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Deva Channeling Linked to Intelligence Agencies

On June 28, 1977 I had my first significant channeling experience. Things sometimes happen on anniversaries, knowingly or not. Today I was walking along the Arbutus Greenway between the playground and Pine Street when the channel opened up.

I received the idea that channeling to devas is linked to intelligence agencies. The alphabet agencies like the CIA, NSA and CSIS – the Canadian Security Intelligence Service. Now I have the conviction that people who are adept at channeling to devas are well known to our intelligence agencies. The reason for this is that channeling practice is something that these agencies do. They have unlimited budgets and power and they have developed their higher realm powers since the 1940s, I believe. Since the 1970s at least, the CIA has admitted this. Ingo Swann was the great remote viewer who help found the CIA’s remote viewing institution which persists to this day, I am convinced.

What is remote viewing? It is the practice of seeking impressions about a distant or unseen target, purportedly using extrasensory perception (ESP) or “sensing” with the mind. Remote viewing includes messages from devas. In Buddhist cosmology the devas of the four great kings work for Sakka and the devas of Tavatimsa heaven. The lower devas survey the world looking for virtue and they report it up to the Tavatimsa devas in the Sudhamma hall. This indicates an intelligence gathering mechanism and intelligence agencies with adept people may sense this as well.

One of the four great deva kings is Virulaka who is the king of the nagas, which may be the reptilians. The reptilians include those kind to humanity and those trying to enslave humanity. If channelers focus on these nagas they can learn about the reptilian presence in underground bases all over the world. Some of these bases could be thousands or millions of years old. According to many sources on the Internet, human military forces work with reptilians in many of these bases. Such bases could be man made with secret, super technologies or they could be alien bases where humans are now working.

There are channelers who don’t know that their awareness is being monitored by intelligence agencies with someone sitting behind a computer screen who has been alerted by a remote viewer, an alien or a deva that this person is aware of their operations. And, there are channelers who are aware that they are being monitored by intelligence agencies. Where do you draw the line between human and above human? Where do you draw the line between humans in the secret space program and aliens? They all work together.

There are many people with security clearances who know their part of the UFO alien presence in human affairs. The vast majority of them do not share their secrets with the world, on the Internet. If someone who has not taken an oath of secrecy develops their own ability to sense these things they are not automatically a threat even if the alphabet agencies detect them. If they keep their mouth shut they might not even be contacted by these government agencies. Knowledge is power and such a rare individual would likely have formed a powerful alliance with the higher realms in his own right. At this point they can make their own ethical decision whether the governments are worthy of them contributing their talents to this superstructure of power which is above the false illusion projected onto the population about how world politics works.

The reason for joining up with an intelligence agency is to make a positive contribution to humanity. This can be done as there are good people everywhere. It is also a way to work with other like minded people and to get more of the goldmine of UFO/ alien truth. Being a voice inside the bona fide power structure is an incentive because such a person can be an additional force to push for disclosure for humanity.

The downside is that once you’re in you can never get out of a secrecy oath. If a gifted person stays on the outside without an obligation for secrecy he can help with revealing the truth but with only a rag tag group on the Internet such as the well known ufologists of today. Such a person can appear to be making statements based upon research on the Internet so that others will be unaware that their correct statements came from first hand channeled truth. There is plausible deniability as no one can keep up with the information explosion on the net. An example of this is David Icke. People are mystified how he knew far in advance of others about global developments even though he publicly admits that he received channeled information from the very beginning. He is also still alive and free to speak and he also claims that people can’t get to him physically because they can’t get to him energetically. Have David Icke’s higher realm protectors negotiated with human intelligence agencies and power brokers? Is this why he compromises and doesn’t tell the truth about Adolf Hitler? Have they negotiated an agreement among themselves?

What is startling is the tremendous number of underground bases all over the world and under cities all over the place. There are long connecting tunnels and people working with aliens and government employees going to meetings under cities. People go down elevators under government buildings and city halls and work with reptilians. Then at the end of their shift they go back up the elevator and go home to their families and maintain their secrecy oath for decades. All the while their children and humanity is unaware of this. It’s astonishing. These bases are also under the ocean floor with UFOs flying in and out of them every day. About half of the UFOs are man made and half are alien.

I spoke with Dorothy Izatt over 20 years ago about her hundreds of films of UFOs around Vancouver. I told her about the Buddhist view that there are floating deva cities in the sky and she has seen them and she knew the Buddha’s teaching on this. She described craft going in and out of them like bugs. This is something that our intelligence agencies must know about. The difference between Dorothy Izatt and people in intelligence is that she wasn’t under an oath of secrecy.

So as to not be overwhelming, I feel that groups should be dedicated to raising public awareness for citizens to push their governments to disclose what they know about UFOs, underground bases and reptilians working among us. I want to move my public activism more in that direction because I feel this offers all human beings greater benefit than any other political issue. This is the number one political issue on the planet.

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