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Jewish Gaslighting Techniques Part 2.

An essay by Imperator Alber


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Raising a Shield of Plausible Deniability

Manufacturing a patina of plausible deniability is a true hallmark and telling feature of most Jewish evil. To give the Devil his due, Jews are very diligent about crafting alibies when they are plotting a crime of any notable magnitude, and this is true because they know that their nasty schemes will eventually become known and revealed; therefore, they always lay plans of action for their eventual days of reckoning.  It could also be said that those who have guilty consciences will always plan for ways to cover their tracks after committing a dirty deed or two. Creating a shield of plausible deniability for crimes a person intends to commit is a little bit different form of deception than simply lining up someone else to take the blame when justice finally comes knocking, and this is the case because this form of deception does not exclusively blame a person or group of people, but instead this method looks to assign blame to an impersonal force of some type. This method of deception also involves deliberately making the root cause of a problem as difficult to identify and prove as possible.

A recent example of Jews manufacturing an aura of plausible deniability around their bad deeds can be seen by the way that they have handled the COVID -19 vaccine crime. Debates as to whether the COVID-19 virus was even real or not, as well as debates as to whether the COVID-19 virus was a deliberately manufactured bio-weapon or not can be propounded endlessly in the coming years; however, people who have taken one of the COVID 19 vaccinations are dropping dead and being hospitalized by the million, and this can be proven.


Every Aspect of Covid
Image courtesy of gab.com

The following is a list of the European countries with an increase in death rates after the introduction of the Covid19 Vaccine. This list gives a percentage of increase in deaths rather than the actual number of deaths. The information presented below is furnished courtesy of Bjorn Andreas Bull-Hansen – on his YouTube channel. (Bull-Hansen is Norwegian) The list below is sourced from a video from Bull-Hansen titled “Why Are All Those People Dying? Record Excess Deaths in Europe”, and this work from Mr. Bull-Hansen, is no bull!

  1. Iceland +55.8%
  2. Spain +36.9%
  3. Lichtenstein +35.8%
  4. Cyprus +32.9%
  5. Greece +31.2%
  6. Portugal +28.8%
  7. Malta +26.4%
  8. Switzerland +25.9%
  9. Italy +24.9%
  10. Austria +17.5%
  11. Slovenia +16.5%
  12. Ireland +16.3%
  13. Germany +15.2%
  14. Norway +14.8%
  15. Netherlands +14.7%
  16. Croatia +14.6%
  17. France +14.1%
  18. Estonia +12.3%
  19. Luxemburg +11.5%
  20. Denmark +10.3%
  21. Finland +9.4%
  22. Slovakia +7.7%
  23. Poland 5.8%
  24. Hungary +4.5%
  25. Czechia +4.4%
  26. Belgium +4.3%
  27. Sweden +2.7%
  28. Romania +2.4%
  29. Bulgaria +1.4%
  30. Lithuania +0.9%
  31. Latvia +0.5%

 You would see the same order if you listed the percentages of the populations who have gotten the vaccine.

Funny thing, almost all of the top executives at the pharmaceutical companies that developed the COVID-19 vaccines just coincidentally happen to be Jews. This constitutes a clear case of Jews leveraging the Plausible Deniability tactic because the pharmaceutical companies that produce these vaccines of death have carefully laid out a list of other seemingly plausible causes for all of these deaths which they then offer to the public on Jewish-controlled media outlets. These manufactured excuses and smokescreens of “plausible” deniability at least sound somewhat possible on the surface, and of course, this reason is attributed to the COVID-19 virus itself.

Sure, to anyone who is truly paying attention to the numbers, the current rash of deaths and miscarriages is clearly connected to the COVID-19 vaccines, but the Jewish-controlled media complex and its parent in crime, the crooked Jewish-controlled pharmaceutical industry, can still offer the excuse that the COVID -19 virus is at fault for all of the deaths, miscarriages, and blood clot incidents seen over the last few years. The Jewish media complex is now attributing all of the deaths caused by the COVID-19 vaccines to a new form of the COVID-19 virus that has been dubbed “Long COVID.” It seems that this “Long COVID” can be used as a smoke-screen of plausible deniability for the rash of ongoing vaccine related deaths and illnesses. Regrettably, publicly proving that the vaccines have been responsible for all of these deaths is not going to be a simple and straight-forward matter, especially if Jewry still controls all of America’s key media outlets.


The video posted above expatiates on our current rash of COVD-vaccine-related deaths. 


Creating Controlled Opposition that is Convincing

This is another common Jewish gaslighting tactic Jews trick their perceived enemies into following the leadership of false friends and Judas Goats who are employed and directed by Jews who hide behind the scenes. Creating controlled opposition is an effective tactic for neutralizing enemies of Jewish interests because it is versatile and offers many ways to stymie and subvert gathering and building opposition. When this tactic is used, false and controlled opponents of Jewish power structures often gain followings by posing as those who seek freedom and wellbeing for the people who Jews are oppressing, then they move to destroy hope for any effective leadership against Jewish tyranny ever developing by falling to engineered scandals. Another tactic associated with leaders who are really Jewish-controlled puppets is to gain a following and gain the trust, then to lead these people who see them as a leader in unfruitful or outright detrimental directions; this second strategy is more subtle than the first, but it is still very dangerous.

The grim truth behind the Pied Piper - BBC Travel

Image courtesy of bbc.com

Matthew Heimbach is one case of a person who may have been controlled opposition from the start because he crafted a public persona as a dedicated White advocate, and he built a seemingly genuine organization called the Traditional Workers Party, yet his political activities fell to dust in a very public sex scandal that read like the plot form an old episode of the ((( Jerry Springer show))). Heimbach may have simply accepted a generous payment from the Jews and then elected to cease his agitations, or he may have been an agent of controlled opposition from the start who established a public persona with the plan to end all of his work in a contrived orgy of public disgrace. Heimbach’s orgy of high-profile public disgrace involved a brawl in a trailer park that was supposedly sparked by Heimbach having an affair with his wife’s step mother from one of her father’s previous marriages who happened to live in the same manufactured housing community. Yes, this whole episode seemed contrived in its sleaziness.

Dangerous Organizations and Bad Actors: Traditionalist Worker Party | Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey

The image above shows Heimbach dressed in his Traditional Workers Party attire attending a public demonstration. Image courtesy of middlebury.edu

The key feature of person who is an agent of controlled opposition is the fact that they must appear to be sincerely working against Jewish interests, yet they fall to a scandal or they very subtly lead their listeners or followers into bad places. Agents of controlled opposition can be likened to well-made counterfeit money in the sense that counterfeit money should be as well-made as possible and as hard to distinguish from real money as possible. For Jewish agents of controlled opposition, the more authentic and trusted they can become, the more damage they can do to opponents of the Jews over time.

Prime examples of older controlled opposition figures would be James Mason (Thule Society article link) and David Myatt. Unlike Heimbach, who may have intended to create a public disgrace from the start of his public outreach, James Mason ( Wikipedia.org profile) and David Myatt are worth mentioning here because both men claimed to be National Socialists who purportedly had the best interested of White people the world over at hart, yet both of these men advocated for a “Lone Wolf” style of terrorism based on individual men committing acts of terrorism without input or assistance from others. Mason also made a point of publicly endorsing White men who were fingered and scapegoated in Jewish-orchestrated crimes that were intended for public consumption and manipulation; it seems that Mason made these public endorsements of manufactured bad-boys with the goal of tarnishing National Socialism in the public mind. It seems that Myatt and Mason were both interested in introducing a slow-acting poison into the metaphorical bloodstream of sincere Jewish opponents.

James Mason | Southern Poverty Law Center

Image above features James Mason courtesy of the Southern Poverty Law Center’s website. 

Extreme politics and the underground music scene | TalkPunk

The image above shows a photo of David Myatt. Photo furnished courtesy of talkpunk.freeforums.net

Advocating for a “Lone Wolf” model of terrorism is a dead end because acting as individuals and committing foolish small-time acts of mass violence will really change nothing for the better on a large scale; however, such actions will give National Socialism a very bad public image. If any real and meaningful social and political changes are ever to occur, then these changes will need to be a large-scale group effort; therefore, committing a few destructive acts of random violence will not win the hearts and minds of many people, plus a few small acts of terroristic violence will not go very far in terms of destroying a corrupt existing social order.

One additional fairly recent example of what appears to be controlled opposition is Jason Kohn, who is known as No White Guilt within dissident circles. Kohn has run his own podcasts and internet streaming platforms for more than 8 years now, and Kohn has managed to establish himself as a respected figure within dissident circles, yet his recent actions have shed light on the fact that he is probably an agent of controlled opposition who has a set of Jewish handlers lurking behind the scenes.

So, what finally blew Kohne’s cover? It seems that Kohne’s cover was recently blown when advocated for members of the Dissident Right to inform on one another during one of his live streams. Gab.com and other dissident social media networks reposted video clips of Kohne’s show where he advocated for White Nationalists and other members of the dissident right to inform on one another. The Counter Currents website also wrote an article that analyzed Kohne’s writings and tactics and certainly questions his motives.

Haastattelussa Jason Köhne | Kansalaisen blogit

Image of Jason Kohne courtesy of blogit.kansalainen.fi

Campbell's kid | Vintage advertisements, Retro ads, Campbell soup

Image courtesy of Regina Wilson on Pinterest.com 

Notes on “Frank Collins” furnished courtesy of Randall Hilburn

Frank Joseph, alias Frank Collins, has applied aliases to hide his Jew identity. Joseph is the founder of the National Socialist Party. The National Socialist Party has same logo as the National Socialist Movement which now claims to have different founders because it looks bad to acknowledge that a National Socialist Organization had a Jewish charlatan for a founder. Interestingly, Mr. Joseph was the man behind the Skokie, Illinois fake “Nazi” march of 1976, which has been dubbed “The Skokie Affair.” The Skokie Affair was made into a 1981 eponymous film named “Skokie“. The National Socialist Movement has also manufactured a new and doctored history for themselves to hide their troubled founding. Many individuals think that Frank, by either last name, is an Aryan, but alas, this is just not so. Mr. Frank looks like a White man, so like many Ashkenazi Jews of European extraction, he pretends to be a White man when it suits him.

Skokie: The legacy of the would-be Nazi march in a town of Holocaust survivors - ABC News

Image of Frank “Collins”/ Joseph courtesy of abcnews.com


Joseph is a “researcher” and an “anthropologist” by training, and he has also been the publisher of Ancient America magazine, which is his greatest claim to fame in the scientific area. Mr. Joseph has consistently flitted back and forth between his two personas of anthropologist and fake National Socialist. Joseph rose to national prominence as an infamous Neo-Nazi Leader some years back, thanks to support from the US and Canadian Governments plus the Jewish-controlled American Media. Joseph started out in Indiana as the self-styled New American Fuehrer, and this guise came complete with Hitler-like clothing and mimicry of Hitler while standing in front of Swastika flags during public speeches.

Blursed funko pop : blursedimages

Image of a Hitler Funko Pop furnished courtesy of blursiadimages on reddit.com


Regrettably, many sincere but gullible people were taken in by Joseph’s circus side-show and signed up with his organization. (I myself saw through Joseph’s act right away because I have some formal training as an actor, so I can instantly spot bad acting when I see it.) In reality, Joseph was working undercover for Canadian Law Enforcement, and his little medicine show was funded by a group of influential Jews up in Canada. Once he had peoples’ names, etc. Joseph would then turn them over to Canadian Law Enforcement who would immediately turn around and conveniently share Black Peter’s list of naughty children with their American and Israeli counterparts out of neighborly goodness, kind of like asking your friendly neighbor for a cup of sugar. All of the people who fell for Joseph’s ploys always earned an honorable mention a formal terrorist watch list or three.

Old Franky-wanky eventually got exposed for the fraud that he was and still is, so he simply returned to his old and original anthropologist persona. (History shows that frauds and infiltrators are almost always eventually exposed for who they truly are, so please take some solace in this fact. Remember, the presence of infiltrators and controlled opposition will slow down a righteous movement, but such tactics will not ultimately derail the goals of those who are righteous, committed, and determined.) It is also worth noting that Mr. Joseph lost his leadership role in the National Socialist party because he was convicted of child molestation in a very typically Jewish fashion back in 1979. After serving some years in prison, Mr. Finky Franky was eventually paroled, after that, he went back to writing anthropology books. Gullible people tend to have such short memories, or they always insist on hearing what they want to hear, so Mr. Joseph still periodically appears in his rhinestone National Socialist guise using either or both of his names, and this my friends, is why I refuse to have anything to do with the NSM even though they have a “chapter” fairly close to where I live.

88 Randall Hilburn


9 dollar bill | Juan Valentin | Flickr

Image courtesy of Juan Valentin on flikr.com

The Jews are constantly offering fake opposition because they subscribe to a Kabbalistic understanding of reality based upon metaphysical principles of polarity in which the principles of order (masculine) and chaos (feminine) are dialectically related to one another as oppositional and yet these forces constitute the “tension of development” of the dialectical process, with the thesis (masculine) forming a static state of being that generates an anti-thesis (feminine) that works antagonistically against it as a reaction and which leads to a re-conciliation of opposites in a new thesis (conjunctiva oppositorum or ‘unity of opposites’). This is based in large part on the Kabbalah of Isaac de Luria in the Zohar of the Talmud and served as the basis for the Judaic ideological forms of Frankism (of Jacob Frank) and Sabbateanism (of Shabbatai Zvi) which is intended to force “God” to intervene or to usher in the Messiah through “sinning against G-d” and precipitating a reaction from G-D on the basis of these principles of the masculine and feminine acting upon one another. This conception is presumably derived from Egypt or perhaps even Atlantis in its origins and is a hermetic principle plagiarized by Jewry to facilitate crowning themselves with their own own Messiah.

You Don't Mess with the Zohan (2008) - IMDb

Image courtesy of imdb.com

Creating and Supporting a Lot of Milquetoast Controlled Opposition

Some agents of controlled opposition are intended to be as difficult to identify as possible, yet some controlled opposition figures are not meant to be very difficult to spot. So, why would the Jews bother to offer their enemies a platter of controlled opposition that is not very difficult to identify? The answer to the previous questions seems to be this: The Jews like to offer very mild milk-toast opposition because having a bevy of milquetoast operatives that only offer slightly opposing points of view creates a public forum that is very muddled and confusing, plus fake opposition that is fairly easy to identify opens the door to opposition that is more convincing which operates under a deeper cover. It is also worth noting that even very dumb and simple-mined controlled opposition is actually an effective tool for misleading people who are not very intelligent, plus very thinly vailed controlled opposition is still effective against people who are simply too lazy and apathetic to do any investigation into who public figures really are.

Milquetoast by chucker19 on DeviantArt

Image courtesy of Chucher19 on deviantart.com

A prime recent example of Jews offering pabulum controlled opposition is the Florida Republican governor of Florida named Ronald De Santis. Mr. De Santis is a prime example of Jewish controlled milquetoast opposition because he talks of things that many conservative and non-Jewish members of his Florida electorate like to hear, but like all too many professional politicians in America these days, he always follows Jewish agendas when pushes come to shoves.

NRA-PVF | Vote Freedom First. Vote Ron DeSantis For Florida Governor!

Image of DeSantis courtesy of agegateway.nrahq.org


Dan Crenshaw

Dan Crenshaw, official portrait, 116th Congress 2.jpg

Dan “Eye Patch John McCain” Crenshaw.


Pirate Eye Patch. Express delivery | Funidelia

Image courtesy of funidelia.com

The top image above is Congressional Representative Dan Crenshaw’s official photograph as it appears on his Wikipedia.org profile page. Mr. Crenshaw is a congressional representative elected in the state of Texas’s second congressional district which sits to the northeast of metropolitan Houston. Crenshaw has leveraged his military service career to make himself more appealing to his fairly conservative constituents, and at least on the surface he looks the part of the freedom-loving and patriotic American war hero, but his actions tell a different story. Crenshaw has run for public office on the platform of being a patriotic and conservative American who is concerned with the welfare of his constituents, but he is so sickeningly pro- Israel and he is such a terrible servant of Jewish agenda items that he qualifies as very thinly vailed controlled opposition when it comes to championing the interests of average working Americans. With “friends” like Crenshaw who needs official enemies?




The image above shows Dan “Eye Patch McCain” posing for a publicity photo with his little sneak buddy Ben Shapiro. For those of you who are not familiar with Mr. Shapiro, little Benjamin is an American Jew who gives political speeches and writes “Kosher Conservative” political op-eds. Interestingly, Shapiro did a stint with the Kosher Conservative website and news service called Breitbart News. If there was a courtroom “Exhibit A” for openly controlled, contrived, and fake opposition to Jewish agendas, Mr. Shapiro would be that exhibit. The image above is provided courtesy of Dionichi on gab.com



A WARNING to American Patriots: 9 Reasons Rep. Dan Crenshaw is a Globalist Shill (sourced from americanfaith[dot]com).

Reason #1: Dan Crenshaw is promoted by leftist media.
Reason #2: Dan Crenshaw is financed by BlackRock’s Portfolio.
Reason #3: Dan Crenshaw backs “climate change” ideology.
Reason #4: Dan Crenshaw was on The World Economic Forum’s “Young Global Leaders for the Class of 2019.”
Reason #5: Dan Crenshaw is pro-war.
Reason #6: Dan Crenshaw is in bed with the military-industrial complex.
Reason #7: Dan Crenshaw is anti-Trump.
Reason #8: Dan Crenshaw doesn’t believe the 2020 Presidential Election was fraudulent and defends Biden’s “win”
Reason #9: Dan Crenshaw says Jesus Christ is a mythological character.


The italicized text and photo above are both furnished courtesy of Jameson Ellis on gab.com

Another example of a very obvious controlled opposition figure of Laura Loomer. Laura Loomer is openly Jewish, yet she has been a very devoted phony advocate for White peoples’ interests and for Christianity since about 2015. Loomer qualifies as a fairly easy-to-spot member of the Jewish controlled-opposition committee because she looks very Jewish and she has never tried to hide her Jewishness, yet she has recently publicly announced a conversion to Christianity. It seems like anyone other than complete fools would see Loomer for the Jewish operative and Jewish grifter that she really is, yet offering a large number of people like her to the public still severs Jewish purpose because this tactic creates mistrust and confusion amongst the masses and this method allows Jewish operatives with deeper covers to operate  with more freedom and less scrutiny.

Far-right activist Laura Loomer seeks to unseat GOP Rep. Daniel Webster – Orlando Sentinel

Image of Laura Loomer courtesy of orlandosentinel.com


Image courtesy of knowyourmeme.com 



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