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Was the 2023 Lahaina Fire In Hawaii Started by Space-based Directed Energy Weapons?




This section discusses why the Siege of Lahaina matters.


*PART TWO* (Randall Hilburn’s Notes )

Will be my analysis of the whole “Siege of Lahaina”.



Yes, I do consider it to be a literal siege. Finally, *PART THREE* (SPIRITUAL RAMIFICATIONS) will place it in the context of Ancient Vedic Prophecy.



The Siege of Lahaina does have some spiritual ramifications that are worth discussing.




Part 1:

Overview: Are you going to get roasted by a Jewish space laser?

Spit Roasted Chickin
 Image furnished courtesy of mashed.com


Preface Commentary by James Rousse

Was the Lahaina Fire Just another Misfortunate Natural Disaster along the Lines of Typical Hurricanes and Earthquakes?


When I first heard about the Maui fires in Lahaina, I was not particularly interested in this morsel of newsfeed fodder because, let us be honest here, international news channels and networks are always blaring their sirens about the latest alarmist tragedy that is happening in real-time somewhere on planet Earth. I remember once reading an article somewhere that discussed natural disasters in China; anyway, the memorable piece of insight that I gleaned from this article was an understanding that tragedy and disaster are pretty much a constant factor for life here on Midgard.

The article discussing disasters in China mentioned that a team of scholars in China had spent many years picking through old imperial archives that were assembled by thousands of low-level governmental scribes and apparatchiks who were working in conjunction with countless imperial ministers and functionaries for thousands of years; here is what they found: the records they surveyed went back around 2,00 years and this study spanned several dynasties, and during these many researched years, only 144 of these years reported no famines! So, this study found that for around 2400 years there was almost always some forlorn corner of China where people were dying of hunger. Make no mistake about it, China is huge and vast, so starvation was always far from the normal state of affairs across most of the Middle Kingdom’s history, but at almost any given time there was always some place being hit with a famine. The causes of famines vary from floods destroying crops to drought wrecking harvests, but almost any small pocket of China could suffer such a misfortune. These same records also noted that plagues or some type of civil strife was frequently taking place somewhere in China at any given time as well.

Chinese Wojak
Image courtesy of wojakparadise.net

In our present time, there are frequently media feeds that show us pictures of the latest flood to hit Pakistan or India, or perhaps the media will run a new story about the latest typhoon to wreak havoc in the Philippines, so there is always some tragedy happening somewhere in today’s world. Like it or not, when tragedies take place in far-away lands and affect people who are both very different from us and also very disconnected from our lives, then it is inevitably harder to muster concern than it would be if such an occurrence happened closer to home in terms of either geography or race. For example, when Boar farmers in South Africa are murdered by sub-Saharan Africans, these crimes inevitably hit closer to home for me than the destruction of cities in Sri Lanka did after the Indian Ocean Tsunami of 2004. Ideally, we should care about all people as much as we do our friends, family, and co-ethnics; however, people tend to naturally love their own children more than of those of their neighbors — this is just the way of the world.

One of my friends has worked on ships for many years, and he notes that when he is in a boat’s wheelhouse he is always hearing reports of vessels in distress somewhere, so at any given moment there is a vessel in distress somewhere around the world. My friend also notes that when he hears most of these distress calls, they are happening in places which are so far away from where he is that there is not a damn thing he can actually do to assist these people anyway (other than offering a supportive payer), so eventually all of these distress calls that originate from very distant locations are met with complete indifference on account of their frequency and on account of the boat crew’s inability to actually assist these people who are in distress anyway. As Terrance Popp said in one of his videos, everyone only has so many fucks that we can give about the things that are happening in their personal lives or the world around them. Does this communal limited reservoir of caring make us uncaring and callous people? No, not really, as stated previously, each of us only has a finite storehouse of fucks to give.

fucks to give
Image courtesy of  BottleofLaughs store on Etsy.com

Out of Fucks to Give

Image courtesy of teeshirtpalace.com

Yes, the media feeds are always mentioning yet another terrible tragedy of some type that is happening in some distant location, so why is the Lahaina fire worth discussing in a Thule Society article? When I first saw the usual media feeds outlining the Lahaina Fire, this event met with my usual limited level of concern because Maui is far from where I live, so this event obviously had no real impact on my day-to-day life or the lives of my friends and family; none the less, talk of this event kept arising on BitChute and other places, so this happening began to pique my interest.

I began my inquiries into the Lahaina fires by watching a BitChute video made by The Podcast of Lotus Eaters. Soon after watching the first video discussion about the Lahaina Fire, I saw many other videos that discussed this event appear across various online networks, so I thought this matter merited more investigation. Although I wished to personally investigate this topic further, I was burdened by work and business obligations; therefore, I petitioned Randall Hilburn to investigate this matter further. Randall is now semi-retired, so when he is not playing shuffleboard he is pleased to further the cause of National Socialism. Randall is a great source of wisdom on many matters, so a lot of great information was uncovered during Randall’s investigation.

Cartoon illustration of a senior citizen playing shuffleboard.
Image courtesy of ishock.com


The Diabolical Specter of Jewish Space Lasers Surfaces

 So, now that we have discussed the context and back stories concerning the news features covering the Lahaina Fire in Maui, the next question is this: What real relevance does the Lahaina Fire hold for the general public outside of Maui as well as National Socialists and other groups of people who stand against tyrannical Jewish rule?

The alarming piece of information that arose from my research into the Lahaina Fire was the realization that the corrupt Zio-American Empires’ Jewish ruling elites just might have access to space-borne energy weapons technology, and if they do have access to weapons such as these, then they will certainly use these weapons of terror against civilian populations outside of Maui at some point. When considering who would be the most likely targets of space-borne energy beam weapons, the Palestinians would be the most immediate targets of choice — for now anyway — but uncooperative White folks are undeniably a close second on this Hebrew hit list.

Ku Klux Clan
Image courtesy of libcom.org
Brickleberry KKK
Image courtesy of villains.fandom.com 

For a while, I have been speculating that political dissidents of many stripes will eventually arrive at a crossroads where they have no choice but to begin resisting tyrannical Zionist Occupied Governments (ZOG) by physical means of some type. I have also speculated that physical resistance to Jewish campaigns of genocide will begin in select rural areas across different Zionist-occupied nations, then unfold in a purely defensive format…well at least in the beginning.

If and when tyrannical ZOG governments feel that their hegemony and control within certain regions is beginning to slip, then their first countermeasure will be to mobilize and deploy national armies into these recalcitrant areas with the goal of restoring ZOG control. In the event that ZOG-controlled national armies are unable to reinstitute the kind of control they are looking for by using conventional military means, then their next course of action will be to attack dissident-held areas with air strikes from many types of aircraft such as bombers and drones, but energy weapons of some type will be used at some point as well.

Jewish Space Lazer

Image furnished courtesy of knowyourmeme.com 

It seems likely that select rural areas which are no longer effectively under the control of corrupt Zionist-occupation regimes will find themselves under attack from energy weapons at some point; therefore, dissidents who are presently holed up in what might soon become redoubt areas should begin preparing for forthcoming attacks from orbital directed-energy-beam weapons. Dissident rural areas that fall out of ZOG  control have been termed “Redoubts.” The term “Redoubt” was originally used to describe hastily built fortresses that were made from earthen berms and had sharpened sticks protruding from their earthen ramparts that faced in the direction of protentional attackers. Redoubts were quite popular during the American Revolutionary war. ZOG attacks on dissident redoubts are likely to begin with conventional military attacks that include soldiers and military ground vehicles, then progress to air strikes from drones, manned aircraft, and even remote energy-beam weapons of some type.

The website called Identity Dixie published an article a while back that takes a very dim view of any discussions about physically resisting ZOG governments, and this dim view of physical resistance to ZOG oppression is predicated on the fact that a guerrilla warfare campaign of resistance is a dirty, tough, and sordid business. My response to this article would be: What else would you expect? Of course, resisting tyranny is a dirty and dangerous business, and yes, resisting tyranny will involve hardship, severe hardship, and suffering, plenty of suffering , and losses of all types.

Terrance Popp’s commentary on this subject has been to point out that as dirty and difficult as resistance to ZOG might be, the other option is to sit and passively suffer displacement, dispossession, and genocide at the hands of those who very openly hate and despise both you and your people. It seems that if Whites do not start to genuinely resist tyrannical Jewish occupied governments, then at some point they will be put into cattle cars and shipped off to gulags to die in mass anyway. Even before any mass genocides happens, if things stay as they are right now across the West, then Whites can expect to face more institutional discrimination, hate crimes, and general dispossession; therefore, choosing to doing nothing or to pretend that no problems exist is not a good course of action. I would say that if death is coming either way, then it is best for White people to collectively die on their feet rather than die groveling on their knees. It seems that taking the “moral high road” in the coming years will ultimately get White people nowhere if their enemies intend to end their very existence whether they try to make amends for the supposed past crimes of their ancestor or not.

🔷 How many men across the West need to be imprisoned for no crime other than just being publicly critical of bad ZOG governments before White people begin to consider even consider their physical resistance options?

🔷 How many migrants need to be imported into demographical European rural areas across the West before White people finally decide that enough is enough?

🔷 Will voting change anything?

🔷 How many White men need to be severely beaten and murdered by migrants before White people have finally had enough?

🔷 How many White women and children need to be raped, trafficked, kidnapped, and sexually abused before some type of physical resistance against a host of terrible ZOG governments is ever even considered?


No Step on Snek
Image courtesy of redbubble.com 
Cat with a bat
Image courtesy of Gab.com

Do Jews Really Have Space Lasers?

In recent times, Jewish magazines, websites, and even published books have used snarky and sarcastic humor that leverages talk about “Jewish Space Lasers” as a tool to ridicule anyone who makes real criticisms about Jewish intentions and plans. Jews love to deride anyone who notices the agendas that they are putting into action as “Conspiracy Theorists,” now anyone who notices the usual rotten things that Jews are up to just might be accused of talking about “Jewish Space Lasers” by defensive and guilty-minded Jews.

Tinfoil Hat
Image courtesy of ehow.com

To put it another way, Jews will bring up the topic of Jewish Space Lasers as a “Red Herring” argument strategy when someone is noticing their misbehavior and calling attention to their bad actions. The classic Red Herring argument strategy is to bring up a shocking talking point that actually holds no logical relevance to a debate; however, this shocking talking point does pack a strong emotional punch. Calling someone a “Nazi” is one popular Red Herring talking point because it has no logical meaning from a debating standpoint, but using this word or abuse does still pack quite an emotional punch in today’s Western nations.

The term Red Herring refers to the old practice of people who are being chased by the law using dried pieces of Red Herring fish to disrupt the scent trail of tracking dogs. The red herring fish packs such a powerful scent that tracking dogs are often unable to re-establish their tracking lines after a piece of red herring has been dropped into a fleeing person’s footsteps. Jews now use the topic of “Jewish Space Lasers” in hopes of disrupting debates that they are losing or they will bring up this talking point in hopes of disrupting the monologues of people who are making valid accusations against them.

The left-wing podcast called Chapo Trap House has often invoked the field of Phrenology, then used this phrenology discussion point as a method of ridiculing and trying to discredit real discussions about race science, and now it seems that Jews are trying to use the talking point of “Space Lasers” in the same manner that Chapo Trap House wheels out discussion points about phrenology. For those who are not familiar with the subject of Phrenology, this is an old field of inquiry that attempts to explain people’s personality traits by measuring bumps on their skulls. Yes, Phrenology has become a synonym for quack ideas and medical quackery of all types.


Image of an old phrenology skull diagram furnished courtesy of wikipedia.org

After reading through Randall Hilburn’s extensive research notes about the Lahaina Fire in Maui, I would have to conclude that there is plenty of evidence which supports the existence of space-borne energy weapons. There also seems to be solid evidence that some type of energy weapons are presently being used against both civilian populations and military targets. It seems that use of large-scale energy weapons from space-borne platforms is happening in conjunction with ground-based energy weapons arrays and even airplane-deployed enemy weapons systems, so it appears that “Space Lasers” may not be entirely space-based. Space lasers may not actually be completely space-based; none the less, the idea of “Space Lasers” being used is not just a collection of pure tinfoil-hat rantings —  evidence for the existence of space-borne energy weapons systems does actually exist.

Death Star of David
Be careful,  Stahlhelms and Jewish space lasers make for a bad wardrobe combination! Image courtesy of macabeeapparel.com  

Another valid question to ask concerning the topic of space lasers is this: Are these space lasers really Jewish? First, let us note that it takes enormous technical knowledge along with tremendous amounts of money to design and build mass-scale directed energy weapon systems that operate at least partially from space, so manufacturing and using these types of weapons is still the provenance of wealthy and large nation states/empires, but this could change a bit in the future. So, given the enormous technical knowledge and money that are required to build powerful directed-energy weapon systems, some large and wealthy nation (Empire) such as the Russian Federation, China, or the Zio-American Empire would be needed to carry out such a project. At this time, true Jewish control over Russia or China is a relatively unknown quantity, but Jewish control over the Zio-American Empire is absolute and total at this time, so we can say that any “Space Laser” systems that the Zio-American Empire has made thus far are effectively under Jewish control, which makes these weapons de-facto Jewish Space Lasers.

Melting Nazi

Yep, getting your face melted by Jewish space lasers is a very real occupational hazard for National Socialists, so the Thule Society takes appropriate safety measures such as wearing proper sunscreen.   Image furnished courtesy of imgflip.com

The presence and the threat of attack from orbital space-based weapons is truly unsettling because attacks that originate from atmospheric aircraft represent a known-quantity that even a dissident redoubt has the wherewithal to resist; however, disabling or destroying satellites that are parked out in space demands a much higher level of technical expertise and resources. If satellite-based energy weapons are now pointed at dissidents, then it makes sense to immediately begin studying and analyzing the capabilities and limits of these weapon systems, then to begin developing defensive strategies against this new class of weapons. In other words, if you are a White dissident or a Palestinian, then start preparing for your home and community to get get hit by a space laser because the Jews are planning to roast dissidents with directed energy weapon systems some time soon if they have not done so already.

Nazi death star
The Thule Society has certainly taken these kind words to heart and we would like to thank International Jewry for sharing this valuable insight. Image furnished courtesy of imgur.com 


A Few Words About Marjorie Taylor Greene

Marjorie Taylor Greene 117th Congress portrait

The image above is Marjorie Taylor Greene’s official photograph for the 117th United States Congress. The image seen above is furnished courtesy of wikipedia.org

Marjorie Taylor Greene is a freshman congressional representative in the United States House of Representatives. Greene represents the state of Georgia’s 14th congressional district.  Greene’s congressional district is officially listed as being 77% White and primarily a rural congressional district with some of its territory encompassing the suburbs of Atlanta. Greene’s congressional district may be primarily rural, but some of it is also suburban, and a certain portion of this district is also what is called exurban. It seems that few other congressional districts would ever elect someone like Marjorie Taylor Greene, but as of January 2023 Greene wast re-elected, and as of now, she is still serving in congress.

Georgia's 14th congressional district (since 2023)
Georgia’s 14th congressional district (since 2023) Image furnished courtesy of wikepedia.org

Greene’s Wikipedia page and her write-up on the Media Matters website not only mention her naughty little Facebook post that dared to discuss the possibility of the Rothschilds using space-based energy beam weapons to terrorize general populations, but Greene has also been caught making Facebook posts that denounce the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 as being an inside job. Greene has done other things that the Jews dislike such as being protective of the second amendment and being a staunch opponent of forced vaccinations and mask mandates. Green has additionally angered the Jews by trying to get the rainbow gay pride flag banned from flying at all overseas Zio-American embassies, plus Greene has publicly called Black Lives Matter a Marxist organization.  Among other things, Media Matters uncovered an old 2019 Facebook post where Greene called California’s 11th congressional district representative Nanci Pelosi a traitor to America and recommend that Pelosi be hung for treason. The items listed previously only cover a portion of the things that Greene has said and done to oppose Jewish agendas, so I encourage further research into Greene’s voting record and her myriad public statements.

Marjorie Taylor Greene
The image seen above is furnished courtesy of KRON4.com 

Greene is endlessly attacked and derided by Jews for being White, Christian, and conservative, but she caused her most notable media firestorm when mediamatters.org    publicly exposed an old Facebook post that she made back on November 17th, of 2018. Greene’s old 2018 Facebook  post included speculations that the Camp Fire which destroyed parts of Paradise, California might have been caused by a space-borne enemy beam weapon. Greene was elected to congress in November of 2020, so public news of her old Facebook posting that mentioned space-based energy beam weapons finally came to light in January of 2021 when Greene was officially sworn into congress for the first time. It seems that nobody cared what Greene had posted on Facebook until she was elected to congress, but after she was sworn in as a congressional representative, then Jewish investigations into her past began in earnest, and of course, the Jews discovered that Greene is guilty of all sorts of what they consider to be wrong-think.

Soon after Media Matters exposed Greene’s old 2018 posting about the Camp Fire, then a host of mainstream Jewish media outlets ran many articles that attacked and denounced Greene for promoting “anti-semitic conspiracy theories” relating to the Camp Fire and other matters. Many mainstream Jewish media outlets that ran scurrilous articles about Greene in January of 2021 include: Forbes Magazine, New York Magazine, Vox, Forward, and Slate.

In the wake of January and February of 2021’s media frenzy directed at Greene’s two-year-old Facebook post, a predictable Jewish storm of self-righteous social media hellfire erupted in the form of commentary, but a few somewhat clever Jewish memes also popped up on various mainstream social media networks in an attempt to toss fire-blankets of disarming snark onto this incident. Since Taylor Greene’s Facebook post about Rothschilds’ space lasers appeared, Jewish organizations have been selling T-shirts and lapel pins that apply deflecting sardonic humor about Jews having space lasers, and one Jew named Michael Rothschild (how fitting) even wrote a book called Jewish Space Laser: The Rothschilds and 200 Years of Conspiracy Theories. 
(If this book grabs your interest, then feel free to order it on Amazon.com)

Here it is, below is posted Greene’s controversial Facebook post that speculates about the Rothschilds deploying space-based energy weapons.

Laser Post
The transcript seen above is furnished courtesy of Justin Grey on twitter.com 





Space Lasers 2
The image above shows the author Michael Rothschild and his book that discusses many of the conspiratorial accusations that have been leveled against Jews for the last 200 years. Image furnished courtesy of nbrissonbookblog.com



Here is a look at some of the Jewish memes and merchandise that sprung up in response to Greene’s apt November 2017 Facebook post about “Jewish Space Lasers.”

Space Laser Pins

The image seen above shows two lapel pins that are for sale on the dissentpins.com website. 

Dradel Space Laser meme

The image above shows a Jewish-produced meme which pokes fun at the idea that the Rothschild have access to space-based energy weapons technology. The image above is furnished courtesy of knowyourmeme.com 

Thule Society Fate
The image above illustrates what is probably in store for the Thule Society at some point, but we must soldier on despite having melted faces. Image furnished courtesy of jewthink.org

Jewish Death Star

Image furnished courtesy of br.ifunny.com


A Note About the Zio – American Empire’s Space Force

When discussing the possibility of being attacked by space-based weapons systems of one type or another, it is worth noting that ever since Yuri Gagarin officially became the first human to enter space and the first communications satellite was placed in orbit, it is clear that space would eventually become a place for parking and aiming weapons that are designed to attack places on the ground. Just as the military potential of aircraft was seen quickly, the military potential of space-based weapons systems has been noticed for quite some time, so it seems very likely that some types of space-based terrestrial bombardment systems already exist or are at least in development.

Yuri Gagarin
Image of Yuri Gagarin furnished courtesy of wikipedia.org



The image seen above shows the Telstar 1 communications satellite that was launched on July 10, 1962 and was only in service to AT&T until February of 1963. The Telstar facilitated communications between the United States and France during its brief period of operation, even though this satellite did not see a very long service life, it did provide proof of concept for later satellite communications systems. The image seen above is furnished courtesy of airandspace.si.edu

In present times, the Earth is surrounded by at least 7702 active satellites as noted on the Nano Avionics website, but that number is probably inaccurate because there are most-likely many classified and unofficial satellites that are orbiting the Earth at any given time. As of now, Wikipedia.org says that there have been 378 crewed space missions since Gararin exited the Earth’s atmosphere back in 1961, but the real number of crewed space missions has to be MUCH high than whatever the Jewish-influenced Wikipedia website lists. Whether a person believes that the American Moon Landing was faked or not is really unimportant because people have at least been into space more than once and satellites do orbit the Earth, so dealings in space are an important part of  today’s world.

The old movie released back in the year 2000 called Space Cowboys, which starred Clint Eastwood and Tommy Lee Jones among other aging Hollywood leading men, had a plot line where a group of old past-it astronauts are recalled to complete a mission that they had all trained for back in the 1960s. This old and cancelled clandestine space mission had the objective of disarming an aging and creaky Russian satellite that contained 12 nuclear missiles. In this film, the old Russian satellite needs to be deactivated up in orbit because it is running on an automated and timed program that will launch its gray-haired but deadly payload onto Zi0-American Imperial population clusters such as Los Angles and New York at any appointed time. Needless to say, these geriatric macho-men succeed in fulfilling their long-delayed but super-secret space mission. This old Hollywood movie may be memory-holed these days, but it does point to an inescapable fact: space provides a place to launch weapons of mass destruction at terrestrial locations. Just as aircraft were immediately militarized as soon as they were developed, the eventual weaponization and militarization of orbital space was an inevitability.

Space Cowboys
The movie poster for Space Cowboys is provided courtesy of wikipedia.org

Given the importance of orbital space real estate for placing satellites and even weapons systems, an organization such as the Zio-American Space Force was eventually going to come about. The Space Force is the newest branch of the Zio-American Empire’s ailing military-industrial complex, and this organization was founded on December 20, 2019. The Space Force is still operating under the auspices of the Department of the Air Force, so this organization is really just a fancy branch of the Air Force at this time. The Space Force currently claims 4,286 enlisted personnel and 4,314 officers, so thus far, the Space Force consists of nerdy technical specialists and paper-pushers, but it seems likely that zero-G manned battles over contested orbital installations and non-crewed military satellites will eventually take place in the vacuum of space. It also seems quite plausible that robotic space battles over contested orbital real estate might just come to pass as well at some point.

In time, there will likely be elite military units which specialize in clandestine space-based combat operations, kind of like old Navy Seal groups have developed combat specialties in underwater combat diving operations, provided that elite space-soldier units do not already exist and perform classified space missions. It is also worth mentioning that even if orbital energy weapons are not used, then nuclear bombs and orbital kinetic energy weapons made from tungsten can be fired and dropped from orbital locations onto terrestrial targets, so all sorts of attacks on the ground that originate in space will eventually become a routine part of life here on Earth.

Space Solier
The image seen above shows concept art for how vacuum and zero-G combat suits might appear. Who knows what a real combat space suite might look like, but combat space suits are likely to become real items if they do not already exist. The image above is provided courtesy of Tequilabyte Studio on unrealengine.com 




Randall Hilburn’s Notes About the Lahaina Fire:

Some of my notes themselves will be of interest, and this is why I have included them.

#1. {Principally from Dane Wigginton @ GeoEngineeringWatch.com}

 [A] Lahaina was the capital of the Kingdom of Hawaii when the US illegally seized control of the islands in the late 19th Century. Hawaii was annexed by the Zio-American Empire as part of a criminal enterprise involving: the United States Marine Corps, corrupt elements of the United States Navy, big sugarcane planters and refined sugar produces, plus Congregational Methodist missionaries. The Zio-American Empire’s annexation of the sovereign Hawaiian Islands was a large -scale theft that was rubber-stamped in the end by the corrupt corporatist and Zionist government in that is still headquartered in Washington D.C.. Hawaii still retains the legal and moral right to declare its Independence from the Zio-American Empire.

Among the buildings that were targeted for destruction in the Siege of Lahaina, those which had been used by the original government of the Kingdom of Hawaii were especially targeted. There have been calls for Hawaiian independence for some years now, just like what has transpired with California and Texas. Both California and Texas are two other states whose incorporation into the corporatist Zio-American Empire were equally illegal.

The people of Lahaina were hit by a series of devastating weather-based natural disasters as soon as they seriously started talking about independence; however, the damage wrought by the recent siege has rendered independence economically untenable for the immediate future.

 [B] A Typhoon/Hurricane that hit near Lahaina was named Hurricane Dora, and this storm was created 10,000 miles east of Maui in the Atlantic Ocean, then it crossed over Central American and progressed into a position 500 miles south of Maui. Hurricane Dora is the only Hurricane so far that has originated off the coast of western Africa then progressed across the International Date Line in the Pacific Ocean. Dora is also the longest lasting tropical storm on record so far; no other typhoon/hurricane has ever traveled anywhere near the distance that Dora moved after being created.

Hurricane Dora
The image above shows Hurricane Dora’s path across the Pacific ocean. The image above is furnished courtesy of theweatherchanel.com 

Around the same time that an artificially created hurricane hovered in place south of Maui, a high- pressure heat dome was created northeast of Maui. This high-pressure heat dome was created by using the HARP facility in Alaska. These two unnatural meteorological features were rotating in opposite directions to each other, yet Lahaina just happened to fall right in the trough between these two odd weather phenomenons that produced a powerful wind tunnel effect in the process. This wind tunnel that materialized over Lahaina between two unusual weather systems was the reason for the 85 mph sustained winds which drove the firestorm (described by survivors as like a giant blow torch) through the doomed city of Lahaina which had a population of around 15,000 at that time.

The Lahaina fire storm was moving so fast that any warnings would have been useless. The Maui fire acted in ways that were reminiscent of the fire bombings that were unleashed on Germany and Japan during World War II. During the Lahaina fire, doom came upon this township so unexpectedly and so fast that people and animals were burnt to a crisp or totally incinerated while still on their feet and before they could react.

 [C] When the Lahaina fire was started, real Native Hawaiians were particularly targeted. Ethnic Hawaiians were targeted for extermination mainly as part of the global program of population reduction which is now underway. A mass-scale Jewish agenda for population reduction across the globe is one of the main reasons for the large number of natural disasters that are occurring all over the world in recent times. That having been said, Hawaiians were also targeted in the Siege of Lahaina because they are the ones who are truly pushing talk of Hawaiian independence at this time. Native Hawaiians were targeted for roasting in Lahaina because as of circa 1980 the Native Hawaiians made up only 15% of Hawaii’s population, and to this day, Native Hawaiians are either poor or only of moderate means, so they lack political influence as a result. Native Hawaiians can be relegated to low hanging fruit when analyzing Jewish plans for world enslavement.

Hawaiian Wojak
Image courtesy of wojakparadise.net

[D] To an extent, Lahaina was a case of Operational Testing for various Weather Warfare Technologies and operations where a good number of different objectives were pursued as part of this same operation.

[E] Immediately after the disaster in Lahaina, ELON MUSK, who is now Donald Trump’s principal financier, and also presently the darling of both Trumpists and Progressives proposed financing the re-creation of Lahaina as a completely AI (Artificial Intelligence)-governed and operated 15-minute city along with two less-well-known Jewish oligarchs . The implications of this plan to remake Lahaina as a 15-minute city are all too obvious. Among other things, Lahaina was destroyed so that it can now be rebuilt as a prototype 15-minute city that is administered and centrally run by artificial intelligence with Elon Musk as the city’s overlord and chief money man.

[F] Maui was primed for incineration by years of man-made drought and then artificially made storms were steered away from the island by a series of high-pressure heat domes that were created by microwave transmitters such as the HARP array which is located outside of Fairbanks, Alaska.


#2. {The Salty Cracker} “Helicopter Footage Shows Maui Mansions Spared from Space Lasers”

[A] There are very precisely defined lines, which are complete with right angles that delineate and separate Lahaina’s burned and unburned areas. Near the beach, one side of a street is totally incinerated with the trees burned to ash, and the other side of the street is untouched with the trees remaining healthy and green. The unburned side of the street is where the multi-million-dollar mansions are located along the beachfront. The burnt side of this beachside street begins in the area where the native population lived, and these areas were totally toasted.

In a certain area, the street became extremely windy, but the same conditions also prevailed there. Everything was intact on one side of the street while everything was burned to hell on the other side.

 [B] Generally, though not entirely, the burned areas of Lahaina constitute a very sharply defined rectangle. The fire storm which swept through Lahaina seems to have started exactly at the beginning of the built-up area; however, it was not blown into town from the wildfires burning in the rural areas of Maui.

[C] Line pressure fell to zero while the fire storm was being fought by the Lahaina city fire department, but this loss of pressure only ONLY happened in the native parts of town. By contrast, in the wealthy areas next to the beach, the city’s water pressure never failed.

[D] Some large but well-defined areas of the burned-out parts of Lahaina were totally consumed by the flames, which left only ashes in their wake. Wildfires typically do not leave nothing but ashes in their wake — this simply is not natural. It is not natural when even pieces of metal have not survive a wild fire.

[E] The Jewish-controlled mainstream media has simply stopped talking about missing people. There remain 10,000+ people still missing from the Lahaina Fire, including several hundred children. Nobody is looking for these missing children anymore, which is odd and suspicious to say the least

 [*] Note: This is already screaming Directed Energy Weapons. What else can be used with such precision?


#3. {The David Knight Show} “Only Those Who Disobeyed Gov’t Survived”

  [A} Elon Musk works with the CIA and he is also the principal financial backer for Donald Trump’s political career. Musk is spreading disinformation in conjunction with the CIA about the Lahaina fire. The CIA, the Mossad, and the FBI are actually different parts of a single organization which is sometimes called “The Octopus” due to its ability to reach virtually anywhere in the world. It is the Intelligence Arm of international Jewish finance that is most closely associated with the Rothschilds.

 [*] Note: Now we have clearly established a Jewish connection to the Lahaina Fire… “Dig deep enough into any serious problem and there you will find at least one Jew in a prominent position.” – Adolf Hitler.

Happy Merchant Lahiana
Image courtesy of knowyourmeme.com 


 [A] Buildings that were painted blue did not burn. The house belonging to the interviewee in this video was painted blue, so this home did not burn, but this does not mean that the interviewee in this video was “in on it” so to speak. The color blue protects structures from whatever sort of Directed Energy Weapon (DEW) was being used to roast Lahaina, it seems that the weapon used to torch Lahaina makes use of light, but not in the blue range.


#5. {Bitchute Channel: Infested with Deep State} “HAWAII ELDER DEFIES NWO – NO YOU WILL NOT PERSEVERE YOU WILL NOT BUILD AUG 2023”

[A] Being an Animist myself, I understand perfectly what the Hawaiian woman said in this video, and I support her 100%. What was once done to the Hawaiians is despicable and these were actions that are unworthy of Aryan Nobility. Since it involved greed and robbery on a tremendous scale, there is no doubt Jewish bankers were ultimately at the heart of this matter.

[B] The indigenous population of the Canary Islands which she referred to, the Guanches, to were actually Aryans, and they were actually direct descendants of Cro-Magnons which are among the most Ancient Ancestors of Our Folk. Converso Conquistadors once tried to exterminate the Guanches, but were they were ultimately unable to do so.


#6. {Think About It No.1} “Barricade While Maui Residents Were Incinerated”

[A] Even the animals were taken by total surprise when Lahaina was burned to the ground, and this is saying a lot, especially from my experience living with cats.

[B] From the “For What It’s Worth Department,” back in 1986, Milton Bradley introduced a board game called “Fortress America.” In this game, the United States is invaded by essentially the entire world, yet the US’s principal weapon against this invasion are an assortment of DIRECTED ENERGY WEAPONS. These DEWs were not featured anywhere but the First Edition of this game.

This game came out in the time before the ground had been broken for the construction of HARP, and before any members of the general public had even heard of such things as DEWs and HARP-like installations.

fortress american
The image above shows an old edition of the Fortress America board game this is for sale on eBay.com

#7. {The Podcast of The Lotus Eaters} “THE MYSTERY OF THE MAUI FIRES”

(A) The individual they quoted in this video said that the water was shut off during the Lahaina fire because water is considered sacred; but this person was clearly spreading disinformation. Anybody who is at all familiar with Animism would immediately recognize this fact.

A major cautionary note here: beware of the spreading of misinformation about the Lahaina Fire which is meant to cause confusion and division among those who are at least trying to get to the bottom of things. This dissemination of disinformation is standard operating procedure for the CIA and other ((( such organizations.)))

(B) Wealthy individuals who own much of the nearby land around Lahaina are using this disaster to increase their holdings, but this is to be expected. The plan runs something like this, burn the locals out, then grab their land. Deliberately setting fire to a contested residential area is a proven swindle and land-grabbing strategy that is a as old as the hills; this strategy was used during old Roman times and afterwards. Burning the locals out of their land was helped along by not sounding any of the town’s warning sirens.

 (C) For some funny reason, local water supplies were used to preserve golf courses and other high-dollar real estate assets while other areas were mysteriously just left to burn. Wealth has its privileges, you know. This is speaking from long experience.

(D) Official estimates of the number of dead from the Lahaina Fire vary from less than a hundred to several hundred. Some estimates in the lower range are self-evidently completely bogus.  Likewise, the number of missing people vary from 20 to 10,000+ across the differing estimates, with most estimates falling in the 1,000+ range. Officials are deliberately spreading confusion in order to conceal the true scale of the crime they have committed.


#8. {James Red Pills America Official) MOABS Dropped By A Girl Who Resides in Maui! “All of Us Are F*cked! Our Own Government F*CKED Us!”

(A) The Lahaina Fire was a textbook study case where depopulation and the redistribution of land to the upper strata of society were executed. The type of action that took place in Maui during August of 2023 can be referred to “Class War from the Top Down.” On the North American mainland, there was a virtual news blackout about this event, coupled with total apathy from the general population. The American Mainland’s population met news of the Lahaina fire with apathy because they were convinced that they were totally unaffected by these events.

radio boomer
Image furnished courtesy of wojakparadise.net

#9. {Wardo Rants} “I Like Blue Too”

(A) This video confirms what I thought about the color Blue being resistant to lasers. The blue buildings that survived the Lahaina Fire tended to be around the edges of the burned-out areas.

I do not believe that everyone whose houses were painted blue were in on it, some of these people who still had intact homes after the Siege of Lahaina were just regular people who lucked out. However, the important people such as Oprah Winfrey certainly were in on the Lahaina Fire conspiracy because Oprah has been working very hard to expand her land holdings since the fire.


#10: {Xandrewx No.1} “Exposed! – They’re All in On It – Maui Massacre – Published Today”

 (A) This video mentions that the Lahaina Fire left around 800+ people missing with hundreds left dead but unidentified. At least 500 children went missing after the Lahaina fire, perhaps as many as 1,400 children went missing. 183 bodies have washed up on the nearby island of Lanai, and some estimates place the number of dead at around 2,000. The total number of dead from the Lahaina Fire is next to impossible to precisely determine because entire families were wiped out during this event.

(B) Key governmental and non-governmental organizational (NGO) personnel were prepositioned at strategic locations ahead of the fire.

(C) The first fire started with a fuel spill at an US Air Force Space Command installation which had not been cleaned up.

(D) Causal Factors: (1.) Directed Energy Weapons, (2.) Deliberate Climate Change due to Geo(Weather)Engineering (3.) Inadvertent Climate Change due to the overall effects of Military/Industrial Civilization (4.) To a minor degree, the Earth is in a natural warming cycle.

On a planetary scale, changes are not uniform everywhere in regards to both speed and degree.

Lahaina was the result of a number of factors (1.) & (2.) being predominate.

(E) After the Lahaina Fire, FEMA Officials were living high-on-the-hog at 5-star hotels on Maui at taxpayers’ expense while local survivors of the fire lived on the street with no assistance. This sorry state of affairs was supposedly the result of not having enough money in FEMA’s collective disaster relief budget. Why? “Because these parasites are blowing it all on themselves.”  – the Jimmy Dore Show


 #11. {Canst – Children Are Not Sex Toys/ GMNo! No.1} ” TO ALL THE UNCURIOUS 🛰⚡🔥🏝WHAT SET MAUI ABLAZE, IF IT WASN’T DEWS?!?”

(A) Any weapons tests that might have been conducted around Maui at the time of the Lahaina Fires were rigged because such a laser as was directed at Lahaina would have been ineffective against a cruise missile that was painted blue.

(B) Still, this video shows the effectiveness of weaponized lasers under ideal conditions.

(C) Can Lasers be used in the Indirect Fire role? Normally, lasers only operate in a straight line, but various particulate materials, including pulverized aluminum, are being sprayed on an enormous scale into the Earth’s atmosphere which can alter the way lasers function in Earth’s atmosphere. (Ref. Dane Wigginton). Can a laser be bounced off of this airborne material, one or more times, in order to hit a target over the horizon? The DEWs in the Fortress America game earlier referred to certainly possessed this capability.

#12. {Canst -Children Are Not Sex Toys/ GMNo! No.2} “DIRECT ENERGY WEAPON 🛰⚡🔥CAUGHT ON VIDEO!”

(A) Energy was directed at a particular spot on the ground, and the surface became energized over a certain area. This caused a vulnerable target to explode a certain distance removed from the point of impact, but still within the energized area. Did the beam of energy emanate from air, space, or was it indirect fire?



(A) This video provides further proof that the sirens were not sounded so as to increase casualties. People would not be so stupid that they would run straight into flames they could clearly see ahead of them. The Jewish media’s official cover story is transparent bullshit.


 (A) This video notes that 1,100+ people went missing in the Lahaina Fire, with half of the missing persons being children.

(B) Whatever the actual details might be, there is absolutely no doubt this was a deliberate act of the government, from the local level, up through the state and national levels.

(C) The actions of FEMA during and after the Lahaina Fire very much parallel their actions surrounding Gulf Hurricanes (Katrina, etc.). I have seen this sort of behavior to varying degrees many times, including in a couple of tornados (F4 & F5) that I have personally survived. FEMA = Federal Emergency Management Administration. The Emergency being referred to in this typical case of Orwellian Doublespeak, actually means the Emergency the Government will face when and if the citizenry wake up to what is being done to them then begin a campaign of real resistance. The very existence of FEMA is predicated on managing disasters that have nothing to do with the general citizenry’s experiences. FEMA only uses the tragic experiences which the general public experience as a cover for its real operations.

(D) FEMA and other government agencies must hide what really happened and they must also hide the true extent of the Lahaina Fire’s casualties along with the government’s responsibility for what happened, and this is done to head off potential rebellions if the masses ever to learn the truth. A mass rebellion is the emergency that FEMA is there really made to manage.

(*) Note: When I say “Government,” I am talking about the ZOG (Zionist Occupation Government), which now functions as the government of the United States from top to bottom.


#15. {RealWeekEndWarrior No.1} ‘Blue Hawaii”

(A) This video mentions that the internet was not working when text message warnings were sent out during the Lahaina Fire.

(B) Insurance policies covering regular homeowners were canceled after the fire, and many high-dollar insurance policies were taken out just before the fire.

(C) The city of Lahaina is evicting homeowners for non-payment of taxes, which has only just now come up for those with homes in the area that somehow managed to survive the fire, this demand for backed tax payments is being done so that these homes can be demolished and a new 15-minute AI-run city can be built along with its automated command center.

(D) Molokai fishermen are recovering many bodies, that are not included in the official death toll which is set at 2,000 dead and 1,500 to 3,000 missing.

(E) Legally, Lahaina is still the capital of an independent Hawaiian Kingdom, which was one of the reasons for its destruction in in the first place in addition to the targeting of Native Hawaiians.

(F) A laser that the Air Force has on Maui resembles the DEWs in the game Fortress America. The Air Force themselves imply that their laser on Maui has weapons applications.

(G) Following the fire in Lahaina, private food distribution networks have been shut down by FEMA. A large amount of privately donated food has been confiscated and dumped in a Maui landfill by FEMA agents. FEMA says they will manage any food distribution, but for some odd reason there has been no governmental food distribution following the Lahaina Fire.

(H) Tourists were evacuated even as locals were not allowed leave. Tourists are now back in Lahaina and living it up at luxury resorts and beaches; strange how none of these fancy resorts were burned during the Lahaina Fire.

(I) Real estate developers and brokers are putting pressure on those who have lost everything in the Lahaina Fire to sell their property (land). $5,400,000,000 worth of prime real estate is now up for grabs.

(J) Melted metal has been found right next to intact and green trees, just as it was after the fire that destroyed much of Paradise, California.

(K) A dead dog was burned to a crisp in an area which was not burned otherwise.

(L) Joseph Biden, who is The Zio-American Empire’s senile puppet of a president, fell asleep while listening to a talk about conditions on Maui during his obligatory yet cursory visit to survey the charred remains of Lahaina. Biden’s belayed visit to Maui was only done to provide a thin veneer of governmental concern for the welfare of Lahaina residents. It is also worth noting that when Biden finally did arrive in Lahaina, he was greeted with an outpouring of crimson rage which was marked by raised middle fingers and a cacophony of the most vitriolic verbal barbs that the English language has to offer, clearly Biden was granted a warm reception when he arrived on the island of Maui.

(M) There is absolutely no doubt anymore that the conditions which led up to the Maui fire of August 2023 had been prepared by GeoEngineering and this attack was carried out by using directed energy weapons. Perhaps, the energy weapons attacks that started the Lahaina fire originated at least in part from somewhere on the island of Maui itself, and this was done by using indirect fire.

(N) An episode of The Simpsons TV program included just such an attack as what happened to Lahaina, land this strange episode of the Simpsons aired long in advance of the Maui fires of 2023. This suspicious episode of the Simpsons even included the topic of the lasers being used against their intended targets being ineffective against objects colored blue.

(O) Nothing that was colored blue burned in the Lahaina Fire.

(*) NOTE: This can only be construed as an ACT OF WAR against the non-wealthy Citizens of Lahaina by the local, state, and national authorities who are affiliated with the Zionist Occupation Government in Washington D.C.

#16. {RealWeekEndWarrior No.2} “MUAI FIRES 2023”

(A) High winds were further enhanced by fires. I have fought my share of wildfires, and yes, fires themselves do intensify winds in their area of burning.

(B) This video features several video clips of DEWs hitting targets, and I can see a “Fall Back Position” being prepared. If the Zio-American Empire’s ruling class has to admit the use of DEWs, then they are going to blame everything on China or Russia. Blaming China for a directed energy weapons attack will then finally furnish the Zoo-American Empire’s ruling elite with an excuse to go to war with China which they can sell to the idiotic Zio-American general populace.

 (C) If somebody is killed by microwave energy, then the fluids in their body first boil and then this person’s body explodes — good times!

 (D) Donald Trump is trying to take political advantage of the tragedy in Lahaina, just like a typical politician.

 (E) In Lahaina, overall damage is inconsistent with a controlled burn.

 (F) Native Hawaiian Children are the 8th most trafficked children worldwide,  and this state of affairs is particularly tragic because there are actually not all that many Native Hawaiians left.

 (G) People were caught in their cars with no time to even open the doors, which testifies that the Lahaina fire of August 2023 was certainly not a normal fire.

 (H) At one point 480 people were confirmed dead.

 (I) The US Coast Guard did not arrive in Lahaina immediately after the fire started as the mainstream Jewish-controlled media claims; it took the Coast Guard six hours to get their pokey asses over to Lahaina, but there is a Coast Guard Station on Maui that harbors several high-speed coastal intercept cutters.

 (J) Microwaves did not create the Maui fires, but they certainly created and enhanced conditions for these fires, it seems that lasers started the actual fires.

 (K) Boats burned out in the harbor. (How the hell could this have happened under normal brushfire conditions?)

 (L) The fires were hot enough to melt aluminum and steel, which is not normal for a brush fire. Steel takes 2500 to 2800 degrees Fahrenheit to liquify, but brush fires typically burn no hotter than 1400 degrees Fahrenheit.

 (M) The day the disaster struck, 8/8/2023 was the anniversary of the defeat in 1824 of the Kauai Rebellion. The Kauai Rebellion was the last resistance to a unified Hawaiian Kingdom. So, why was this particular date chosen?

(N) State of Hawaii, Island/County of Maui, City of Lahaina, are beginning to be used as test beds for an AI (Artificial Intelligence) governed and operated mode of governance.

(O) Water distributed by the Zio-American Empire’s government to the fire’s survivors was contaminated and it frequently made a great many people sick. 


(A) Trump speaks in front of an American Flag with a yellow fringe. When an American flag is framed by a yellow fringe, this decoration denotes submission to Admiralty (((British Crown))) Law.

(B) The Lahaina Fire disaster was managed by AI.

(C) Hawaii is to be AI-governed, which will be governed by Microsoft, and Microsoft is owned by Bill Gates. As mentioned previously, Elon Musk also figures prominently in the Jew World Order’s plans to actualize a brave new future for the island of Maui and everywhere else for that matter.

(D) In the latest attack upon Israel by Hamas, Hezbollah, etc. (10/6), laser beams were seen striking the Gaza Strip during Israel’s attack. DEW attacks were targeted at pinpointed locations.

(E) Maui Burst Mountain Dew was just introduced around the time of the Lahaina fires, which is downright auspicious.

Maui Burst
Image courtesy of soda-emporium.com

(F) A weaponized high-wattage laser can be guided to its intended target by another laser.

(G) There are numerous patents for DEW technology.

(H)  2,200 acres around Lahaina burned by a fire which came out of nowhere, I saw this on the video myself.

(I) The United States took Hawaii as part of Manifest Destiny, believing that “God” had given them a divine right to annex and then real over these islands.

(J) The name “Lahaina” means “cruel or merciless place” in Hawaiian.

(K) Initially, the winds were blowing the wildfires away from Lahaina, but then the winds suddenly shifted.

(L) John Peletier was the Police Chief of Lahaina at the time of the fires, and he is still the police chief of Lahaina as far as we know, but for some odd reason, he was also the Police Chief of Las Vegas at the time of Las Vegas mass shooting of massacre of 2017. (A Wikipedia link is provided here just to furnish an overview of the Las Vegas shooting from 2017. Yes, we know that Wikipedia is heavily biased and edited by Jews, but it still provides nice overviews on many topics.) We smell a rat here folks.

Moron in Chief

The image above shows the shifty Maui police chief named John Peletier. The image seen above is furnished courtesy of the Maui Now channel on YouTube.com 

(M) The state and federal governments were blocking local residents from helping each other after the fire.

(N) Non-Native grasses were allowed to overrun large open areas of the island which later burned like a backyard barbeque with way too much lighter fluid added. The areas that were filled with dry non-native grass became a dry tinderbox when the Lahaina fire broke out, but for some odd reason, the state and federal governments was supposed to have removed these grasses long ago, but for some funny reason they never did.

(O) Plans were already in place to make Maui a ‘Clean Energy Island.”

(P) There are both airborne and space-based lasers which are already in military service.

(Q) “Smart Grids” can be overloaded which results in the structures which this grid services bursting into flames. This nifty feature means that entire sections of cities and towns can be torched at will if they are connected to an AI-controlled “smart” electrical grid. It appears that these so-called “smart grids” will play the same role that irrigation gates did in Pharaonic Egypt. The Pharos of ancient Egypt used to squash rebellions and punish misbehaving districts by cutting off their water supplies, this way of enforcing heavy-handed political will is termed ” Hydraulic Despotism.” Hydraulic Despotism now refers to tyrannical political systems exercising control by shutting off needed commodities such as water, electricity, or food. In the 1990 Arnold Schwarzenneger movie Total Recall, the tyrannical ruler of Earth’s Mars colony practices hydraulic despotism by shutting off the air supply to entire rebellious or troublesome habitations zones, so this form of tyranny is very adaptable. It appears that the Jew World Order plans to use mass-scale controlled electrical fires as a modern-day permutation of the Pharos’ old hydraulic despotism practices.

(R) Pavements neither melted nor caught on fire because the Lahaina fire was such a quick burn.

(S) Six tunnels on Maui that are designed to accommodate road traffic were all on fire and out of service for (((some odd reason))); hence, these key transportation conduits were blocked to truck and car traffic during and immediately following the Lahaina Fire.

(T) From the local to state level, Hawaii is run by organized crime, which means that Hawaii is really controlled from behind the scenes by Jewish gangsters. “Dig deep enough into any serious problem and there you will find at least one Jew in a prominent position.” – Adolf Hitler.

(U) The Zio-American government and the Red Cross both stonewalled any real disaster relief during and after the Lahaina Fire.

(V) Photography was and still is forbidden in burned out areas in and near the town of Lahaina.

(W) The bureaucratic blame game was and still is in full effect concerning what transpired on Maui back in August. Within this system, everybody is enabled to blame everybody else, but nobody is actually ever held accountable for anything.

(X) At one time, the Lahaina wildfires were 100% out, but for some funny reason these fires suddenly reignited.

(Y) A Highrise Smart luxury hotel was planned to be built in the historically preserved area, but by law this project was blocked. Except, for some funny reason, the very same area that was slated to host a new AI-run smart high-rise hotel was totally razed by fires and now the planned hotel project is in full swing — call it kismet.

(Z) FEMA is asking people to temporarily sign their land over to them.

(AA) Government has closed many emergency shelters; therefore, many of the people who have been displaced by the Maui Fire have been evicted from emergency shelters and now find themselves living on the streets.

(BB) State of Hawaii is planning to take complete control of Lahaina.

(CC) Real estate brokers, developers, and wealthy andowners are trying to pressure the locals into selling them their land at 30 cents on the dollar from its estimated value prior to the Lahaina Fire.

(DD) Pearl Harbor Naval Supply Depot is six hours sailing time from Lahaina. This depot in Pearl Harbor services and provisions the entire US Navy’s Pacific Fleet, which means that there are vast warehouses full of food, tents, medical supplies, clothing, and countless other essential items which are held in storage in this area; however,  no supplies were accessed or offered from the US Navy in the aftermath of the Lahaina Fire.

(EE) On August 8, 2023, which was one day of the fire the Lions Gate Portal peaked on that day. That seems to be the reason why this specific date was chosen for the attack and slated to be a time of transformation.

(FF) “We will not let them know what we are doing, but we will flush them out with fire.”

(GG) This is the last chance. Stand for the Earth Mother or face the wrath of the Sky Father.


(A) Multiple platforms for laser weapons were utilized, including military aircraft as well as aircraft that were operated by a number of FBI front companies whose names are constantly being changed.

(B) HAMAS has been using lasers mounted on drones apparently.

(C) John Peletier, who was the police chief of Lahaina during the August 2023 fire and the 2017 high-profile Las Vegas mass shooting is not surprisingly a Freemason who also has extensive (((FBI))) connections.

(D) Wildfires on the island of  Tenerife in the Spanish Canary Islands are also being deliberately caused and directed against the Indigenous Population the Guanches.

(E) Many structures in Lahaina were not burned by conventional fires.

(F) Climate Change is being deliberately created for the most part and being used as a smokescreen for attacking the general population.


 (A) The Sunak family is heavily invested in global technology and is heavily bribed by those who are pushing global technocracy. The Sunak family is the bloodline of the current Indian trans-Western prime minister of the United Kingdom. Keep in mind, Brahman caste Hindus are now serving a brown front-men for Jewish interests, so British government officials such as Rishi Sunak and Priti Petal are just brown Jews in a functional sense.

Rishi Sunak
The image above shows Rishi Sunak. Photo furnished courtesy of wikipedia.org
Priti Patel
Photograph of Priti Patel furnished courtesy of Wikipedia.org

(B) Oil prices are now being pushed to artificial highs in order to fund a mass-scale conversion to a globe-spanning tyrannical technocracy.

(C) Recent wildfires in Greece saw trees burned from the inside out with nothing around them having caught fire.

(D) There are many dangers associated with 5G networks.

(E) Long-term exposure to LED light is dangerous.

(F) Electric cars are prone to exploding.

(G) COVID-19 vaccines connect individuals to 5G networks.

(H) Dane Wiggonton confirmed that lasers are now used to monitor traffic at traffic signals.

(J) Electromagnetic radiation causes: tinnitus, anxiousness, itching, hair loss, and tiredness.

(K) Vaccines rather than the actual Covid-19 virus have killed large numbers of people.

(L) “Green Energy’ and “Smart Cities” are being used to wreck economies and to gain absolute control over populations.

Indian Street shitting
Life in India. Image courtesy of juexvideo.com 


(A) Brad Ventura, who is the Lahaina Fire Chief, testified that a horizontal fire was driven by 60 +/- mph winds that pushed the fire from the nearby hills to the sea.

(C) Local Lahaina firefighters were overrun by the fire, which resulted in their equipment being lost and damaged in the process. One Lahaina firefighter was injured and many other firefighters narrowly escaped death. 

(D) Fourteen firefighters lost their homes in the Lahaina Fire.


(A) Essentially, the Lahaina Fire served as a slick sales presentation for the newest product offerings from major American “Defense” contractors. The chief goal of these “defense” contractors is to maximize profits, but not to produce weapons that are actually practical and effective in a theater of war (The Russo-Ukraine war is a case-in-point for this matter). Many things are technologically possible but not practically possible for one reason or another, so things are not as far along as the Zio-American Empire’s top brass would like them to be concerning development of their direct energy weapons (DEW) systems; therefore, DEWs are presently most applicable for intimidating low-tech and poor opponents. Energy weapons are also being developed to help fortify flaggering Zio-American military moral. ( Insanity in the Zio-American military.   More insanityMore of the same.) I am convinced that Lahaina was intended to a degree to be an operational test for some of this weapons technology.

It is also worth mentioning that Zionist Occupied Governments(ZOG) are increasingly stuck with populations that are unwilling to risk their lives by fighting for their own national governments. While healthy your men who are potential military recruits are increasingly unwilling to serve in ZOG-controlled militaries, decades of ZOG’s political engineering, social engineering, and genetic engineering by way of deliberate dysgenic breeding schemes have also created populations that are increasingly physically unhealthy, mentally unhealthy, and mentally torpid, so regardless of a ZOG-controlled population’s willingness to serve in the military, such societies are not producing enough people who are fit for combat. ZOG is well aware that their human capital is increasingly lacking in quality and resolve; therefore, they are now looking for ways to fortify their military might by relying on technology; thus, space-based laster systems offer one way for ZOG to project political and military power when their human capital is sorely lacking.

(B) Directed Energy Weapons systems are still relatively unproven technology, otherwise these systems would be in more widespread use at this time. A laboratory test under ideal conditions is a far cry from the conditions that will be faced in actual operations, and sometimes field tests can be rigged. Computer models are also not the same as actual operational tests, so real-world field tests of mass-scale directed energy beam weapons are needed at some point — hello Lahaina!

(C) This research into directed energy weapons that serve as also tools of mass terror and mass destruction is mostly being driven and funded by Jews.

(D) Who are these directed energy weapons really intended to fight?

(E) The Zio-American Empire does not have a monopoly on directed energy weapons technology.

(F) For several years now, the nation of Iran has kept a large number of medium-range ballistic missiles in inventory that are equipped with Electro Magnetic Pulse(EMP) warheads. These Iranian EMP-equipped ballistic missiles are all aimed at Israel.


(A) Lahaina locals resisted being turned into a “Smart”15-Minute city, so they were promptly burned out of their houses and homes in a trial run that tested the effectiveness of directed energy weapons technology.



#23. {Xandrewx No.2} Sex Trafficking at Kauai – Oprah and Zucker are in on it – First Hand account.

(A) Jewish elites and oligarchs are trying to turn the Hawaiian Islands into a Jeffry-Epstein-style vacation destination. Kauai was the first place in the Hawaiian Islands to be transformed into a debauched sexual play-land for Jewish oligarchs and their cronies, and as of the present, Kauai is still the center for sex-trafficking of women and children in the Hawaiian archipelago. The Kauai sex trafficking operation is run by Mark Zuckerberg, but this same rotten operation is now being extended to Maui as well. Not surprisingly, Oprah Winfrey is heavily implicated in Hawaiian sex trafficking activities.


(A) Scenes of charred families that were huddled together in the embrace of death during the Lahaina fire look just like what has been unearthed by archeologists in the ruins of Pompeii.

Pompeei enbracing couple
The image above shows a fossilized couple that was unearthed by archeologists at the excavation site of the Ancient Roman city of Pompei which was consumed by a nearby volcanic explosion. The image seen above is furnished courtesy of inuth.com

(B) Hawaiian Independence was signed over by a sovereign Hawaiian nation’s Queen Lili’uokalan at gunpoint.

Queen liliokalani
The photograph of Hawaii’s Queen Liliuokalani is furnished courtesy of wikipedia.org

(C) Suddenly, in October of 2022 celebrities who owned homes around Lahaina all started painting their houses Royal Blue, which is the shade of blue most resistant to the lasers used to torch Lahaina

(D) On an old episode of “The Simpsons” their hometown of Springfield is destroyed by a laser that is fired from a statue. An identical statue exists on another one of the Hawaiian Islands; is this a case of indirect fire being used from a directed energy weapon?

(E) All emergency management officials who were stationed on Maui during the Lahain fire were off the island at a conference on Oahu at that time. Of course, this was just pure Cohen-sidence.

(F) Residents of Lahaina who survived the devastating fire of August 2023 are having their movements restricted.

(G) Independent journalists on Maui are being stalked and intimidated by unknown assailants.

(H) It is actually nor clear what happened to the missing children of Lahaina.

Some possibilities: child sacrifice, child-sex-trafficking, and elimination of heirs to property in and around Lahaina. It seems most likely that some combination of all of the previously listed motivations were in effect concerning Lahaina’s troubling number of missing children that followed the fire of August 2023.


(A) Official explanations for various ideas which contradict the official version of events are being trumpeted by the mainstream Jewish-controlled media apparatus. The Jewish lugenpress is now denouncing any real inquiry into the strange happenings connected with the Lahaina fire as “The results of fear-mongering on the part of Russia and China.”

(B) The Lahaina fire produced 1,050+ missing children, including all of the children from entire neighborhoods going missing.

(C) School buses operated by Zio-American imperial military personnel picked up children around Lahaina during and after the fire of August 2023. These supposedly military busses took local children to a facility outside of Lahaina, but then what happened to these local children still remains unknown.

(D) Similarities abound between the Lahaina Fire of 2023 and the “Camp Fire” that devastated Paradise, California in 2018.

From former CalFire Firefighters who served in the Camp Fire near Paradise in 2018:

            [a] Instantaneous ignition of whole neighborhoods.

            [b] Scars from lasers striking the ground in the forests and hills outside the town.

            [c] Both places are victims of DEWs.

            [d] Plastic survives while metal explodes and melts.

            [e] Frequency is the only difference between lasers and microwaves.

            [f] The Camp Fire was confirmed to be out for about five hours, then firefighters began to leave the area. After the firefighters  were gone about 20 minutes, the fire mysteriously re- ignited, and other fires re-ignited nearby at the same time.


(A) The Lahaina fire left burned buildings in its wake with intact trees sitting right next to these charred and destroyed buildings.

(B) Buildings in Lahaina burned from the inside out, also like what was seen earlier in Paradise, California.

(C) Melted metal was found sitting next to intact trees in the aftermath of the Lahaina Fire of August 2023.

(D) Buildings exploded and melted during the Lahaina fire, yet less damage was observed at locations that were very close to these exploding buildings.

(F) Some buildings were literally pulverized as well as burned during the Lahaina Fire.




(A.) Technology:

 There is no doubt that a combination of GeoEngineering (Weather Warfare), Lasers, and Microwaves were used in the attack Lahaina in August of 2023.


(B.) Preparation:

There is also absolutely no doubt that Lahaina was set up for destruction well ahead of the actual fire by the Local, State, and National Governments for that island.

While the police and military were also no doubt in on this terrible conspiracy, The Lahaina Fire Department was definitely not part of the connivance.


(C.) Personal Observation:

I spent two years serving as a Volunteer Fireman, and I have fought a large wildfire as a volunteer, but my formal fire fighter’s training and my personal experience going out and fighting fires in the field tell me that there was nothing natural about the fire that destroyed the town of Lahaina.


(D.) The Blame Game:

Finger Pointing
Image courtesy of statecollege.com

As I was anticipating, all of the government agencies that were assigned to provide services on Maui eventually ended up blaming Russia and China for the growing public disbelief in the fire’s official narrative, but not for the reports about the fire itself of course. The Jewish establishment simply cannot refute what is being said about the Lahaina fire, so they have started blaming the victims of the fire for listening to alleged Russian and Chinese fear-mongering “disinformation.”


(E.) Celebrities:

Chief among the celebrities who have a stake in the Lahaina fire is Oprah Winfree. After watching 26 videos which discussed different aspects of the Lahaina Fire, I am quite sure that Winfree had advanced knowledge of the Lahaina Fire, and I am also sure that Oprah made preparations to protect her luxury properties in that area. I am additionally certain that Oprah made plans prior to the Lahaina Fire to expand her land holdings after the fire had done its intended work. The evidence presented in my notes indicates that the Jewish Oligarchs Jeff Bezos and Mark Zuckerberg were also involved in the Lahaina Fire to some degree.

Evil Oprah Winfrey
Image of Oprah Winfrey furnished courtesy of fruitysfacts on tiktok.com

(F.) The Death Count & The Missing Toll:

The true numbers of missing adults and children from the Lahaina area are being suppressed and much confusion is being deliberately introduced to hide the true scale of this massacre, so the totals for death and missing persons following the Lahaina Fire are therefore unknown, but I can say with absolute certainty that the official numbers in these areas are complete lies.


(G.) Sex Trafficking & Child Trafficking

Jeffrey Eppstein

The image above shows the Jewish diabolical due of Jeffrey Epstein and his accomplice Gislaine Maxwell. Both of these Jews were up to their Jewish eyeballs in sex trafficking of European children and teenagers. Epstein and Maxwell were running a Jewish blackmail ring for foolish pedofiles who are still holding positions of power and influence. The image seen above is furnished courtesy of the independent.co.uk

Many researchers and many testimonies indicate that there is a plan to turn the Hawaiian Islands into a Jeffrey-Epstein-styled sexual playground for the rich & powerful.

The destruction of Lahaina was a necessary preparation for turning Hawaii into an Epstein-Island-modeled haven for sex-trafficking. The plan to transform Maui into another Epstein Island is simple: first, clear the land and then clear away the people who happen to be sitting on top of that land, and finally, rebuild the area in a new format, then bring in an entirely new and different population.

Pretty young girls have been, and will always be, used as sex-slaves, but this will be the case even more so once Lahaina becomes a playground for wealthy and powerful pedophiles. The elite’s insatiable appetite for sexual gratification will demand a large and steady supply of child victims. It turns out that the international trade in child-sex-trafficking is second only to the arms trade in terms of annual profitability. The international child-sex-trade and the international arms trades are both raking in more money each year than the international drug trade or the worldwide petroleum trade.

Sex Trafficing
Image furnished courtesy of aleteia.com

In the child-trafficking trade, the 8th most sought-after children are Hawaiians, which makes the crimes of Lahaina all the worse because there really are not all that many Native Hawaiians left. As of 1980, when I left the islands, native Hawaiians constituted only around 15% of the Hawaiian archipelago’s total population. Even back in 1980, the native Hawaiians were already dying out, yet there is now a total of 1,050 Hawaiian children who have gone missing in the aftermath of the Lahaina Fire. Many Hawaiian children who were living in and around Lahaina prior to August 8, 2023 are no doubt dead on account of the Lahaina Fire, but most of them have simply vanished with the confirmed compliancy of the US Military. In the case of the Lahaina Fire, the local school children were sent home, but their parents were at work and these parents were never notified to come and pick their children up from school, then the fire suddenly appeared and the local children ether died or disappeared.


(H.) “Smart” 15-Minute Cities:

Robot king
Image furnished courtesy of wctleadership.org

Plans to make Hawaii the first “Smart State”, have been in the works for decades at this time, and Maui was designated to become the first “Smart County” in the Zio-American Empire, and Lahaina was selected to become the Zio-American Empire’s first “Smart City.” (Lucky them!) Lahaina is the prototype that will be used in an attempt to perfect the system of “Smart Cities” and “Smart Electrical Grids” (No thanks.) The Jewish plan is to have the rest of the world follow in the footsteps of Lahaina and Maui in terms of urban management, except on a much grander scale. The plan is to make this whole system of “Smart Cities” and (15-Minute Cities) which are both operated and governed by AI (Artificial Intelligence) into a worldwide phenomenon which is funded by and developed under the leadership of the Jewish oligarch named Elon Musk. Elon Musk is now the largest financier for Donald Trump’s whole political career.

 In reference to section (G.), the sexual playground I referred to will also be AI-operated and controlled with certain Jewish oligarchs overseeing things behind the scenes. The native population of Lahaina refused to be part of this program, so they were burned out, killed, and saw their children either killed or taken as sex-slaves. Thus, I am speaking about what is really The Siege of Lahaina.


(I.) Population Reduction:

Killing cockroaches
The image above is furnished courtesy of dengarden.com

The Siege of Lahaina is also one small part of an overall global program for population reduction of what old-man Rothschild has described as “useless eaters.” International Jewry only needs 500,000,000 slaves to support them, so the remaining nine billion people on planet Earth are useless eaters who waste resources. Of course, the 1/2 billion slaves will ultimately be made into Trans-humans, so they will not really be human beings as we currently understand the term. When planning population reduction schemes, you will always eliminate the most troublesome first, and this is why Aryans are being dealt with first.


(J.) Hawaiian Sovereignty:

Hawaiian Flag
Image of a Hawaiian flag furnished courtesy of hawaiimagazine.com 

We have already discussed Jewish plans to turn Hawaii into a modern-day Sodom & Gomorrah. We have also seen that the island of Maui will be used as a prototype for “Smart” “15-Minute Cities” and AI- governance.  Finally, we have seen how the Siege of Lahaina fits into a global Jewish plan for population reduction. Yet, there remains one more thing to consider when determining why the Lahaina Fire was lit, and this is the matter of the sovereignty of the Kingdom Of Hawaii. The story about how Hawaii became a province in the Zio-American Empire is much too long to go into detail here, but essentially Hawaii was never legally made a part of the USA. The last Hawaiian Queen signed over the islands to the US government literally at gunpoint. Essentially the Hawaiian queen was given an ultimatum: sign over your country’s sovereignty or die on the spot, in which case the Zio-American Empire will remove Hawaii’s sovereignty anyway.

The criminal cartel who annexed the Hawaiian Islands, for that is exactly what it was — a criminal cartel — consisted of big sugarcane planters, the US Marines, and Christian missionaries who were all out to get rich at the expense of the native Hawaiians. When the Hawaiian authorities started to crack down on these rotten interest groups who wanted to economically plunder the Hawaiian Islands, these criminal syndicates seized control of the islands in order to escape being executed for treason because they were technically Hawaiian subjects at that time. In order to avoid being executed for treason, these criminals and traitors to the Hawaiian government appealed to Zio-American Empire’s headquarters in Washington D.C. for help.

When the Hawaiian Islands lost their sovereignty, the Zio-American government headquartered in Washington D.C was not consulted in advance of these military actions, so it was only realized at a later time that the whole overthrowing of the Hawaiian government actually happened in violation of Zio-American laws! (How ironic!) Very conveniently, the politicians and bureaucrats in Washington decided that God, as part of the program of their “Manifest Destiny,” had made them the rightful owners of the Hawaiian Islands, so the Zio-American Empire’s leadership chose to continue their militarily occupation of the illegally annexed Hawaiian Islands.

Lahaina was, and still is, the capital of the Independent Kingdom of Hawaii. There has been a movement ongoing for some years demanding the restoration of Hawaiian Independence and sovereignty, and the case for restoring Hawaiian Sovereignty under American Constitutional Law is an airtight one. The destruction of the Hawaiian nation’s capital, and the extermination and/or expulsion of the native population is intended to strike a decisive and permanent blow against any ideas concerning a return to Hawaiian independence. The desire to crush and extirpate any thoughts about instauration of Hawaiian sovereignty constitute the principal reason for an ongoing systematic genocide of the Hawaiians, of which the Lahaina Fire is an integral component.

In recent times, some people from both California and Texas have also started demanding independence, and both California and Texas have a solid legal basis for demanding independence from the Zio-American Empire. Texas especially has a valid case for demanding a return to its own sovereignty and self-determination, Texas has even as much right to independence as the state of Hawaii. After making rumblings about gaining independence from the Zio-American Empire, Hawaii, California, and Texas were all quickly devastated by unnatural natural disasters that were unleashed upon them by the criminal government which is still holed up in Washington D.C along with its dispersed cadre of international Jewish owners and masters.



Part 4:


Hindu Hitler
The image seen above is furnished courtesy of hinduhumanrights.info


What we witnessed in Lahaina is an attack upon “The People” by a ZOG (Zionist Occupation Government). The Siege of Lahaina is a trial-run for what the ZOG-O-Mites intend to do to anybody who has the temerity to stands up to them. ZOG’s barbequing of Lahaina was also intended to intimidate anybody who might be thinking about growing a pair and standing up to ZOG in any of its many-splendored avenues of depravity.

There are a couple of extremely ancient prophecies that foretell just such a state of affairs as we are seeing today, and I will discuss these prophecies to close out this blog. If you closely follow the happenings in both Lahaina and the Gaza Strip, then you will see that ultimately these situations and happenings are just different parts of this same ZOG agenda. There were two targets of the attack upon Lahaina, and two closely related areas of focus. The first area of focus is a Geo-Engineering attack upon the life support systems of planet Earth herself. The second target in the Siege of Lahaina arrives in the form of direct energy weapons being used against the native populations of our world. The former is of course greatly enhancing by the effects of the latter.

An Attack Upon the Earth

So, why would the Jews attack Mother Earth’s life support systems if Jews themselves also depend upon the Earth’s bounty for basic sustenance? In answer, those who run the ZOG system suffer from delusions of godhood, so they believe that the Earth and all of her “goy” inhabitants exist purely to serve Jews. The Jews also believe that they are free to use and abuse both the Earth and her native peoples as they see fit. Should the Jews ever find themselves on the verge of being hurled from the thrones they have so murderously usurped, then they will attempt to destroy everything and everybody on planet Earth…including themselves.


The Jews will do everything they possibly can to bend both the Earth and Humanity to their will, even at the risk of destroying themselves in the process.

Since the God they worship is called Money, they are in the process of squeezing every ounce of profit out of both Earth and all of the Human Races before they are finally brought down. This is perhaps the major impetus for their delusions of godhood.


Money Jew

The image above is featured courtesy of forum.twinstar.cz

Technology has helped to make them masters, so they look to technology to keep them safe. Failing that, they will use whatever technology they possess to destroy everything here on Earth.

There is also a prophecy from the part of Asia that stretches from northern India, through Tibet, through Western China, and into Mongolia. I do not know exactly how old this prophecy is, but this prophecy is certainly millennia old. This prophecy forms part of the ancient cyclical concept of history and time.

The prophecy in question begins with the Earth Mother who is the beloved wife of the King of the World. Mother Earth is the personification of the creative power of Nature, and the King of the World is the personification of Divine or Benevolent Government. Both Mother Earth and the King of the World depend upon each other for sustenance and they are both very much in love with one another. The King of the World is fiercely protective of Mother Earth and he is also a great warrior and an unsurpassed leader of warriors.

In this prophecy, Mother Earth is kidnapped by a group of the Darkest Entities who proceed to enslave and rape her. These Dark Ones kidnap and exploit Mother Earth to satisfy their own vanities and lusts. When Mother Earth is languishing at death’s door, her death portends the end of our planet’s ability to sustain life. The King of The World, when he learns of his beloved being kidnapped and then violated, immediately becomes enraged, so he gathers a great army to liberate his beloved. Mongolia plays an important part in this prophecy where the King of the World destroys the Army of Darkness. Of course, the King of the World and his loyal army proceeds to personally kill the Dark Entities who are abusing his wife.

Green Jew Goblin
Image furnished courtesy of radioalbion.com 

After the King of the World’s wife is freed, she soon returns to a state of happiness and good health where Nature is reborn and the world begins to bloom once again. This story ends well, but there is a bit more to this story than just a simple happy ending. In this tale, humanity is finally freed from the slavery that was perpetuated by the Dark Entities who have subjected them to for so long. As this tale concludes, under the benevolent government of the King of the World, humanity enters into a new Golden Age.


A Jewish Attack Upon the Human Races

There is what is called the Kali Yuga or Spiritual Dark Age, and at the end of the Kali Yuga commences a war between The Sky Gods & Governments of the Earth, The Earth Gods, and The Peoples of the Earth. This war to close out the Kali Yuga ends with the decisive defeat for the Dark Ones and the destruction of the former by the latter, which then ushers in a Spiritual Golden Age called the Satya Yuga. It is obvious that we are in a Spiritual Dark Age and that it is fast approaching its climax.

There is obviously a close connection between these two prophecies, and the attack upon Lahaina was part of the latter. What needs to be explained here is the difference between the two sides in this war. This is why that there is a war between these sides, and this is essentially why these two prophecies are really rather simple.

In this case, the Sky Gods refer to those who lord it over people and exploit the Earth. These Sky Gods are aligned with the Governments of the Earth who are all about the same thing.

The Sky Gods and their worldly governments are opposed by the Earth Gods who protect, preserve, and sustain the Earth. The Earth Gods are aligned with the Peoples of the Earth, who, for whatever occupation they may practice, and whether they are city slickers or country dwellers, all treat the Earth as Sacred. The people who love and protect Mother Earth and align themselves with the Earth Gods are unswervingly opposed to seeing either people or the Earth conquered, dominated, altered, or exploited for profit.

Traditional Scandinavian Women
Image furnished courtesy oflaityetn.top

This clash between the Sky Gods and the Earth Gods is the culminating conflict between what is called Modern Military/Industrial Civilization versus what can be thought of as Pre-Industrial Civilization. From its opening second, National Socialism, as defined by The Great One, is a fundamentally aligned with the Earth Gods & Peoples of the Earth! While International Jewry and its ilk forms a fundamental part of the Sky Gods & Governments of The Earth!

Hitler feeding deer
Image furnished courtesy of student struggle.in


 I have seen this same game that is being played in Maui in another time and in another place.

These Jewish oligarchs and tyrants that recently touched Lahaina who would also make themselves into “Gods” know that their “Civilization” is about to be destroyed by worldwide cataclysms which are both natural and manmade, and they know that they are bringing their own demise upon themselves, but far be it from them to change. These terrible Jewish overlords are planning to make the Hawaiian Islands into a place of refuge (one among many) for themselves where they expect to safely ride out the oncoming storm of worldwide civilizational collapse which they have fostered.

The center of this new proposed safe haven on the Hawaiian Islands center shall be Lahaina (Hawaiian for “Place of Cruelty”), which will be well-stocked with an abundant supply of sex-toy children, and this new haven will be serviced by a multitude of Trans-human slaves.

Cybernetic Slave
Adding cybernetic parts to people will not necessarily make them into trans-human super soldiers of super heroes; no,  adding bionic parts to people is one very diabolical method of reducing then to slaves who cannot be considered truly human anymore. Image furnished courtesy of  r/midjourney forum on reddit.com


The Star Wars character Lobot serves as an example, and even a warning, about both the potentials and the dangers of trans humanism. The character Lobot has a cybernetic implant that connects him directly with huge computer systems that run the fictional place called Cloud City in the Star Wars universe, but Lobot loses his humanity over time on account of having this amazing connection. True, Lobot’s implant makes him much smarter than he would be otherwise in the sense that he can effortlessly access huge amounts of information and instantly make calculations of all types, but he has also largely lost his ability to speak due to disuse of this brain function, plus he eventually became a rather dull party guest. So sure, machine interfaces can offer some nice advantages for people, but implants such as Lobot’s can also be used to turn people into totally controlled and mindless meat-puppets. Image furnished courtesy of starters.fandom.com 

This plan to remake Hawaii into a Jewish hideout and fortress for the oncoming worldwide collapse of civilization will require the native population to be either driven out of the area of exterminated. The Hawaiian Islands as well as New Zealand are an attractive place for the elites to try and ride out the oncoming worldwide apocalypse because both of these landmasses have relatively mild and livable climates along with plenty of water and agricultural land, but most importantly, both spots offer the advantage of being isolated by long expanses of ocean. The Hawaiian Islands is the most geographically isolated island chain on the planet, so this spot’s geographic isolation makes it an attractive place to try and ride out a worldwide collapse.

Let us call these individuals what the Ancient Celts called them, “godlings.” The term “Godlings” describes mortals who try to set themselves up as “Gods,” but Devine punishment for trying to set yourself up as a Godling is death, just as it was the ancient past, and just as it still is today.



Part 5:

(Countermeasures Against Orbit-based Energy Weapons)

Directed Energy Weapons Countermeasures



Ground Based Defensive Lasers

A few years ago, the United States placed a spy satellite in synchronous orbit over a particularly sensitive Chinese military installation, then China destroyed this pesky satellite with a ground-based laser weapon system. This incident where China destroyed a Zio-American spy satellite with a ground-based energy beam weapon was the first time such a thing was successfully done anywhere, which proves that ground-based defenses can successfully neutralize military assets parked in orbits around the Earth. The downside to using ground-based energy weapons to neutralize hostile orbital military assets of one type of another that these weapon systems are invariably very expensive and bulky, plus they are thirsty for energy. Building large energy beam weapons that are capable of shooing satellites which are parked out in geo-synchronous orbits up to 24,000 miles above the Earth’s surface also demands a high degree of specialized and very technical expertise.


Space Interceptors

In the present, it is technically feasible to use a low-budget, basic, and homegrown space program to send manned attack craft up into orbit to destroy hostile space-based military assets. However, the problem here is one of scale, to make any lasting difference, low-budget military space craft would have to be produced regularly and there must be a continual conveyor belt of men who are willing to risk their lives engaging in potentially risky space flights and dangerous space battles. In order to be truly effective, a low-rent space navy would have to be part of a continual operation with ongoing ground support.



Is a “Trailer Park Space Program” Even Possible?

Rocket Appliances
Image provided courtesy of Amazon.com

Many people would dismiss the idea of putting anything up into orbit as a pipe dream or a case of “autism” or “spergery” for dissidents or non-governmental military organizations who are forced to operate with limited resources. Such organizations that have limited budgets would include Hamas or Hisbollah in the Middle East, but National Socialists of our time also find their way onto this list. This idea that only large empires such as China or whatever is left of the Zio-American Empire can put things into space is not an absurd idea to hold because for such a long time only large and wealthy national governments had the resources needed to put satellites or people into Earth’s orbital space; however,  this old state of affairs seems to be changing rapidly.

It is worth mentioning at some point that putting things in space is getting cheaper and less demanding than it was in the past. On April 4, 1990, the first privately funded and crewed space flight took place with governmental help, and on June 21, 2004 the fist privately funded and manned space flight took place with the Space Ship One craft.  Admittedly, this first private-sector crewed space flight that took place back in 2004 was not really a big deal considering how many other space flights came before that one, but this event is still a milestone moment because manned space flight had been the sole provenance of national governments until that point.


Triale Park Rocket
Look out ZOG, here we come!!!  Image courtesy of  the Trailer Park Boys account on twitter.com 


Space Ship One

The image above shows SpaceShipOne which was the first privately funded and built space craft to enter Earth’s orbit. Yes, this cheap and rickety contraption actually made it into orbit, so if the ZOG-bots are imagining that they will occupy space real estate forever without any challenges arising from nations such as Iran or from dissident groups with limited resources, then they have the wrong idea. The image above is furnished courtesy of airchartger.sg

White Knight SS1 RH
The image above shows SpacShipOne with it launch plane called the White Knight. The White Knight allows for SpaceShipOne to launch from 50,000 feet. It seems that inexpensive orbital launches can be done most effectively from the backs of large airplanes. Image furnished courtesy of  en-academic.com

On April 5, 1990, the Pegasus space craft became the first completely private-sector-created and funded vehicle to enter Earth’s orbit, and in July of 2014 a group of amateur rocket enthusiasts with very limited resources became the first group of plebeians to actually put anything into Earth’s orbit. The 2014 amateur space launch happened when the”GoFast” rocket broke into space.  The “GoFast” was a poor man’s rocket that reached an altitude of only 72 miles, but that number still counts as a space launch. GoFast’s launch was not very impressive when compared to other space flights; however, this event signifies that orbital space is going to become hotly contested real estate in the near future, and yes, the GoFast launch proves that dissidents can compete in space sporting events, even if they have rather limited budgets.

The image above shows the GoFast rocket at its 2014 launch from the Black Rock Desert in Nevada, which is the same place where the Burning Man Festival is held each Labor Day Weekend. The image seen above is furnished courtesy of hobbyspace.com 

Euro Dive Zone

Rebreather scuba gear is currently on sale to the general public that can support a diver underwater for up to 10 hours. Units like the one pictured above are sold for around 6,500 USD, but the price of such gear will drop over time and the technology will become more simplified and refined, so the technical challenges associated with making air-scubbing equipment will also lessen as time passes. Rebreather scuba gear lends itself well to applications in budget space suits, and space suits can be made by layering cloth coated in rubber as well as various mineral and metal fibers plus threads such as basalt and aluminum. The point to remember is that working space suits can actually be made on limited budgets because so much of the preliminary testing and engineering work needed to make space suits has already been done. The image above is furnished courtesy of  eurodivingzone.com

Commercial diving helmet

Commercial diving helmets are not designed for use in space suits – we got that – but such pieces of equipment could easily be reconfigured and modified to work in the vacuum of space. Good commercial diving helmets sell for around 10,000 to 20,000 USD when they are new. The image above is furnished courtesy of  divecommercial.com 



The image above shows the now-infamous Ocean Gate Titan submarine that imploded in June of 2023 at a depth of 12,500 feet below the Atlantic ocean while this cheap little submersible was exploring the wreckage of the Titanic. Admittedly, the Ocean Gate Titan’s almost comical demise may seem like a poor piece of information to source here, if we plan to cheerlead for the idea of a budget dissident space program; however, people tend to forget that the Titan had made four successful dives to those extreme depths prior to its demise, so this little submarine that both could and could not was not a total design failure. The Titan is worth discussing here because insiders have speculated that this little submarine only cost around 250,000 USD to build because it was built with inexpensive off-the-shelf components.

The Titan imploded under pressures of 6,500 PSI, so this little vehicle was operating in a truly extreme and unforgiving environment, luckily outer space is a vacuum, so orbital space is actually a much easier and more forgiving environment than the deep ocean. The Ocean Gate Titan can be chalked up as a spectacular failure; however, the life story of this cheap little deep-ocean submarine does prove that making a very inexpensive space craft is possible, and this is the case because much of the technology that is used to explore the Earth’s deep oceans has applications to space flight. The image furnished above is provided courtesy of nbcnews.com 


It seems that ZOG has this idea that they will just park their energy beam weapons in Earth orbits, then use these devices to fry everyone they dislike with complete impunity, and the ZOG-O-Zoids are thinking this plan of theirs will work indefinitely because parking their fancy weapons systems up in orbital space makes such devices invulnerable to coutnerieasures from anyone except large and wealthy nation states. Exactly how orbital combat will evolve in the coming decades is not clear, but ZOG cannot think that they will maintain uncontested ownership of orbital space forever. If ZOG thinks that they will own and control orbital space forever, then they are sorely mistaken – rest assured, National Socialist will eventually go up into orbit and box with the ZOG-sters up there in space even if they must operate with limited resources.

German Space Program
The image above is furnished courtesy of the Mark Felton Productions channel on Youtube.com 


The Indirect Approach

Perhaps may be the most feasible counter measure against orbital weapon systems for dissidents and non-state military organizations is to attack, or at least disable, whatever ground-based infrastructure needed to supports the operation of space-based DEWs. Some of the ground-based installations that support orbital weapons platforms include power generation facilities, power transmission lines and electrical-grid substations, etc. Something somewhere is always going to be vulnerable to attack, so the enemy cannot protect everything all of the time; for this reason, dissidents should always be on the lookout for ground-based targets of opportunity that provide opportunities to neutralize space-mounted weapon systems. This approach has the real potential to serve as a cheap and relatively low-tech countermeasure against attacks from orbit-based weapon platforms.


This approach would certainly be at least theoretically possible. This method of attack involves hacking into the command and control systems of the orbital DEWs, then either sabotaging these systems or perhaps even putting them to our own use.

Create False Targets.

Creating decoys against orbital attacks should be easier than what one would normally suspect because DEWs are controlled by AI (Artificial Intelligence). As Hamas is currently so well proving in Gaza, AI alone is easily fooled by pumping it with false information. Using a counter strategy against orbital energy weapons involves showing AIs what their programming expects to see, while keeping reality hidden and out of sight.

The London Underground

As of the time of this writing, Israel is using Directed Energy Weapons against the Palestinians living in the Gaza Strip, whether these orbit-based energy weapons are actually the property of Israel or the Zio-American Empire. Some of the damage wrought in Gaza strongly resembles the damage seen in Lahaina, Hawaii and Paradise, California. I have recently watched an online video which showed the same beams of light that one would have witnessed at the Lahaina Fire on Maui.

While a large amount of damage is being done to the Gaza Strip, and many civilians are being killed and injured in mass, the effects on Hamas itself are actually downright negligible because the real Hamas fighters are holed up in deep underground bases below the Gaza Strip’s ground. As far as I understand, Israel’s DEWs are only effective against targets on the Earth’s surface, unless these underground targets happen to sit a seismically unstable area. Hamas is fighting the war from a network of tunnels, were DEWs cannot get at them.

This strategy of hiding out in underground tunnels of course will not work everywhere, but where it could work, it does prove to be very effective. In areas where there is a lot of limestone, such as in the Appalachian Mountains of North America, there are a great many natural cavers that one could put to use as shelters against orbital energy weapon strikes, and even entire communities could be hidden underground in some cases.

Crystals & the Stones 

the stones
Image courtesy of music.youtube.com 

While the counter measure mentioned earlier would certainly work under ideal conditions, and this one is highly speculative possibility. I am wondering if it is possible to use the properties of certain crystals, rocks, and minerals to thwart space-based DEWs.

For example, Stonehenge Bluestone naturally carries a strong electrical charge, which in large enough amounts can have a strong influence on the weather. Such naturally magnetic stones as Lodestone and Magnetite can also wipe out the memory banks of a computer if they are close enough. I would be curious to know if DEWs have ever been used in close proximity to masses of granite. I at least suspect not, because granite has some rather unusual piezoelectric properties that may adversely affect their operation.


Apparently, DEWs cannot be used everywhere in the world. Why is unknown. Knowing specifically where DEWs can and cannot be used would be extremely useful information. For sure they cannot be used in every weather condition; for example, I have heard that DEWs cannot be used where there is high moisture content in the atmosphere because water droplets scatter light.




Heil Hitler deva!

Randall Lee Hilburn

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  1. What one is seeing in Palestine currently with the successful use of “homemade” rocketry by Hamas, Hezbollah, and Yemen establishes the general feasibility of having a successful homegrown space weapons program. As long as you don’t try to get too technologically fancy, and recognize its limitations.

  2. The ZOG is currently replanting the island of Maui with the same kind of non-native grass that so greatly contributed to the wildfires. It dries out quickly in a drought (still ongoing) and is highly volatile thereafter.
    The ZOG is also stonewalling payments that are supposed to be going to native survivors so they can rebuild their homes.

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