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It only takes two weeks, to make oneself vulnerable to disease.

Dear Komrads,

When we use sterilizing sprays or soaps on a regular basis, it only takes two weeks of constant use of sprays or soaps that have sterilizing effects, to make you vulnerable to all the skin or airborne diseases that come along. People who don’t pay attention to the history of these things, are made vulnerable. No one around here remembers ever hearing that!

They also don’t remember learning that ‘when the evil white men’ first (actually they were Converso Jews, dressed as Cardinals of the Catholic Church) entered these vast lands where the USA and Canada would eventually be planted, the populations here had never been exposed to the new diseases brought to them. The populations in the vast Americas then caught the diseases brought here and the folks who already lived here died of every disease brought in. (Editorial note by Brian Ruhe: There is evidence of Europeans coming to America centuries before Columbus, over a period of thousands of years, so it’s hard to be sure if the disease theory about 1492 and beyond is correct or not.)

Whoever is in charge of this Covid pandemic remembers that history. Why has the rest of the population forgotten it? There are plans to dump virulent disease on the populations, who have now developed weakened resistance, through their misuse of sterilizing soaps and sprays, and social distancing!

Back in the 1960s I went to a meeting where the goal was advertised as being a means to provide a think tank to arrive at a needed solution for care for children of working parents. – I suggested having parents volunteer to cover the need. One would think I had just dropped a bomb on the group, by the way they reacted to that suggestion! They suddenly knew I didn’t fit their Communist agenda. – I already knew the leader of the group and his wife were unspoken Communists working to establish their way into the fragmented social structure in the community. If I’d known the depth of their Communist convictions and why they had that, I would have expected the wild confrontations I  received from the simple suggestion. It took me about three seconds to see how they did things. There was no discussion allowed. Only a derisive attack was allowed from the platform.

– Today, I experienced the identical behavior from the people here in this, ‘ Oh so sweet “Spiritual”  Ananda community’. I knew, I shouldn’t say anything, since no matter what it would be, I would not be listened to. They were not listening to their own memories, nor to their own experiences. It was a closed contest of–the fully Brainwashed!  The ‘community’ here has online meetings, take place once a week. – It’s a very organized group – the Communist way –  a means of control. Obama’s administration used it with block groups throughout every town and city. – With the spoken intent of checking to see how everyone-is-doing. (Yeah, right?- They get into this position by consent of others, and by volunteering. The meetings, in reality, apparently, are to reaffirm the Jew COVID stand on everything. No matter what would be presented, if it didn’t suit the thought to advance their ‘non-sense’ it would not be allowed. Why? They are not stupid, but they have made their selves stupid by allowing the corrosive implanted Virus to take over their otherwise, maybe good sense. – One lady said, “I don’t know why everyone doesn’t wear a mask’! It’s just good sense.” – Another said, she was afraid of people who were not complying and exposing everyone to this virus. Since I’m one who doesn’t wear a mask, I can expect a visit from management one of these days. – I’ve experienced a visit from this ‘Communist/Nazi’ manager before and she is running true to form. No matter what I would say, if it comes down to believing what I say or not, they just call you a liar or imply that you are; End of conversation.



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