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The Past that Brings Us to The Enlightened One – Devadasi

Dear President Brian and Members,

“To the god-like individual of our times; the Man against Time; the greatest European of all times; both sun and Lightning: Adolf Hitler, as a tribute of unfailing love and loyalty, for ever and ever.” – Savitri Devi

Sometime in 2015, I was struck by the tiresome and unrelenting vitriol aimed at One man in history, and I felt ashamed of those who were doing this. I suddenly realized that those broadcasting the hatred, were the same tribe of endless criticisms given voice by all of their controlled media such as The New York Times and Hollywood movies. I saw that while they broadcast endless hatred about “Holocaust” (deaths caused by fire of their own people), that at the “Holocaust” work camps they refer to, and still do, never happened! The truth is not one person was burned to death in the labor camps for Jews in WW2. That this same tribe of liars themselves had inspired the greatest actual “Holocaust” in history which they themselves caused through constant expressed hatred and outright lies spread world wide in their media, movies and all their controlled communications! They did cause, in truth, the actual Holocaust (death by fire and phosphorous bombs by the millions of tons, which left no escape. They did that, needlessly, after it was already a given who had won the war.

The three major powers of the world against a country half the size of Texas, where only old men, women and children remained. The fire bombing of every major German city was done in such a way that those remaining old men, women and children in those cities were sucked into the flames and intense heat, with millions of tons of incendiary bombs which created fierce firestorms. Many refugees had flocked to Dresden, because it was thought the “all lies” would never bomb that city, because of all the world art treasures there. The media never talked much about these bombings, where hundreds of thousands were literally “Holocausted” and they’ve never stopped publishing lies about the one that never happened. Their lies brings them the sympathy which brings in $ from the gullible but good people. Essentially, they lie for money! Their God!

One of the sad side effects of that burning to death of so many innocents, is when the ones who dropped those bombs finally realize what their government had asked them to do, in a not legitimate action. Not just in Germany, but in every war since! All wars fought for Israel, and now they are poised to take on Iran due to more lies from the media. For the sake of all, TELL THEM TO GO FIGHT THEIR OWN WARS. The“Chosenites” have fanned the flames of every war with the relentless zeal of their religion of covetousness of other’s lands, jealousy, greed for MONEY! Sounds like real sons of the devil to any moral person! Now they fan the flames of more war by their false terrorist attacks like Nine Eleven where they made phone calls to fellow Jews and told them to stay home that day. The actual ones causing the suffering through wars caused by The ‘Chosenites’ themselves, who chose to spread hatred between races, countries and religions. I began reading what they have written in history about their selves. I read the Talmud, The Protocols of Zion, Agenda 21 and the words of Bobby Fischer, great chess champion, true hero, and a Jew persecuted by Jews for telling the truth about Jews!

“Adolf Hitler- has no doubt in his mind that the Jewish problem is the center of all problems, not merely in Germany, but in the world. It is useless to dismiss this as an illusion, because if it  is, it demands explanation. But it is no illusion, it is the truth. Hitler’s declaration that the Jewish consciousness is poison to the Aryan races is the deepest insight that the Western world has yet achieved in its own nature; his capacity to realize this is the proof of his genius.”- Rabbi Harry Waton

“Without Jews there would never have been Bolshevism (Communism). For a Jew nothing is more insulting than the truth. The Bloodthirsty Jewish terrorists have murdered sixty six million in Russia. from 1918 to 1957.” – Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn; Author, Nobel Peace Prize Winner and Patriot.

Heil Hitler deva!


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