characterized by a lack of will to power, so they are easily dominated by Third-class men.


Third-class men are human refuse who survive at the expense of  First-class and Second-class men. Third-class men are subhuman. One thing that characterizes Third-class men is their strong hatred of nature as well as First-class men because of the place they occupy, even though Third-class men still depend on First-class and Second-class men for their daily needs. Like First-class men, Third-class men also possess a will to power, but instead of being creative in their quest for power, they are destructive in their aims. Third-class men further their goals by violating and upturning the laws of nature, and instead of advancing progress they cause destruction.


Women, like females of any species, mate only with males who they believe are capable of winning the struggle for existence. Each female has her own criteria when it comes to choosing the male with whom she will mate, but her main goal is always successful reproduction. In the case of humans, women look to their mates for protection and the ability to provide physical and psychological conditions that will produce healthy children who will succeed in the struggle for existence. We can rightly say that a woman does not fall in love with a man; but instead, a woman falls in love with the child that a chosen man will give her.

Just as there are men of different classes; likewise, there are women of different categories. First-class women are those of a the best physical and mental condition. Second-class women are those of average condition, and Third-class women are those of inferior condition. Second-class and Third-class women typically feel a strong resentment towards First-class women because of First-class womens’ ability to choose superior men for mating. Third-class women are divided into two categories: psychically inferior women and physically inferior women, and we can also find cases where these characteristics are combined in Third-class women.

Psychically inferior women represent a great danger than physically defective women because psychically defective women have no noticeable physical impediments, so psychically defective women are still easily able to mate with Second-class and Third-class men and give birth to moronic offspring.

Physically inferior women are not sought for mating, but in today’s societies they have become a new “pressure group” who demand rights to which they are not naturally entitled. Such physically defective women want to be possessed by the best men, yet they cannot, so they have a deep hatred for the natural order and for healthy women whom they blame for their situation. Resentment against better women is the reason why physically defective women seek membership in leftist groups and political parties.

One cardinal trait of both physically and psychically defective Third-class woman is their denaturalization, which is characterized by prioritizing their own lives over those of their offspring. For this reason, all Third-class women favor abortion and look for ways to leverage their children for personal gain.

In the modern world economic factors govern relations between the sexes, so women pursue economic security rather than procreating healthy and strong children; therefore, in modern society it is not necessarily the fittest people who achieve good economic positions. When money promotes survival of physically and psychically unfit, then the genetic strength of entire populations falls over time.


Patriarchy is the authority of the physically and mentally strongest of people, so patriarchy is a natural institution. Although patriarchy is a demonized concept during our times; none the less, it is thanks to patriarchy that women, children, and the elderly have a right to life at all.

What is patriarchy? Patriarchy is simply male authority. Traditionally is has been males who provided the food for the household, and it was males who fought against predatory animals and human enemies. It has also been males who fostered the innovations that mankind has used for “progress.”

Does such a patriarchy exist today? Today, both women and men are breadwinners, but in the past women were also breadwinners; however, men always did the more difficult and risky work. Today, women have gained so many rights that they now have a collective advantage over men. If women now hold many collective advantages over men, then what is really being attacked when women want to attack the “patriarchy”?

Present attacks against “The Patriarchy” are really nothing more than attacks on all men. Despite the present state of societal degeneration, men still continue to dominate positions of leadership and invention, and men still suffer great hardship to earn high positions; therefore, male achievements are not an “injustice of the system” but a manifestation of human nature.

Can anti-patriarchal and anti-male women get rid of what men have created? Definitely not. Could anti-male women create the same things as men if they improve their “conditions”? No, women are not creators because women who have more comfortable economic positions have always enjoyed a lot of time to think of possible improvements to life, yet 99% of inventions were still made by White men. Thus, misandry is not only hatred of the male, but hatred of Western Civilization.

Some feminists ask: What if women eliminate men and appropriate their creations?  Women could appropriate male creations, but society would stagnate and degenerate because there would be no more scientific progress without creators, and without the guidance of creators assimilators would be unable to maintain any real degree of civilization over time. For White feminists, one unseen danger is the fact that without the protection of White men, colored men would simply subjugate White women and make them regret having followed the foolish fad of feminism.


Natural selection is the process by which a race evolves through struggles for existence.

Selection occurs through the inheritance of traits that are favorable to survival.


Women desire and choose the best men as mates and their selection requirements focus on qualities such as health, physical strength, and intelligence, which ensure survival under the harsh rules of nature. When it is working properly, natural selection produces boys and girls who are more perfect than their parents.


Nature has placed each human race on a particular continent, and on each continent the struggle for existence demanded different qualities; thus, different races developed different physical and mental qualities. In the past, differences between races were not of the gravity that they are now because different races were contained in isolated geographic areas; therefore, few conflicts arose between different races. However, in modern times races that were formerly isolated from one another must now compete for their existence in a zero-sum game.


Race struggle is the natural competition between different races for the resources that are necessary for subsistence, and success in this struggle depends on two conditions: First, there is the physical and psychic qualities of each race, and second there is the victor’s ability to avoid losing their power by degenerating. Victorious races degrade by mixing their blood with lesser vanquished races or by the absence of natural pressures. The absence of pressures promotes the inferior elements within a winning race over time.

There are only two types of races on the planet, the victorious and the vanquished. The victorious race that degenerates its genetic material runs the risk of being defeated by yesterday’s vanquished race.


Now that we have explained interbreeding, we shall explain the second issue in more detail.

A superior race will always create a non-selective environment over time through technological and political innovations and by sheer force of will. Inventiveness creates easy living, and easy living produces less fit individuals who are able to gain superior fertility over better individuals, and this state of affairs promotes contamination of the gene pool over time. The main interest of the more-clever amongst the ranks of sub-humans is to avoid the development of superior men, so Third-class men will try to end any social order that produces superior people.


Within the natural order, the economic system exists to meet peoples’ needs and not to feed the fires of intellectual charlatanism. Under the threat of natural forces, no one could write economic manifestos; therefore, the first economic systems were built on practical knowledge and common sense. In order to hunt an animal the size of a mammoth, and to obtain food and shelter, men had to cooperate and distribute the profits of their work. Of course, in early societies some men were smarter and stronger than others, plus some men participated in profitable actions more than others, so not all gains were distributed equally. Despite the absence of an equal distribution of resources, most members of early societies still received some share of needed resources.

Obviously, in very early economies there was social differentiation, so those whose labor was most indispensable received greater compensation than others because their work was the most needed. Thus, arose the natural economic principle: each person gains resources according to his abilities.


As we have already said, human communities are not made up of individuals equal to each other, but communities are instead a collection of people who have different capacities. These different qualities between people have historically determined who made up the aristocracy. Since having the needed ability was the only condition needed for joining early nobility, so peasants and merchants who possessed the needed qualities could enter the aristocracy.

With the advent of “equality” after 1789, new social hierarchies were determined by economic wealth and by no other condition. Thus, after the concept of “equality” took root whoever could make the most money would then enter the highest social class and whoever made the least would fall to the lowest levels of society. This is the explanation for why the upper classes of our contemporary societies are filled with all sorts of parasites whose only notable quality is their ability to line their own pockets. It is the genetic contamination of the bourgeoisie that explains why all leftist and progressive movements emerge from the bosom of “equality.”


Inferior people survive and thrive when civilizations created by superior men render the means of natural selection mostly null and void. Overseas trade and usury have also allowed inferiors to secure avenues of subsistence and to undermine the natural social order with false ideas and theories associated with leftism.

Today, many inferior people survive and reproduce thanks to the economic resources inherited from their parents.


Leftism is built upon the principle of reversing the natural order by attacking the fittest people and by promoting survival and advancement for inferior people.

Not surprisingly, the ranks of Leftism are 95% composed of the most mediocre and inferior individuals in society. For the lowest members of society, Leftism is a winning proposition because this ideology proclaims that even the lowest of people are “equal” to the best people. Leftism is an attractive ideology because it offers lesser people a means of gaining power and status without needing to earn it.

Leftism is the cancer that leads to the self-destruction of the more evolved races because this toxic belief system promotes the interests of the least desirable people within any society. Leftism creates ruin by promoting social practices such as allocating resources in a manner which favors reproduction for social parasites. Leftism also promotes decay by pushing laws that disarm the good, productive, and law-abiding civilian population which in turn promotes out-of-control crime, plus Leftism pushes nepotism which shoves the most capable men away from the positions where they are most needed for the survival and betterment of their communities.


The western world is sick with Leftist cancer; however, this cancer is affecting some places more than others. Some parts of the White world, such as Argentina, are now in such a state of putrefaction that these nations cannot be saved except by very drastic measures because such a large number of sub-humans now inhabit these areas. At this time, the only solution to this problem is an extirpation of the useless population followed by replacement by another population with a higher baseline of genetic quality.

The cause of differing situations across nations is not solely a matter of economic and political systems; but instead, this discrepancy depends on the primary races that inhabit a given nation. A genetically healthy race can withstand a liberal or Marxist system better than a degenerate race, just as a human body that is in better condition can withstand a serious illness much better than a body that is unhealthy.

Luckily, the political system of a nation can ascend and retract the quality of a race by deliberately controlling the number of sub-humans born across generations.


Equality of opportunity is a legitimate and natural right because it nurtures the fulfillment of different talents which allow nations to function and progress. Affirmative action is an illegitimate practice which asserts that justice must served for certain groups that were “mistreated” at some point in the past; therefore, according to the principles of affirmative action aggrieved groups must be given preferential treatment in present times to redress old injustices. In other words, under the auspices of affirmative action any historically aggrieved groups must be presently awarded the unearned achievements of a superior group in the name of “justice.”

Affirmative action policies are strongly pushed by inferior and destiny-conscious individuals, and the consequences of these discriminatory policies are chaos and advancement for sub-humans.


When the superman emerges in modern societies that are overpopulated by conformists and sub-humans, then this superman is perceived as a madman and an antisocial person because the social norms in force where he is cannot contemplate his existence, so there is no place for greater men in a mediocre world that is occupied by inferior individuals. If a great man is born into a degenerate world and if there is no place for him, then the stunted nature of his society will only increase his anger at the system he was born into.

Some great men manage to survive in low societies, while others find ways to evade the decadent modern order. Sadly, other great men commit suicide in the face of the hostility that their environments heap upon them. A superior man is aware of his superiority, just as an inferior man is aware of his inferiority.


We can say that we are racially healthy when our community is composed of 20% creators, 30% doers, 49% assimilators, and 1% biological waste. This is the goal to be achieved in the future for all White nations, and this ratio of good people to bad people represents the starting point for progressive biological and societal improvement.

Racial hygiene should be directed toward enlarging the number of creators and doers, keeping the number of assimilators constant, and reducing the number of brutes and sub-humans to a minimum. In other words, the goal of any society is to seek biological progress across each new generation.

With respect to women, the production of first-class women will be increased, the number of second-class women will remain constant, and the number of third-class women will be reduced.


At present, the whole world fears the arrival of artificial intelligence because people fear losing jobs which can be carried out by robots at a negligible cost with a much higher level of productivity. Despite peoples’ fears, all goods and services that machines produce must be consumed by someone or else such a system will eventually collapse.

The real problem with a new era of machines arising is more worrisome. The problem is: What impact will robotics have on human biology? The rise of a “Universe 25” seems like a possible outcome when humans fuse with machines.  For those who are unfamiliar with the term “Universe 25, ” these words refer to an experiment conducted by Dr. John Calhoun in the 1960s. In Calhoun’s experiment, a perfect environment that was free of needs and was marked by an extreme welfare system was created for a group of mice. Surprisingly, this perfect environment for mice resulted in the extinction of the community after an absolute degeneration process occurred for all individuals. This experiment was repeated over and over again and the outcome was always the same.

If robots were to provide us with everything we need and eliminate any struggle for existence in the proces, then sub-humans would explode demographically and devour humanity.

Is it possible to coexist with artificial intelligence and still achieve a biological ascent for the human race?


Artificial intelligence is another achievement of White men; therefore, artificial intelligence must be preserved and exploited for the benefit of White men. How then can the negative consequences for the White race that might be wrought by artificial intelligence be avoided?

It is here that the state, which is the organ that is charged with breeding and perfection for the White race, must act with wisdom. If technology leads us away from natural laws, then the state must see to the preservation and future ascent of the White race by means of instruction and by practicing corresponding eugenic laws. How? By creating situations similar to those our ancestors have had to face in order to keep the principles of natural selection active.

Ideally, no member of a good White community will lack the necessities of life; however, in such a system no one will obtain the necessities of life without a corresponding struggle for life.

Many people will say that my words are cruel, but as Dr. Calhoun has shown, we  pay a shockingly high price to indulge in comforts whether we realize this or not.

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  1. This is most excellent. My hats off.
    The only problem I have is one of oversight. Spirituality is not addressed. Otherwise, I have no argument with it.
    It seems, as we all work together towards the Renaissance of the “Aryan” Race. Some will contribute one thing while others will contribute another thing. When combined they shall produce The New Man. Which is in reality a return to the Original “Aryan” Man.

    Heil Hitler deva!

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