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Will a Distinct Appalachian Version of National Socialism Ever Emerge?


(National Socialist Appalachian Workers Party)

Part 1.  – Adolf Hitler, The God of National Socialism

As the Divine One made clear, the NSDAP was originally intended for the nation of Germany alone, and it was not even made for Germanic neighbors next door. The Great one wished to first see a Nation Socialist Germany, then a National Socialist Europe, then at last, a National Socialist world-wide order. However, each people, whether Nordic or not, must establish their own particular and unique brand of National Socialism that is suitable for themselves and their situation. Germany, as is proper (my words), must first lead a European Confederation of National Socialist States, then ultimatelyGermany must lead a global confederacy of National Socialist nations.

While The Great One would ruled his people, namely the Germans, as their Fuehrer, to others he would be seen more like a Sacred ruler. I first became aware of this his special divinity when I read that present-day Japanese National Socialists refer to him in the Shinto sense as “The God of National Socialism.”

There is a very memorable line from the Hollywood movie released several years back called “Field of Dreams.” The most memorable line from this Hollywood film were the worlds, “If You Build it, he will come.” Anton Drexler of (Party Number – 1) actually founded the NSDAP, and Adolf Hitler (Party Number – 8) arrived soon afterwards. Needless to say, it was Adolf Hitler and not Anton Drexler who would proceed to make the NSDAP into what it was to eventually become for Germany. It was also Hitler who paved the way for every National Socialist on the planet.

It is extremely important to both understand and internalize the following in Form, in Mind, and in Spirit:

The Fuehrer is just as alive as he has ever been! ONLY his Substance has been changed!

Therefore, we should always refer to him in the present sense, unless of course we have reason to refer to his past actions.

Image courtesy of commons.wikimedia.org

Part 2 – Appalachia: The Soil

When used in its broadest possible sense, the term “Appalachia” it refers to the Appalachian Mountains which run from northeastern Alabama and northwestern Georgia into the Canadian province of New Brunswick. While the rugged nature of this terrain produces many local peculiarities in customs, history, and language; none the less, from one end of this mountain range to the other the people are more alike than different.

This sometimes-wild mountain chain is actually the second oldest range of mountains on Earth with an age between 7 to 8 hundred million years. The Appalachian Mountains were formed by volcanic action along a fault line in the Earth’s crust, and they were originally as tall as the Himalayas. The oldest mountain range on Earth is the Ural Mountains which separate European from the Asiatic parts of Russia. The Urals are also volcanic in origin, and they are about one billion years old!

Born at a time when Muspelhiem (The Realm of Fire) had intruded into Midgard, the spirits of the Appalachian Mountains include some truly ancient and even primordial ones amongst their number. It is these truly ancient nature spirits who have put an indelible stamp on the psyches of all the people that call the Appalachian Mountains home, whether they be Aryans or Native Americans, and regardless of whether they originate on Earth or not!

Image of Appalachia courtesy of ducksters.com


Part 3. – The Need for a Special National Socialism for Appalachia

There is a good reason why National Socialism has never penetrated into Appalachia to any significant extent. So, what is this reason? The reason that all attempts to introduce National Socialism to greater Appalachia have failed thus far is because those who have attempted to introduce National Socialism to Appalachia have tended to come from the Upper Midwest. The Ancestors of my Midwestern comrades have only come to the Appalachian region relatively recently to look for a better life, so these folks have retained a much more direct connection to Germany and Scandinavia than their Appalachian counterparts.

As for myself, my family has been here in the Appalachians much longer — around three centuries for my father’s line of descent, and around four centuries four for my mother’s side of the family.

Many of my ancestors arrived in Appalachia as a result of being dumped here after the land clearances conducted in Northern Ireland and the Scottish Highlands by (((The British Empire.))) Likewise, my mother’s people arrived in Appalachia as the result of Cromwell’s ethnic cleansing of the Native Irish people from the Northern Irish county of Ulster. I am eternally grateful that this set of my ancestors were exiled to Appalachia as opposed to being sent to Barbados and other parts of the West Indies to toil as outright slaves. Many other Irish arrived in North America as White Slaves, and fortunately, many of these enslaved Irish managed to escaped to the Appalachian Mountains perched west of the Southern lowlands which is where all of the old slave plantations were located.

I am glad that my forbears managed to escape being worked to death on the lowland and piedmont plantations of Virginia and the Carolinas. These Irish slaves originated as prisoners who were taken during England’s innumerable attempts to conquer Ireland and Scotland. Also, many people were involuntarily relocated to Appalachia when the British Lords reduced the unemployed populations in the working-class slums of the big industrial cities within the British Isles.

Image courtesy of tvline.com

Let the following facts be clearly stated: This whole rotten business of relocating people from the British Isles to Appalachia was propelled by Jewish Bankers who made vast fortunes off of these relocation schemes, and no collection of sordid Hebrew banksters ever made more money from these mass-scale forced relocation programs from the British Isles than The House of Rothschild! The Slavers in this sorry tale were all Jews, as were a great many of the old antebellum Southern plantation owners. Eventually, there would also come a strong immigration current from Germany that injected a lot of Germanic blood and culture into the Appalachian Mountains, and this happened because I remember hearing tales of Odin and Thor from some of the old people when I was little.

Image of Odin courtesy of simple.wikipedia.org

The primary post-Colombian input of European people into Appalachia came first came from Ireland, then from the Scottish Highlands; after that, the English working class arrived, and eventually large numbers of people arrived straight out of Germany. So, you see, our Soil, Our Blood, and Our History make us Appalachianites into something unto ourselves, yet we are still Aryans despite our dislocation from Europe across time and space — despite it all, we Appalachians are still Cousins of The Blood with all European people the world over!

Even though Appalachianites are of European blood, what has been lacking until now has been the arrival of one of their own who truly understands their peculiarities that also has the will and the knowledge needed to properly introduce Hitler and National Socialism to the region. If National Socialism is to truly arrive in Appalachia, then it must arrive in a form that Appalachian people of European descent can relate to. I would also like to say that I have personally resolved to find a way to make Hitler’s National Socialism relatable to White Appalachianites. Believe me, the soil of Appalachia has been fertile for National Socialism for quite a while now; yet, all that has been lacking for all of these years was the right messenger who knew how to prepare this particular piece of ground for the arrival of Hitler diva’s divine message.

Image courtesy of arc.org


Part 4. -Land of Many Mysteries

The original inhabitants of the Appalachian Mountains were described as a race which resembled Native Americans, except the adults only stood one or two feet tall. These short people of ancient Appalachia were once quite numerous, but now they are rarely ever seen, and on those rare occasions when they are seen, they only appear in the most exceedingly remote parts of the mountain range.

The highest parts of the Appalachian Mountains are the Great Smokies, which rest along the border of Tennessee and North Carolina. These mountains got their name first from the Cherokee, then from the Aryans who arrived a bit later. The Smokies are called “The Smokies” due to a most peculiar phenomenon which I have actually seen myself when I was a teenager. The name “The Smokies” came around because the veil that separates the worlds is exceedingly thin in some locations along this mountain range. On account of the veil between the worlds being a bit thin in many parts of the Appalachians, at certain times of year, one can see smoke rising from the fires of settlements, except there are no settlements where these fires are often seen. True, these fires do exist, but not in this world. Exactly who these “neighbors” are there in The Otherworld is still quite unclear because whoever these people are, they have always tended to avoid contact.

There are also Bigfoot-like creatures(?) trundling their big feet around the Appalachian Mountains, and these big hairy men are known by various local names; however, sightings of these Bigfoot-like creatures have never been very common.

Image courtesy of freepik.com

Additionally, the Appalachian Mountains have had what the Elders of the region call “Wildmen.” For many centuries now, these Appalachian “Wildmen” have been occasionally seen, and they seem to actually be White people who have gone totally feral. I clearly remember having an encounter with one of these “Wildmen” during my teenage years when I and one of my cousins were visiting the Smokies. We were actually stalked by one of these “Wildmen” for a while until my father showed up and ran that Wildman off.

Captain Caveman
Image of Captain Caveman courtesy of eBay.com

Addendum to Part 4.  -Land of Many Mysteries

As I have been explaining, both the Aryans and American Indians arrived in the Appalachian Mountains at more-or-less the same time, and they both arrived as part of the same stream of migration. Both the Native Americans and the Aryans encountered the scattered ruins of a vanished yet advanced civilization upon their arrival in Appalachia, and these ruins had been abandoned eons before either the Aryans or the Native Americans arrived; however, nobody knows who made these ruins. The vast antiquity of these old Appalachian ruins indicate that they were from a previous cycle of world ages.

Ever since the 1960’s, there has been a systematic attempt to destroy these ancient Appalachian ruins and deny that they ever existed. To much collective chagrin, mainstream archeologists have been intensely involved in the program to deny the true past of Appalachia. Sadly, one set of ruins over in North Georgia that I and my parents had seen when I was a kid were systematically demolished with explosives back in the 90’s, then the rubble from this demolished historical site was hauled off and dumped as fill material at some unknown construction site. After that, something was built over this archeological find, then following that rotten episode, a large Wal-Mart store was built on the site of those mysterious old ruins. Also, the civil engineering firm that I worked for during that that time did the topographic survey of the existing site, so I know something about this matter from my own personal experience.

Image courtesy of cnbc.com

When the large southward migrations of Native Americans and Europeans reached the Blue Ridge Mountains, which is part of the Appalachians in North Carolina, they encountered a Pleidean colony that was established there at some point. This old Pleiadean Colony was eventually absorbed into the Cherokee Nation, and some Cherokees living today trace their ancestry back to the Pleiadeans. It is worthy to note that the name “Cherokee” originally meant “Cave Dwellers.” The name “Cherokee” is the name that the Choctaws gave to the Cherokee. The Choctaws were an unrelated Native American tribe from the north central coastline along the Gulf of Mexico who carried out extensive trade with the people who we might call the Cherokee. The Choctaw first encountered the Cherokee and gave them the name “Cherokee” when they found them dwelling in caves across the Blue Ridge Mountains.

jeep cherokee
Image courtesy of en.wikipedia.org


Part 5. –  The First Aryan Immigration into the Appalachian Mountains

The first great migration of both Europeans and Native Americans came about millennia ago when the Aryans were forced to change locations because of climate change factors that were distinguished by a spreading Arctic icecap which forced these people to abandon their original Arctic homeland along the circumpolar region of our plant. Of course, these previously mentioned waves of migration consisted of coffles of people who were forced to flee southward in the directions of Scandinavia and Western Asia. However, one stream of these climate migrants followed a different course and traveled across what is today Canada’s Hudson Bay region southward into what is now called the Appalachian Mountains.

Later,  another stream of migrants that are referred to by Archeologists as the “Red Paints” merged with this cohort of migrants that was moving from Hudson Bay southward. This second group of migrants that were dubbed the Red Paints arrived in Appalachia by way western Asia, and they crossing Europe to the North Sea, then trekked from Europe to Hudson Bay. They are called “Red Paints” because their burials always contained a lot of red ochre. Eventually, the Red Paints would settle in the Appalachian Mountains from one end to the other.

Citizen times.com
Image of a recent Cherokee Tribal gathering courtesy of citizen-times.com

Part 6. – The Cherokee Connection

The histories of the Aryans and Cherokees in the Appalachian Mountains are interwoven in a most peculiar and exceptional manner, and these two peoples developed alongside each other.

The Cherokee Nation originally controlled the mountains from West Virginia down into Alabama and Georgia, as well as vast territories beyond this area. At the time of the  First American Revolution, the Cherokee could potentially have fielded as many as 10,000 warriors. During those times, being able to field 10,000 dedicated and professional soldiers made them militarily the most powerful force among the Native Americans north of Central Mexico. What came to be known as the Cherokee Nation ended up being composed of pure-blooded Native Americans, pure-blooded Aryans (such as my mother’s people.), and of course a great many Mixed-Bloods. It is also worthy to note that The Cherokee Nation’s warriors came from all three racial groups.




Cherokee Man
Image courtesy of ourstate.com

The “Whites” I have been referring to here are those who became part of the Cherokee Nation and not the post-Colombian settlers who lived alongside them that were referred as “Friends of The Cherokee.” My father’s people were Friends of the Cherokee. One of my female ancestors on my father’s side of the family was technically a Cherokee; however, DNA tests have shown that she had no Native American Blood because she was of pure Aryan stock.

To be perfectly honest, in more modern post-Colombian times there were a great many “White” settlers who preferred giving their allegiance to the Cherokee Nation and not to whatever passed for a government in either Washington D.C or London. The Whites who lived in Appalachia up into the 19th Century, and before that time, typically preferred giving their loyalty to the Cherokee Nation over lending any support for either of (((the crooked governments in Washington D.C or London,))) but they had an especially potent distaste for the slave-owning plantation holders who dominated the Southern lowlands. In previous centuries, Appalachian people of any descent tended to view the lowland aristocratic plantation owners as very real oppressors in waiting.

Southern Plantation home
Image of a classic Southern plantation home courtesy of architecturaldigest.com

The Cherokee were one of the Native American Nations that the Third Reich’s SS scholars concluded were semi-Aryan. The Cherokee Nation’s status as “semi-Aryans” entitled them to special treatment because they had so much Aryan Blood. My contention is that even before the post-Columbus migrants arrived, there was already a strong Aryan presence among the Cherokee that went back for millennia.

The name “Algonquin” doesn’t refer to a single tribe, but to a greater family of closely related tribes. The Algonquin are also sometimes also called the Eastern Woodland Indians. The designation of “Algonquin” includes the Chickasaw of northern Mississippi to the far south with the Cherokee and a host of other tribes in the middle of the Appalachian Mountains making up the center of “Algonquin” territory, while the Hurons of eastern Canada anchored the northernmost end of the Algonquin Nation.

The original homeland of the “Algonquin” was along the southern shores of Hudson Bay in what is today called Canada. The Native Americans that still make up the loose mixture which we might call “Algonquin” were living along the southern shore of Hudson Bay when the Aryans were still living in their original circumpolar homeland further to the north. While the Aryans and the original Algonquin did not mix, they were perfectly aware of each other, and both groups seemed to have some kind of mutually beneficial relationship that may have been based on trading.

When the climate began to change and the Aryans began to migrate, they also temporarily settled on the south shore of Hudson Bay where they were joined by an unknown group of migrants who were coming in from what would become the North Sea coast in a land that is today called Germany. As the climate became increasingly inhospitable, all of the people that were migrating further south over the millennia gradually merged with one another other, including the unknown “Red Paints”. So, by the time the post-Colombian European migrants arrived in Appalachia, the Cherokee already had a lot of Aryan blood. The only question is, were the Algonquin/Cherokee still pure-blooded Aryans who were living in the Appalachian Mountains since the first pre-Colombian migration. I myself suspect that the people who are the earliest post-Colombian European migrants encountered were actually pure-blooded Aryans who were revenants from a much earlier pre-Colombian migration. When the first post-Colombian Europeans arrived in Appalachia in the 1500s, a few local Aryan families had been living there in the Appalachian Mountains for so long that they no longer held any memory of how they got there.

Algonquin village
Archival illustration of an Algonquin village courtesy of ournativeamericans.blogspot.com

The seafaring Celtic Tribes from the Maritime portions of Europe had known about North America as far back as pre-Roman times, and they referred to North America as “The Land Beyond the Sunset.” The ancient Celts, as well as the later-day Vikings, both explored the coastal areas of North America from the Maritime Provinces of Canada all the way down to the Yucatan Peninsula of what is today called Mexico.

The people called Celtiberians, who were a Celtic people from the Northwestern parts of the Iberian Peninsula, which is today known as the Spanish province of Galicia, had already established fairly widespread colonies in the area we would now call New England and New Brunswick by the time the Romans came along and took over the Iberian Peninsula. Even during pre-Roman time, these old Spanish Celtic Galatians were conducting regular trading trips between their Iberian homeland and their North American colonies. When the Romans conquered the Iberians, this regular trading continued, just under Roman auspices. Mystery Hill in New Hampshire is the most well-known of the ruins that these old Celtic Spaniards left, and Mystery Hill was considered one of their sacred sites.

Celtic People
Image of Celtic people courtesy of quora.com

This state of affairs where trade flourished between Galicia and North America continued until the Catholic Church got control of the Roman Empire. The new Catholicized Roman Empire decided that these distant colonies in North America were too far away to effectively control, so the Vatican ordered all trade with these colonies to be ended, then the Vatical made it a capital offence to even mention their existence. The Vatican’s official method of capital punishment was burning at the stake for witchcraft, and they were also fond of burning folks at the stake for mentioning the old Spanish colonies in North America.  Incidentally, it was the Vatican from that era that cooked up ideas about the Earth being flat.

Burning at the stake

Image courtesy of etc.usf.com

The now-forsaken Spanish colonists of North America found themselves cut off from their European homeland, so these people were forced to migrate inland into Cherokee country because the old Spanish coastal colonies were never entirely self-sufficient. The official story was that the old Celtic Spanish colonies of North America just mysteriously vanished. However, the old Celtic Spaniards actually ended up migrating into the Appalachian Mountains where they were slowly absorbed by the Cherokee Nation; however, it seems that a small portion of these old Celtic Spaniards actually managed to maintain their distinct Nordic identity as the centuries of exile from Europe passed.

Image courtesy of asionnachfionn.com

There is one more area I must cover before I can conclude this piece, which is how the 2nd American Revolution passed in the Appalachian Mountains. It is worth mentioning the 2nd American Revolution in the Appalachian Mountains because this event shaped the people of the central and southern Appalachians to such a huge degree and made them into a distinct people.


Part 7. – The Appalachian and the Southern Identity

The unique consciousness of Southerners, or the people of Greater Dixie, was formed as the result of a deliberate program of cultural genocide, and literal genocide in some cases, that was directed against what was initially a diverse group of Aryan people. This Second American Revolution drove Aryans and the American Indian Tribes of the southeast into forming a united front against the (((Lincoln Government of Capitalists & Communists.))) The Native American nations in question were the Cherokee, the Chickasaw, the Choctaw, the Creek, and the Seminoles, who were also being genocided as part of the same general agenda driven by Abraham Lincoln and his Jewish handlers. This common struggle for survival against Lincoln’s government made both Aryans and Native Americans of the South into a coherent people. The blood of our kith and kin who perished in the Second American Revolution still speaks to us— it always has, and it always will!

confederate soldiers
Image of confederate soldiers courtesy of fineartamerica.com

From within the aegis of a greater Southern Folk Identity, there emerged a particular Appalachian flavor. The challenges of the Second American Revolution’s placed unique pressures on the Appalachian Mountains, and other parts of the South had their own similar experiences. Until they were attacked with genocidal intent by the (((government in Washington D.C,))) slavery was never much of a concern across Appalachia. During the Second American Revolution, the people of Appalachia were initially indifferent to the question of slavery because slavery was never practiced across the mountains to any major degree, but the Appalachian residents of that time were also rather indifferent to the issue of Southern independence. The Appalachian people were very indifferent to the issues of both slavery and Southern session during the years surrounding the Second American Revolution because their society was extremely localized and insular.

To explain why things changed so suddenly and violently across all of Appalachia during the Second American Revolution, one thing must be understood to start with. This thing that must be understood to start with is the term “White Savages.” In the present age of cultural Marxist propaganda, this term has come to refer to all White people, however, this phrase was originally applied to a particular collection of White families. The original “White Savages” were renowned for their vicious and predatory nature, which they directed against anybody they determined to be weaker, be they Native Americans or Aryans.

These White Savages formed the backbone of the Union Army’s forces that were unleashed against the people of the Appalachian Mountains during the Second American Revolution, whether they were Aryan or Cherokee. Lincoln’s White Savages were known to murder, rape, rob, and commit acts of arson against all vulnerable individuals across the Appalachian Mountains. In return, Lincoln’s legion of White Savages tasted “A War to the Knife!” from the local Appalachainites.

In response to the brutality of the White Savages, Confederate states formed units of Partisan Rangers to protect the Southern people. With the eventual arrival of regular Confederate forces, local Partisan Rangers were incorporated into the regular Confederate Army. One of my great-grandfathers got involved in the Second American Revolution by first becoming a Partisan Ranger, then later serving as an official member of a Confederate cavalry battalion that contained 75 members of his extended family along with a number of recent immigrants from Ireland. So, you see, the war in the mountains is remembered as being a family affair.

Civil War Battle
Image courtesy of lithub.com

After the Second American Revolution ran its course, the people of Appalachia went back to living their relatively isolated mountain lives, that is until they were forced into a “Multicultural American Society” which was created by Jews and unwillingly foisted on them over recent decades.

Part 8. – Conclusion

So, now it is once again time heed the call to battle for the survival of My Folk.

Have you ever seen a cypress swamp up close?  Every cypress grove begins with one tree, then more trees sprout from that original tree’s roots; after that, more trees sprout from the roots of the first set of trees that sprouted from the original tree, until all of the Cypress trees form a great interwoven and mutually supporting mass of trees. It is worth noting that a Cypress swamp is actually a single living organism that is made up of many seemingly separate trees. Well, I view the Nordic Peoples in the same way that I view the trees in an old Southern Cypress swamp — seemingly separate, but actually one living organism. In the case of Nordic Peoples, Germany is more-or-less the parent tree for everybody else.

Heil Hitler deva!

Randall Lee Hilburn


Cypress Swamp
Image courtesy of cdn.britannica.com

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  1. watch the movie “Deliverance” and take an Appallacian vacation cum grano salis. Lots of zionist in this region….and they don’t like (((racists))). Best to stick with the Northwest but to each their own

  2. Inbreeding is practiced by certain very degenerate White Trash families which aren’t representative of the the population as a whole. Hollywood movies don’t tend to be accurate portrayals of the real world. You really should know that already.
    “They don’t like racists.” Now that is just plain silly.
    The one about Zionists admittedly has a bit more substance to it. Unlike when I grew up, people are now frequently what are called Christian-Zionists. This is a serious problem which needs correcting. Which came about with the rise to power of the Evangelical Christians of the Southern Baptist Convention.

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