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The House of Vishnu

Home is Where the Heart Is

Nebula Stone – Used by me as a Shaman to journey outward and inward to infinity. This stone is also used to see that inward infinity and outward infinity are really one direction.

Mineralogical analysis of Nebula Stone

This world cannot truly be said to be my home because I am just passing through on an endless series of cycles driven by the Laws of Karma.

Once all of a person’s karma is worked out, that is when they are able step outside the circle of endless reincarnation and experience the next level of freedom and enter the next realm of existence.

Once a person has exhausted their worldly karma as a human, cycles of life will remain in the celestial realms, but all of these celestial lives are lived on a much higher vibrational level.

Higher Vibration














Indeed, higher realms do exist!


Hamster Wheel

Yes, Vishnu has quite an active mind!

The cycles of death and rebirth still continue in the higher angelic realms of the Devis because the mind of Vishnu/The Universe is never static. In the House of Vishnu, there are many different worlds and many different dimensions that form part of a single universe.


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The house of Vishnu. Yes, Lord Vishnu loves trailer homes. 

Any real discussion about the mind of Vishnu begs this question, “What is the Multiverse?”  Other question that arise with a discussion about Vishnu include, “Are there many universes in the Mind of Vishnu?” and “Is there is more than one Vishnu?”

The Multiverse

The multiverse.


Trailer Park Boys: 'Eddie Murphy got his whole routine from Richard Pryor' | Comedy | The Guardian

Is there more than one Vishnu?

According to the Neo-Platonists, (Greece circa 800B.C.) at the apex of everything stands “The One”. “The One” is an entity(s) which consists of pure potential. Then comes The Logos/The First Thought or The God. Then comes The Cosmos/The First Act or The Goddess or the first act of Zeus. This is a schematic description, for the three members of the Supreme Godhead actually appear together; however, below this lie many Zeuses and their Consorts, and many others within them. We humans are simply unable to comprehend just how far this Chain of Being extends.

E Michael Jones

E. Michael Jones reminds us to love that Logos.

German physicists knew our universe to be an infinite circle as early as the 19th century, so theoretically, anything is possible somewhere.

It is a damned lie that this is the only world that there is, and this lie originates from Yahweh/ the Demiurge, and this crummy and limited concept of having only one world is broadcast in one form or another since ancient times by Jews. The Demiurge pushes the idea that only one world exists because he wants everyone to think that this world we know is the only world, and the Demiurge wants to fool everyone into thinking the he and he alone has made the world. The Demiurge wants to push the idea that there is only one world and he is the maker of this world because he wants to be worshipped as The Creator and he wants the people of Israel to be recognized as his chosen children.

Concerning the Jews, we recognize these Devils for the deceivers and usurpers that they are. We also reject their false teachings by following a higher, truer, and more spiritually clean calling. Our more spiritually clean calling is that of our Adolf Hitler deva who now resides in his Heavenly City of Germania (New Berlin). We may eventually end up dwelling in diverse places, but the holy city of Germania will always be our true capital and Adolf Hitler will always be Our Beloved Fuehrer. It is in Hitler’s celestial city where we will always be welcomed, just as he will always be welcomed in our homes in the heavenly realms and here on Earth, and all of the lies spun by Jews throughout infinity will never alter this reality.

Heil Hitler deva!

Randall Lee Hilburn

Vintage trailer


Short and off the subject, but still something readers should be made aware of.

Up until the late 40’s the US printed Federal Reserve Notes in $500, $5,000, and $10,000 denominations. They remained legal tender up until the 1970’s.

The portrait on the $10,000-dollar bill was of one Simon P. Chase the founder of The Chase-Manhattan Bank in New York City. They are one of the principal banks that form a part of the Rothschild system of Jewish International Banking. Why did the United States Treasure place an image of Salmon P. Chase on the $10,000 bill?  In answer, Simon P. Chase was chosen as the face to place for the 10K note because he was Abraham “Honest Abe” Lincoln’s Secretary of The Treasury. It was through Lincoln and Chase that the Rothschilds first got the United States into perpetual debt bondage to the Rothschilds in particular and international Jewry in a broader sense. The later Federal Reserve and the American government’s later Income Tax just developed mass-scale Jewish debt bondage further and took it to a higher level, so now we know who was in the pocket of The Rothschilds during the 2nd American Revolution!

H.H.d.! – RLH

Lol!!! This is from another funny show called

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