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Is Donald Trump Planning Campaigns of Mass Arrests and Murder After Being Installed as President?


(Vol. 1 Of ?) This is just a few very recent news items affecting the raising of Donald Trump to the US Presidency. Anybody with any common sense knows that he has already been selected long ago for the office. (1) A Federal “Anti-Semitism Law” recently passed the House Of Representatives and has been sent to the Senate. Where quick and easy approval is expected. It criminalizes at the Federal Level all criticism of Jews and/or Israel. TRUMP HAS PROMISED TO MAKE IT A CAPITAL OFFENSE WHEN HE BECOMES PRESIDENT.
 (2) Trump has vowed to use his Executive Authority to “CRUSH” anti-Israel demonstrations on all US College Campuses. He used the word “CRUSH” himself in a speech on the subject.
 (3) The widow of Sheldon Adelson has just given Trump $100,000,000 for his guarantee that When (Not If) He Becomes President he will commit the United States to helping Israel clear all of the Palestinians out of the West Bank so that Jews can settle there.
(4) There are several members of the US Congress who are OPENLY also Officers in the Israeli Military or Mossad. Two of them always wear their uniforms when they are attending to Official US Congressional Duties.
(5) The US Congress has just passed a law that makes Members Of The Israeli Military eligible for US Veterans Benefits.
The VA (Veterans Administration) will from now on be required to take care of their needs. At US Taxpayers Expense. (While the VA denies benefits to many American Veterans including myself. Allegedly in part because they can’t afford them.) Note: Chief VA Administors, who earn salaries in the millions of dollars, ALWAYS are Jew Bankers brought in from Goldman-Sachs, and they always return to that bank once their time at the VA is up. No commentary here. Just the plain raw facts.
“When The Enemy Thinks That They Have Got You Covered; ATTACK!” – Jeb Stuart.
Heil Hitler deva!
Randall Lee Hilburn

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