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Thule Contemplative Society of Hitler

Our Worldview

A worldview can be defined as a set of collective beliefs and values that gives people a sense of how the world works. So, ask yourself, “How does the world work?” In our business — that being National Socialist activism in the early 21st century — our fine comrades generally understand that international Jewry is trying to run the whole world, and our fine and courageous comrades understand that Jewish power is certainly one of planet Earth’s foremost problems. When we write about “the Jews,” this is term is just a short form for the term “Jewish establishment.” A worldview is the fundamental cognitive orientation of an individual or an entire society which encompasses the whole of an individual’s or a society’s knowledge and understanding. A worldview can include natural philosophy, fundamental, existential, and normative postulates as well as themes, values, emotions, and ethics.

This chart is structured around the six key elements of a worldview:

In summary, your worldview is a set of beliefs about the fundamental aspects of Reality which grounds and influence how you perceive, think, know, and do things. Your worldview, consists of your epistemology, your metaphysics, your cosmology, your teleology, your theology, your anthropology, and your axiology. The Jewish elite have been trying to destroy existing worldviews for all of humanity other than themselves of course, and then the Jews plan to replace these differing worldviews of others with ideologies that serve Jewish interests better than what exists in the first place.


Worldview of a Just World

We are happy that Adolf Hitler and the Germans had a word for worldview – Weltanshauung. It seems like an important duty for leaders to train people in the art of healthy thinking. The real purpose of education is train people to think in health and advantageous ways. As things change, and continue to change, and as technology changes, the entire experience of the world also changes for modern Westerners. If world views are constantly shifting due to time passing and technology changing, then we should focus on the whys and the wherefores that govern our world, and we should be pondering the nature of that that which is most important to us. We should also think about which plans we wish to put forward, so we must ask ourselves in an august fashion, what is of VALUE? We also need to ask ourselves, “What do we want a new world to be about?”

Since the title of this “manifesto” is “Worldview,” then we must state that our political worldview is National Socialism as it was created by Adolf Hitler. The believe that National Socialism offers all of humanity the best system of governance as well as the best spiritual system in recorded history. Adolf Hitler planned for the Third Reich to endure for at least 1000 years, and if his plan was not halted, then we would all be well on our way towards actualizing at least one millennium of peace and prosperity. We recommend National Socialism as a spiritual system and a method of governance for individual nations and cultures so that they may protect themselves from erasure and enslavement. We resolutely stand in complete opposition to the evil of Jewish globalism that has been rearing its ugly head over the past century. If wholesome National Socialism grows across all of the world’s nations, then a just world order will inevitably arise, and w approve of this ideal. This is the idea of the Chakravartins, which is discussed below. The future is not here yet, so for now, we say, “Sown with the Jew World Order!”

The Thule Society wishes to be a shining torch of higher truth in our current age. We also wish to outlive our current storm of Jewish censorship and we wish to help influence and guide those who are willing to hear our messages. All National Socialists are in a war against international Jewry now, and this war is primarily an information war, at least for now. We are also planning a long-term effort to pass our teachings on to future comrades after our current set of leaders have died.

Elements of Our Worldview

The present National Socialist truth movement needs inspired concentration as much as vigorous real-world activism, yet the majority of all people are not contemplative, nor do they act from a deep spiritual source as Hitler did. True, most people are conscientious, and they continually disagree among themselves, plus they are discursive — which means these people they are always talking a lot and exhausting their energies without having a clear focus. When faced with our present set of challenges, it is best to remain calm, strong, and focused, and this is the case because we wish to engender the powerful spiritual and political influences we seek.

On the common “human level” most of the world’s people are still fundamentally ignorant about the basic components of the international “Jewish Question”; therefore, the Thule Society dedicates a lot of time and energy to the task of raising awareness about the “Jewish Question” on a simple worldly level.

The “Jewish Question” is an issue that has clear worldly components which encompass matters such as Jews owning and controlling every major television network and every major newspaper in America; however, the Jewish Question originates in the higher spiritual realms. In order to truly address the “Jewish Question,” we must all begin to understand this issue from the perspective of the higher realms where it originates.

Fighting against Jewish power feels demoralizing for the small groups of people who are now trying to topple this monstrous monolith because at present Jewish power is so breathtaking in its extent and scope and Jewish power and influence extends behind the scenes in areas that many of us have not even considered. Also, Jewish social engineering never stops twisting the minds of entire populations and nations, so those who object to Jewish power and influence need to approach this topic from the perspective of Devas and Brahmas. If we learn the reality of how higher realms influence us, then this grants us a more realistic and effective way of dealing with the world’s collective Jewish problem. Without this higher view of reality, we are foolish and impotent when we fight against the entrenched Jewish establishment.

We have discussed the higher spiritual reals a bit, now let us get back down to Earth, after stating that bad Devas control and lead Jewish power, our worldview holds that within the human realm the Jewish elite are trying to take over the world and they are the most powerful group of human beings. No one else comes close to having the institutional and financial power as that of the Jews. Yes, there are non-Jewish people who hold great worldly power and wealth; however, these people are simply working as junior partners to the Jews, or they are working in harmony with the Jewish establishment. The Jews are the one and only group that has managed to almost completely taken over the world. Presently, are not two groups or three groups or more who are all fighting it out for world power; no, there is only one group who truly controls the world and this group is unified into one grand conspiracy that is behind 101 interlinked conspiracies, and this group of people we are referring to is none other than the JEWS! Once you deeply understand that Jews pretty much control every nexus of power or influence in our world, then your understanding of everything else falls into place and the world finally starts to makes sense. At this point, there is a sprawling and continuously growing list the most powerful organizations that work behind the scenes to control the United States and the rest of our world: these organizations in question all all conceived and created by Jews.

The Royal Institute for International Affairs (RIIA)

The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR)

The Trilateral Commission (TLC)

The Bilderberg Group

The Club of Rome

The Vatican

The List goes on and on….

You can research a staggering list of organizations and then discover that Rothschild Zionist Talmudists all work together to further their Jewish goal of enslaving the world. From example, The United Nations and the European Union are all part of this same Jewish Talmudist scheme. We are not going to take up too much space and too much of your time presenting evidence of this truth because this document is mainly concerned with presenting our organization’s fundamental worldview. In this writing, we are simply explaining the summation of our thinking over a period of decades.

There are the many Jewish organizations across all the countries of the world; for example, B’nai Birith has been around since 1843 in the United States, and in America there is also the Anti-Defamation League, the American Jewish Congress, AIPAC (the American Israel Public Affairs Committee), and countless other Jewish-controlled alphabet organizations. The CFR anoints future American presidents and this organization has a lockdown on policy concerning what the United States government does. The Jewish-controlled Council of Foreign Relations is so powerful that before President Kennedy went to Dallas, the CFR was preparing memos to submit to soon-to-be President Lyndon Johnson for the following Monday morning. The Jews have breathtaking control over the US and all Western governments, so any and all members of the United States Congress are pressured into swearing an oath of loyalty to Israel, which is actually a treasonous action.

Machiavelli was right. Once a man comes to power, his most dangerous enemy is not the king across the border, it is his own brothers who brought him into power.”  – Lyndon Banes Johnson.

The Jews use an old “divide and rule strategy;” for example, “The Cold War” between the Zionist-American Empire and the Communist Bolshevik Communist Russian Empire, which was commonly called The Soviet Union, was not genuine, and the Rothschilds controlled the West as well as the Soviet Union in order to scare the world with the threat of nuclear war which served to give the Rothschilds even greater control over the world, and this same deception also gave the Rothschilds the ability to make even larger piles of money on arms manufacturing.

For the Jews in general, and the Rothschilds in particular, their most concise playbook is “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion”. The Protocols of the Elders of Zion is the most concise description of the methods that the Jewish elite use to take over the world, and the plans outlined in this writing have been mostly fulfilled during the past 120 years.

Sources for Jewish Power

There is plenty of evidence to prove that Jews control much of our world, and if you have any doubts about this assertion, then we recommend that you Google this information, or we recommend that you just type a few key words into YouTube’s search engine; this will be a great teacher. Jewish supremacism is the belief that the Jews are religiously, morally, intellectually, and/or genetically superior to everyone else. The religion of Talmudic Judaism itself claims that the Jews are a people “chosen” by God above the rest of humanity. Jewish Talmudism also teaches its followers that gentiles are merely donkeys who are placed here on Earth/Midgard to serve Jews. A definition of Jewish supremacism is, “The belief, theory or doctrine; which can be explicitly or implicitly stated in either communication or behavior, that the Jewish people are manifestly superior to all others and should aspire to aggressively acquire and retain complete control of all power relationships practically extent in the world.

Note: Michael Hoffman Jr. is a good source of information about the Jewish Talmud and what this body of writing teaches. Aside from the writings of Michael Hoffman, there are all the instances from history (Bolsheviks, Ukraine starvation, etc.), including recent happenins in Israel, that illustrate how the Jews actually practice the rotten teachings contained in their rotten Talmud book.  Then there is all the holo-hoax material and other lies promulgated by Jewry.  A great source of information concerning the lies that Jews spread is http://www.jewwatch.com – this is an incredible website; you will be amazed by the content found here!

There’s Solszenitzyn’s book, “Two Hundred Years Together”.


Prof. Kevin MacDonald – Psychologist, book, “Culture of Critique”

Jewish supremacist thinking may be related to the ethnocentrism described in the Jewish group evolutionary strategy.

See many YouTube videos at “Prof. Kevin MacDonald”, also go to




Dr. E. Michael Jones, is a Catholic and a university professor with many YouTube videos and books. Dr. Jones is not afraid to say the word “Jews” and he advocates for reopening the same dialogue that Jews and Catholics had for centuries until the 1890’s. His website is http://culturewars.com/


The Protocols of the Elders of Zion





The Jewish-controlled mainstream media lies about our world’s history, and most of our society’s institutions simply go along with these lies, such as schools, universities, and the entertainment industrial complex. Our society has lied to us about countless matters; for example, Jews have suppressing the truth about racial differences as well as gender differences; however, the Jewish-controlled establishment has also lied to us all about such matters as the real story behind 9/11 and the assignation of America’s president John F. Kennedy. Sure, the Jewish establishment peddles outright lies, however, what the Jewish media and Jewish “educational” establishments do not discuss is as significant as what they do discuss. Instead of educating us about relevant political, scientific, and cultural issues, the Jewish establishment always works to fill our heads with frivolous entertainment and sports and they deliberately avoid discussing spiritual teachings that would strengthen peoples’ souls.

Going back further, the Jewish establishment has lied to us about WW II and Adolf Hitler among other things. Hitler was really a “good guy,” and it was actually “the Allies” who were the real bad guys during World War II. The Thule Society believes that knowing the truth about Adolf Hitler is an important key for achieving the human race’s liberation from Jewish tyranny. The Thule Society also believes that the truth about Adolf Hitler is the single biggest truth in world history, and we also believe that spreading the truth about Adolf Hitler is now one of the most difficult nuts to crack due to the world having suffered 80 years of ubiquitous Jewish propaganda which does nothing except vilify and demonize Adolf Hitler. Likewise, so many other significant events in human history have been buried by the Jews or presented to us as lies by the Jews; this list of distorted Jewish historical narratives includes bogus accounts of the French Revolution, false stories about the founding of the United States, and lies about the destruction of the Roman Empire.

Learning the truth about our world’s ancient history offers some of the most important opportunities for collective spiritual liberation from Jewish tyranny. For example, there is conclusive proof that our Earth supported advanced ancient global civilizations prior to 12,900 years ago; however, this information is being kept from us by malevolent Jews. All the remarkable gifts of our ancient inheritances are being robbed from us by the Rothschild Zionist Talmudists. One example of our ancient past being robbed from us relates to the massive stone monuments of extreme antiquity that were placed with advanced precision all over the world. The ancient stone monuments include many sites with stone pyramids which are also located on a global grid. These ancient stone pyramids were used as some kind of energy transformer and energy generation system The same ancient technology that built the world’s network of stone pyramids was ahead of our own technology, so not surprisingly, the Jewish establishment is keeping this opportunity for free and clean energy locked away from the world because they want to keep us all ignorant, impoverished, and enslaved!


Michael Cremo


Book: Forbidden Archeology – The Hidden History of the Human Race



http://cosmology.com/ReligionExtraterrestrialLife.html :


The Lost History Channel TKTC



Disclosed Truth TV


There are important qualities to the ancient world that need to be understood, such as the fact that much of what they achieved was better, higher, and more virtuous than what our society has achieved today, so the past is a role model for us to strive towards for our future. The fact that past civilizations achieved great things constitutes yet another reason why Jewish supremacists desperately want to hide our past from us. Once humanity collectively learns that something great was accomplished in the past, then we all become collectively motivated to achieve such things once more, and the Jewish supremacists certainly do not want us to achieve great things again. The Jewish establishment does not want to human race to accomplish great things again because such accomplishments spoil their agenda for world enslavement.

Buddhist records and ancient Indian historical accounts both describe times when the whole world was governed by more than one just and popular ruler, and these old spiritual rulers and kings were called Chakravartins. The Chakravartin ruled because they possessed superior levels of dhamma, and they were given mandates to rule because they always spoke the truth, and because they offered truly wise guidance.

The Buddha (Prince Gautama) described past ages where people were incredibly virtuous and they lived correspondingly long lifespans that lasted for more than 100,000 years! Today, people have deteriorated to a state of moral degradation; therefore, we now typically live short lifespans which are only measured in a few meager decades. During periods distinguished by human life spans that average 20,000 years or more, a Chakravartin can appear in the world. Many accounts discuss Chakravartins and their crews sledding around in magical flying vehicles which are often referred to as Vayamas. Some people interpret talk of Vayamas to mean that Chakravartins were cruising around in what we would call today “flying saucers” or UFOs. Stories of great ancient rulers fluttering about in flying saucers indicates that higher consciousness is associated with UFOs, which is a commonly held view within the field of UFOlogy today.

The truth about the Chakravartins gives us an absolute goal for humanity, plus knowledge of these ancient rulers gives all of us an ideal to strive towards. Adolf Hitler was like a mini Chakravartin when he led Germany. Instead of just fighting Jewish power and being negative about what is going wrong in the world today, studying the life of Adolf Hitler gives us something positive to strive for above everything else. Such a glorious world as that envisioned by Adolf Hitler cannot be achieved during our lifetimes, nor during one single lifetime for that matter; however, it still helps to know that humanity is capable of soaring to unimaginably great heights. The concept of the Chakravartins should be repeated over and over so that people do not despair and forget about this very idea.


We believe that the ancient glorious epochs that were filled with uplifted and advanced civilizations were led by White people — all races are not created equal! Telling the truth about matters of race is also part of the Thule Society’s worldview. Prince Gautama, who was otherwise known as “the Buddha,” was an Aryan who had blue eyes and golden skin. He said that he taught “the Aryan path, or the ‘Aryan way’.” Racial reality has been collectively drummed out of our heads for over a century by Jewish-controlled anthropology departments at universities, as well as in other fields of university academia, plus the Jewish media machinery and the multi-trillion-dollar Jewish entertainment industrial complex has done everything it could to convince the public that every one of the world’s races has the same fundamental temperament and the same exact intellectual abilities. To learn more about the facts of race, we invite you to compare the inventions, creativity, and leadership of White people against that of the Blacks in Africa who have invented very little and killed each other to a much greater degree than anyone else ever has.

Many spiritual and cultural teachings tell us about natural order and hierarchy; yet today, Jewish elites turn natural laws upside down and attempt to subvert nature itself, and in so doing, they stand against the people who are the best and most capable. Jews want to strike-down the White race so that they can ruthlessly rule the entire world for themselves. In a just world with a Chakravartin ruler, White people would be the leading race and all other races would be respected and cared for within a natural hierarchy.

Planet Earth does not have wise rulership today for many reasons; however, Jewish influence is one of the biggest reasons why we must live under regimes who make such poor decisions from the top downward, and virtually every country is now being dominated behind the scenes by Jewish power. Presently, White people are under attack psychologically and physically through such measures as weaponized mass immigration and deliberate attempts to erase European culture and heritage, so European people must now defend themselves. Jewish elites are attacking all other races besides Whites as well, so all races must unite to topple Jewish power from our planet. It is best to present people with only one enemy and that enemy is the Rothschild Zionist Talmudists.

The Kali Yuga

The Kali Yuga is primarily a Hindu belief, but some Buddhists believe in this idea as well. The belief in a Kali Yuga holds that planet Earth is currently on a downward trend within a long-term trend of cycles where humanity gets better, then gets worse again, then gets better, than gets worse again, then gets better again, etc. If we are in fact living in the middle of a downward cycle, then Mara rules this world and his power has grown since the time the Buddha Guetama defeated him 2,500 years ago. The Brahma-vaivarta Purana has words spoken by Lord Krishna to Mother Ganga just before the beginning of the Kali Yuga (the age of quarrel and strife). The Kali Yuga began approximately five thousand years ago, and it has a duration of 432,000 years, which leaves us with 427,000 years until the end of our present age. If the old Hindu prophesies about our present age are correct, then we can predict that Mara will continue to grow even stronger in the coming years.

There may be positive upswings during our times which are temporary, such as the arrival of Adolf Hitler; however, if the Hindu predictions and prophecies are correct, then we will all simply fall back into darkness again soon enough after brief stints of enlightenment. That having been said, Prince Gautama also noted that this process of ages and cycles does not necessarily have to strictly adhere to a prescribed trend because the future is uncertain. If we really are on a downward spiral, then all attempts to topple Jewish power in the past three centuries have been counteracted and we will continue to lose every battle on every front in the future. Some people may say that we are now winning the internet’s information war, and we are also continually hearing the mantra, “People are waking up! People are waking up!” None the less, no one seems to know if 10% of the population is waking up, if 3% of the population is starting to wake up, or if less than 1% of the population is now starting to wake up.

Buddhism is realistic and this belief system offers its followers ways to be genuinely happy even if the whole world is going down the toilet. Even if the world is truly going to hell, your personal karma can still be quire virtuous and you can still personally look forward to a happier rebirth if you do good things in your present lifetime.

Secret Space Program

NASA (National Air and Space Agency) has been a ruse since this organization’s very beginning back in 1958. Despite what you might have heard, NASA’s real purpose is to deceive the world into believing that these people are riding on the cutting edge of mankind’s space technology. Despite public appearances and despite loads of Jewish propaganda, during the space race of the Cold War era, the Soviet Union and the United States were both controlled by the Rothschilds, so NASA never represented a genuinely separate space program from that of Russia, and as stated, there was never a genuine cold war either.

There is a good chance that since the Roswell flying saucer crash in 1947, the Rothschilds-controlled Americans have been reverse engineering UFOs. Since at least the 1960s, the Zionist-American Empire has been flying their own man-made flying saucers because the Zio-American Empire actually has a breathtaking secret space program that is under joint alien/Rothschild control which is also transnational. The Zio-American secret space program may have no loyalty to any particular country, except perhaps Israel.

The Jewish problem is bigger than what most Jew-wise comrades on our side tend to think. Most of our National Socialist comrades respond as such when asked who really controls their governments, “So, who controls our governments? …… Well, duh! It’s the Jews!!” Since the Rothschild Zionist Talmudists control our governments, they also control UFO secrecy. Alien abductions are also a true reality that the Jews are trying to keep secret — there can be no other logical conclusion! UFOlogists keep harping on about wanting disclosure, but “disclosure” means that we all know about alien contact and alien technology, and knowing means that countless national governments all know that we the people know about the UFO issue.

We want as many national governments as possible to disclose what they have known about UFOs since at least 1947, and this issue is a really the BIG DEAL in UFOlogy. An honest disclosure about UFOs and alien technology would reveal the dazzling advanced technology that many national governments have reverse engineered from contact with aliens, and this technology includes the craft featured in our secret space programs. If national governments truly went public with their pirated alien technology, then the public would clamor for the goodies wrought from this technology, and in turn many of humanity’s ancient problems such as poverty and sickness would dissolve to a great degree.

Full disclosure of all alien technologies would reveal that for decades we have had free energy technology at our disposal, which means that we now have the capability to generate electricity at practically no cost without producing any pollution. Virtually unlimited free energy could turn desserts into farmland, build inspiring architecture, and produce true engineering marvels, such as we see in the remnants of the ancient world with the pyramids and the stone monuments of Gobekli Tepe in Turkey. Having access to free energy also gives humanity the tools needed to travel across the stars and to colonize planets in other solar systems.

There are countless great sources of evidence proving that many national governments possess truly advanced alien technology, and this information is available in the form of books and websites. In fact, there is so much evidence for UFOs that there is an embarrassment of riches on this subject along with a mountain of evidence! Our society tries to ridicule, suppress, and marginalize anyone who discusses UFOs and they deliberately suppressed alien technologies; however, what we say still remains true. Even some of our sincere National Socialist comrades still ridicule and marginalize people who discuss the issue of UFOs; however, what we say remains true.

In conclusion, you now know what the Thule Society believes concerning certain key issues, and you know what our society’s priorities are for the future. Jewish power is the same as Mara within the context of Buddhist teachings because when the Buddha defeated Mara there was no bloodshed; When Gautama defeated Mara, Guatama simply saw Mara and said, “I see you Mara”. When Mara is truly seen, this is when Mara becomes truly powerless because Mara is only powerful when he is able to deceive. When Mara has no power to deceive, then Mara has no power at all; therefore, the Thule Society works to topple Jewish power by spreading enlightenment and awareness.

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