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Spontaneous Human Combustion and the Dresden Bombing

Did the Fire Bombings of Dresden & Hamburg Magically Burn Flesh?

A Randall Lee Hilburn article. 

The name “ALLIES” is a complete distortion of thought because the countries that fought against Germany and Japan in World War II were not really allies in a meaningful sense of the word, nor were they my “Allies.” The term “Allies” is used by Jewish word twisters, and this term refers to the USA and Israel, along with UK, the USSR, and other Communist countries, along with their rotten “leaders” who fought against Germany and Japan during the years of  WW2.

We know that World War II’s “Allied” countries and their leaders sought to support no groups of people and no actual country, but they did support destruction and slavery for everyone and everything they came into contact with. The same Jewish yoke of tyranny that the Germans resisted during the years of National Socialism is now manifesting throughout the world, and the lies used to support the idea of a “Covid-19 Pandemic” are yet another example of the yoke of Jewish tyranny.


During World War II, You-Know-Who drove a twisted brainwashing regimen aimed at painting a group of people or a nation of people to appear as “the-good-side.” The name “Allied,” designates a supportive role together, yet the Jewish propaganda masters used this term to confuse people because the so-called “Allied” nations during World War II did not support any decent cause. Fact is, the “Allies” from the second world war were really just supporting no one except for the Children of the Devil who had no country of their own at the time.

Just because three of the most powerful military governments in the world during the Second World War defeated the nation of Germany, and Germany has a land area about the same size as that of the American state of Oregon, and then these warmongers  proceeded to called their group “Allies.”

The term “Allies” that was used to describe various nations during World War II, does not mean that these nations were Allies to anyone but themselves, so the title of “Allied” forces is not a legitimate title for the entire world to use forever. Clearly, the winners of World War II have written all of the standardized history for that time period, and this has been the case for the last 75 years; however, the winners of that conflict broke so many international laws and the laws of decency that their true actions have neither glory nor honor. Back in the day, to be one of the old group of “Allies” meant being a member of the greatest group of liars that ever lived.

-By Janice Boldt


I have studied cases of “Spontaneous Human Combustion,” and this phenomenon is now accepted as a documented fact by some fire fighters and investigators in the US and Europe, yet this phenomenon is still only very dimly understood.









Like all Buddhist monks, Brian’s Buddhist monk friend Venerable Pannhobassa is at a very high risk of bursting into flames. 

Interestingly, many of the photos of charred human bodies from the fire bombings of Dresden and other German cities resemble photos of people who died from spontaneous human combustion. In the cases of spontaneous human combustion, a human body is consumed by fire, or at least reduced to ashes — except for the larger bones which have been rendered extremely brittle by the heat. However, in cases of spontaneous human combustion, evidence shows that nearby clothing and bedding are only scorched from the burning of some liquid originating from the charred body.

There is a biochemical whose name I do not remember which is contained in the human body that is is extremely volatile when isolated, and more than one researcher working with this chemical has been burned-up in a huge ball of fire.


Accidents with this volatile chemical have happened in laboratories at major American universities, and these lethal accidents have happen because this chemical is extremely fast-burning, even more so than gasoline! The burning of this volatile biochemical compound is what produces the results seen in cases of spontaneous human combustion, yet the source of ignition for this chemical within a human body during a case of spontaneous combustion remains a complete mystery. (Except in one case where a partially burned cigarette was found very near the body. Fire investigators thought that it could be the ignition source because this man was a known heavy smoker. He may have blown himself up with his cigarette. Such Irony. The reason for the isolation of the volatile compound remained totally unknown.)

I think we now have a reasonable descriptions of what happened when the cities of Germany and Japan were firebombed, yet we do not know if this very high octane biochemical that is naturally produced within human bodies was somehow isolated in the individuals who were found charred by what appears to be spontaneous human combustion during the bombings of cities. Obviously, there was no shortage of ignition sources when charred bodies were found in the aftermath of Dresden’s firebombing, but it is hard to know if the firestorms the engulfed German cities would have triggered episodes of spontaneous human combustion.

Fitness guru Richard Simmons has an issue with flaming. 

The biggest question for me in the present context is whether or not the effects of spontaneous human combustion being discussed were merely a haphazard byproduct of the fire-bombing or a deliberately planned and designed part of the “Allied” fire-bombing campaigns.  Incidentally, the same effects that seemed to mimic spontaneous human combustion turned-up after the Americans firebombed Tokyo.


The “Allies” knew what was happening in the target area of each city that they bombed, and it is likely that they considered any acts of spontaneous human combustion to be an added bonus to their efforts.


These diabolical bombing campaigns were also designed to break the moral of the nations they were attacking, yet the objectives of breaking the will of the populace were a total failures in both cases.

There was a brief discussion amongst the “Allied” military commanders at one point that analyzed the project of fire-bombing Italian cities as well, but the idea was nixed when the “Allies” arrived to the conclusion that Italian cities were not combustible enough to burn properly because they were made from stone, unlike German cities which were combustible, and Japanese cities were even more combustible than any other.


Those poor old Japanese cities, when the are not getting nuked or firebombed by Jews, they are always getting attacked by giant radioactive lizards!

The “Allied” war planners realized that they would probably not get Italian cities to burn like tinder after their failure to ignite Budapest, which was the capital of Germany’s ally Hungary. The “Allied” attempt to get Budapest burning like a furnace from fire-bombing air raids failed, and the attempted firebombing of Budapest discouraged any future attempts at fire-bombing Italian cities. The “Allied” fire bombing campaign against Budapest discouraged any further plans to firebomb Italian cities because Budapest was built in a fashion quite similar to the cities of Italy.

Marshmallows Fire








The incendiary bombs used by the allies were like big Roman Candle fireworks because the “Allied” fire-bombs burned Pyrotechnics, which is a Latin word meaning “Incendiary Metals,” and the fire-bombs dropped on German cities worked exactly like the Roman Candle fireworks sold at stands before the 4th of July. Indeed, the “Allied” war strategists got the whole idea for making fire bombs by thinking about the old Roman Candle fireworks sold across America around the 4th of July each year. Perhaps one of the reasons for using pyrotechnics to burn cities was to isolate the volatile compound found in human bodies. Burning pyrotechnics also produces fumes with are almost instantly fatal if they are breathed in any type of confined space. Of course, the “Allies” were also well-aware that their Roman-Candle-inspired fire bombs gave-off fatal fumes when burning because the fact that fatal fumes are given-off by the combustion of metals has been known since Pyrotechnics were first discovered.

Although there are many guilty Goy accomplices of the Jews who need to be brought to justice for the crimes associated with cities being fire-bombed during the second world war,


Winston Churchill’s, who was one of the Principal instigators of these Fire Raids, because he had a mother who was a Jew, so by Jewish Law, the old, jowly, fat and sloppy drunkard known as  “Sir” Winston Churchill was a Jew as well.

It seems that you-know-who are the ones who always want to destroy or murder people who are the best in character and the most brilliant geniuses in all societies. An example of Jews murdering one of these bright and brilliant people can be seen by the assassination of Chandra Bose. Chandra Bose was a very great warrior-general from India, and he was assassinated by Jews when he was about to fly out of China (Taiwan) at the end of World War II. The assassination of Chandra Bose took place by the government of the United Kingdom placing a delay request for the general’s flight to permit “inspectors” to make a mechanical “check” before the flight. MI6, on order from jowly and drunk Churchill himself, had these “inspectors” plant a bomb on Bose’s plane before takeoff. As soon as the general’s plane was in the air, it exploded into a fire ball that killed everyone aboard.

Heil Hitler deva!

Randall Lee Hilburn


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  1. The “Holocaust” Museum of the United States is presently finished being built. What idiots do you suspect from the USA have built such a thing? They are on a rampage at this very moment to discredit my beloved friend, sweet Himmler and everyone else who is of good nature, The Fuehrer.
    The devils never seem to grow weary of being the evil devils children that they are. They sprout from the hell of another planet, a planet where everything is opposite from anything good. They hate good, and they love evil. Their natural universe is antithetical to our earth.

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