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National Socialism In Cyclical Time

ADOLF HITLER deva, THE MAN OUT OF TIME (Installment #9)

Once Our Fuehrer and the NSDAP came to actual power he realized that above all else, once the Jewish and Communist problems were dealt with, the 3rd Reich needed one thing most important for it to become what he intended; That was Peace. Initially, so that he could rebuild Germany economically. Military buildups on a large scale drain economies of needed resources for long term prosperity. That prosperity was essential for Germans of all classes if he was to establish the Spiritual Renaissance and Maturing of the Folk.

Besides directing a war that he realized detracted from what he most wanted to do, it would take away many of those he was helping to mature. Germany as a whole would itself be distracted from what it most needed to be doing.

So he tried by every possible means to avoid war. We know that he yearned for peace and it was denied him by his enemies. War was forced upon him against his will and against his every effort. I needn’t go into that once again since this is already well established.

Once the war was forced upon the 3rd Reich, at the very last, he began to think of ways of restoring peace and insuring it was maintained in the future. Even if The Axis Powers won the war, unless the causes were dealt with permanently, there would just be another war in the near future and they would be right back where they started with just one war after another.

Part of the solution was to isolate the Jews who were to one degree or another responsible for all the wars of the last two (at the time) centuries. But that was only part, though the most important part, of the solution. The other causes were involved with the great multitude of different economic and political systems around the world. This would cause conflicts even in the absence of the corrosive Jewish influence which just made a bad problem far, far worse. It was an existing situation that they could, and do, exploit for their own ends.

The solution was for everybody to have the same economic and political system. That meant National Socialism. He was totally opposed to German expansion to accomplish that. It would constantly be a drain, ultimately proving fatal, on German manpower, money, and resources, as well as dilute German Blood through spreading it out all over the world. He of course had moral and ethical qualms about the idea. But he also expressed these practical concerns to illustrate how the whole idea was impossible to achieve without sacrificing the future of the German Folk he was trying to save.

He also made it clear that if everybody wasn’t part of the same system, the Jews could always find some way to run it, to protect their selves and they could start causing problems all over again. They had to be left with no place to run and no place to hide from where they could operate.

What he ultimately came up with was a return to an arrangement very similar to what had existed during the Golden Age. With the Aryan 3rd Reich taking the place of the original Aryan Egypt. Anybody who was honest and truly had the ability to engage in independent analytical reasoning would have to agree with his assessment. That 3rd Reich Germany were the only ones who had enough of the Old Aryan Nobility Of The Spirit left to ever hope to accomplish such a feat. Allied Japanese National Socialists in effect openly admitted as much themselves.

Each National Socialist State focuses first of all on the development of its own people, in body, mind,and spirit. As with Germany so with everybody else. That requires peace. Which requires a means to impartially and peacefully resolve disputes and regulate relations. Thus the need for a worldwide confederation led by those with best and highest noble character suited to do so.

So we see what would have happened over time if Adolf Hitler deva had won the war and why so many National Socialists from so many different peoples and races arrayed themselves behind him and why many still do. Plus why Finland, a democracy, but a very ethnically and racially conscious one, at that time, also allied itself with him.

Once again the same “race” that was responsible for ending The Golden Age the same ended this attempt at restoring it, in their never ending mad quest to establish themselves as the Superman Master Race of the planet Earth, before moving on to bigger game.

Our Hitler deva did not fail! He showed us the way. He forced those mortal enemies of all life on earth to reveal their agenda and their plans. Our Aryan Folk revealed the method of how to establish the Noble Spirit of The Golden Age again. So that next time we can keep one step ahead of the self-proclaimed sons of the devil, until they are finally, once and for all, fully defeated.

Next time I will conclude this series with Installment #10 “The Way Forward”. I will discuss some ideas for what we now should be doing to prepare for the establishment of the 4th Reich/Golden Age.

Heil Hitler deva!

Randall Lee Hilburn


As so many times before, when there is agony in Body, Mind, Spirit and Nature, there then comes the most profound cosmic revelation. Gaining insight has never been said to be easy, and being a Shaman has proven this to me.

Adolf Hitler deva, the Imperial Germans, the 4th Reich, the Thule Society, in these, it is all a question of the consciousness; That of Adolf Hitler Consciousness, Vishnu Consciousness, and now manifesting as Kalki Consciousness.

As in The Thule Society; The Contemplative Society Of Adolf Hitler, what is it but the society of Adolf Hitler Consciousness dedicated to the study and development of it? Kalki, the Imperial Germans, and the 4th Reich are all here in Midgard already; IN CONSCIOUSNESS. (In other words, a spiritual consciousness, which in truth, is all there is.)  

This in time will bring in its train, will bring about the Renaissance Of The Earth and the best part of Humanity of all the races of TRUE MEN, and of The Aryan Nobility (Aryan = Nobility Of The Spirit) first of all. This a nobility marked by the pursuit of excellence in body, mind, spirit, and in nature, but most of all in character. A nobility which commands respect by example, and not the wanton use of force.

Essentially Midgard reflects the interfacing of the other Eight Worlds. Ragnarok is now being fought in the realm of consciousness. Oh it is real of course, very, very real! Midgard is its reflection. Midgard is restored through restoring consciousness.

As the Giants approach the Bifrost Bridge, Hiemdahl sounds his trumpet, and The Hero’s Are Called Forth From Valhalla.

Heil Hitler deva!

Randall Lee Hilburn

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