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Evil Donald Trump

Is Donald Trump Actually the Anti-Christ?

TRUMP AS DAJJAL  &   TRUMPISM AS A SYSTEM OF GOVERNANCE Concerning Donald Trump’s recent staged and fake assassination attempt, the technical details of how this particular piece of political theater was performed is one factor out of many. One could certainly

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Class Tensions Article Cover

Can National Socialism Erase Economic Class Tensions?

TOWARDS A CLASSLESS SOCIETY WITH ADOLF HITLER   (Being A Follow Up to My Previous Blog “Surviving the Ax Age”) Part One – Introduction to Aristocracy/Nobility   There are three forms of Aristocracy, depending on what the aristocracy is based

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Adolf Hitler with Peace Sign

Was Adolf Hitler Actually a Pacifist?

  Was Adolf Hitler A Pacifist? Adolf Hitler’s reputation as a peace maker or pacifist is a topic of contention among historians. While some argue that Hitler had shown anti-war sentiments in his early political career, others emphasize his subsequent

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Nazi UFO Cover image

Does the Luftwaffe have Spiritual Roots?

UFO’S and the REBIRTH of the LUFTWAFFE Part 1. The Conventional and “Factual” History of The Luftwaffe The Luftwaffe was the most National Socialist of the three regular branches within the Third Reich’s gestaltic military machine: the Wehrmacht (Army), the

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National Socialist UFOs

Will The Imperial German Space Program Fly Again?

The Imperial German Space Program, once a subject of great intrigue and speculation, has long faded into the annals of history. Despite ambitious aspirations, it ultimately met its demise amidst the chaos of World War I. While its contributions were

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Viking Pepe 2

Are You Prepared to Survive the Axe Age?

SURVIVING THE AXE AGE (Kali Yuga) (Being A Preface to My Soon Coming Article “Towards A Classless Society with Adolf Hitler”)   Introduction – What is the Axe Age? According to my Norse Seer Predecessors, the Battle of Ragnarok takes

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General Pepe Cover Image

Is America Inching Towards a Military Dictatorship?

ADOLF HITLER, THE WEHRMACHT, AND MILITARY COUPS (A Lesson for Present-Day Americans)   Part One – Why Bring This Up? I am beginning to hear rumblings from reliable sources that certain elements within the hierarchy of the Zio-American Empire’s military

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self improvement cover image

A Hyperborean Program for Self-Actualization

By Loki…   HYPERBOREAN   PROGRAM Index ➤ Self  ➤ World  ➤ Enemy  “A Self that is stripped of every moral and every dogma that is indifferent to the deceptions of the world but open to the memory of the blood will be able to gallantly march towards the Origin and no force in the universe will be capable of stopping it.” -Nimrod de Rosario   Introduction This work is a presentation of a basic program that leads the asleep toward a state of wakefulness, the domesticated towards the state of a warrior Berserker who is along the path of immortality against the Will of  “The One” the “God” of monotheism who is the Demiurge. It prescribes a basic template for the transmutation of the aspirant into an Immortal Siddha. However, it is not a cowardly flight from reality but the doorway to Eternity, a black hole toward the Green Ray beyond the spatio-temporal density of ‘The One,”

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Lone World Article Cover

Should you Work as a Lone Wolf Activist?

➤ A NOTE FROM THE PRESIDENT: This article was written by our man in Argentina, Franco. The information in this publication is perhaps a bit less relevant for Americans because America still has a quasi-functioning constitution that still guarantees freedom

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