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Aliens: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly.

Relations with Extra Terrestrials

Relations With Aliens

In 2020, nothing has pleased me more than pissing off the 4,000 people a day who follow me on Bitchute at https://www.bitchute.com/channel/mZgcRhEPlyHG/ , with the truth that aliens control the world’s governments.

We must live in harmony with the righteous aliens and shun the bad ones. So, how do go about welcoming the good aliens and shunning the bad ones?

In answer, we must seek ways to live in harmony with the good aliens, avoid dealing with the bad aliens, and have the wisdom to know the good aliens, the bad, aliens and the ugly aliens when we encounter them. Thus, there are three central issues that form the foundation of any policy concerning how to deal with extraterrestrials; namely, treating the good ones right, dealing with the bad ones accordingly, and having the wisdom to tell the good apart from the bad.

Good Alien

The good.

Bad Marvin

The bad. 

Ugly Alien

The ugly.

One big problem with developing policies towards extraterrestrial races is the fact that too many people just study aspects of ufology and aliens, yet they never bother to nail-down the purpose and meaning in their studies. On the other hand, I want to bring clarity, meaning, and purpose to the topic of alien contact. Sadly, there is a troubling lack of critical thinking, logic, and reason surrounding discussions about aliens and UFOs. For example, a lot of the information that makes the rounds in the UFO research circuits is deliberate misinformation. Entirely too much of the misinformation that circulates about aliens and UFOs is just carefully curated and deliberately planted misinformation that arrives by way of well-know “Truthers” who clearly work for large governments, NGOs, or even aliens themselves! The point is, these agents of disinformation that infest the UFO research community do what they do because there are powerful forces that clearly do not want the public to have real information about contact with aliens.

Edward Snowden 2

Speaking of those who spread disinformation, let us not forget Mr. Edward the Snowman. 

Despite continued efforts by forces that seek to keep the public in the dark concerning planet Earth’s contact with aliens, we the truth seekers must focus our attention on the facts. Spiritually aware people must not only focus their research efforts on identifying good evidence and working to establish truthful sources of information, but the more aware amongst us must also work to bring the blessings of the higher realms into our work. Working with the higher realms involves forming partnerships with both advanced extraterrestrials and devas.

Nordic Alien

The image above shows a “Nordic” alien who could be considered a higher realm being. 

Seeking the truth, means working to identify and then publicly expose the people who deliberately tell lies and spread disinformation to the public. We should also develop a scale for evaluating the level of a person’s credibility and intentions. For example, people find it very difficult to evaluate President Trump’s intentions because he is so terminally influenced by very powerful interests that continually orbit the office of the president, regardless of which person actually occupies this position.

Trump Surrounded by Jews

Determining which people are reliable sources of information about UFOs is not an easy task; however, we must still work to establish a way of evaluating a person’s intentions and credibility. We must establish which people are most likely to be speaking the truth because the public needs a good set of tools to help them grasp reality. Reality includes higher dimensions, so first, we need to admit that these higher dimensions exist, even though most people can only grasp a tiny amount of reality that rests outside of the third dimension.

Most people do not have consistent access to the fourth dimension, or any  higher realms for that matter, so ordinary people must seek spiritual guidance from those who have more intimate connections to the higher realms.


Any functioning society needs to cultivate networks that are built upon hierarchical relationships between ordinary citizens and the honest, perceptive, informed, and wise people who have better connections to the higher realms. Cultivating hierarchal systems to spread celestial wisdom is important because this is how wholesome societies succeed. When a power structure based on hierarchical connections to the celestial realms is weak or non-existent, that is when societies topple and then degenerate into what we have today.

We need to develop a society that is based upon hierarchical relationships that spread the teachings of honest, perceptive, informed, and wise people. By contrast, today we have hierarchical relationships that are maintained by people who are dishonest and evil, yet these evil and dishonest people are often still perceptive, informed, and intelligent.

Ugly Jew

In order to create a better world, we will need to raise awareness and speak-out in favor of people who want to tell the whole truth, and not spread half-truths. We also need to raise awareness and speak-out against people who lie and spread disinformation by gaining our trust through clever deceptions.

-Brian Ruhe

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