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Is America Inching Towards a Military Dictatorship?


(A Lesson for Present-Day Americans)


Part One – Why Bring This Up?

I am beginning to hear rumblings from reliable sources that certain elements within the hierarchy of the Zio-American Empire’s military are planning to seize control of the empire’s government and set up Donald Trump as the empire’s new president. Let me make myself perfectly clear, this is neither an attempt to vilify Donald Trump, nor is this an attempt to defend Joe Biden who is a man that I heartily detest by the way. What I am discussing at this time is meant to serve as a warning about the danger that is inherent in letting a military determine who is and who is not going to be the head of a country, especially if the Zio-American military becomes the kingmaker as they will likely succeed in doing. I intend to contrast this with the German approach towards such matters. (I had originally planned to work on something else first, but then this topic just came up, so this discussion is something that I felt needed to deal with straight away.)

Donald trump Wojak
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Part Two – The Pretext

The pretext falls into two areas: First, the Zio-American Empire’s present military is becoming too sissified, wussified, and pussified to suit these Zio-American wannabe military strongmen. The other is more in the nature of a downright lie.

According to Donald Trump AND his Generals, the Zio-American empire was winning the war in Afghanistan when he left office, then Biden and the Democrats took over which then sissified the military and gave the whole game away. This version of events ignores the fact that the war was lost years ago anyway, even before Trump ever assumed the largely symbolic office of the Zio-American president, and this war in Afghanistan was likely always anyway. While occupying Afghanistan, the Zio-American empire committed the blunder of reinforcing its defeat which is always what happens under such circumstances when military campaigns turn into disastrous routs. Let us face the facts, the Afghans have been conducting successful guerilla warfare campaigns against strong invaders for at least 3,000 years, so these people are not exactly greenhorns at the guerilla warfare shuffle.

Taliban vs Soyjak
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Here are the original and only purposes for the Zio-American invasion of Afghanistan in number order:

(1) To build an oil pipeline from Turkmenistan (which is an oil-rich Zio-American puppet state), across Afghanistan to the port of Karachi in Pakistan. After the Taliban began to ask more for the right-of-way to use this proposed overland oil pipeline than the Zio-American empire was willing to pay, this act helped to spark a military invasion from the Zio-American empire and its lackey suzerains. This Zio-American plan to build an oil pipeline from Turkmenistan through Afghanistan to the coastline of Pakistan went belly-up after Zio-American bullying alienated Pakistan who is a nuclear power.

(2) Afghanistan had at the time the world’s largest known deposits of lithium ore, but as of now they are second only to Bolivia in this regard. Lithium is used in both batteries and detonators for hydrogen bombs, so big business has a keen interest in maintaining a constant supply of lithium. Afghanistan, which is commonly called “The Graveyard of Empires” also holds the world’s largest deposits of a number of rare earth metals which are used in various high-tech weapons and other gadgetry such as cellular telephones and personal computers. Again, the Taliban was asking just too damn much for themselves as far as Uncle Sam was concerned, so old Uncle Sam figured, “Why pay for Afghanistan’s resources when we can just take them? China has come along now and the Chinese are agreeing to pay the Taliban’s asking price for these natural resources, which is yet another case of Washington cutting off their noses to spite their faces.

Afghan Soyjak
Image courtesy of historica.fandom.com

(3) The Zio-American Empire also invaded and occupied Afghanistan to protect opium production in this country. Afghanistan was by far the world’s largest producer of opium until the Taliban decided that it was their religious duty to stamp out the opium production in their country. The Zio-American empire depends on the international opium trade to fund their various black ops around the planet, and the Zio-American empire still uses their secret opiate trade so that nobody has to go to Congress and ask for funds.

Heroin Pepe
Image courtesy of warosu.org

The Zio-Americans have repeated to themselves “USA No.1” so often that they began to see this trope as a given truth; therefore, they simply could not handle being bested by a ragtag army of despised “Ragheads.” The word “Raghead” is the term that the Zio-American military applies to the non-Jewish inhabitants of the Middle East. That or the term “Sand- Niggers” is often used to describe non-Jewish Middle Easterners. By contrast, the Israelis are always referred to most touchingly as “Our Only Ally in the Middle East” by the Zio-American empire’s military establishment.


Part Thee- Living by the Sword; The Zio-American Empire’s Military from the Late 1950s Onwards

This fine little problem actually originates with the establishment of the National Security State in the years immediately after World War II when the Zio-American empire’s military organizations were brought under one central administration, which is the Department of Defense, with the frequently-rogue US Air Force also eventually being established as being part of the Zio-American empire’s Department of Defense. The so-called Intelligence State (CIA, etc.) was also established as part of this new order. The private/pirate-sector collection of corporations and contractors of all sizes also grew to become the Military/Industrial Complex in its present-day incarnation, and this private/pirate sector “defense” industry is also part of the Zio-American Department of Defense (war). This founding of the Zio-American Department of Defense (DOD) and its concomitant private/pirate sector military industrial complex coincided, not by accident I am sure, with some other events.

General Wojak
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The United Nations, was indeed founded to be a One World Government, BUT WHAT ALMOST NOBODY HAS EVER REALIZED, is that this organization was originally intended to operate under the control of the Zio-American empire’s government that is headquartered in Washington D.C. In truth, the United Nations was actually created specially to serve as an instrument of Zio-American foreign policy. I discovered this fact by looking at Zio-American diplomatic correspondence with the other World War II “Allies.” Interestingly, by the end of World War II, members of the “Allies” ALWAYS referred to their alliance as THE UNITED NATIONS. At the end of World War II, this conflict was also being spoken of as a contest between the “Axis Powers” and the “United Nations,” which were no longer being referred to as individual states.

The establishment of the state of Israel took place under the auspices of the Zio-American-controlled United Nations, although Zionist influence over US foreign policy was tremendous from the administration of Woodrow Wilson onwards; that having been said, this Zionist control over the American Empire would not become absolute until the assassination of John Kennedy at which point Israel and the United States became a single country for all intents and purposes.

Sojak soldier
Image courtesy of Gem Defender on steam community.com 

The launching of the Cold War, which was originally done by Winston Churchill, was used as an excuse for the establishment and continuation of the National Security State. Although this fact was kept hidden from the masses in various Western countries, the existential threat posed by the Soviet Union ended when Stalin began to force the Jews out of positions of power within the USSR.

What developed across the Western nations and the Zio-American empire in particular over time from the late 1940’s to the late 1950’s was a group of senior military officers who essentially lived by the sword. This group of officers believed that the Zio-American empire existed solely to support the military, and the taxpayers were there just to fund the military. This same group also believed that war should be engaged in for its own sake and to establish one’s superiority over the other militaries of the world, with the exception of Israel of course. In the case of Israel, the Zio-American empire’s national security state would merge with the Zio-American empire’s military establishment over the course of time. This merger between the Zio-American empire’s military establishment and Israel’s military establishment originally involved only a few rogue individuals; however, the number of people involved in this rotten merger grew over time to their present dominant position.

Average Soldier
Image courtesy of the r/AirForce forum on reddit.com

This quest to be unchallenged No.1 in war on the part of certain Zio-American Air Force generals in the late 50’s would grow into an effort to instigate an all-out nuclear war with the USSR in order to prove their superiority over the Russians. In the 1950’s the US Army War College launched a study which was assisted by a number of former generals and senior staff officers of the Wehrmacht, and in this study a hypothetical conventional ground war within the Soviet Union itself was analyzed. The conclusion from this study of a hypothetical invasion of the Soviet Union was that the Zio-American empire simply could not succeed in an attempt to invade the Soviet Union. Logically, if the Zio-American empire had to deter the Russians in some manner, then nuclear weapons presented the most attractive option, except engaging in a direct nuclear contest with the USSR was an exchange which neither side could win.

In light of a potential nuclear war’s fundamentally unwinnable nature, many senior civilian officials within the Zio-American government began to seek some sort of understanding with the Soviets in order to prevent an unwinnable nuclear World War III from coming to pass and potentially ending much of the life on planet Earth in the process.

Public interlocutors working for for these rogue military elements would often appear to be civilians, and these people would frequently accuse civilian peacemakers of being “Soft on Communism ” or even accuse their rightful critics of being “Fellow Travelers in Communism.” They would also accuse these well-meaning peacemakers as being outright “Closet Communists” in hopes garnering public support for a military confrontation with the Soviet Union. Luckily, these rogue elements with the Zio-American military-industrial complex lacked the needed support among the highest levels of the military to make their evil schemes a reality, that and president John F. Kennedy dismissed one of these key individuals from his position.

Image of JFK courtesy of Murphy Elliott on pixels.com 

These rogue Zio-American military elements wanted to turn the Cuban Missile Crisis into an all-out World War III, but President John F. Kennedy by-passed them. When afterwards Kennedy began to broach the subject of negotiating an end to the Cold War with Kruschev and Russia and Kennedy also began to launch a peaceful and scientific joint space program with the USSR, the Zio-American war-hawks began to think in terms of assassination for Mr. Kennedy. Others were also involved in president Kennedy’s assassination, but the Zio-American military war-hawks would play a prominent part in this conspiracy.

Kennedy was also going to end ALL US involvement in Vietnam, plus he canceled the planned Zio-American invasion of Cuba which was intended to put the corrupt dictator Batista back in power and open the door for the return of Meyer Lansky’s Jewish mafia into every aspect of Cuban life. Fidel Castro had recently kicked the Jewish Lansky criminal gang out of Cuba, so international Jewry was fairly sore with Mr. Castro at that time.

Fidel Castro
Image courtesy of emoji.gg


Groups involved in the Kennedy Assassination:

(1) The National Security State

(2) Meyer Lansky’s Criminal Syndicate

(3) Anti-Castro Cubans

(4) Israel’s Mossad – Because Kennedy was blocking Israel from obtaining Nuclear Weapons. 



Part Four – My Personal Observations from within the Zio-American Military

I left the service in 1980 and I was already hearing talk at that time about the need for a military government in the United States. Perhaps this military government would speak through a nominal civilian head, but the body of this new government would be the military who would be wielding the genuine power behind the scenes. Essentially, under this arrangement the civilian veneer of the government would only exist to handle the absolutely necessary civilian matters that the military junta did not want to be bothered with. For a society like I have been referring to actually take shape, the obstacles at the time which kept the Zio-American empire from experiencing a military takeover existed in three general areas. In order of importance being:

(1) There were still too many general and flag officers (admirals) who were still loyal to their oaths that committed them to upholding the US Constitution which mandates civilian control of the military.

Founding Father Pepe
Image courtesy of Slav-Art on redbubble.com 

(2) The leadership of the three militaries: Army, Navy, and Air Force, including the would-be conspirators simply did not trust one other enough to establish a true military government. Just witness what was soon to happen with the Grenada clown show: The Marines were/are a branch of the Navy. The Coast Guard at the time was still under the US Treasury Department, so this organization was not part of the National Security State, but that all changed after the big terrorist attack that happened back on 9/11/2001.

(3) Back then, most of us rank-and-file service personnel would have actively opposed a military takeover because our military was just coming off of defeat in Vietnam, the Mayaguez Incident (a humiliation at the hands of Cambodia), and the debacle involving the hostages in Iran. All of these previously mentioned outcomes stemming from just plain corrupt and incompetent leadership to one degree or another, especially at the level of the Pentagon whose RAMPANT MILITARISM many of us were opposed to because we had to exist with it every day for so many years.

Sailor Pepe
Image courtesy of the r/navy forum on reddit.com 

I am trying to warn people about the dangers of living by the sword. My heartfelt conviction is that times and people have changed and there is now sufficient support for a successful military coup, even though a certain degree of “civil war” within the military is likely to be involved. Over the years, militarists have been steadily eating away at the Zio-American empire’s relict Constitutional Government and they have been laying the groundwork for a seizure of power which they are finally going to attempt at some, likely soon to occur, opportune moment.


Part Five – The German Experience

 I will be discussing the Regular German Army (Wehrmacht), which though it had an enormous influence on the Waffen SS was still separate from the Waffen SS. The men who served in the Waffen SS of course took an oath to serve Adolf Hitler personally. By contrast, the Wehrmacht took an oath to serve only the constitutional head of the greater German state, which happened to be Adolf Hitler. This is one of the main reasons why Hitler insisted on only coming to power by legal means. As long as Hitler was alive, the Wehrmacht was bound by their oath to support him. Afterwards they were bound by oath to support his legitimate successor, Admiral Donitz. The self-serving cowards and traitors who illegally surrendered the Third Reich to the “Allies” had actually violated their sacred oaths and had no legitimate authority to do so. I wonder how they are enjoying Helheim since they have forsaken honor? The Allies had to abolish the Wehrmacht altogether to render their oaths null and void.

Wehrmacht wojak
Image courtesy of PPercival on deviantart.com 

The Wehrmacht was strictly non-political, just as its Imperial and Prussian predecessors. Military coups and governments were totally alien to the Wehrmacht’s philosophy because the very rigorous training they all received in German military academies resulted in the young cadets internalizing the idea that they were the servants of the Folk along with the state within which they lived and its legitimate head of state. These cadets would of course have their own political beliefs, but they were duty bound to keep the army out of politics and politics out of the army; period, the lies told by “Allied” and international Jewish propaganda notwithstanding.

After Napoleon had largely humiliated and destroyed the old Prussian army at the Battles of Jena and Auerstadt, Queen Louisa of Prussia succeeded in appointing two of her friends and advisors, Scharnhorst and Gneisenau, to begin the difficult task of recreating a new and infinitely improved Prussian Army. Though they were both of relatively young ages for senior Prussian staff officers of that time, these two colleagues and friends were destined to change the world because they were both absolute geniuses when it came to the military philosophy of armies and their operation as systems. From the Prussian Army that finally defeated Napoleon, through the legendary Imperial German Army of World War I, continuing along with the Third Reich’s famed Wehrmacht and indirectly through the Waffen SS, we see the fruits of their labor. Technology was constantly changing but the basic system remained the same. Until the end of the Cold War, the West German Army (Bundeswehr) was the best army in NATO because it also operated according to the same system tried-and-true system.

West German Wojak
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Amongst the reforms instituted by Scharnhorst and Gneisenau was the depoliticization of the army like I have been discussing. Part of the reason for the decisive defeats at the hands of Napoleon, who was a first-class military genius, was an army leadership (politicians in uniform) that was more concerned with politics than with winning wars, which is not unlike what the present-day US military has become, and with similar results. Until near the end of World War II, the German Navy (Kreigsmarine) traditionally had ships named after Scharnhorst and Gneisenau. The Zio-American empire has forbidden the German Kreigsmarine from naming any more ships after these two men because, so they say, it glorifies German militarism and indirectly validates the Third Reich.


Part Six – Conclusion: Welcome to the Ax Age

Viking seers once foretold of a time of climate upheaval which will result in mass starvation worldwide. Could this be the result of weather engineering run amok as it is doing so now? According to these same old seers, immediately following this time of famine and just ahead of the Battle of Ragnarok comes a period of time they refer to as the Ax Age which has many parallels with the later stages of the Kali Yuga (Spiritual Dark Age) in the Hindu Tradition.

The Ax Age shall involve, for the purposes of our present discussion, a period of pointless and irrational conflict, violence, and warfare. “A time when there will be no honor to be gained by combat” as the Axe Age is described according to the old Viking seers. In reality, the Vikings considered combat for no constructive purpose to be dishonorable and a quick ticket to Helheim (the World of the Dishonorable Dead). My contention is that this whole Zio-American military coup and their way of living by the sword is just a natural product of The Ax Age that we are now living through. While we cannot change the “Spirit of the Times,” we had better not let ourselves get caught up in the spirit of the Axe Age either.

Psycho woman
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Heil Hitler deva!

Randall Lee Hilburn





On Fri, Feb 9, 2024 at 4:30 PM Mukunda dasa <mukunda.dasa@prabhupada-krishna.co.uk> wrote:


Thought i would send out the link from my video from 7th Novemeber 2018. Well worth a watch.




America is now getting closer and closer to the position of Germany just after the first world war, before Hitler came into power. The difference between Germany then and America now is that not only do American’s with their natural revolutionary spirit have the right to bear arms, but they are also blessed by the appearance of a pure devotee of the Lord on their land. His powerful spiritual message has also purified their hearts to various degrees, so when the second Hitler like figure comes amongst them, to lead them, then their power will be unstoppable.

Mukunda Dasa,
Currently, the United States is controlled by a  Z.O.G. (Zionist Occupation Government) and led by Benjamin Netanyahu. As long as this condition exists, it makes Absolutely No Difference at all who the erstwhile US President is or who the next president will be because all American presidents have been taking their orders from whomsoever is running things in Tel Aviv for decades. Revolution is the only solution to this occupation, and I have absolutely no doubt that the US population is going to be pushed into it by those in charge at some point; specifically, Jews along with their cohorts, sympathizers, and lackeys, but American culture unfortunately glorifies extreme individualism which will always gravitate against any large-scale organized resistance. North America’s population is far more likely to get a dog-eat-dog for to free-for-all (aka like in the book and movie “The Road”) along with total anarchy and the collapse of organized society as opposed to any coherent sort of a revolution in the classical sense.
Mad Max Car
Image courtesy of pinterest.com 
I am not disagreeing with Prabhupada nor yourself, but I am just saying that revolutionaries must be practical people, and they must not be governed by their emotions or by wishful thinking. Speaking from practical personal experience, most “Militia Types” may be good fighters as individuals, but they are also extreme individualists similar to Bakunin style anarchists with Rambo complexes who are resistant to discipline and governed by their egos and raw emotions. America’s militia types lack the leadership, discipline, organization, training, and equipment that are needed to take on a modern military, as opposed to the police. Any resistance movement will get itself quickly infiltrated by undercover agents and agent provocateurs from the FBI, CIA, and Mossad whenever it starts to get moving in earnest, and the agencies mentioned earlier are essentially just three faces of the same body, which is the Mossad.  Of course, there will be a few defections from the military, although nowhere near enough to alter the fundamental power relationship between loyalists and rebels. However, probably about half of all American law enforcement personnel will support the revolution, which will inevitably create a small civil war within different police factions.
Militia Pepe
Image courtesy of Dina Aliend on pinterest.com 
While it is certainly true that the American population is heavily armed; however, historically revolutions have benefitted greatly when they had support from regular forces. In the first American revolution, the French Regulars were quite an asset to the struggling colonists, and without help from the French Regulars, the early Americans never could have won their independence, even as considering how effective as some individual battalions such as the Kentucky Long Rifles were. The decisive battle of the war was not Yorktown, but it was the Battle of the Chesapeake where the French navy defeated the Royal Navy and forced the British navy  to withdraw. This naval victory for the French isolated Cornwallis at Yorktown and ultimately brought about his surrender to General Washington who had sealed off the land approaches to Yorktown but who could do nothing about the sea approaches himself.
George Washington Pepe
Image courtesy of knowyourmeme.com 
After discussing the matter with others, we noted that although historical support from the regular military was key for a given faction to gain power during uprisings and civl wars, the current military establishment associated with the Zio-American empire is becoming progressively more incompetent by the day, so their ability to crush crafty, competent, and tenacious but resource-poor rebel factions is growing more questionable by the minute. Jewish hatred and suspicion against true European people means that the Jews must look for ways to stock their military with those who are loyal to their leadership, and men of European stock generally do not fall into the category of loyalists for the Jews. If European men are out as military personnel, then what options do the Jews have?
Woke Military
Image courtesy of danielgarciaart.com 
Sub-saharan Blacks are for the most part loyal servants of Jewish power, and even if they are not truly loyal to Jewish goals, they will still work with Jews temporarily if such an arrangement gives them an opportunity to exact revenge for historical grievances against European people. Historical grievances agains Europeans people provide at least some incentive for Blacks to serve in a Zionist-controlled military, but Blacks harbor powerful resentments against European people that are independent of historical grievances. Blacks harbor grievances against European people because Europeans are a more intelligent, moral, and attractive race than Sub-Saharan Africans. For Sub-Saharan Africans, the mere close presence of Europeans serves as a constant and grating reminder of their own comparatively lacking nature, and this breeds terrible resentment for Blacks. For example, the fact that Black men are so intent to mate with European women is actually a non-verbal admission of inferiority. Jews can potentially harness Black resentment and hostility towards European people, but the catch is that Blacks are generally poor soldiers and they lack the mental ability to maintain sophisticated military equipment such as modern jet fighters or helicopters.
Black Soy Jack
Image courtesy of Garimpando Ibagens on pinterest.com
Besides using Sub-Saharan Blacks as military personnel, the Zionist government that is headquartered in Washington D.C. can look to employ mercenaries from Latin America, the Middle East, or the Indian Sub-Continent, but all of these groups have their own agendas to serve that do not necessarily align with Jewish interests, plus such groups may be more capable than Sub-Saharan Africans, but they are not as competent and capable as Europeans or East Asians. Various groups of brown mercenaries would also suffer from morale problems when casualties begin to mount during conflicts with European rebel factions. As for East Asians, the Jews would have a tough time getting this group to serve as loyal mercenaries in brush wars fighting against European people because East Asians have too much respect and appreciation for European people and European culture. For example, China has recently built a fairly exact replica of the picturesque Austrian village of Hallstatt in the Southern Chinese province of Guangdong, and a replica of a Dutch village exists outside of the Japanese city of Nagasaki. 
Image of Hallstatt, Austria furnished courtesy of wikipedia.org
Although the remaining European heritage population of the Zio-American empire lacks access to issued military equipment, after a bit of discussion with others, I learned that what might be called “military grade” is a bit of  a misnomer as such matters pertain to firearms that people carry and shoot in firefights. It turns out that the barrels of military issued assault rifles last up to 15,oo0 rounds fired, but this number also applies to most civilian rifles as well. Many hunting rifles are semi-automatic and they actually offer more power, better range, and more accuracy than military-issue assault rifles, so the military does not actually have quite the edge in a firefight that many people might imagine. Civilian AR-15 rifles are not meant to fire with three-round burst or in a fully automatic mode, but this limitation can be fixed without too much trouble, so the military has no true monopoly on automatic firearms. As for pistols, there is not much difference between what the military uses and what is sold to the American public. When it comes to sniper rifles, many civilian hunting rifles will fill this roll at least adequately without too much trouble.
Ethereum Sniper
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As for items such as rocket launchers and artillery, these items can be made in-house with limited resources, and it turns out that various types of suitable high explosives can be made at the local level with a bit of knowledge and planning. The civil war in Syria has proven to be an interesting showcase of locally produced by effective weaponry, and ad-hock roadside bombs took a terrible toll on the Zio-American military during their occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan, so formal militaries do not have quite the upper hand in conflicts that some people might imagine.
Iraq Wojak
Image courtesy of the HistoryFeels channel on youtube.com 
Zio-American soldiers serving in both Iraq and Afghanistan often purchased their own body armor and ballistic helmets from civilian sources and they also frequently purchased their own ammunition for military-issued rifles from personal non-military sources and carried pistols and knives that were bought with personal money through non-military channels, so the military in every country is actually not as well-provisioned as many might think. Rollo Slavski has also written articles published on SubStack about Russian military personnel serving in the recent Russo-Ukraine war, and his articles frequently mention elite Russian military units using all sorts of weapons and equipment which was acquired by personal finances outside of official channels.
Russian Soldier Wojak
Image courtesy of saratov.myhistorypark.ru
Concerning the issue of items such as tanks and aircraft, these systems are complex and very expensive to maintain, so a collapsed or greatly diminished tax base would have a tough time keeping such equipment operational. For example, it costs around 100,000  USD per hour to keep a jet fighter in the air and combat ready, so cheaper alternatives are being pursued with a lot of gusto at this time. The cost of keeping sophisticated military jet aircraft in the sky is so extreme that many nations are now returning to deploying prop-driven aircraft in place of jets, but if the Zio-American empire chooses to rely on propeller-driven aircraft as a mainstay, then dissidents can potentially match them in this area with limited resources. The topic of ZOG using remote energy weapons has previously been discussed on the Thule Society website, but these terror weapons will not defeat every determined and scattered rebel faction.
Dradel Space Laser meme
Image courtesy of imgflip.com
In more recent times, the Taliban managed to outlast the Zio-American empire’s occupation of their country, and the Taliban accomplished this task without much support from regular military units, so support from formal military groups is nice, but it is not as crucial as some might imagine. For the Taliban, the deciding factor in their campaign of resistance against the Zio-American military complex was support from the general Afghan population and not what equipment the Taliban were using.
Taliban Pepes
Image courtesy of hugelol.com
Current Zio-American demographics also preclude any large-scale organized resistance under unified leadership because the Zio-American empire’s population is now entirely too diverse, mutually suspicious of one another, and even hostile to others outside of local groups. A great many Zio-American subjects will support the central government or be totally apathetic to the resistance. There will also be a civil war between the cities and the rural areas on top of everything else. There is and never was any such thing as a single American identity because the Empire’s population is entirely too diverse racially, ethnically, culturally, religiously, and economically.
Star Wars Cantina
Image courtesy of movieweb.com 
The only chance there was to develop a real American ethnic identity was stopped by the Second American Revolution which ended in 1865 and effectively made the USA an Empire instead of a genuine nation. From then on, this American empire has been held together by the brute force of the central government headquartered in Washington rather than by peoples’ voluntary association. (The 2nd American Revolution is known to most people as the Civil War, which it was not, but this war is also known by many as The War Between the States.) In keeping with the original concept of the United States Of America, the currently inactive-but-still-existing Confederate States of America, is a free association of free citizens that express their desires through their individual states that are the actual sovereign nations. The USA was supposed to have been a confederation of such states, but the United States should properly be spoken of plurally as “are” not singularly as “is.”
COnfederate flag pepe
Image courtesy of Shauna on twitter.com 
As the Zio-American empire disintegrates, one is going to see revolutions carried out by various local and regional groups. For Prabhupada’s prediction to become true, we would all have to see a return to the original confederation. If a return to the original North American confederation of independent nations could somehow be accomplished, then the American Confederation could lead the world to freedom. Since the individual states are sovereign and not the central government, the United States of America could just as well be called the United Nations of America. If international Jewry and their henchmen like Abraham Lincoln had not forced the Southern States into a war defending themselves, then the confederation of independent North American nations would have ended up stretching from Tierra Del Fuego to the High Arctic, and from the Atlantic to the Pacific, including the West Indies. (Racial and similar questions would be handled by the individual states as sovereign nations.) This confederation of independent nations would enable the various states to resolve their differences peacefully and avoid going to war. Such a confederacy would also enable the individual states to come together for a common defense if such a thing was ever necessary.
Image courtesy of thereconstructionera.com 
Adolf Hitler originally envisioned a confederation of European National Socialist States led by the Third Reich. Said National Socialist Confederation would expand into a worldwide confederation of National Socialist States ultimately with each Folk having a unique pedigree of Nation Socialism that is best suited for them. Jews, being aliens, would be excluded and quarantined, and all members of the confederation would have a uniform policy vis-a-vis the Jews. Such common and universal anti-Jewish measures would be in place to prevent the Jews from causing any further trouble for the human races.
Drawception merchant
Image courtesy of Kapps on drawception.com
One thing that could easily happen in the event of a new North American revolution would be a case where the ZOG government faction that is headquartered in Washington D.C would still retain control the cities along with certain key infrastructure and resources while the Rebel faction(s) would control the more rural areas which the ZOG government considers not worth the cost they will pay to bring them under control, if that should be even possible. This scenario is a very real possibility that a number of people have noted recently.
Hare Krishna
Your Friend Randall

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