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The Social Credit Manifesto

Monitoring the Standard of Truth

A Manifesto by Brian Ruhe

December 13th, 2020

The highest standard of truth as defined on my website at:

If We’re having a Fully Monitored World, then Let’s Make it a Good Monitored World!

Indeed, AI’s gobble huge amounts of data, then go and take huge data dumps after breaking this data down in their gurgling innards for a while. The peanutty chunks of information that decorate these huge data dumps that AIs take are the remains of what people are saying, the leftovers of what people are writing, and the last bits of what people are making videos about. The raw information that gets gobbled, digested, and then let out as big stinky data dumps by AIs comes from every corner of the world! You bet, the next generation of AIs like to gobble data from all over the world; AIs love the spicy barbeque data scooped up from Texas, and they also like snacking on that  pickled herring data from Norway!

Given all of the information gathered around the world, and the massive data dumps that AIs are always taking, it comes as no shock that anyone who swallows these big AI data dumps will only spread more disunity, conflict, and confusion. When noting the questionable nature and funny smells of AI data dumps, we desperately need to establish good standards for truth, and we need to offer good leadership to planet Earth. Instead of simply having our most personal data gobbled, processed, then dumped out by AIs, we can instead choose to compare what anyone does, thinks, or says to the four most important goals and truths for humanity as defined by Brian Ruhe.

Data Dump

Most of us have already heard about China’s nefarious plan to have AIs gobble all sorts of information about people, then process this information, and finally take huge data dumps on the entire population of this poor freedom-starved nation. Yes, China has a plan to turn their big AI data dumps into Social Credit Scores. China may already been picking through the steaming piles of information found in AI data dumps and using this stuff to grow Social Credit Scores; however, those who consistently speak the higher truths will have higher social credit scores if Brian Ruhe has his way!

Social Credi Score

Under Brian’s envisioned social credit system, the highest social credit scores would go to those who tell the truth the most and to those that have the highest compassion for humanity. Under this new Social Credit Score system, (((globalists))) and their media will all have very low social credit scores for sure — unless they mend their errant ways. In this new and improved version of the credit score system, each person will have a number assigned to them, like an ID card, except this number will fluctuate up or down depending on their actions. No, this credit score system would make no pretense of being a tool for evaluating a person’s total worth; however, a person’s credit score would provide an instant snap-shot of their truth quotient.

Currently, there are scary and negative associations to the words and ideas described in this manifesto. For example, the Buddha would take words and ideas from Indian culture and transform their meaning so that it rests in line with his teachings of the dharma. If the Dharma teachings are good enough for the Buddha, then they are good enough for us the rest of us.

This new Credit Score initiative would serve as a counterpoint to the growing threat of the Chinese Communist Party’s concept of Social Credit Score which seems to be expanding into the West. As the Communist Chinese notion of a Social Credit Score slowly sneaks into our collective basements here in the West, free speech sits under unprecedented bombardment as well.


With AIs dropping huge data and stinky dumps on us, and corrupt governments dumping trillions worth of our hard-earned tax dollars into this big data dumping projects, it is quite possible that a handful of globalists in the City of London could eventually monitor every word and even almost every fleeting thought that moves across the world.


On the other hand, in a different system of Social Credit, speaking truth to power will drive the bad away and replace it with good while building a high social capital score. Despite all of their money and power, the Jews and their globalist allies have a weakness — they have nothing but lies, and we have the truth. We have good karma; they have bad karma, so our efforts will pay off for us as we accumulate more good karma.


Social Credit Scores

In a new Social Credit System, we could have the highest social credit score set at 1000 and the lowest possible score would bottom-out at -1000. The current ideal listed in our priorities section at  https://www.brianruhe.ca/welcome/could be 600. 600 is a suggested number, because as the website states, the written proof of these top priorities has not yet been accomplished. Brian Ruhe places himself at 600 on his own social credit scale, yet to exceed a social credit score of 600, an individual would have to further the influence of the four objectives written on Brian Ruhe’s website. In this new system, many of the most powerful elite would have social credit scores well below -500 because these folks have caused a few too many wars and they have perpetuated other problems that have killed millions of people or simply ruined their lives.

Service Level

A negative and historical example of these concepts of bad karma is Karl Marx and his book called The Communist Manifesto. Old Karl’s nasty little red book was first published in 1848, and the Rothschilds meant for the publication of this book to coincide with communist revolutions all across Europe. Given all of his poor intentions, let’s give old Karl Marx a social credit score of -200. All Marx’s communist revolutionary attempts in Europe were squashed; none the less, the Jewish elite persisted with their twisted goals for quite a while. In 1917, Jewish Communist persistence finally hit pay-dirt when Communism saw success during the “Russian” Revolution. For this reason, Lenin gets a social credit score of -700 because his success was more devastating than Marx’s book writing and scheming.

Instead of trying to simply counteract the social credit system of China and the globalists with the one proposed here, it would be ideal if there was an internal revolution within the globalist circles that was enacted to uplift humanity rather than oppress the masses.

To get organized and make this Social Credit System a reality, we first need to define a leadership structure. In National Socialism, each department in the government had full control over their area of ministry, and the people in each department were responsible to their group leader.

Let there be no doubt, we do need to get organized, plus we do need to have central organization and solid plans for what we are doing.  We also need to have groups of people who will organize and work on different projects— this is fundamental. Getting organized needs to come first, so this means that we need a hierarchical structure of leadership.

It is also best to have a written plan of action and to revise this plan as events unfold. A group working in coordination from a thought-out and written plan is more effective than a bunch of people doing their own thing without knowing what their allies are up to.

Please contact me if you would like to join this group and be part of such an organized effort to change the world for the better and institute a new social credit system

Merry Christmas,

Santa Claus

Brian Ruhe

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