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David Lane’s 88 Noble Truths

1. Any religion or philosophy that denies the Natural Laws of the Universe is false.

2. Whatever peoples’ concept of God, the Gods, or the motive force of the universe might be, there is still no denying that nature’s laws reflect divine will.

3. God and religion are distinct and separate entities; thus, the will of God and the teachings of religions often conflict with one another. Nature evidences the divine plan because the natural world obeys rules made by what men call God. Religion is the creation of mortals; therefore, religion is fallible. A religion may preserve or destroy a people, but the impact that a religion has on a people depends on the structure of that religion, the motives of that religion’s agents, and the vagaries of historical circumstance.

4. The truest form of prayer is communion with Nature. Communion with nature is not vocal. If you wish to commune with nature, go to a lonely spot. If possible, find a mountaintop, then go there on a clear and star-lit night, and once you are on the top of your chosen mountaintop, then ponder the majesty and order of the infinite macrocosm. Next, consider the intricacies of the equally infinite microcosm. Communion with nature reveals that every person is inconsequential beyond comprehension, yet each person is also potentially valuable beyond comprehension as a link in destiny’s chain. Communion with nature allows a person to understand how pride and self can co-exist with mutual respect and have reverence for one another. When a person achieves harmony with nature, they will also find strength, peace, and certainty.

5. Secular power systems protect and promote religions which teach of an after-life. Thus, religions that focus on the afterlife teach people to abandon their defenses against the predators of this life.

6. History, both secular and religious, is a fable conceived out of self-serving deceit and promulgated by those who benefit from selling their versions of “history.”

7. Religion in its purest form symbolizes a people and their culture. By contrast, a multi-racial religion destroys the uniqueness, exclusivity, and value that is necessary for any race to the survive.

8. What men call the “super natural” is actually the just the “natural” which is not yet understood or revealed.

9. A proliferation of laws that resultant in loss of freedom signifies a spiritually sick nation.

10. When a nation is devoid of spiritual health and moral character, then governmental power and unprincipled men will fill this vacancy. Freedom thrives when moral values are strong and tyranny thrives on moral decay.

11. Truth requires little explanation; therefore, beware of verbose doctrines. Great principles are revealed with brevity.

12. Truth does not fear investigation.

13. Unfounded belief is a pitfall. A People who do not check the validity their beliefs against reason will suffer or perish.

14. In accord with Nature’s Laws, nothing is more righteous than the preservation of one’s own race.

15. There is no greater motivating force than knowing that you are right.

16. Discernment is a sign of a healthy People. A dying nation, civilization, culture, or race, abandones substance in favor of appearance.

17. Discernment includes the ability to recognize the difference between belief and provable reality.

18. The Laws of Nature do not include “rights.” A deer who is being stalked by a hungry wolf has no right to life; however, a deer may purchase his life with nature-ordained instincts for vigilance and flight. Similarly, men have no inherent right to life, liberty, or happiness. Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness may be purchased by oneself, by one’s family, by one’s tribe, or by one’s ancestors, but whatever imagined rights a person might have must be purchased by some means. Furthermore, purchased privileges can only be maintained through vigilance and obedience to Natural Law.

19. A people who are not convinced of their uniqueness and value will perish.

20. The White race has suffered invasions and brutality from Africa and Asia for thousands of years. For example, Attila and the Asiatic Huns invaded Europe in the 5th century and they raped, plunder, and killed from the Alps to the Baltic and Caspian Seas. This scenario was repeated by the Mongols of Genghis Khan 800 years later. (Note here that the American Indians are not ‘Native Americans’ but are racially Mongolians.) In the 8th century, hundreds of years before Negroes were brought to America, North African Moors of mixed racial background invaded and conquered Portugal, Spain and parts of France. So, any attempted guilt-trips that are heaped on the White race by civilization’s executioners are invalid under both historical circumstance and the laws of nature which deny inter-species compassion. The fact is, all races have benefited immeasurably from the creative genius of the Aryan People.

21. People who allow others races to live among them will perish because the inevitable result of racial integration is inter-breeding which destroys all races. Forced integration is a deliberate and malicious strategy of genocide, particularly for a people like the White race who are now a small minority in the world.

22. In the final analysis, a race or species is not judged superior or inferior by its accomplishments, but by its will and ability to survive.

23. Political, economic, and religious systems may be destroyed and resurrected by men, but the death of a race is eternal.

24. No race of people can perpetuate their existence without maintaining territory to propagate, protect, and promote their own kind.

25. A people without a culture exclusively their own will perish.

26. Nature has put a certain antipathy between races and species in order to preserve the individuality and existence of every race. Violation of any race’s territorial imperative leads to conflict or mongrelizing.

27. It is not constructive to hate those of other races, or even those of mixed races; none the less, a separation must be maintained in order to insure the survival of one’s own race. One must, however, hate with a pure and perfect hatred those of one’s own race who commit treason against their own kind and against the nations of their own kind. One must hate with perfect hatred all people or practices which destroy one’s people, one’s culture, or the exclusiveness of one’s racial territory.

28. A multi-racial society violates Natural Law.

29. The concept of “equality” is declared a lie by evidence of Nature. So-called “equality” is a search for the lowest common denominator, and the pursuit of “equality” will only destroy every superior race, nation, or culture. For example, in order for a plow horse to run as fast as a race horse you would have to cripple the race horse; conversely, in order for a race horse to pull as much as a plow horse, you would first have to cripple the plow horse. In either case, the pursuit of equality results in the destruction of excellence.

30. The instincts for racial and species preservation are ordained by Nature.

31. Instincts are Nature’s mechanism to ensure the survival of each race and species. The human proclivity to rationalize matters for self-gratification must not be permitted to interfere with natural instincts.

32. Miscegenation, that is race-mixing, is and has always been, the greatest threat to the survival of the Aryan race.

33. Inter-species compassion is contrary to the Laws of Nature, and is, therefore, suicidal. If a wolf were to intercede to save a lamb from a lion, the wolf would be killed. Today, we see the White man taxed so heavily that he cannot afford to raise children. The funds raised by taxing the White man are used to support the unchecked breeding of nonwhites, many of whom then demand to claim the remaining White females as breeding partners. As you can see, man is subject to all the Laws of Nature. This has nothing to do with morality, hatred, good or evil because nature does not recognize the concepts of good and evil in inter-species relationships. If the lion eats the lamb, it is good for the lion and evil for the lamb. If the lamb escapes and the lion starves, then this outcome is a good situation for the lamb and an evil for the lion. So, we can see that when a lion eats a lamb, this outcome can be labeled as being both good and evil; yet, this cannot be, for there are no contradictions within Nature’s Laws.

34. The instinct for sexual union is part of Nature’s perfect mechanism for species preservation. The instinct for sexual union begins early in life and continues until late in life. The sexual impulse must not be repressed because reproduction must not be thwarted. Understand that for thousands of years our females bore children at an early age. Now, in an attempt to conform to alien cultural practices, White women deny their nature-ordained instincts and duties. Concerning sexual matters, teach responsibility, but also, have understanding because the life of a race springs from the wombs of its women. He who would judge must first understand what is good and right.

35. Homosexuality is a crime against Nature. All Nature declares that the purpose of the human sexual instinct is for reproduction and preservations of the species. The overpowering male sex drive must be channeled toward possession of females as well as acquisition of territory and power. The instincts to conquer more territory and to gain more power exist because these drives are both needed to acquire and keep women.

36. Sexual pornography degrades the Nature of all who are involved. An image of a beautiful nude woman is art; placing a camera between a woman’s knees to explore her private parts is pornography.

37. That race whose males will not fight to the death to keep and mate with their females will perish. Any White man with healthy instincts feels disgust and revulsion when he sees a woman of his race paired with a man of any other race. However, those who presently control the media and affairs of the Western World teach that taking exception to White women partnering with other kinds of men is wrong and shameful. The current rulers of the Western World label White mens’ natural dislike for women of their race partnering with alien men as “racism.” As with any “ism,” the word “nationalism,” means to promote one’s own nation; conversely, the word “racism” merely denotes promoting and protecting the life of one’s own race. “Racism” is perhaps, the proudest word in all of existence, and any man who disobeys his “racist” instincts is anti-Nature.

38. In a sick and dying nation, culture, race, civilization, political dissent, and traditional values will be persecuted as heinous crimes by inquisitors who clothe themselves in patriotism.

39. A People who are ignorant of their past will defile the present and destroy the future.

40. A race must honor those who have given their lives for the preservation of the folk above all others.

41. The folk, namely the members of a race, are the Nation. Racial loyalties must always supersede geographical and national boundaries. If this principle is taught and understood, then it will end fratricidal wars. Wars must never be fought for the benefit of any other race.

42. The leaders of any nation are not rulers but servants and guardians. Rulers are never to serve for their own personal gain. A people must only choose leaders who have no interest in the accumulation of material things.

43. Choose and judge your leaders and guardians wisely because those who seek to limit the power of government are good and wise and those who seek to expand the power of government are tyrants.

44. No government can give anything to anybody without first taking it from another. Government is, by its very nature, legalized theft. A limited amount of government is a necessary burden to secure national defense and to maintain internal order, but anything more than this is a threat to freedom and liberty.

45. The Organic Founding Laws of a Nation, namely the Constitution of a Nation, must never be amendable by any method other than the unanimous consent of all parties present; otherwise, the doors are open for the advent of the most dangerous and deadly form of government: democracy.

46. Those who control the media have power undreamed of by kings and dictators from the past because whomever controls the media controls the minds of the people.

47. The simplest way to describe a democracy is this: Three people form a government where each person has one vote, then two of the people vote to steal the wealth of the third.

48. The latter stages of a democracy are always filled with foreign wars because these bankrupt systems attempt to preserve themselves by plundering other nations.

49. In a democracy, that which is legal is seldom moral, and that which is moral is often illegal.

50. A democracy is always be followed by a strongman… some call him dictator. The rise of a strongman is the only way to restore order out of the chaos caused by a democracy. Pick your strongman wisely, because he must be a guardian in his heart, and he must preserve the folk. A chosen strongman must also restore the rule of laws that are based on the Laws of Nature. Do not choose a strongman by his words, but instead, side with a man who has sacrificed everything in the face of tyranny. Also, select a man who has endured and persevered against tyranny because this is the only reliable evidence of his worthiness and motives.

51. A power system will do anything to preserve itself, no matter how corrupt, low, or brutal.

52. Tyrannies cannot be ended without the use of force.

53. Those who commit treason disguise their deeds with proclamations of patriotism.

54. Propaganda is major component in all power systems, both secular and religious, and false propaganda is a major component of unprincipled power systems. All power systems endeavor to convince their subjects that their system is good, just, beneficent, noble, as well as worthy of perpetuation and defense. The more jingoistic the propaganda that a system issues, the more suspicious of this power system one should be.

55. Political power, in the final analysis, is created and maintained by force.

56. A power system, whether secular or religious, which employs extensive calls to patriotism and requires verbosity to preserve istself is a tyranny.

57. Propaganda is a legitimate and necessary weapon in any struggle. The elements of successful propaganda are: simplicity, emotion, repetition, and brevity. Men believe what they choose to believe, and men wish to believe what is beneficial to themselves; therefore, successful propaganda appeals to the self-interest of its intended audience.

58. Tyrannies teach people what to think; free men learn how to think.

59. Beware of men who increase their wealth by the use of words, particularly beware of lawyers or priests that deny Natural Law.

60. The patriot who is being led to the inquisitor’s dungeon or the executioner’s axe will be condemned the loudest by his former friends and allies because they seek to escape the same fate.

61. A sweet goddess of peace can only survive within the protective arm of a war god.

62. The Founding Law of a Nation must specify the racial and cultural identity of the people who formed that nation. The founding law of a nation must specify who the founding people were in order to ensure that promoting the founding people’s welfare remains that nation’s purpose.

63. A race, culture, or nation which lets others influence or control any of the following will perish:
– Organs of information
– Educational institutions
– Religious institutions
– Political offices
– Creation of money
– Judicial institutions
– Cultural institutions
– Economic life

64. Just Laws require little explanation because they are simple and specific.

65. The emotion of men are stirred far more effectively by the spoken word than by the written word, this is why a ruling tyranny will react more violently to gatherings of dissenters than to subversive books or pamphlets.

66. The organic founding Law of the Nation, or any law at all, is as pertinent as the will and power to enforce it.

67. An unarmed or non-militant people will be enslaved.

68. Some say that the pen is mightier than the sword; perhaps, yet the pen has no authority without the sword.

69. Tyrannies are usually built step by step and disguised with noble rhetoric.

70. The difference between a terrorist and a patriot is a matter of who controls of the media.

71. The judgments of leaders and guardians must be true to Natural Law and tempered by reason.

72. Materialism is base and destructive; therefore, the guardians of a nation must constantly warn against materialistic impulses. Acquisition of wealth and property that promotes the well-being of one’s family and has been obtained by honorable means is right and proper. On the other hand, exploitation of any kind, particularly through usury, is destructive.

73. Materialism leads men to seek artificial status through wealth or property, but true social status comes through service to family, race, and nation.

74. Materialism ultimately leads to conspicuous and unnecessary consumption, which in turn leads to the rape of nature and the wholesale destruction of the environment. Materialism is unnatural, so the true guardians of a nation must be wholly untainted by materialism.

75. The function of a merchant or salesman is to provide a method of exchange; therefore, a merchant who promotes materialism and unnecessary consumption must not be tolerated.

76. Money is simply a medium of exchange and usury is a high crime that cannot be tolerated.

77. An aristocracy that is based on money and run by lawyers and merchants will become a tyranny.

78. The simplest way to describe a usury-based central banking system is this: Bankers demand ownership of a nation’s property as collateral for their loans, yet more money is owed to the bankers than they lent, so eventually the bankers foreclose on the entire Nation.

79. Usury, inflation, and oppressive taxation are simply theft by deception and these practices destroy the moral fabric of the Nation.

80. Wealth gained without sacrifice or honest labor will usually be misused.

81. Nothing in nature is static; either the life force grows and expands or it decays and dies.

82. Respect must be earned; it cannot be demanded or assumed.

83. Avoid a vexatious man, for his venom will poison your own nature as well.

84. Self-discipline is the mark of higher man.

85. One measure of a man is cheerfulness in adversity.

86. A fool judges others by their words, but a wise man judges others by their actions and accomplishments.

87. In our relationships or interactions, as in all of Nature’s Laws, every action has a reaction. That which we plant will be harvested, if not by ourselves, then by another.

88. The point listed here are sure signs of a sick or dying nation, so if you see any of them, then your guardians are committing treason.
– Mixing and destruction of the founding race
– Destruction of the family units
– Oppressive taxation
– Corruption of the Law
– Terror and suppression against those who warn of the Nation’s error
– Immorality: drugs, drunkenness, etc.
– Infanticide (now called abortion)
– Destruction of the currency through inflation or usury
– Aliens in the land or adoption of alien cultural practices
– Materialism
– Foreign wars
– Guardians (leaders) who pursue wealth or glory
– Homosexuality
– Religion that is not based on Natural Law


4 Responses

  1. If people could understand what and how is being said here they would rush to toss out everything they know and embrace this.

  2. Argh this is hard for me because I see the merit in 90 percent of these “truths.” Maybe i’m too indoctrinated, but I view racial diversity in a single society as a positive. I love to look into the Rainbow Warriors of Gaia prophecy.

    …”There will come a day when people of all races, colors, and creeds will put aside their differences. They will come together in love, joining hands in unification, to heal the Earth and all Her children. They will move over the Earth like a great Whirling Rainbow, bringing peace, understanding and healing everywhere they go. Many creatures thought to be extinct or mythical will resurface at this time; the great trees that perished will return almost overnight. All living things will flourish, drawing sustenance from the breast of our Mother, the Earth.

    The great spiritual Teachers who walked the Earth and taught the basics of the truths of the Whirling Rainbow Prophecy will return and walk amongst us once more, sharing their power and understanding with all. We will learn how to see and hear in a sacred manner. Men and women will be equals in the way Creator intended them to be; all children will be safe anywhere they want to go. Elders will be respected and valued for their contributions to life. Their wisdom will be sought out. The whole Human race will be called The People and there will be no more war, sickness or hunger forever.
    Navajo-Hopi Prophecy of the Whirling Rainbow

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