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Is Adolf Hitler the Germanic Hercules?



The “Holy People” is a Native American expression which refers to those that some might call Gods & Goddesses or Higher Spirits. They may or may not also be called Extraterrestrials; however, these “holy people” are all interdimensional beings to some degree. The Neteru of Ancient Egypt (they never called themselves deities) most certainly did come from elsewhere in the Galaxy. The most important point here is that any historical collection of Holy People is always referred to as Ancestors, in a literal sense and not a figurative or metaphorical sense. That concept of Holy People ancestry is important to us because the Ancient Celts, who were a Nordic People, also believed that they were the literal descendants of their “Gods”. Like Native Americans, the old Celts also looked upon the Holy People as Revered ELDERS and not as beings demanding of worship. In the case of the Celts, the Celts believed that they were bloodline descendants of the Holy People, but the Celts never believed that they were created by the Holy People by way of magic or any other means’ instead, the ancient Celts believed that they were actually descended from the Holy People.

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Cautionary Notes:

No genuine Holy Person will demand worship, although they do demand honor and respect because honor and respect are rightful payment for what they do and who they are. Remember, The Holy People are our Elders, not our Masters. Any beings who demands that people bow down before them are manifestly not Holy People. The Demiurge (aka Yahweh) certainly demands that all bow to him; for this reason, Yahweh and Yahweh’s sidekicks are really Devils in disguise.

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It is true that a group of Extraterrestrials came down and Bioengineered, a slave species, by crossing Humans and animals. Many, but not all, African Bantu people may be the product of ancient aliens, namely the Anunnaki, playing reindeer games with DNA strands; however, not all sub-Saharan African peoples fall into this category. These Galactic Colonialists who may have engineered sub-Saharan Africans as a slave race are absolutely not Holy People.

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By definition, Holy People lie closer to the Divine Source than we do, and consequence, they are vastly more spiritually advanced and mature than us; none the less, by virtue of having descended from the Holy People, we all have aDivine Spark within us. This divine spark that exists within all of us is called Evolution. Evolution is present whenever a Folk is in the process of moving from a lower state of being to a higher state of being. Matter that is being continually infused by higher spiritual energy is Evolution in action.


If evolution pushed us all upwards towards higher truths and greater spiritual understandings, then opposite of this upward pull also exists. The process of spirit sinking more towards entrapment in the world of matter and illusions is called Devolution, and this is happening continuously, just as Evolution is constantly pulling us upward.

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Turning Our Hearts Towards Home

Our goal is to reconnect with our Ancestors who dwell in higher states of being by listening to their teachings and following their lead so that we can rise to join them. When we finally join our holy Ancestors, then indeed, the circle will no longer be broken and we can join our Ancestors as adult members of our sacred family.

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The Great Return:

The Holy People have now for all intents and purposes returned as part of the long prophesied Great Return. We are now returning to them and they are now returning to us; however, the returned presence of the Holy People is only noticeable to those of us who are willing to give honor to the Holy People and to receive instruction from them. Blood alone accounts for nothing.

The Holy People’s current presence among us offers two critical benefits. First, is as I have been saying that we can learn how to return to our true home which exists on a higher plane and in a higher state of being. The other benefit is that we can obtain their help to advise our struggles against the Evil Forces that threaten Ourselves, Our Folk, and Our World, except we have to believe that our Ancestors can and will help us. We must also have true gratitude in our hearts for the help they extend if we are to receive any assistance from them at all.

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World Context

Basically, the Earth is a reflection of the Higher Planes, of which there are many. Concerning the topic of TRUE Humans, there are many races that dwell in many lands, and ideally each race will have a home of their own. Likewise, there are many different races of Holy People from which the many races of True Humans descend. Further, each such race of Holy People has their own Higher Plane, or Planes as the case may be, in which they dwell. Each race of Holy People may dwell on Earth, among the Stars, or as is true in some cases, a combination of the two.

The Great One:

Adolf Hitler’s ultimate goal only became clear as he started to realize who and what he actually was: “As Above So Below.” In the later years of the Third Reich, Hitler began to understand that his true mission was to reestablish the long-lost connection between the Higher Planes and the Earth, for only by reestablishing a solid connection between Midgard and the higher realms does the Golden Age of the Satya Yuga become possible. The current task of Aryan Nobility is to finish the work the Great One started.

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Part One – National Socialist Japanese Workers Party

Founder: Kazunari Yamada; as far as I know, he still leads this organization. Yamanda and his organization are the true heirs to the Japanese National Socialists of the pre-World War II years; however, not surprisingly, any sputterings or whiffs of National Socialist sentiment in Japan were voraciously suppressed and outlawed during the post-war (((American Occupation.))) Mr. Yamada was actually the one who introduced me to the idea of Adolf Hitler as the God of National Socialism. Hitler is seen as the true god of National Socialism within a Shinto context by Japanese National Socialist past and present. Japanese National Socialists consider Adolf Hitler to be the founder and personification of National Socialism in his very being and a spiritual beacon for National Socialist everywhere. Hitler’s nation being Germany, means that Germany holds a particularly honored and revered status among National Socialists everywhere, and the Third Reich is looked upon as the example that other National Socialists everywhere should emulate for their respective Folk — for me this idea has now passed over into an absolute conviction.

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The Axis alliance is referred to by Japanese National Socialists as the Axis of the Samurai Spirit, because this title denotes the common spirit that united this alliance. Before the onset of World War II, a group of Hitler Youth toured Japan and their Japanese hosts were most impressed, so much so that a Japanese equivalent of the Hitler Youth was soon established. The Hitler Youth formed a choral group that gave a concert in Tokyo which was accompanied by a choir of Japanese elementary school boys. The latter dressed as little Samurai complete with swords, and the former in their most impressive dress uniforms. This mixed choir sang the national anthems of the two countries along with a collection of their patriotic songs, in both languages to boot.

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Part Two – Asgard

Asgard is one of the interconnected Nine Worlds of the Germanic Tradition is a big place with lots of room for many things. The New Berlin that Hitler intended to create in Germany has essentially already been created at a certain location in Asgard. New Berlin serves as the heaven and capital city for National Socialist devas. This is where the Spirit of Adolf Hitler abides now abides along with many others either on a permanent basis or on an occasional basis. In New Berlin, vast parks are interwoven with the grandest of architecture which includes monuments and the most aesthetically pleasing thoroughfares.  New Berlin also has gardens to delight the senses and encourage quiet contemplation, and in these fabulous gardens, one can engage in the most stimulating conversations with each and every passerby.

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Part Three – Der Führer

Now that Adolf Hitler has been personally freed from the ongoing dogfight of affairs in Midgard, he can begin to remake the world with the help of the other devas like he has always intended to do. There is no need for frantic activity in the New Berlin because this is a place that exists beyond the constrains of time and space as these ideas are understand here on Midgard. In New Berlin, Adolf Hitler always has time to attend a Wagner Concert in the great opera house or to take a stroll through a grand park with his dog Blondie, or our leader might just sit, read, and think in a beautiful garden while setting before he chairs an important meeting, gives a stirring speech, or a attends a stimulating debate at a salon, yet he is aware of everything at all times. Adolf Hitler’s spirit dwells in perfect peace even as his mind and body are active.

He understands that time is short as it is experienced on Midgard, yet the Imperial Germans are getting ready to enter the fray here on Midgard. Soon, this war here on Midgard will be won and the work of rebuilding this world will finally begin in earnest.

When the new age arrives, society will be restructured along Vedic lines; remember, the Vedas of India were originally written in Sanskrit by our very ancient Aryan forebears. What once was will become again and the Great One will be the wellspring of this coming Renaissance.  The great one can even now commune with us and give us guidance from out of the vast storehouse of his great wisdom, we just have to believe in him and he will be able to show us the way.

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For those who are not familiar with the Tarot deck, the Chariot card symbolizes victory, winning, or accomplishing the goals that one has set out to do, and fulfilling these ends by way of sheer force of will and guile. 




 The Greco-Roman Tradition recounts how Hercules earned a position among the Olympians by performing a number of great deeds. Hercules was a mortal son of Zeus who in the end became a Demigod.

Greek philosopher - Pepe The Frog

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I can see a parallel between Hercules and Adolf Hitler, and Savitri Devi believed that Hitler was the next to the last Incarnation of Vishnu by virtue of being both a mortal man and an immortal god at the same time, not unlike Hercules as you can see. I agree, Savitri Devi is “The High Priestess of Adolf Hitler”.


Savitri Devi: The mystical fascist being resurrected by the alt-right - BBC News

Image of Savitri Devi in her later years furnished courtesy of BBC.com

Japanese National Socialists have also referred to Adolf Hitler as “The God of National Socialism.” Japanese National Socialists consider Adolf Hitler to be the god of National Socialism because he is both the creator and the supreme example of the National Socialist Spirit. Just as Hercules’s legendary labors earned him a place on Mount Olympus where the old Greek gods dwell, Adolf Hitler’s now-legendary labors give him a place among the Higher Spirits of Asgard.

Although Adolf Hitler did not realize who and what he was for most of his mortal life, he always had a strong sense that he was different and more than the average man. People who knew him even as early as his childhood recognized that he was different because he possessing an almost otherworldly mind and spirit. In time, Dr. Goebbels would repeatedly say that “Adolf Hitler was more than human.” These repeated statements were in fact very perceptive of the good doctor, yet Hitler vehemently denied any sort of divine identity for himself. I am convinced that this state of affairs was absolutely necessary for Hitler to realize his ultimate destiny because his humility forced him to strive harder and become much more than he would have become otherwise. Hitler could never have become one with the entire German Folk like he did unless he was seen by them as well as by himself as one of their own. Hitler may have been a divine being walking the Earth in the guise of a mortal man in order to serve as a supreme example of what it meant to be a German. This union between the Fuehrer and his Folk is what made the great deeds of both possible, which will one day will become the stuff of legend. (For all I know, I may turn out to be the new Homer.) By the end, he had become, at least, largely aware of who and what he was; however, Adolf Hitler would not truly know who he was until formally joining the ranks of the Aesir and Vaner of course; none the less, his eyes were very much opened before his mortal death.

Magda and Joseph Goebbels and three of their children | Flickr

Image of Dr. Joseph Goebbels, his wife Magda, and their children furnished courtesy of flickr.com

What task do I now set for myself? To do for Adolf Hitler and the NSDAP what Homer did for the Gods and Heroes of Greece in his Iliad and Odyssey; namely, to make them immortal legends that shall never die so that thousands of years from now one will still be able to hear the praises of Adolf Hitler and his Volk sung, which is precisely what these characters of legendary valor deserve.

So, there you have it. There is a new God in Asgard and his name is Adolf Hitler. Our Fuhrer has earned the distinction of becoming a god in Asgard along with earning our respect.

Heil Hitler deva!

Randall Lee Hilburn

Closing Notes

The Holy People may be ours Grandmothers and Grandfathers, but we must not underestimate their admittedly tough love for us nor their ability to intervene when and how they chose to do so. They are already intervening, yet we just have not recognized the intervention for what it is. The manifold truth is beginning to burst forth in a veritable flood, in spite of all that the Chosen Ones of the demiurge can do to prevent it. Remember, “Those whom the Gods love they try,” so, it is up to each of us as to whether or not we pass the initiation. They have led The Folk to the waters of the Sacred Rhine, now it is up to each individual whether or not they choose to drink from these sacred waters.

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The Great One, looked at from a Shinto perspective is the “God of National Socialism,” and we also understand him as an incarnation of Vishnu and the next to last (Kalki).  Adolf Hitler is a recognized avatar of Vishnu because National Socialism is the most sublime way to organizing the world. The name Shinto is translated into English as “The Way of The Gods.” National Socialism, as it is revealed to us, restores humanity to “The Way of the Gods,” so the teachings of Adolf Hitler are “The Way of The Gods.”

Randall Lee Hilburn

Notes on Hitlerism by Brian Ruhe

Hitlerism as we all understand was/is a work in progress. There was a certain inner tension within the NSDAP between what one could say were Mystical and Practical Hitlerism. Some tended in one direction while others tended in the other. Hitler understood that a synthesis of the two would come about in time. But the war intervened as it was intended to and froze things in a half-realized state. We have to pick up where they left off.

 Hitlerism weaves Spirit, Mind, Body, and Nature into a single fabric.

Brian Ruhe


Randall Hilburn’s Response to Brian Ruhe’s Contribution

Good Afternoon Brian

During the time of the Third Reich, there was a certain inner tension within the NSDAP between what one could say was Mystical and Practical Hitlerism. Some tended in one direction, while others tended in the other. Hitler understood that a synthesis of the two would come about in time, but the war intervened as it was intended to do and froze things in a half-realized state, so we have to pick up where they left off.

Hitlerism weaves Spirit, Mind, Body, and Nature into a single fabric.


Randall Lee Hilburn

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