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Brian Ruhe — Monika Schaefer’s First Public Appearance Since Imprisonment in Germany! Nov 2018 — TRANSCRIPT

Special thanks to Katana 17 for transcribing two of my talks with Monika Schaefer after she was released from prison in Germany in 2018. The link is here:




ADOLF HITLER:  When you remove all the negative comments based on lies, when you reject the mainstream media narrative AND the jewish spinmeisters, you are left with THE TRUTH — an amazing leader for his country, for his time.  Diane King


MEIN KAMPF (Authenticated)           posted July 21, 2019
*** https://ostarapublications.com, Arthur has the only English edition of MK, unannotated,  The Stalag Edition. (Elis Carto)
*** (From Rudy List)
one published by HURST AND BLACKETT LTD.
one published by The Noontide Press
one published by Müncher Buchgewerbehaus  M. Müller & Sohn K.G., München (German)
*** The Ford Edition (Diane King)


Hitler Madman or Genius … Jim’s video

https://www.bitchute.com/video/ae0oroagkDS4/Articles supporting my video





GOOD THINGS HITLER DID, Presented by Jim Rizoli and Diane King
from Quora.com

Did Adolf Hitler do anything good?
Kapil Dev, http://lovkap.blogspot.in/p/history-index.html
Answered Nov 3, 2016

He wrote first law of protecting the animals.
He started first checking of drunk drivers.
Organized crime was brought to 0% during his time.
He created ecologic laws for protecting water, earth and air.
For the first time in history workers had paid vacations.
After death of Fritz Todt he created black box for airplanes.
He prohibited selling of cigarettes to women.
He prohibited smoking to people in uniforms and persons under the age of 18.
He also prohibited smoking in public areas.
He first placed photos of lungs etc. on cigarette boxes.
He is the founder of Volskwagen (people cars), and the designer of VW beetles, the world’s #1 car in sales.
He fought Breast Cancer and Lung Cancer.
The first freeways in the world were built in Germany. Autobahn (“The whole world came, and saw, and copied.”).
He saved Germany from unemployment and financial ruin.
He Promoted of architecture, music and the arts;
first epic Olympic games were held in 1936-Germany
World’s first research linking smoking and cancer thx to Hitler;
An Affordable Vacation is your right, thanks to Adolf
women’s rights
Homes with gardens. No more “rabbit-warrens”.
Hitler had spared the 338,000 British and French troops at Dunkirk in 1940.if not the result was the capture of the entire British Expeditionary Force.
He did everything possible to avoid war with Britain & France
Under the guidance of the Reich, Europe would speedily have become unified.
He freed the German media, German education, Geman finance, German politics, German culture from  the Jews and all communists who wanted to transform Germany into a ruined country under soviet power.
Reunited all German-speaking languages into Großdeutsches Reich
protection of animals and
During his reign Germany was the most powerful state in the world’s greatest technology in human history was developed by Third Reich

AND (similar to the above)

What good did he do? Soumen Lahiri, studied at Institute of Technical Education and Research Answered 01/27/18. Plenty of them.

  • Nazi regime was the first to introduce animal rights and limited hunting seasons. Hitler had outlawed animal testing (who needs animals when you got thousands of Untermenschen).
  • Nazis had the first public anti smoking campaign at a time when smoking was not linked to cancer.
  • Hitler had authorized extensive research on cancer and various venereal diseases and abundance of medicine for public.
  • Nazi labour laws were best in contemporary world. Reduced work hours, periodic breaks, paid holidays and sponsored trips to Italy as perks.
  • Promoted sports culture among youth which led to Germany being a sports power house.
  • Hosted the 1936 Berlin Olympics.
  • Hitler had announced loans of 1000 Reichsmark (10 month salary in 1939) for married couples at minimal interest and waivers for birth of first child.
  • Volkswagen – people’s car. Personalized Cars for average germans was laid out in 1937. Volkswagen is an extremely popular brand now.
  • German Autobahn(super highways) was introduced in Hitler’s era.
  • Unemployment was eradicated entirely in pre war period.
  • Inflation was at all time low.
  • Hitler had forbade German army from using mustard gas or any sort of chemical weapons on enemy forces because of the trauma he suffered in WW1 from mustard gas. As a result, deadly gas warfare of WW 1 was never seen in WW 2.
  • Nazis were quiet fashionable as Hitler promoted idea of dressing well and in sophisticated manner. German army uniforms in the war were redesigned by famous designer Hugo Boss during peace time after Nazis came to power. They probably had the best uniforms in the war. German uniforms of WW2 have a mass aesthetic appeal till date.
  • Nazis were pioneers in rocket science. America’s space programs were guided and led by former Nazi scientists like Werner von Braun and Arthur Rudolph.

Was there anything Hitler was right about?

Rosie Diana, Studied about life in Adolf Hitler’s Germany.  Answered Mar 31, 2016  Lies being Taught; Hitler was bad, mad and so on …  Now the Truth;

Projects for Members

YouTube Videos for You Members to Make           2017

Use Bob Dylan analogy. He was so creative at writing songs and other people could sing them better than he could.

Post that there are video ideas that you can go out and make yourself.

I have so many fresh original ideas that I don’t have time to make all of these YouTube videos myself. Thule, as an organization we should be a global community of members anywhere who can take the initiative and make their own YouTube or Bitchute videos, audio podcasts, essays, etc. These videos, etc. can be loaded onto the Brian Ruhe channel under the Playlist for Thule Society. This can easily be done. Each video will be personally seen and approved, or not, by Brian Ruhe for the playlist.

YouTube will be our medium of mass communications. To ensure that the entire collection of videos is not deleted by YouTube, members are encouraged to post their video on their own channel as well as on the Thule Society playlist on the Brian Ruhe channel on Bitchute. An example of a video is talk about Hitler during the halcyon days when people like Canadian Prime Minister William Bennett would go to Hitler’s office and seig heil him saying “Heil Hitler”. Just make a video, calmly describing these days, as though the viewing audience was unfamiliar with the current propaganda against the Great One. Carry on from there and make videos in that vein.

Post stories of our members of spiritual experiences relating to the spirit of Adolf Hitler.

The Law of Karma Responds to the Jewish Question

 June 3, 2016, updated Aug. 13, 2017

by Brian Ruhe

This proposal is about how to solve the Jewish question. The law of karma does that naturally but in Buddhism we have earthly laws which are absolutely essential to interpret the law of karma.

I propose that we hit the reset button. The nations of the world are trillions of dollars in debt, but to who? Planet Earth is not in debt to another planet. These debts are to private Jewish bankers. This was wrong and deceptive for over 100 years so the world needs to hit the reset button. I propose that we erase the debt to Jewish bankers and in exchange forgive the crimes against humanity commited by the Rothschild, Zionist Talmudists. The law of karma will naturally deal out justice in this life and the next. To avoid social upheaval, riots, insurrection, war, starvation and massive violence and conflict towards and from the Jews, it is better to come to an agreement and to hit the reset button and start afresh. Ultimately these things need to be settled by law using international law.

Jews need to swear allegiance to the rest of humanity, not just to themselves. Like most groups, they can put themselves first, ahead of the European white Race but they have to stop undermining whites and other races. The Catholic church has 1500 years of experience openly talking about the Jewish question and thier policy has been that a Jew cannot be harmed and Catholics should not interfere in their religious practice. Likewise Jews may not harm Catholics nor interfere in their religion. We should learn from history and have an open discussion about Jewish power. Preventing open honest dialogue leads to tension and violence.

If the Jews will truthfully agree to that, a peace plan can work out. This will make a 180 degree turn with their policy to target the white race. If they can just swallow that, the Talmudic Jews can be saved from being toppled, as the world wakes up to their evils, and they can still have influence in the world. This is the “King of the Jews project” which is tough love for both sides. The Jews can use their cohesiveness, money and intelligence to benefit themselves as long as they sincerely care about nurturing the future of the white European and other races, the way a person still cares for those less close to them.

The reason why the International Jews have been so ruthless, killing over 100 million people, is that they believed that only by acting in secret and in opposition to all other races could they dominate and eventually succeed at taking over the entire world. If they could use this way suggested here, to succeed without having to kill 6.5 billion people in their depopulation plan, they could coexist in the world and other races could live and let live. They could get what they need in peace, without needing to kill over six billion people and target the white race first.

This does not mean that the world has to trust the Jews. With the Internet, we are watching them. This proposal is one possible option we could take. The Jews may continue to have some dominion over the Earth as they do now, in real terms, and they may continue to do so in the future. This saves the Jews, this drops their struggle and ends the conflict between the Jews and the gentiles.

In order to bring this policy into effect it will take some time and convincing. The Jewish supremacists have a long history and ability to make unilateral decisions without consulting the ordinary Jewish people. If they chose to accept this, then it can in fact be done. I  think there are a surprisingly small number of people who make this level of a decision. Perhaps less than 100 people in the world have the power to make this decision. There may be one person who is the leader with the decision making power.

Jews act as though they are acting in the public good, from communism to transgendering. We will hold their feet to the fire on this. They typically plan programs to harm the white race while claiming a compassionate reason, being that they are helping other groups, with immigration, racial equality, sexual equality, etc. This proposal is that all that is good for the white race and all races, is like a pyramid. There is an alien agenda theory about all of this, which I believe. At the peak of the pyramid there may be aliens with ancient treaties allowing one of six kinds of reptilians to have dominance over the Earth. They may be kept in check by the other reptilians and other aliens who are sympathetic to humanity. The negative reptilian aliens are working through the Jewish elite, called the 1% or the plutocracy. Below that is the tiny number of 14.4 million Jews in the world. Next comes the white race of 12% of the world’s population, then everyone else. This is what concerns us here. The Jews are trying to destroy the white race. Our King of the Jews project holds the ideal of the Jews sincerely trying to build up the gentiles.

If the top 100 Jews among the Rothschild, Zionist Talmudists accept this policy, then we will help with it’s implementation. If they don’t, then it’s back to the drawing board. Then we can rightfully say that we offered them a chance to coexist and they didn’t accept it and they betrayed humanity.  The Jews use beautiful sounding words to sound like they care about all of humanity. We will hold them to any such words. As much as we can, we will use their own statements, policies, practices, etc. to put forth a wholesome set of ways to benefit the white race and all races. If they object, we will put a spotlight on this and ask why they are objecting and just keep on making noise and bringing attention to issues that Jews want kept secret.

Jews work by secrecy so as Gilad Atzmon told me, “We should talk about Jewish power. The sign of Jewish power is that you can’t talk about Jewish power. We need to talk about this!”

Fear the Rabbi

We can appeal to ordinary Jews who do not know much about the agenda of the Rothschild, Zionist Talmudists. As a nation, the constitution of the Jews is the Babylonian Talmud. As a people they are controlled from the top down by their leadership and rabbis. The Jews have an expression that they “fear the rabbi” as many have a god like power over the Jews. We are working to cause ordinary Jews to join our quest and/or turn against their own rabbis. Get the Jews to turn against their own rabbis. Either way we are on track.

The point here is not that we need to succeed at this. The point is to follow this policy because the results will be positive for us.

Divide and Conquer

The Jews have always worked to subvert the whites and others with a divide and conquer policy. White War I and White War II were Jewish wars where they led millions of white people to kill millions of other white people. We can use a divide and conquer strategy on the Jews with the above idea, that we will appeal to the more innocent Jews so that they are in conflict with the Jewish leadership who want to genocide the white race. Bring the good vs. bad conflict home to the Jews.

In allowing the Jews to be as dominant as they are, we can publicize their power and positions in our society. They try to hide their vastly disproportionate power by mixing with non Jews so people think it’s not all the Jews. So we should focus on their power and publicize it. We are monitoring and providing a “Jew Watch” for the world. We hold them to their compassionate statements but not let them use compassion for minorities an an excuse to attack the white race.

A Jew is behind every knowledge filter in society throughout our lives so this must be exposed as well.

The American government fights wars for Israel under the pretext that they are fighting for freedom and democracy. We need to publicize that they are fighting immoral wars for the Jews and that this is wrong and that it must stop.

All aspects of society such as pharmaceuticals, psychiatry, education and government are dominated by malevolent Jewish intent so this must be exposed and a new policy must be promoted by us about how the Jews can work to support all other races.

Like protesters or “occupy the Babylonian Talmud”, we must keep marching and making noise about Jewish influence upon our society.

In conclusion, this is a peace plan proposal to the Jews about how they can cooperate with the rest of humanity and still maintain their success and future security if they stop attacking non Jews. This is just one option to be considered. It is idealistic but this is an expression of an ideal relationship and ideal outcome. This is one option that had to be offered in writing and shared for other people’s feedback and input.

Please give any responses at all to Brian Ruhe at brian@brianruhe.ca and we can talk.

RESPONSE: I asked my Dresden survivor adviser to give me his honest feedback on my above two page proposal and he wrote back to me on June 5th, the following:

Many thanks for your email, Brian. I have read it carefully. However, my response cannot be encouraging. Your thoughts are idealistic projections, praiseworthy and interesting to contemplate – but how on earth could they ever become reality? I find it impossible to imagine a realistic, step-by-step implementation of any program that could lead to the realization of your idea; insurmountable obstacles from both sides would arise at every turn. There are too many difficulties and barriers, both natural and social/political, to be enumerated in an email; besides, the sheer mechanics of such a global operation defy visualization. Sorry, I am just unable to comprehend a project of this nature and size.

Is there a way out? Yes, I believe there is. The organizing principle of subsidiarity is highly functional and could be productively employed to create a free society as well. Liberty begins at home – where the means to achieve it are available. I’d be glad to submit my detailed proposals for your consideration and invite you to arrange a meeting.

***   ***   ***

My response, to the above, is that I think I will be more disliked by people on our side, than the Jews. I agree that he’s probably right but at least I made this offer in writing. I can say that we gave the international Jews a chance to do the right thing by offering a peace plan and they rejected it. This gives us more justification to defend oursleves from our Jewish predator. The law, as well as the law of karma gives you the right to defend yourself and your people.

How to Save One Billion Chinese Lives

Tie this into Hitler’s view that the Aryan race benefits the Chinese by leading the world.

Whereas, the Depopulation agenda of the Jew World Order has been published since the 1970s with papers by Henry Kissinger and statements by the Council on Foreign Relations. They and the Georgia Guidestones say they want to cut down the world’s population to half a billion people! That means they want to cull or kill off 6.5 billion people! This is one of, if not the most evil intention and plan of the Jewish supremacists. The Thule Society is pro-China and pro-Russia because they are the big hope for the world in resisting Jewish domination of the globe. The Jews have not succeeded in taking over the world and they never will but the West can no longer remedy itself through voting. Jewish money and the Jewish controlled western governments currently have enough domination over the instruments of democracy that it is hopeless to try to find a democratic method to get enough votes for even a minority government which has the ability to successfully free it’s society from Jewish power as Adolf Hitler did. Therefore, the eyes of the Thule Society look east with a tear of hope that maybe Russia and China can be a base from which all of mankind can have hope for a life of peace, freedom and creativity.

Ebola and other diseases are an indication that the Jewish supremacists are deliberately trying to manufacture diseases aimed at killing specific groups of people or those in some geographic areas. Because of the logic of taking action based upon reasonable doubt, this is a great priority and the Thule Society published this blog as a great priority back on March 3, 2016. The CIA and other NSA agencies or Rothschild concerns may be devising a way to create and spread a disease designed for the genetics of only oriental people, which could actually succeed in killing one billion people in China.

Chairman Mao at night – recreate the channeling power of Mao, as he normally stayed up and worked all night long. The one person who U.S. Vice-President Nelson Rockefeller admired more than anyone else in human history was Chairman Mao. Mao’s powers as a channeler were staggering. Our project here is to prevent the killing of one billion people in China. Appeal to the Chinese population, using the “keep them guessing” stance. Say very little about Chairman Mao’s negative actions. To save one billion lives in China create a Spiritual Mao Society. It will be similar to the Thule Society (TS) but with Mao instead of Hitler. It will have a similar website as the TS. Success is possible. It must be done by the Chinese.

As we somehow rebirth the spirit of Hitler through the Internet, the Chinese must try to invoke the spirit of Chairman Mao. We can bring him back, just as we can bring Adolf Hitler back to life. Their physical bodies are dead and gone forever. It’s the channel, that we mean. With enough psychic Chinese people on the grid, they have the combined human and devic power to draw down into their body and minds, the chi energy necessary to harness, nurture and bring to development and fruition, the power to counteract the Jewish threat to their existence. Chinese people can channel the spirit of Chairman Mao or spirits like that. We can do it. Last time Mao worked for the Jews partially but held his own power base. This time Mao will topple Jewish power from China. China will be free of the Jews. Success can be achieved whether they reach the spirit of Chairman Mao personally, or not. If the being/s that work downwards into humanity or upwards into humanity are believed by some Chinese people to be the Mao deva, that is acceptable. That can work. The truth is uncertain. The real truth is a mystery to the unrealized.

Saving the Lives of Jews

The Karmic result of this TS website could save the lives of more than one Jew. Because it is impossible to get the world under control the International Jews will certainly fail. The best thing for them is to stop undermining non-Jews. For every hour that they delay their inevitable failure, many Jews will suffer. Explain this with the knowledge of the law of karma.

Outside the Mandate of the Thule Contemplative Society


This is a good place for some people to go to.

Madagascar. Confine all the world’s Jews in one area, like Madagascar or the Birobidzhan region specified for the Jews, in Russia, or leave them with Israel as acknowledgement that they made it this far with their intelligent, wicked ways. No further. Adolf Hitler accepted Jews who sincerely embraced National Socialism. There were about 150,000 part Jews in the German military. Such reasonable Jews will remain free Jews as they are today, and as they were called in Germany, at that time in the past. The TS aspires to follow the policies of Adolf Hitler unless new information available to us in the 21st century, indicates they it would be wisest to do otherwise.

Gary Mitchell Eyes

Hitler had big goals and little goals. One of his big goals was “to prepare the ground for the man who is to come. I see myself as one who prepares my people for the great leader who is to come. As he is not here yet, I lead for now,” Ruhe paraphrases. My idea now is to write an outline for a Star Trek episode. It is an episode that I would like to see; something meaningful to me and to Thule Society Star Trek fans!

The story picks up at the end of the second pilot episode called, “Where No Man Has Gone Before” filmed in 1965 and released in the fall of 1966. At the end, Gary Mitchell is buried under a huge boulder that Captain Kirk caused to fall on him, using a phaser rifle. But in my story, Gary Mitchel is just hiding down there, pretending that he is dead. He felt some compassion for his best friend, James Kirk and he decided to let Kirk ive and allow the crew and ship to leave the mining planet, thinking that Mitchel was dead. After the Enterprise leaves orbit and no longer has sensors turned towards the planet’s surface, Gary Mitchel uses his god-like powers to easily levitate the boulder off himself. This is the first scene after the final scene from the 1966 episode. As Kirk finishes his brief speech about wanting Gary Mitchell’s service record to end on a respectful note, we see that boulder slowly and mindfully being lifted up. And the part two story, unfolds from that point onward.

Gary Mitchell goes back in time to the 21st century and returns to earth. Could be the year 2045 or 2016, depending on how the Thule Society wants this movie to go. Mitchell was a good person to begin with. In order to have a story for a TV show they had to make him a bad guy but this is counter intuitive. It really makes no sense that a good man with the highest ESP rating on the ship, becomes a bad man after he goes through the galactic barrier and attains enlightenment. Maybe he isn’t enlightened in the 23rd century but Star Trek doesn’t explain the exact nature of his powers or his realization. So, in this video, Mitchell “becomes” a good person after having a change of heart. Back on Earth he looks around for the best way to uplift humanity and to use his powers for the greatest good of humanity (not enough conflict for a blockbuster movie). Gary Mitchell discovers the growing Thule Society in the 21st century and he joins that. He dedicates himself to the truth movement and president Brian Ruhe appoints Gary Mitchell as his successor, the new president and leader, then Brian Ruhe resigns. The rest is history. This story continues to unfold in part three.

Madagascar. Confine all the world’s Jews in one area, like Madagascar or the Birobidzhan region specified for the Jews, in Russia, or leave them with Israel as acknowledgement that they made it this far with their intelligent, wicked ways. No further. Adolf Hitler accepted Jews who sincerely embraced National Socialism. There were about 150,000 part Jews in the German military. Such reasonable Jews should remain free Jews as they are today, and as they were called in Germany, at that time in the past. The TS aspires to follow the policies of Adolf Hitler unless new information available to us in the 21st century, indicates they it would be wisest to do otherwise.

Hienrich Himmler said,
“A woman is loved by a real man in three ways: as a beloved child that one must argue with or even punish, as a wife who shares your struggle without shackling you, as a goddess whose feet one must kiss.”
This is in the YouTube video, “Himmler’s Diary”