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The Hyperborean Spiritual Roots of Hockey


“Only Creators are Hard”-Nietzsche “And the puck is dropped…”-Dick Irving

Note: The past tense is used as it refers to a moment frozen in time, as the ice of a Hockey rink is frozen like a vintage photograph of “the good ‘ol Hockey game.”

Hockey typifies the Canadian Tradition because it is the Canadian Tradition in miniature, and this sport spans the history of Canada during a time when this nation was being forged by the creativity of the Aryan race.

In its traditional form, Hockey was a game of will and skill where the players were pitted against one another in a microcosm of the macrocosm, which represented the eternal struggle for victory. However, hockey was a game of rules and Order that embodied the laws of the Cosmos — as above so below — so, the struggle which was played out on the ice of every rink was never a free-for-all of ruthless savagery.

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As such, hockey was decidedly Aryan in its nature because it was a rules-based endeavor build upon the idea of mindfully channeling the will-to-power towards a goal. The goal of any hockey game was to score a team victory by the simple, yet paradoxically complex, objective of driving a rubber disc into a “net.” Hockey was a representation of vimana (soul) from above directed through Aryan will into the Skuld’s net of the matrix reality.  The act of scoring goals in a hockey game could be compared to a symbolic way to conquer and spiritualize the material world against the Demiurge.
New Jersey Devils
The image above is the logo for the New Jersey Devils NHL team. Image courtesy of wikipedia.org

The rules of hockey were the parameters that the conscious Aryan had to heed: the penalty box represented purgatory and forfeiting the game entirely represented the lake of fire. The hockey rink was the arena of the real where the Aryan fought in a war where battle was circumscribed by the rules.

Hockey was a game where two opposing teams vied for dominance and sought to score the most goals by moving a rubber “puck” with their “sticks.'”  The sticks of a hockey contest represented a phallic symbol for the generative principle of spiritual virility.

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Image above courtesy of entangledpublishing.com

One might liken the puck in a hockey puck to the soul in the sense that the soul is initially a black being that lacks enlightenment which moves throughout a symbolic rink of ice (theatre of the real) and undergoes various experiences until it finally expired at the game’s conclusion. The experience of the puck getting dropped into the “face off” circle at the commencement of each hockey game can be likened to the soul’s incarnation into matter and the world of illusion.

With both opposing sides of a hockey game being comprised of White people, who are the traditional creators of the game, the competition was always friendly and it was understood that, although it was ruthless, it was still a game. Even though it was still just a game, for many, hockey was also a lifestyle and indeed the sport of hockey was equated with life itself because those who truly played this game intuitively understood it to be a microcosm of the macrocosm.

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Even though hockey was an Aryan creation, Whites eventually looked more favorably upon the redskins of North America and to some extent they also looked favorably upon the Greenlanders and the mongoloids of Scandinavia; however, once the game became more intermixed corruption began to set in. Allowing a racial mixture to permeate the game of hockey invited corruption of the sport because this racial mixing also represented a celestial mixing of castes, which only invites debasement as time passes.

Interestingly, the Kama Sutra plainly states that children made from mixed caste unions are always bastard children, even if the parents are married, and so the same could be said for mixing races in sporting competitions. This unthinking mixture of castes on the hockey sporting ice happened because many White people thought “it is only a game after all.” The celestial divas of the Red North American races are close relatives to the celestial divas of the White race, so it should come as no surprise that Whites eventually took an easy attitude about allowing some groups of non-Whites to participate in their noble game of hockey.


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The long-term problem with allowing Red Men to play in the game of hockey stemmed from the fact that when members of different races play against one another in contests of sport, such games inevitably become far more antagonistic. When hockey became racially mixed and thus much more antagonistic, this formerly noble game soon became sullied and lost its spiritual purity. Another problem with Whites allowing members of other races to enter their sporting competitions is the fact that the spirit of “The Other” inevitably creeps into whatever is formerly a White undertaking, and this state of altered affairs inevitably changes the original nature of the White people’s game.

Perhaps allowing Red Men into the game of hockey was a mistake. Perhaps allowing Red Men into the fold of hockey was a miscalculation, and perhaps this miscalculation actually constituted a violation of the game in the larger matrix of reality. Perhaps the Whites should have simply cordoned hockey off in a rigid caste structure and attempted to maintain the sport in a pure and crystallized state of being.

Despite a poor decision possibly having been made, the Whites tested themselves as a distinct group against the Redskins in racially segregated teams for a time, and this was done as a means of instructing the Redskins in the superlative will and skill of Aryan mankind. Perhaps when the Whites allowed the Red Men to play in their sport, they were demonstrating their willingness to coexist in a state of dynamic tension with the Redskins in a micro-cosmic manner.

The now-desegregated game of Hockey was a training ground of the will, but it was also a training ground for a greater sense of organization and a training ground for a greater sense of collective action that forged future leaders. Hence, within this theatre of the real each player played his role according to his proper nature; for example, the defensemen served to prevent the opposing team from scoring on their own team’s goalie.

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The image above is furnished courtesy of tsn.ca The photo posted above is the logo of the Chicago Blackhawks NHL team. Interestingly, the Blackhawks are a Native American tribe that was indigenous to the area in Illinois near to Chicago. 

The defensemen were trained to defend their team’s goal net with brutal force if needed, (again within the generous limitations imposed by the rules). The defensemen guarded the goal, but for others, their appointed duty was to move aggressively, yet with superlative skill, towards the opposing team’s net and score for their side.

The blueline of each side of the rink demarcated the zone of that team, and blue signified the sedation of the opponents’ assault. The process of scoring a goal signifies a higher spiritual state of being, like a transmutation of consciousness as the opposing team exited the red zone of the lower passions and entered the realm of the higher mind (Buddhi manas) and a higher Spiritual consciousness.

The game of hockey was originally played in the realm of becoming in the mundane world and so it was subject to temporalization and time-flow. The time in a hockey match was demarcated in the form of a circle: 3600 seconds divided into three periods of 1200 seconds (twenty minutes) comprising sixty minutes. The usage of the sexi-decimal system connoted the degrees of a full circle for the eternal return-full circle.

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Image courtesy of yogenges.com

The referee in an old hockey match wore a suit of black and white stripes that connoted the polarity of black and white, which symbolized the interplay between the visible and the invisible worlds — the worlds of spirit and matter, and the dynamism of life and physical death. The black and white clad referee was a neutral party who reconciled the opposites in a dialectic of alchemical transmutation where decisions were made fairly according to the rules which govern all players in a hockey game and all beings everywhere.

The plexiglass surrounding a hockey rink (what came to surround it) further signified the mediation of the game from the spectators who had to “pay-to-play” by paying the middle-man interloper who transformed a game of consciousness-shifting experience into a commercialized venture that was carried on for profit. Once hockey degenerated into a mere “business” or show of business the spiritual nature of the game declined.

The plexiglass which screened off the viewer from the viewed (game) obscured their sight of the game, and this plexiglass screening created a distance that separated the audience from the transmutation process of gameplay, just as money mediated and ultimately controlled their creative action in the world of Tradition. Once money and Plexiglas began to define hockey games, this state of affairs shoved traditional hockey into the world of modernity which is subordinate to the simulacra nature of the monetary economy.

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Image courtesy of knowyourmeme.com

This transformation of Hockey from its Traditional form within the context of a Traditional society into that of an icon associated with anti-traditional society was itself a microcosm of the macro-level degeneration within the context of which people now entered the sport.


Image courtesy of NHL.com

Now we are living in the bottom of the Kali Yuga, and this time is the nadir of all time cycles and the days when the White race faces its last battle. At this time, the “good ‘ol Hockey game” is submerged in the sludge of Demiurgic commercial waste and has become as the Aryan people; namely, “fallen” and having “lost its estate.” The battle of our time now lies in the mundane world and rages against those who have transformed organic culture associated with “Men of Race” into a bastardized product of anti-race ideology. The present steroidal, big-budget Demiurgic form of what we call Hockey is indeed a representation of modernity as a whole.

(((Hockey))) is no longer Hockey, but rather a simulacrum of Traditional Hockey and a facsimile of Tradition as it expresses through Hockey. The old and traditional sport of the Northern Lights is but dimly glowing at this time, and this spark of the Northern Lights can only be rekindled by the might of the Aryan man along with the Will and Skill which expressed itself with blades of steel sliding on ice carrying a hard rubber puck into the net before the buzzer of the Demiurge sounds the death knell.  Souls who refuse to give battle died a coward’s death, and they are mere spectators in the theatre of the real.

Hockey Jew

Image courtesy of wsj.com

“Keep your stick on the ice and your head in the game”

Evola  “Metaphysics of War”
Nietzsche “Will to Power”
Serrano “Resurrection of the Hero”

Horse Hockey

Let’s not forget about horse hockey! Image courtesy of knowyourhorse.com

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