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Thule Society

Thule Contemplative Society of Hitler


Spare Change Bro?
Spare Some Change ?


A special thanks goes to our very few donors.

Our enemies have trillions of dollars, and they have almost every government on Earth bought off and under their control to a large degree. Our enemies also control the media in many nations, so any money that you donate to us makes a difference in the scheme of things because it helps us to function and grow our organization.

We accept donations through less conventional payment methods because we know that any credit card processor we get will simply be shut down in short order by the usual suspects.

Our enemies may have unlimited money, but we have the truth on our side, and we have a sacred power which keeps us rising up again and again!

Gibs de shekels


Option #1

The Cash APP

Cash App

Signing up for the Cash App is very easy, all you need to do is download the app onto your smartphone, then create a name for your account.

After you have created a number for your account, then you need to enter a debit card to establish a bank account where this app can source your funds. The  process of signing up for the Cash App should take less than a minute.

Unfortunately, the Cash App is only available to residents of the United States or the United Kingdom, and only people with Cash App accounts can send or receive money through this channel.

To send us money by the Cash App, just make payments to our Cash App account at: 



Panhandler #4


Option #2


gab pay image

We love GabPay and we  wholeheartedly encourage anyone and everyone to sign up for a GabPay account if they have not done so already.

In order for you to send money our way via GabPay, you must first establish a GabPay account for yourself.

Signing up for a GabPay account requires you to first establish an ACH connection between GabPay and whichever bank account you wish to use for this purpose.

In case you are not familiar with ACH, this network handles checks and direct bank-to-bank money transfers. GabPay is based on the ACH system because they cannot use any credit-card-based payment systems.

Signing up for a GabPay account involves submitting a completed short application form then confirming the specific amounts for two small bank transfers that GapPay will send to your bank account within a day or two.

To sign up for a GabPay account click here. 

Once you have established your GabPay account and connected it to your bank account, then you will need to put money in your GabPay wallet before you can make payments. When you send money by GabPay, your payments are taken from your GabPay wallet but not taken directly from your bank account.

Once you have your GabPay account set up and your wallet is filled with funds, then making payments to other GabPay accounts is lightning fast and very easy.

As of now, GabPay is only available to Americans, but Gab has assured us that their service should be available internationally at some point in early 2023.

Admittedly, GabPay is not the most convenient way to make payments in the beginning, but at least this service will not cancel your account because they dislike your opinions and beliefs.

To send us money, just make payments to our GabPay account at: 





Option #3

western union image

If you would like to make a donation by Western Union, then please send us an email message that includes the Western Union Transfer Control Number, and please specify how much money you intend to send in this same email message.

Please additionally let Brian know that your Western Union donation will be sent for the Thule Society in your same email message.

Option #1, Sending Money in Person

In case you are not familiar with the workings of Western Union, here is how the process of sending money in person works:

First, you go to the Western Union website and find the nearest Western Union location in your area. Once you have located a nearby Western Union outlet, then you visit that location during business hours.

You can go to the Western Union website by clicking here. 

Once you are at the location where you elect to send money, you need to specify the recipient’s name, city, province, and country. When you are filling out Western Union’s sending form, make sure that you have not misspelled your recipient’s name. The last part of the process involves paying the Western Union location by credit card or cash. Once your payment has been made, then Western Union will issue you a Money Control Number. It is always best to email your intended recipient the correct Western Union’s Money Control Number for that transaction so that your intended recipient can present this number when they arrive to collect the money you sent.

Option #2, Sending Money Online

Fortunately, Western Union now offers an online payment service, so you may not need to visit one of their locations in person.

Moon MOney Please









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