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Signs of Our Times

Cover image of a Los Angeles homeless encampment courtesy of spectrumnews1.com

It is Happening to Every Religion, but maybe not Voodoo — at least for now!


Voodoo image courtesy of redbubble.com

The Protocols of the Elders of Zion have gradually replaced almost every mainstream religion’s teachings, except mine, which is National Socialism. You see, I know my spiritual teacher because knowing my spiritual teacher is easy, just read the steps of National Socialism that were written by Adolf Hitler. Of course, many will quit reading at this point, and this is fine…really, walking away right now is fine with me because I have already told you all that you need to know. I opened my heart to Adolf Hitler with all of my love and all of compassion, and I meant it when it happened. This love that I speak of manifests not in the nonsense that most of our poor religious believers have been taught; but instead, this love exists as a spontaneous devotion of great love. The recognition of me from the “Great One,” who is also known as Adolf Hitler, came spontaneously and instantly when he gave me his heart, his mind, and his spirit, this event is now several years in the past, and I have been happy ever since.

The Communist Party of China was created in Shanghai by Jews from Russia after these same Jews had extinguished the lives of Russia’s Czar and his entire family. Asian Jews all took orders from the Jewish elites who were associated with the Elders of Zion, and not surprisingly, it was an Asian Jew who was head of the Chinese Communist Party. The Falun Gong religion says that what has happened in China, is what is now happening here in the “West.”

Communist China

Image courtesy of knowyourmeme.com

Strange as it may seem, the Jews have lived in China for thousands of years, and like everywhere else where their diabolical medicine show pitches its tents, the Jews have also wedged themselves into every facet of Chinese religion and culture during their stay. Mao’s government was run by Western Jews at all levels, and it was a Jew named Cohen who was in a key power position that engineered the murder of forty million Chinese farmers by starvation. Cohen’s mad and genocidal campaign of engineered famine was a close repeat of what was done in the grain belt of the Ukraine during the Holodomor.

Chinese Merchant

Image of happy Chinese merchant courtesy of 4chanarchives.com

The names Shapiro and Epstein come up in this segment of the China’s history, and it was Israel’s man named Epstein who penned the blueprints for China’s “Cultural Revolution”. Through the guidance of this Devilish creation, which is commonly called China’s “Cultural Revolution,” all Chinese spiritual knowledge that was written down at that time was deliberately and maliciously destroyed by the Jews, and as many living teachers of native Chinese religion as possible were executed during those dark times.

Mao Meme

Image courtesy of wojakcompass on reddit.com

Now, understanding this, it was the Jews who wrote the Bible, and they wrote this book to mislead gullible Christians who are condemned to not protect themselves, but instead, they are told to just turn the other cheek.  Sadly, it is the brainwashed masses of believing Christians who are really nothing more than extensions of the Jewish Devil’s children. If you have a Christian Bible, then please turn your copy to John 8:44, then read this passage and think about what it says; and please, do not lie to yourself about what it says. This passage from the Bible plainly says that they, the Jews, are the children of the Devil, and their Father, who is also their God, is the Devil. It is also important to remember that it was the Devil who chose the Jews to do his Devil’s work (their Father’s work). Follow what the Devil Jews do wherever they go because the Bible tells us of the Jewish past, and this is the destiny which they are producing for the world’s future.

Devil Jew meme

Image courtesy of knowyourmeme.com

Now, Back to Our Discussion About China

Between the years 2000 and 2008, 65,000 members of the Falun Gong religion were arrested and put into open camps where they were treated like cattle.

Fulong Gong

The image above is the official symbol of the Falun Gong religion. The swastika is actually a very ancient and common symbol across all of China, and even to this day, countless Taoist temples and Buddhist temples in China are decked out with this image. The swastika is not only a very ancient symbol, but it is also a very cross-cultuarl symbol that represnts profound natural rhythms, so it comes as no surprise that the Jews will opose the display of this symbol.  Jews will oppose the display of swastikas because they fundamentally stand against the flow of naural rythms and they will always wish to bend their environments to their own liking with a total disregard to the principles of nature. It also comes as no shock that it is Jews who are leading the transhumanist movement, and it is always Jews who are pushing for more synthetic foods and “Gender Fluidity.” Image coutesy of  wikipedia.org



The video linked above provides a short discussion about how Jews stand in opposition to the natural world. 

The arrested Falun Gong members were first tested for organ donor compatibility, then their organs were removed and sold at auctions. (Got to make a profit out of everything you know.) When demand was found for a person with a suitable donor match profile, an unlucky yet compatible Falun Gong member was then executed and his organs were removed and sold. The Communists, being complete materialists, want to make every dime that they can get their greedy little hands on, and they are this way because they do not have any belief in a spirit that persists after life. Because Communists only believe in this material world, they are totally indifferent to the suffering of others, and there is nothing they enjoy more than the heinous torture of other humans. It is this very indifference to life and this same indifference to cruelty which validates the truth that Communists are truly of the Devil.

Evil Chinese Wojak

Image courtesy of knowyourmeme.com

NOTE: Many of the Falun Gong members who were captured and killed by the Chinese government had their organs removed without anesthetic while they were still alive. Following the forceful removal of their organs, these unfortunate people were then tossed into incinerators before death finally overtook them. So yes, these tortured Falun Gong members perished in the flames of industrial incinerators while still clinging to life in a fully conscious yet weakened state that was induced by having one or more of their major organs stolen. Examples of such organ theft included the removal of a liver, a pancreas, or perhaps both kidneys — sounds like a great time.

China Wojak

Image courtesy of knowyourmeme.com

If you want to see the Chinese Communists laugh, you might see a video of what they do when they torcher someone, or make the parent of a child watch the slow roasting of their own child. The Chinese Communists laugh hideously at such things because they are the Devil’s children indeed. It is so obvious, the laughter of these vile Chinese Communists is a lot like the diabolical laughter of Hillary Clinton when she saw the torture and murder of the great man and great leader, Momar Kaddafi of Libya.

Kadaffi Wojak

Image courtesy of wojakparadise.net

Given the excess cruelty exhibited by Communists everywhere, it is imperative that we keep reporting their bad behavior and their legion of injustices because if we do not expose this evil, then soon such things will be the fate of everyone. What the persecuted members of the Falun Gong religion have experienced will eventually become commonplace after the Jews have fully gained control of our planet through their New World Order.

You see, the Jews come from an antithetical Multiverse and they are actually downright parasitic. I used to think that such talk as this was complete nonsense, but after following the shocking story about the persecution of Falun Gong members to its source, I learned that, once again, anything which is truly evil and bad for both humans and nature always has a Jew sitting at the control consul, just as Adolf Hitler said. If you do any real research on the topic, you will inevitably discover that the laws and values of Jews come from their universe, not ours, and they represent the complete opposite of what is good in this universe.

A shining example of Jewish values in action can be seen by observing the fallout that came from having Gavin Newsome, who heads the government of what was formerly America’s most beautiful city, which is San Francisco. Under Newsome’s tutelage, San Francisco quickly became a trash heap of homelessness, lawlessness, drugs, and filth. Indeed, Jews destroy whatever they touch. Sorry, this is a proven fact. Back in the 1940s, a young White woman could walk along the entire length of San Francisco’s Fillmore Avenue at 2:00 AM without having to worry being molested, now she would be in trouble just trying to do the same thing at noon on a bright sunny day.


A typical steet scene in San Francisco these days. Image courtesy of kqed.org


Image of a San Francisco city street courtesy of brokeassstuart.com

Snap Crap APP

As mentioned previously, when strolling through the fine streets of San Francisco, do not forget to check your uploaded Snap Crap App.  The Snap Crap App will give you an up-to-date geosystems interface complete with map and GPS coordinates that let you know where San Francisco’s deposits of human feces are sitting at the moment.

Now, the once-great state of California is suffering from severe drought that is being woefully mismanaged and the criminal elements in the area are also destroying the civic landscape just like the drought is wrecking the land. It appears that California’s majestic Coastal Redwood forests might soon be destroyed and Yosemite National Park, which was a once beautiful place to camp, is now is listed as one of the most dangerous places in the world if one judges this place by its shocking number of gruesome murders and missing persons reports from each year.

The laws being promulgated these days almost always originate from the antithetical minds of Marxists and their Marxist “minds” which are propagandized by Marxist Jews from the Universe of the Devil.  You know something is very wrong when Ursula Haverbeck, who at the tender young age of 92, is kept in jail year after year just for asking basic questions about the “Holocaust,” while robbers, rapists, and even murderers run free. In our present world, rapists, pedophiles, murders, swindlers, drug pushers, pornographers, predatory money changers, Satanists, and communists run free because this state of affairs fits within the agenda of those from the Antithetical Universe.

Ursela Haverbeck

Image of Ursela Haverbeck courtesy of dw.com


Heil Hitler deva!



With our discussion about China coming to close, it seems fitting to say farewell with a note about Ku Fu fighting.

4 Responses

  1. Thank you! You and The Great One, I will find sitting together some day. You are a great Genius my dear one!

  2. Please see corrections to message left on “Sign of Our Times” comments. The Fuehrer is my Holy One. The Divine One. He is so pure, that his spirit shocked me in its divine purity. Oh, I Love him all right. He is my Divine One and how could anyone not love him? I love my dad from Culloden days and Hans who made me look as if I’m a genius with his masterful editing and illustrating. As an added note, I have not seen my dad since the 1740s at Culloden Massecre. We both live here in the USA, but 3500 miles apart. We found each other on Brian’s Thule Society blog. I live in a small abode with a fellow who I left far behind when I announced loudly, “I love Hitler!” as many have. After being separated for so long, since Culloden days those here who have adopted the Hindu religion, supposedly believe in reincarnation, even though they have been Hindu, when it comes to extending their belief they can not do that (or will not do that) extending to the present day! So, they conspire to keep us apart. So, there is nothing to keep me here and I plan to go on to the next world with no attachments here.

  3. The Falun Gong symbol shows this Universal Symbol very nicely. Many faiths for thousands of years have used this symbol. Ying and Yang symbol is often used by the same people since very ancient times. The Navajo of the southwest USA used the swastica in record throughout the the 1900s until they were told by government ignoramuses’ that they wouldn’t be allowed to sell their arts that contain that symbol, because it was not politically correct. Those who have little tolerance for others, usually they think only their ideas are valid. Chutzpah! Plain and simple. In rugs, drawings, paintings, clay pots, on walls, wherever art and faith are shown together, through prehistory to present day From Hittite era, to Japan cultural items. Imagine someone being so rude as to go to a very old temple, and hear an ignorant Westerner, pointing out a Swastika on the wall of the old temple, and they said that it had to be removed! The priest said to her, firmly but politely, to “kindly remove your body from the temple premises”. –

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