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Is Donald Trump’s Next Presidency a Reflection of Jewish Desperation?


Good Morning James,

We are facing a house divided against itself. I might be seriously concerned if it were otherwise. We National Socialist Aryans are facing fractured opposition that is divided at this stage into three principal factions:
(1) Zionist/Nazi Jews
(2) Anti-Zionist/Communist Jews
(3) New Israelites
New Israelites are Calvinist Christians who believe that Jews have lost their Preferred Status as God’s Chosen People because they Killed Christ. To replace them, God has selected these Calvinist/City on A Hill/New Israelites who follow Jesus Christ. This group mortally loathes The Jews and that are determined to replace them.

Evangelical Christians in general absolutely idolize The Jews as “God’s Chosen People.” However! They have a marked preference for Zionist Jews.
“The Jews Are Nazis, and The Nazis Are Jews.” As opposed of course to National or Racial Socialists such as ourselves.

Trump’s Base is divided between Calvinists and the general run of Evangelical Christians.

You see why I remain so optimistic? Once there comes a sudden shock and/or enough pressure is gradually applied the whole rotten structure will collapse.

Trump has of course all kinds of great and sinister plans, but that doesn’t mean that he will get to carry them out, even after he is inaugurated as the next US President.

Maybe we will end up being the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back.

Your Friend

On Fri, Jun 7, 2024 at 11:09 AM RANDALL HILBURN

Hello Again

Campus Protests are still ongoing across the US. They are just being blacked-out on the Mainstream Media. Why would Trump be promising to crush them if that wasn’t the case. There is a report on today’s edition of Press TV about these college campus protests. I wasn’t sure myself what was going on until I just read that article.

88 Randall

On Thu, Jun 6, 2024 at 10:10 PM

Hello Randall,

The email that you sent which discussed Donald Trump was quite disquieting for me, so I felt that I needed to share this information with others as soon as possible. I posted this article on Stormfront and one of the respondents wanted to know where I was getting all of the information that this article presented, so I will ask and see if you can provide citations for the things which you mentioned in that email.

As for where things will go, I have no real idea, but I will just keep doing what I have been doing.

Thanks for the earlier message.

Take care,

James R.

Good Morning James,

Except for the one about Israeli Officers serving in the US Congress, they all came from multiple news reports on the Mainstream Media. The exception comes from numerous videos on Youtube from all over the political spectrum.

There are also two videos on Youtube made at the time Trump was running against Hillary Clinton, where he pledges his undying support to Israel. At least one of them was before AIPAC. His campaign organization made both videos.

When I first became aware of what I wrote about earlier, beginning maybe a couple of weeks ago because this is all recent stuff, I too was at first somewhat disquieted. Then I realized that this all smacks of desperation and panic on the part of the Jew Power. They are in deep trouble and they know it. They are not sure how to handle the problem and are lashing out blindly. We have to keep up the pressure as we are able to, many others are doing the same, and sooner or later the whole rotten structure of Jew Power will come crashing down on their own heads. They have begun to lose control of the narrative. and their old tactics no longer always produce reliable results for them.

The implications of what I wrote about are the worst-case scenario. If they are fully implemented. I quite frankly don’t think that the Jew Power will have enough time left to do so.

Even if I was to get croaked in the process. As long as I stay loyal to what I know is right. I will rise to a higher plane of existence with all confidence that others will take up or continue the struggle in my stead until inevitable victory.

“What better way for a man to die, than facing fearful odds, for the Ashes of his Fathers, and the Temples of his Gods.” – Horatio At The Bridge (poem).

Bright Blessings

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  1. There are some Calvinists who think that The Jews are fake Israelites and they themselves are the real ones. The Fake Jews killed Christ while the Real Jews (themselves) follow him. That is yet another variation that I left out of my earlier email. As I said the opposition is fragmented. But they are all united by their shared hatred of we ourselves.

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