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Kanye West and the Rise of Black National Socialism


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Hitlerism – A term first coined by Miguel Serrano to denote a Spiritual System in which Adolf Hitler is the central figure.

Miguel Serrano

Image of Miguel Serrano courtesy of heathenharvest.worpress.com

National Socialism is a term that designates a new and emerging civilization and world order where Hitlerism functions as the spiritual foundation. Every viable civilization must have a spiritual foundation, and National Socialism is the name for the only viable worldwide civilization possible at this time and in the foreseeable future.


The term “Aryans” (“Nobility”) refers to the Priestly Race who is tasked to bring True Civilization to our world. In light of their importance, Aryans need to keep their bloodline pure, and they need choose not to intermarry with others, regardless of how much these others may resemble them in outward appearance. Aryans are always Indo-Europeans but all Indo-Europeans are not necessarily Aryans.

quote there is nothing more mysterious than blood paracelsus considered it a condensation miguel serrano 80 50 02

When Adolf Hitler last walked the Earth in the flesh, he came to the Germans because they were the most advanced (Read that as the least corrupted.) of all the Aryan Tribes. Aryans are a tribal people because their society is structured around the family. Aryans are one people who consist of many families that eventually morph into distinct tribes. Until the end of WW2 (The 2nd of 3 Zionist Global Wars), the Germans remained the most noble of all Aryan tribes, yet the Germans are by no means destined to remain the most noble of all Aryan tribes. The renaissance of the German Folk that is currently underway will save them as an Aryan people, but this renaissance may not necessarily restore them to their former position of leadership. The future mantle of leadership is likely, in my studied opinion, to eventually fall to their Eastern Aryan relatives who we call the Iranians (Iran means “Land of The Aryans”)

I grew up in the American South during the notorious “Civil Rights Era” where I watched International Jewry manipulate the Negro Race first-hand and close-up for years. A big part of Jewish machinations to manipulate Negroes consists of the Jews portraying themselves as friends, benefactors, and liberators of the Black Race while actually working to enslaving them. The Jews were certainly not alone in this con-game because they always worked hand-in-glove with Major Capitalist Business Enterprises, some of which were not Jewish owned.

meme man is now rich - Imgflip

Image courtesy of imgflip.com

Of all the races, the Blacks are generally the least intelligent and the most governed by their emotions. As a consequence of being the least intelligent and the most hobbled by their emotions, the Blacks are easy to deceive by those who are the most skilled in psychological manipulation, and Blacks being manipulated by Jews is exactly what I saw happen while growing up in the American South. From the times of the American Civil War to the present, a potent combination of International Jewry & Mega-Capitalists has used childlike Negros to raze and destroy what is still very much an Aryan American South. Once the Jews and their moneyed minions saw some success with their schemes in the American South, they realized that they had developed a winning strategy, so they applied their knowledge gained from subverting the South to the rest of America, now they are applying the same proven tactics to destroy the rest of the world.

Black Lives Matter: birth of a movement | Black Lives Matter movement | The Guardian

Image courtesy of theguardian.com

In time, the most intelligent of the Negros began to realize how they were being played by the Jews, so they set out to warn their fellow Blacks — well, at least those Negroes who were not too stupid and irresponsible to understand. To my knowledge, the first Negro to rise to national prominence by warning his people about Jewish scheming and mendacity was Louis Farrakhan. Farrakhan once told an all-Black congregation, “The White People Are Not Our Enemies. The Jews Are Our Enemies.”

Image from Louis Farrakhan preaching on YouTube

Image of Louis Farrakhan furnished courtesy of our friends at haaretz.com

Simply put, Kanye West, Louis Farrakhan, and now plenty of other Blacks with like-minded tendencies are appearing, so The Jews & Co. have failed to fool even The Blacks — or at least the most intelligent of that race. This trend of Blacks waking up to Jewish manipulation is an encouraging thing, yet it remains to be seen just how far and fast this awakening among the Negros shall go.

Many young Blacks look to Kanye West and see him as role-models, and I have no doubt this is the factor that is presently keeping him alive in spite of ongoing and very credible Jewish threats to his life (aka threats to suicide him). If International Jewry is actually stupid enough to carry through with their threats against Kanye, then a great many young Black Men who idolize Kanye will see his assassination as confirmation of everything he is saying. The Jews & Co. know that if they lose their control over the Negros, then they will be losing the best means they have to finally destroy the Aryan Race beyond any hope of recovery.

Migrants and refugees gather during the evacuation of a makeshift camp at Porte de la Chapelle, northern Paris

The Image above shows a group of African migrants living on the streets of Paris, France in makeshift shelters. Image courtesy of thetimes.co.uk 


Image courtesy of @MarcMcGuire on Gab.com


As the video posted above notes, any place that is occupied by Whites and experiences an influx of Blacks sooner or later sinks to a very low level of function and then remains in that sump. As strange as it may seem; Gary, Indiana was once a prosperous and safe White city, but now it is a crumbling wreck that is almost entirely inhabited by Blacks. The take-away from studying the cruel fate of Gary, is to realize that the Jews know what an influx of Blacks will do to any place where Blacks do not exist in large numbers. The point is, Black will always destroy and ruin whatever degree of civilization exists in a place where the live. 

The rise of a Black National Socialism, which Kanye West at least seems to espouse, is perfectly in keeping with a worldwide National Socialist Confederation under Aryan Leadership that “The Great One” intends to set up. Indeed, the existence of Black National Socialism would be an essential component of a new National Socialist world order. The best way to insure that Europe remains a place that is designated for Europeans is to ensure secure Black homelands for Negros. Adolf Hitler realized that true protected homelands for Negroes can only be insured if everybody is National Socialist in a way that is seemly for their racial selves and practiced in their own particular homelands while the Jews are at least kept isolated from others so that they are unable to continue to stir up conflict among the races like they have been doing for so long.✔ මිය ●●●●●●●● ය Nose Head Hand Hairstyle Arm Facial expression Smile Organ Sharing Human Human body Happy People in nature Thumb Organism Finger Gesture Font Interaction Art Fun Social group Cartoon People Sign language Youth Illustration

Image courtesy of knowyourememe.com

Heil Hitler deva!

Randall Lee Hilburn

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