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Is the Ukraine’s Azov Battalion Really a Collection of Larping “Nazis” and Fake National Socialists?



Fake Azov
Image courtesy of the r/ForwardsFromKlandma forum on reddit.om 

“Neo-Nazi’s,” like what we are seeing now and have seen prior to the Russo-Ukraine War in the Ukraine, stand in relationship to genuine National Socialism about like the Takfiri Islamic Terrorists (ISSIS, Al Queda, etc.) stand in relation to Islam as a whole. Actual devout Moslems consider Takfiris to be heretics and not actual Moslems, and Islamists such as Hezbollah consider Takfiris to be heretics as well. Islamists are actual guerrilla fighters who stand against Israel and Israeli influence. Islamists also consider the Zio-American Empire to be under de facto Israeli control.

So, who are the Takfiris and who are Neo-Nazi’s, and why should we discuss these two groups together? Many Takfiris are apostate Moslem mercenaries who are under the pay of Washington and Israel. These Takfiri mercenaries provide two principal services to the Zio-American Empire and Israel: To terrorize the enemies of The Zio-American Empire, and especially civilian populations, as a way of intimidating them, and these Takfiris also act as agent provocateurs who stage events and that will be used to justify actions taken by the Zio-American Empire. Very often, the Takfiris served both functions during the recent civil were in Syria.

In Syria, the Takfiris were given safe havens by the Zio-American imperial military who also provided protection for those who were stealing Syrian oil. Turkey has also transferred ISIS terrorists from those safe havens in Syria to the Ukraine where they have joined forces with the neo-Nazi’s that have been ethnically cleansing the Donbass region of the Ukraine who are also operating under NATO (US) auspices. Foreign mercenaries, including former members of the US Military, IDF (Israeli Defense Forces), and Israeli Police have been also hired by the Pentagon and sent in to add to the Devil’s brew in the Russo-Ukraine war..

Isis Zoomer
Image courtesy of r/WojakTemplate on reddit.com

Mark Zuckerberg is the money man for this particular operation, and unfortunately, the bulk of the Russian population, and even Mr. Putin himself, have been subjected to several decades of “Nazi” fear porn which has been largely originated by Jews, so the Russians have become hypersensitive to any mention of a possible Nazi comeback. These Takfiris and fake National Socialists make absolutely perfect targets for Zionist occupied governments because they make such great agent provocateurs. All three individuals who have been running this operation for the US State Department: Nuland, Anthony Blinken, and Wendy Sherman are Jews. Madeline Albright was involved in this bad business as well, but she has now croaked.

Victoria Nuland
Image of Victoria Noodleman(Nuland) furnished courtesy of C-SPAN.org

Anthony Blinken

Image of Anthony Blinken furnished courtesy of forbes.com


Wendy Sherman
Image of Wendy Sherman furnished courtesy of elm.umarlyand.edu

Madeline Albright

Image of Madeline Albright furnished courtesy of nydailynews.com 

All the individuals who are currently running the Zio-American military operations in the Ukraine are Black, and most of these agents are Black women. Even before the Russians moved into the Ukraine, members of the US military, some who are Black, were in the Ukraine training these fake neo-Nazis who were openly acting like they were big supporters of Adolf Hitler and David Lane. Several Russian-Jewish rabbis who used to support the Russian president have now broken with Putin and come to Kiev to support the Ukraine against Russia. Zelensky, who is at least publicly the supreme leader of the Ukraine along with its cadre of fake neo-Nazis is of course a former stand-up comedian and Ukrainian television personality. Zelenski also a likely homosexual, a raging cocaine user, and now he has additionally joined the ranks of billionaire Jews.

Jews are now speaking for the International Fellowship of Christians, and Jews are frequently seen on television asking for people to give money so that they can save elderly and impoverished “Holocaust” survivors who are suffering from the Russian invasion of the Ukraine. (please) This rotten Jewish organization not surprisingly has close ties to the “Christian Right,” the Republican Party, and Donald Trump which are ll within the Zio-American empire.

My first encounter with “Extreme Ukrainian Nationalists/Nazis” was on the internet back when the game was just kicking off. When I first encountered this bunch, these fake National Socialists said they were determined to drive the Russians out of every part of Ukraine, including the Donbass Oblast (Russian) and the Crimea (Tartar/Russian) peninsula because Putin and the Russians wanted to reimpose the horrors of Jewish Communism on these areas. When I asked for proof of their claims in a very diplomatic fashion, they broke off contact with me. Apparently, these fake National Socialists were determined to work with Jewish Communists in order to prevent a Jew Communist takeover of the Ukraine under Putin. As Michael Walsh put it, these Neo-Nazis are charlatans and they are neither actual Fascists nor National Socialists, and Walsh is a man who is in a position to know such things.  These fake National Socialist in the Ukraine are the diametric opposite to whichever form in which they publicly appear, much as Takfiris are considered by actual Moslems to be not actual Moslems. Indeed, Takfiris and Neo-Nazis actually overlap at least to a certain degree we can now begin to see.

If you are one of our typical readers, then you know about the Holodomor, and you know how the Ukraine suffered at the hands of the (((Red Terror.))) If you are somewhat knowledgeable about the Holodomor, then you will also know something about how the Ukrainians declared independence from the USSR after their liberation from Jewish Bolsheviks by Germany and their allied Rumanian forces along the Black Sea’s coastline. During World War II, the Ukrainians allied with the Third Reich and in the end, they suffered for it terribly.

Image of children starving during the Holodomor in 1932 furnished courtesy of brama.com 

Germany made the Ukraine independent once before in World War I, but that independence was soon ended by the Red Army after the Second Reich collapsed. We remember how the Ukrainian Division of the Waffen SS perished to a man defending Budapest even after their own homeland had been overrun by Bolsheviks once more. During their stalwart defense of Budapest, these brave Ukrainian National Socialists stood shoulder-to-shoulder with their German and Hungarian allies until the bitter end. Are there real Ukrainian National Socialists still? Absolutely! I saw them a number of times, before they were co-opted by all of these neo-Nazi lackeys who are on the payroll of international Jewry and Zio-American imperialism. So, what has become of these true Ukrainian National Socialists since the advent of the Russo-Ukrainian war? I have no idea, but I often wonder.




In my studied opinion, there are few tasks more critical to the success of the ongoing world-ranging National Socialist Renaissance than understanding what is and is not true regarding the situation in Ukraine, and this is a matter which I intend to clarify with this blog.


Galicia Map
Map of Galicia furnished courtesy of britanica.com 

For those who are not aware, this is the long-established name for the westernmost and land-locked portion of whatever was once called the Ukraine. The Galicians contributed the 14th Waffen SS Grenadier Division “Galicia.” This division would die to a man during the defense of Budapest late in World War II. The area of what is often called Galicia has swapped hands back and forth between the Austro-Hungarian Empire, Poland, and Russia over the last few centuries, even though the people of Galicia are neither Poles nor Russians. The Third Reich’s SS Ahnenerbe determined that the people of Galicia are “Aryan” but not Germanic.

Most recently, Poland seized control of Galicia from the USSR during the Russian Civil War, but Galicia was previously a province of the now-defunct Austro-Hungarian Empire. The USSR then took Galicia back in 1939. The Third Reich liberated Galicia in 1941 and gave this land their independence, in turn, the Galicians then allied themselves with Germany; however, the USSR would retake Galicia by the end of World War II, and after the USSR retook Galicia, vile Jewish communist commissars supervised widespread massacres and mass deportations of ethnic Galicians to Siberian slave-labor camps from which very few returned. Despite the best efforts of the Russians, there still remains a strong National Socialist sentiment in Galicia to this day.

Ukranian Pepe
Image courtesy of monskuu on 9gag.com 

The nation of Poland is once again claiming Galicia for itself and Poland has gone so far as to start threatening another invasion of Galicia. This Polish threatening of invasion has driven Byelorussia into an alliance with Russia because the Poles are also claiming part of Byelorussia as well. Poland has been sending a lot of equipment and many troops (disguised as Ukrainians of course.) to fight the Russians. The Russians have already killed several hundred of these disguised Poles, but Poland has also allowed the Zio-American empire to station strategic (nuclear) forces on their territory and both the Poles and Zalinsky’s Ukrainian regime have been hounding Washington to launch a “First Strike” against the Russian Federation. These crazy Polish actions towards Russia are only seemingly contradictory because such actions are working to draw off both Russian and Ukrainian resources into the far-eastern portion of the Ukraine where they will hopefully bleed each other white and allow Poland to take advantage of this situation. Poland hopes to begin grabbing territory in the far-western parts of the Ukraine and Byelorussia whenever the Russo-Ukrainian war begins to cool off. The Polish plan is to use some of the Zio-American empire’s military and financial resources to hopefully remove Russia altogether as an obstacle to the reestablishment of the old Polish Empire to the east.

Polish Pepe
Image courtesy of opens.io

All Washington is trying to do is cause the total disintegration of the Russian Federation and to remove the Russians as a restraint to Zio-American imperial actions around the world, which would in turn enable Zio-American Corporations and their Jewish bankster-backers to seize control of the vast natural resources of the Russian Federation. The rest of this stuff regarding Poland’s planned land grabs in Galicia is not a big concern for international Jewry and the Zio-American empire, that is as long as the Russian Federation is neutralized.


(2) The UKRAINE – 

Ukraine Doomer
Image courtesy of knowyourmeme.com 

“The Ukraine” is actually a geographical region which contains diverse ethnic populations. The Ukraine stretches from Galicia in the west to the Donbass in the east. The Crimea peninsula and the Donbass region were never considered part of Ukraine until the time of Nikita Kruschev. The Donbass region is entirely ethnically Russian, and up until late in World War II, this area was also home of what were known as the Volga Germans. These Volga Germans were Mennonites who were invited to settle in the area by one of the Russian Czars. These Volga Germans went with German forces as they retreated from the area after learning that the Jewish Bolsheviks intended a combination of general massacre and mass deportation to Siberian Slave Labor Camps for every last one of them merely because they were of German stock. The Donbass region was also the home of the Don Cossacks who for the most part supported the Germans during World War II and ended up being massacred for their support for the Third Reich as a result. As I understand, a few Don Cossacks still remain in the Donbass area. These same Don Cossacks actually surrendered to American and British Forces who then proceeded to hand over the Don men, women, and children over to vile and bloodthirsty Jewish Commissars with full knowledge of what was going to be done to them.

Chad Cossack
Image courtesy of r/harazddruzhedovben on reddit.com 

The Crimean Peninsula, up until late in World War II was inhabited largely by the Crimean Tatars who are a Siberian/Mongolian people, except for the Russian city of Sevastopol. Due to the persecution of Islam in the USSR, the Tatars being Moslems, fought alongside the Germans. There was also the same widespread massacres and deportations on the Tartars that I have already referred to earlier. Today, the population of Crimea is largely made up of Russians or people who are of mixed Russian/Tatar ethnicity. Crimea was annexed into the Russian Federation after the overwhelming majority of the population voted for it in a referendum where independent international observers were present to insure its legitimacy.

Cossock Boomers
Image courtesy of Nic Specjalnego/Nothing Special on youtube.com

The coastal area along the Black Sea, including the port city of Odessa, and an area called Transnistria are actually inhabited by ethnic Russians.

This ethnic stew that we now call “the Ukraine” leaves an admittedly large area that is wedged between the ethnically Russian coastal region in the south, Galicia in the west, Byelorussia and the Russian Federation to the north, and Crimea and the Donbass Oblast in the east. The former nation of the Ukraine’s used Kiev as its capital city, and Kiev lies within the area of Galicia. The western half and the eastern half of what was formerly called the Ukraine are inhabited by different and distinct ethnic groups. What can be all too clearly seen by observing this ethnic and territorial mess  is that there is in actual fact no such thing as a distinctly Ukrainian ethnicity.



Stepan Bandera was a Ukrainian Ultra-Nationalist but never a National Socialist. He and his organization were already carrying out a guerilla war against the USSR even before the Third Reich began with Operation Barbarossa. After the official end of World War II, Bandera continued a guerilla war against the Soviet Uion up until 1957 when he was finally killed by Soviet Security Forces; Bandera’s organization then disintegrated after his death. During these years of war, Bandera and his organization behaved like totally unprincipled opportunists who had only had one real goal which was to make the Ukraine into a major regional power at everybody’s expense.

Stepan Bandera
Image of Stepan Bandera in a portrait furnished courtesy of rferl.org

Over the course of World War II, Bandera and company would ally themselves with the Third Reich against the Soviet Union, then they would ally themselves with the Soviet Union against the Third Reich, or sometimes they carried on a guerrilla war against both sides at the same time. Bandera and his men would switch back and forth between the opposing sides and ally themselves with whichever faction served their purposes at any given moment. Let me repeat, never at any time were Bandera and his associates ever National Socialists; the Galician National Socialists were a different group of people altogether.

Image courtesy of ifunny.br

After the Zio-American empire directed the “Maidan Revolution” of 2014 which overthrew the democratically elected government of the Ukraine, the Bandara organization was resurrected by Ukrainian nationalists for purely political purposes and this organization operated with the same rank opportunism as the original crew. Like with the original motley crew of Bandarists, these resurrected Bandarists will attack the Jews one day and then work with them the next — whichever direction serves their purposes at the moment. Very often, these Bandarists publicly condemn the Jews while behind the scenes they work with the Zionist State of Israel. The Bandarists are often accused of performing many massacres of Jews during World War II, either by themselves or in cooperation with the Third Reich; however, such accusations have not prevented Bandarists and the Jews from working together in recent times



Juruselem Post
Image courtesy of jpost.com

– Israel is the elephant in the room which nobody seems to want to talk about concerning their direct involvement in the Russo-Ukraine war.

The more indirect role played by Israel in the Russo-Ukrainian war will be covered later on in this blog because such involvement from Israel includes a systematic structural interpenetration between the governments of Israel, the United States, Jewish oligarchs, and the British Crown. The “British Crown” can also be called the Zio-Anglo-American Empire. The Zio-Anglo-American Empire has manifested to a constantly increasing degree since the “formal” founding of international Zionism in the 1890’s, although this rotten three-part entity has founding roots which go back much earlier.

Prior to beginning of the Russo-Ukrainian war, Israel has been sending vast quantities of war materials to the so called “neo-Nazis” in the Ukraine who are also falsely called “fascists” at various times. These same groups of fake National Socialists in the Ukraine are often labeled as being “Anti-Semitic” and of course, such groups do occasionally use rhetoric that can be called “Anti-Semitic.” Of course, we know that the Jews are not actually true Semites but instead they are a mixture of Semitic and European ancestry which makes them Khazars. The Ukrainian government under Zalinsky actually has no more to do with the fascism of Mussolini’s Italy than it does with the National Socialism of Hitler’s Third Reich. The name “Nazi” or “neo-Nazi” is actually a derogatory name that was given to National Socialists by an American Jewish newspaper journalist and was never used by the NSDAP when referring to themselves.

national Socialists
Image courtesy of MasterDoodleJoe80062 at deviantart.com 

Since the modern nation of Israel actually has no real viable economy other than remittance payments from abroad, criminal activity, plus handouts from other nations such as the Zio-Amerian empire and a beaten and demoralized nation of Germany, the war materials that have been sent to Ukraine are actually paid for by American taxpayers. Yes, Israel is one of the top weapons manufacturing nations in the world, but all of this Israeli weapons manufacturing is actually subsidized by American taxpayers, while Israel of course keeps the profits for themselves. Not too long ago, Medvedev, who is the number two man in Russia after Putin, warned in a public speech that Israel’s arming of the Ukraine was undermining Russia’s relationship with Israel. Also, around the time of Medvedev’s speech that fingered Israel’s involvement in the Russo-Ukrainian war, Russia officially reported that they had killed an Israeli Army officer who was in command of a Ukrainian army unit. Think about it my friends, a Jewish officer was discovered to be commanding those who were at least officially considered to be “Nazi” soldiers. So, what is wrong with this picture?

Fake Azov Batallion
The image above shows a member of the Azov Battalion greeting a Jewish rabbi. The image above is furnished courtesy of S.L. Kanthan on twitter.com 

Among the foreign mercenaries who were hired by the Pentagon to fight the Russians on behalf of the Ukrainian government, there are a number of Israeli officers from Israel’s army, police, and the Mossad included in the mix. Also, an unknown number of Israeli officers having been killed in action during the Russo-Ukrainian war. The region which is now called the “Ukraine” was once the heart of the old Khazarian Empire which was destroyed by The Kingdom of Novgorod (the nascent Russian state) due to the depredations that were committed by Khazar raiders within the kingdom of Novgorod. The survivors of Khazaria fled westwards first into Poland then proceeded from Poland into Germany to become the Yiddish-speaking Ashkenazi Jews. (Notice that the last four letters in the word “Ashkenazi” spell the word “Nazi.”)

Many other peoples have migrated into vacant lands over time, so it must be kept in mind that the Khazars were not the original inhabitants of the area which was called Khazaria in any case. The original inhabitants of the land occupied by the Khazarian Empire had the distinction of being the Sarmatians (Slavic) and Scythians (Aryans). There were also Greek colonies in Crimea and along the northern coast of the Black Sea plus along the coastline of the Crimean Peninsula. At the time when the Sarmatians and the Scythians lived in the area of the Khazarian Empire, the area around the Sea of Azov and the northern Black Sea Coastline formed what was called the Kingdom of Bosphorus. This same area that was part of the Kingdom of Bosphorus was eventually incorporated into the Roman Empire. With the collapse of Roman power in this area, the Khazars suddenly appeared and drove out the local inhabitants (shades of Palestine). Why this is so important is because some Israeli officials are now claiming all of the Ukraine for the State of Israel (Khazar as well as Zionists) based on this area’s former occupancy by the notoriously savage Khazars. Today’s Jews consider the current non-Jewish inhabitants of the Ukraine to be squatters who are wrongfully living on land that rightfully belongs to Jews.

Khazar Milkers
Speaking of Khazaria, let us keep those Khazar milkers in mind.  Image courtesy of knowyourmeme.com 



labatt's beer dispencer
Image courtesy of worthpoint.com 

– The commander of the Ukrainian Forces during the Battle for Mariupol was a Canadian General (Eh!). The Russians captured him after thwarting a Ukrainian attempt to sneak him out of the city before it fell. This evil Canadian in question was not just anybody either because he had already been earmarked to be the new commander-in-chief of the whole Canadian Army, and since his capture he has been in Moscow being interrogated. There is another Canadian General who also turned up missing while in command of Ukrainians, and his fate was still unknown according to the last I heard.

hockey fight
Image courtesy of adobestock.com 



Norf FC Seagull
Image furnished courtesy of knowyourmeme.com 

– “Former” members of the Royal Army have also served as the Pentagon’s paid mercenaries in the Ukrainian Army, and several of these men have been captured and executed by the Russians for committing atrocities. Both before and during his term in office, former British prime minister “Bozo” Boris Johnson strenuously worked to sabotage every effort to achieve a negotiated settlement for the Ukraine Crisis while at the same time agitating for an all-out war against Russia. During her fortunately brief time in office, the last unelected, PM (Truss) was agitating for a Nuclear First Strike against Russia. (What a great idea!)

The current PM (Sunak) is supposedly of Indian ancestry; however, he is a banker who was brought over from Goldman-Sachs to run the United Kingdom on behalf of the Jews. If he is actually Indian as opposed to being a crypto-Jew, then he would be the first non-Jewish Goldman Sachs-Banker that I have ever heard of.

British Doomer
Image courtesy of AztecaPixels on redbubble.com 



– The Zio-American Empire has contributed a number of so-called mercenaries to the Ukrainian army, and several of these CIA-funded mercenaries have been captured over the course of the Russo-Ukrainian war. Some of these mercenaries have been ordered by their superiors to enlist in the Ukrainian army, and some members of the Zio-American empire’s special forces units have placed themselves in Ukrainian army uniforms then engaged in direct conflict with the Russians in the Donbass region. While the Ukrainian military is still technically under the command of Ukrainian officers, the reality is that for some time the Ukrainian war effort has been directed by senior American officers.

Zio American Empire


The image seen above is furnished courtesy of buzzfeednews.com

(8) ISIS

– The United States and Turkey have been transporting Isis fighters from Syria to the Ukraine to fight against the Russians.



The Brandenburg Gate
Image of the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin provided courtesy of NorthlanderPhotos on deviantart.com 

– A combination of “German” sanctions against Russia and the disabling of the Nordstrom Pipeline by the Zio-American Empire have plunged Germany into economic collapse, where formerly Germany had the third largest economy in the world.  The present “German” government is pouring vast amounts of war material into Ukraine to help them fight the Russians. The current chancellor of Germany, who is a total lackey of the Zio-Anglo-American Empire, is at least technically German. Germany’s previous chancellor, Angela Merkel, was not actually German at all, she is a Galician Jew.

Image of Angela Merkel furnished courtesy of dwarfeater on deviatnart.com 

Years ago, I had an acquaintance who was personal friends with Helmut Kohl who was Germany’s chancellor at that time. Herr Kohl acknowledged in private conversation with my friend that the Jews totally run Germany behind the scenes. Kohl and said that if a German chancellor does not do the bidding of their Jewish handlers to the letter, then they are removed from that office and their public careers are ended. In spite of threats to suppress the demonstrations on the part of the Stolz puppet regime, there have been widespread demonstrations against the government policies that are ruining the country.

Tired German Wojak

Image courtesy of AztecaPixels on redbubble.com 

In recent months, some demonstrators have been carrying the Red, White, and Black Imperial German Flag of the Second Reich. At least at one time, public display of the flag was illegal. What can this mean? From the “for what it’s worth department,” there are Hohenzollerns living in Germany now who are linear descendants of the last Kaiser, so these people are patriot Germans. Hitler met with both the Kaiser and the Kronprinz during his time as Germany’s Chancellor, and he was always respectful and the perfect gentleman in their presence. When Hitler met with the Kaiser and his descendants, both parties agreed that it was best for Germany if they stepped aside and let Hitler govern.



– I will focus here on just the most important players (Jewish oligarchs) because they are providing the principal impetus and means for this opening round of World War III.


Merchant with money

Image courtesy of Brokus on the r/reckful forum from reddit.com 

(a) The Rothschilds – For the last 200+ years, their standard operating procedure is to act through middlemen in order to conceal their presence and power in the world. Every Jewish oligarch in the world has connections with the Bank de Rothschild which is headquartered in the City of London to some degree.

(b) George Soros (George Schwartz) – George Schwartz is a Hungarian Jew who is noted for his intense hatred of all things Russian. It is not clear why he has this neurosis which causes him to carry on this personal vendetta against Russia which threatens to end in outright nuclear war. He is the principal money (manager) man behind the Ukrainian Crisis, and his goal is to destroy Russia regardless of the cost and whatever the risk.

(c) Elon Musk – He has publicly come out against the war…BUT! He is making a fortune off of the Ukrainian Government who are leasing their Intelligence Gathering Drones from him; it sounds to me like he might be trying to keep all his bases covered.

(d) Rinat Akhmetov – The most significant individual for the purposes of this blog. Akhmetov is the richest man (Jewish oligarch) in all of the Ukraine, and he just happens to be the financier behind the Ukrainian fake neo-Nazis, including the Azov organization, which was at least largely destroyed by the Russians in Mariupol.  Akhmetov pays for the Azov Battalion’s recruitment and training, but he also covers their payroll.



Zalensky the cuck
Image courtesy of Jimmy Gopkins on deviantart.com

– He began his career as a stand-up comedian, then he was picked to star in what would come to be a wildly popular program on Ukrainian television show about a stand-up comedian who becomes president of the country. Very quickly after this show finished running, he was actually chosen to be the president of the Ukraine at the same time that he suddenly became a billionaire for some odd and funny reason. Zelensky claims to be a Bandarist, which does not keep him and his wife from being the darlings of the international jet set and the Eastern Liberal (Jewish) Establishment in the Zio-American Empire. Hollywood and the American MainStream Media are continually singing their praises for Zelensky and we know who controls the Zio-American Empire’s main stream media complex. The reality is that Zelensky and every single major official in his administration are all Galician Jews.

The Zio-American Empire’s Pentagon estimates are that around 80% of the weapons being provided to the Ukraine are stolen by Zelensky and his associates and then sold on the international black market. This illegal arms trade in Zio-American military hardware is making Zelensky and his cronies stratospherically wealthy as a result. Any war assistance rendered to the Ukraine during the Russo-Ukraine war is more a case of the West subsidizing Ukrainian arms dealers than it is a matter of propping up the flaggering Ukrainian war effort. Hunter Biden was involved in funneling money under the table to the Zelensky Regime.  Of course, while Hunter Biden was funneling the Zio-American tax-payer’s money into the Ukraine, young Biden was also skimming his share of money off the top in the process with the full knowledge and cooperation of his old man “president” “Creepy” Joe Biden (also known as “Sleepy Joe Biden”because of his tendency to drift off to sleep during speeches and during public appearances) “Creepy Joe” also claims that his little boy Hunter was actually fighting in Iraq, but is Biden senior a liar or just senile? Likely both I am thinking.

Hunter Biden
One of many images from Hunter Biden’s notorious personal computer hard drive furnished courtesy of knowyourmeme.com Remember kids, crack is wack!
crack is wack
Image courtesy of HillaryKillary on redouble.com 



– As I have previously stated, the Zio-Empire wants to destroy Russia as a functioning state in order to eliminate this nation as a constraint on Zio-American imperial power, and they also want to destroy the Russian Federation to give Zio-American corporations control of the vast natural resources that lie within the Russian Federation’s political boundaries. However, there is another reason for the Zio-American empire to strive for the Russian Federation’s downfall that is of a more irrational nature. I served several long years in the Zio-American military during the Cold War and one thing that I came to see even then was that there were/are elements within the Pentagon who desire an all-out war with Russia, whether Russia is communist or not.

The Pentagon
Image courtesy of Midian-P on deviantart.com

It seems that certain factions with the Zio-American Pentagon establishment want a war with Russia for no other reason than to prove their superiority over the Russians to themselves and everyone else. According to these nutty Zionist “neo-conservatives” annihilating the Russian people with nuclear weapons would be the best way to prove the Zio-American empire’s superiority over all others, and this same faction within the Pentagon also believes that they must prove their superiority to every other nation on Earth, with the notable exception to this rule being their idol nation of Israel. The Cold-War-era threat from Soviet Communism was a cover, just like Islamic terrorism is a cover for a Jewish wish to kick off World War III. I am not defending Communism here; rather, I am calling attention to the little-understood fact that the supposed threat from communism during the “Cold War” was intended to serve as an excuse for commencing World War III.

ifunny nuclear blast
Image courtesy of MucinexDM_213 on funny.br

When the USSR collapsed from internal rot during the 1990s, I saw that this crazy anti-Russian faction within the Zio-American Empire’s Pentagon establishment were greatly angered because they lost their prized excuse to hide behind when seeking a war with Russia. With their fabrication of the threat from Vladimir Putin, they now have salvaged their cover story for starting a war against Russia once again. All during the Cold War, which incidentally was instigated by Winston Churchill not Joseph Stalin, rogue elements within the Pentagon were constantly pushing for World War III against the USSR. Fortunately, these crazy war-mongering elements within the Pentagon were never able to dominate the highest levels of the Zio-American military establishment; however, this situation has now changed. I am now hearing increasing talk of an all-out nuclear first-strike against Russia.

Victoria Noodleman, who now goes by the name Victoria Nuland, because continuing to use her real name would just make matters too damned obvious. Noodleman has from the very beginning been running the Ukraine Operation for the Zio-American imperial establishment. Noodleman has constantly supported the Ukrainian “neo-Nazis” and these “neo-Nazis” all know it. Noodleman was the one who ran the Maidan Revolution which overthrew the democratically elected President of the Ukraine named Victor Yanukovych and then established Zelenskiy as a puppet dictator. What sparked the Maidan Revolution was a situation where  both the Russian Federation and the European Union were vying for certain trade agreements with the Ukraine; however, because the Russians were going to pay better than the European Union, Yanukovych signed trade agreements with the Russians, in turn Washington decided they did not like the Ukraine getting too cozy with Russia, so they sent in Noodleman to get rid of Yanakovitch. Once installed in office, Zelensky terminated earlier trade agreements with Russia then began trade agreements with the European Union.

Viktor Yanukovych official portrait
Official Portrait of Victor Yanukovych from 2010 furnished courtesy of wikipedia.org


Yanakovtich and Putin
Photo of the Ukrainian president Yanukovych on the left and Russian president Vladimir Putin on the right furnished courtesy of wsj.com 

The Zio-American Empire wanted to include Ukraine in NATO as they expanded this crooked alliance right up to the borders of the Russian Federation which just happens to be a violation of NATO’s earlier agreements with Russia, and this NATO expansion constitute a violation of  NATO’s Founding Charter. Acting in violation of treaties between the Zio-American Empire and Russia that go back into the Cold War, the Zio-American Empire began to deploy ABMs (Anti-Ballistic Missiles) close to the Russian border. Treaties that were originally intended to lessen the chance of nuclear war between the Zio-American Empire and Russia are now abrogated by Washington and/or Washington simply refuse to renew these treaties while at the same time Western media and Western governments are bombarding their own populations with programming that is intended to convince everyone that Russia is the aggressor.

Nuclear bomb
Image courtesy of MaComiX on deviantart.com  

Despite the way that things might appear, there is certainly a method to Washington’s madness concerning their dealings with the Russian Federation because Zio-American strategic (Nuclear) forces are now deployed in Europe, including in Poland, and Poland sits on Russia’s frontier. The Zio-American empire hopes to launch successful nuclear First Strike against Russia by using the Anti-aircraft Ballistic Missiles (ABM) which are deployed along Russia’s western frontier. Zio-American military strategists are hoping that their ABMs will shoot down missiles from Russia’s retaliatory strike as they leave their silos. Clearly, this nuclear brinksmanship with Russia is  a thoroughly stupid situation, but this type of thinking is perfectly in keeping with the terminal stupidity of Washington’s “leadership”. The Russians have now deployed (hidden) their submarines which are armed with nuclear missiles and underwater drones within quick and easy striking distance of North America’s East Coast. Still, these Western politicians, bureaucrats, and tin-horn military dictators insist on provoking Russia in hopes of provoking the Russians into doing something that can be used to justify a nuclear First Strike which is not unlike how the Zio-American empire provoked Japan into attacking Pearl Harbor.

Every single Zio-American government official of any importance who is involved in actually running the Ukraine Operation, with the sole exception of the US Secretary of Defense, is a JEW. Lloyd J. Austin III, who is the “US Secretary of Defense,” (the Zio-American empire’s secretary of war) is a retired four-star army general who is also a Black man. Austin was formerly a thoroughly unsuccessful commander of US Forces (Zio-American forces) in Iraq. Austin is a complete military lackey who has been raised to his present high position for only two reasons: first, he was elevated to his current high position simply because he is Black, and second, Austin has been promoted up the chain of command simply because he always dutifully does what he is told by the Jews who are actually running things. Apparently, the Jews felt that they needed a token Black figurehead to keep the Blacks and the politically correct White liberal crowds satisfied.

Lloyd Austin III
Image of Lloyd Austin furnished courtesy of NPR.org

Also, do not make the foolish mistake of thinking for a moment that a Republican presidential administration for the Zio-American empire would be better than a Democratic one in any way. Donald Trump has said long ago that if he were president instead of Biden that he would “Get tough with Putin.” Donald Trump has also accused “Sniffing Joe Biden” of being too soft on Russia and Putin. Yes, Donald Trump is also talking about conducting peace negotiations and avoiding a nuclear war with Russia, which is a pretty clear case of a man who is talking out of both sides of his mouth. Lindsay Graham has said that the US should continue to keep arming and funding Ukraine because the Jews and the Zio-American empire will fight to the last Ukrainian to stop Russia. Overall though, the Republican Party seems to want to defuse tensions with Russia so that they can concentrate instead on provoking a war with China over Taiwan in order to eliminate China as an economic competitor to Zio-American corporations.



Not long after the Ukraine’s Maidan Revolution, the ethnic cleansing of the Donbass region commenced. The Zelenky regime’s attacks on the Donbass region were intended to drive out, or even exterminate, the ethnic Russian population who were living in that area. As a result of the Zelensky regime’s attacks on Donbass, the Donbass Russians organized militias to defend themselves. The “Ukrainian” militias who were carrying out these ethnic cleansings against Donbass Russians identified themselves as “Nazis.” At that time, I watched a video on the internet which showed an ongoing massacre taking place, but this video showed these events at a good distance. In this video, the “Russian” militia for whatever reason had just moved away from the vicinity of a large town, and it was a Saturday and the town market was crowded with people, then the town market was suddenly hit by a massive sustained mortar barrage that was supposedly fired by “Nazi” militia. The center of town went up in flames and between 250 and 300 men, women, and children were killed.

This video was taken by some Russian pagans who were conducting a ritual on a hill just outside of town. Mortar fire was soon directed at them as well, so these pagans scattered. Luckily, no Russian pagans were hurt by this mortar fire, but they did post their video online and they did try and inform outsiders about what was going on in the Donbass region. One of this video’s narrators who was speaking in heavily accented English took great pains to explain a few things once he was safely able to make a report. (1) This is of critical importance: “We do not know who these “Nazi” militias actually are, but we are convinced that they are not who they claim to be.” Let the implications of that sink in for a moment. (2) “They try their best to avoid any contact with ethnic Russian militia because they focus their attention instead on defenseless civilians.” (3) The Russian population in the Donbass region had to be constantly on guard against such attacks. When these Russian pagans were conducting rituals they always had to have people on watch because they had been fired at more than once.

Russian Pagan
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I also had some brief contact along about this same time with some “Ultra-Nationalist” Ukrainians on the internet and they struck me as a thoroughly irrational group of individuals because they talked a lot about what Jewish Communism had done to Ukrainians. The horrors of Jewish communism are we well known to many; however, these Ukrainian nationalists insisted that they were defending themselves from attempts by Putin and Russia who were both intent on taking over to the Ukraine, which is patently not the case. Something is very wrong with this picture because these people seem to be working with Jews in order to protect themselves from Jews. There are only two possible explanations for this craziness: these people are so blinded by their hatred of Russians for what was done to them by Russia in the past that they have lost the ability to think rationally, or they are lying about who they are.

The Genocide in the Donbass has been misrepresented by the Zio-American empire’s government apparatus and Jewish-controlled mainstream media as being Russian aggression and subversive activity from the beginning. This line of bullshit about Russian atrocities in the Donbass region has been parroted endlessly by other Western governments and medias outlets in countries who are subservient to Washington’s diktats.

*Note: This may or may not have anything to do with the current situation in the Ukraine. On October 4, 2001 Siberian Airlines (Russian) Flight 1812 was shot down by a Surface to Air Missile (SAM) over the Black Sea south of the Crimean Peninsula. All 78 people who were on board this flight were killed: 38 Russians and 40 Israelis. This passenger jet was allegedly shot down by mistake at the hands of the Ukrainian military during training exercises, and this version of the story is certainly possible. The Ukraine never accepted responsibility for this incident, although they did agree to pay reparations which were accepted by Russia and Israel. The Zio-American government tried to blame Russia for this incident, but this all sounds a bit fishy.



Russian Federation
Image courtesy of tuna.voicemod.net

 “Sheep Dipping” is a term which refers to scenarios where one country sends its military into combat against another country while wearing the uniforms of a third nation. I have already discussed the “sheep dipping” of the Poles during the Russo-Ukrainian war, and elements of the Rumanian army are also being “sheep dipped” in the same way. Washington is of course complicit in both instances since this practice is part of their normal way of operating around the world, and such acts of sheep dipping during the Russo-Ukraine war can only be used with their approval. Both Poland and Romania are members of the Zio-American-controlled NATO alliance, and of course, the Russians know that they are in direct conflict with NATO in the guise of Ukrainians.

Initially, and for a long time, Russia accepted Crimea and the Donbass region as being part of Ukraine, even after the Maidan Revolution. After the Maidan Revolution, the government of Ukraine agreed that the ethnic Russian population of the Donbass would have full citizenship and full rights in the Ukraine; however, the Zelensky regime quickly reneged on their agreement with the Russian Federation concerning the status of the Donbass region’s ethnic Russians. Soon, there would be another agreement between the Ukraine and the Russian Federation that guaranteed citizenship rights to the Russians of Donbass, and this concession was called the Minsk Agreement because these negotiations were held in the city of Minsk in Belorussia and this conference was brokered by Germany.

Under pressure from Washington, the Ukrainian government reneged on what amounted to a formal treaty with the Russian Federation and the Zelensky regime soon intensified its ethnic cleansing of the Donbass region once more. Repeated attempts by Vladimir Putin to get the Ukraine’s Zelensky regime to honor the Minsk Agreement failed, and in this case, Russia had accepted the Donbass region remaining part of Ukraine; however, Putin was rebuffed time and time again whenever he tried to discuss the attacks against Donbass’s ethnic Russians while Washington and Kiev accused Russia of naked aggression and trying to reestablish Communist tyranny over the Ukraine. To save the ethnic Russians in the Donbass region from the ongoing Ukrainian genocide, Putin had no other choice but to finally send in the Russian Military.

Image courtesy of U-K-A on deviantart.com 

The parallels between Putin’s situation in Ukraine and Poland’s instigation of aggression against ethnic Germans at the behest of Britain and France, forced Hitler to unwillingly invade Poland are impossible to miss. In the case of Donbass, both the Ukraine and Poland are obviously working off of the same old Jewish script. The Jews tried this plan before by using Poland and Germany and it worked like a charm, so they expected it to work again with the Ukraine and Russia.

When the Soviet Union broke up, Crimea went with the now-independent Ukraine. Under the USSR, the Crimean Peninsula had been made a part of Ukrainian USSR from an administrative standpoint. In the city of Sevastopol, there is the second largest Naval Base anywhere in the world, after only Norfolk, Virginia. After the breakup of the USSR, the Russian Federation had a treaty with the Ukraine that gave them the right to lease this vitally important base in perpetuity, which meant that as long as Russia kept up on their lease payments their right to exclusive use of this base in Crimea could not be revoked. In exchange for paying to lease a naval base from the Ukrainian Crimea, Russia would allow Crimea to remain part of an independent Ukraine.

Washington instigated the Ukrainian violation of this naval lease treaty with the Russian Federation because they sought to expel the Russians from the Crimean peninsula on very short notice and they intended to hold this large naval base until the pending  arrival of Zio-American forces. If Russia wanted to remain a serious naval power in the world, then they would need access to their most important naval base. Plus, if the Zio-American empire could gain control of this large Russian naval base quickly enough, then they would be able to gain access to all sorts of Russian secrets and technology, so the Russians were forced to quickly occupy Crimea before the Zio-American empire could gain control of Sevastopol.

Russia is a grea country
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– Chechnya, is a now-self-governing Moslem region in the southern part of the Russian Federation. Several years back as you will recall, there was a long and very bloody war between “Moslem extremists” who were allegedly trying to set up an Islamic state in Chechnya that were pitted against the Russian Federation. These Islamic extremists were allegedly the ones responsible for the massacre at a Russian Elementary School in the province of Ossetia in which over 100 school children were murdered along with various others (teachers, staff, police, and security forces). This situation at the elementary school was finally stopped when the terrorists were at last wiped out by Russian security forces; however, things were not as we were led to believe at the time. The “Islamic Extremists” were actually proxies for the American CIA and British MI6, whose ultimate goal was the end of Russia as a functioning state (like what we have seen in Libya for example).

Chechen Wojak

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The Russians were finally able to put down the revolt in Chechnya; however, this Russian military campaign in Chechnya actually had very little support amongst the general Russian population. The Zio-American Empire evacuated the survivors of Russia’s little war against Chechnya then shipped them off to Syria where these same men eventually helped form the nucleus of ISIS. The Zio-American empire has now brought many of these Chechen fighters back to the Ukraine to serve in the Ukrainian Army to once again where they are expected to fight against the Russians. The present governor of Chechnya, Colonel General Ramzan Kadyrov, has personally led the official Chenchyan forces into the Donbass region where they are now fighting alongside the Russian army. Kadyrow has been joined by his two teenage sons who left school so that they could fight alongside their father. When going into battle with the Chechans, the “neo-Nazis” have been known to soak their small arms ammunition in melted lard because to the Moslems a pig is an unclean animal one should not have any contact with. Kadyrov helped convince Putin to change how Russia has been fighting the war and to appoint a new commander named Sergei Surovikin who is nicknamed by his colleagues “General Armageddon.” Russian fortunes have tremendously improved as a result of instituting Surovikin.


Image courtesy of er-tyler-pyzik-2003 on deviatnart.com


The Wagner Group

– The Wagner Group is a Private Russian contractor that specializes in special operations. Apparently, the Wagner Group is quite capable because the Russian government has made frequent use of them over the years. The Wagner Group is listed on the Russian Order of Battle for the Russo-Ukraine war. The Wagener Group has also acquired extensive combat experience by working in the Syrian civil war. The Zio-American air force launched airstrikes a few years back against one of the Wagner Group’s bases in Syria which killing over one hundred Wagner operatives. Apparently, the Wagner Group had become a serious impediment to operations for the Israeli/Zio-American proxy army in Syria which is commonly known as ISIS.



– The Russians have recently started recruited an all-volunteer force of Siberians totaling seven divisions that has include the first appearance of “Mongolians” in the Russo-Ukrainian war.

Mongol Wojak
Image courtesy of Legitimate_Dot_3951 from the r/Mongolia forum on reddit.com 

The Russian Federation actually contains something like 27 or 28 different ethnic groups while the other half of the population consist of “Great Russians.” Other than the “Great Russians” the rest of the people are very diverse, racially, culturally, and religiously. The Zio-Anglo-American empire has for a long time been trying to stir up conflicts amongst these groups in hopes that such agitations will eventually cause downfall for the Russian Federation, which is not unlike what they did to cause the disintegration of Yugoslavia. Putin has managed to greatly diffuse this tense ethnic situation within the Russian Federation by guaranteeing freedom of religion to all of his citizens and allowing non-Russian and non-Christian regions to be self-governing within the larger federation. Putin’s guarantee of religious freedom has also put a stop to the ongoing violent persecution of Russian pagans by certain extreme elements within the Russian Orthodox Church.


Image courtesy of Cahilis on deviantart.com 

Initially, the Russian war aims in the Russo-Ukrainian war were limited to ensuring that the Minsk accords were implemented. At the incept of the Russo-Ukrainian war, the Russians did their best to limit both casualties and material damage within what was formerly part of the Ukraine; however, this restraint on the Russian side ended in something of a costly debacle after Zio-Anglo-American interests who were encouraging the Ukrainians to engage in an all-out defense. The initial Russian invasion of the Ukraine was carried out by essentially second line divisions; thus, this explains the appearance of a lot of older Cold -War-era vintage Russian military equipment early in the war.

Every time the Russians have gotten an advantage over the course of the Russo-Ukraine war, the Zio-American empire pours in vast amounts of new money, material, and mercenaries to restore the situation. NATO has no intention of winning the war; however, it must be understood that NATO is certainly interested in dragging the Russo-Ukrainian war out as long as possible in order to weaken and finally destabilize the Russian Federation. Besides, the Zio-American military industrial complex is piling up extraordinary and ever-increasing profits as a result of this  never-ending war in the Ukraine, and unfortunately, the Ukrainians are being deliberately sacrificed to the above nefarious ends.

Ukranian Cucks
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The Russians are now beginning to engage in a war for outright military victory in the Ukraine since Washington has succeeded in stopping every attempt at a negotiated settlement. The recently announced and now-ongoing Russian mobilization against the Ukraine amounts to the calling up of well-trained Russian reservists who will take the places of the first lone combat divisions to enter this sad conflict, but it will be these more capable Russian military units who will be now be committed to winning the Russo-Ukraine war. These more capable Russian forces will be deployed in sufficient numbers to allow for a regular rotation in and out of the front lines. The Ukrainians are now forced to keep their divisions in the front lines indefinitely where they are being used up and burned out at an alarming rate. As of now, Ukrainian losses are having to be replaced by inadequately trained conscripts, old men, teenage boys, the disabled, women, and foreign mercenaries.

Ukrainian advances, such as they have been, so far have been achieved at enormous costs in men and material. Ukrainian casualties are never officially reported, but estimates made by independent Western military analysts put the number of Ukrainian KIAs as possibly topping 250,000. Some Ukrainian advances have actually amounted to the Russians withdrawing from untenable positions in order to lure the Ukrainians into open ground where they can be slaughtered by air strikes, guided missiles, and massed artillery. The Russians perfected these tactics in Syria with the help of forces loyal to Basher Assad; however, they got the original idea for these tactics from the Germans who were fighting on the Eastern front during World War II.

German Cucks
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The Russian “operational doctrine” (how one goes about fighting a war) that is being used in the Russo-Ukrainian war , as has been noted, is not by any means that of the Soviet Era; instead, recent Russian operations in the Ukraine have more closely resembles those from the time of the czars. Russian objectives in the Russo-Ukraine war are now essentially three in number: Prevent the Ukraine from formally joining NATO. Demoralize the Ukraine. Rid the Ukraine of “Nazis” and “Nazi sentiments,” although the Russians are still leaving matters open to negotiation. Contrary to what some might say, the Russians have made no talk of annexing the Galicia unless the people of this area freely chose to become part of the Russian Federation. So, what do the Russians actually mean when they speak of “Denazification”? On the surface the meaning is obvious, considering the threat to them posed by the pseudo-National Socialists or “Neo-Nazis,” that are presently running around in whatever was once called the Ukraine, but beyond that point it is not clear how far exactly the Russians mean to go. I cannot see them not knowing the difference between idiotic “neo-Nazis” and genuine National Socialists. The first two objectives are just to ensure that the Zio-Anglo-American empire cannot use Ukraine as a staging area for future attacks upon Russia, especially any nuclear first strikes.

Nazi Calling
Image courtesy of knowyourmeme.com

While NATO is using Poles and Romanians as cannon fodder in Ukrainian uniforms, the rest of NATO is completely inadequate for a conventional land war against Russia. The once-mighty Royal British Army now amounts to no more than a division in strength. The German army was the best army in NATO during the Cold War and one of the very best in the world at that time; however, this once-greater military is now only a shadow of its former self because it is now so thoroughly woke and beset by rampant alcoholism. These days, Canada could not field a worthwhile army even if they even if they actually wanted to due to a collapsed national tax base, rampant wokeness that infects every aspect of Canadian life, extreme demoralization of the military and the entire male population in general, and a growing list of crippling internal divisions of all types and stripes. At this time, the rest of NATO, apart from the Zio-American empire, simply do not amount to much when compared to the resurgent Russian army.

help has arrived

Image above provided courtesy of knowyourmem.com 

In reality, the Zio-American empire’s entire military apparatus has been structured around counterinsurgency warfare for the last six decades and this army has not faced a conventional large-scale ground war since the Korean war. At this time, nothing about Zio-American ground forces is suitable for a confrontation with the Russians: not their training, not their organization, not their equipment, not their leadership, not their experience, not their logistics, and certainly not their numbers. The Zio-American military simply cannot survive mass casualties anymore, and neither can the morale of the apathetic and hedonistic American population.

American Soyjack
Image courtesy of fapstronau_TK_421 on the r/imagesOFUSA forum on reddit.com 

The corrupt, arrogant, and bumbling fools who are presently running things in Washington will put all of us in grave danger by committing conventional Zio-American ground forces to fighting in the Ukraine in order to prevent a total Russian victory because the end results of such an action could easily amount to an inevitable disaster in the form of nuclear exchanges. Rather than admit defeat, the Zio-American empire’s rulers may resort to using nuclear weapons, or at least they may attempt to do so (wink, wink).

“Ukraine is the largest movie set on the planet.” – (?). This quote refers to the fact that in the early days of the Russia’s invasion of the Ukraine almost all American MSM videos which covered the supposedly ongoing fighting were produced in the Ukraine at sites which were created or modified to serve as backdrops for breathless reports from brave journalists who were committed enough to put themselves in real danger. Thing is, these media videos purporting to be live and on-site rundowns of important war developments were often made entirely across the country from where the actual fighting was happening. I will give just one well-publicized example to illustrate my point. There was a maternity hospital which was supposed to have been deliberately shelled by Russian artillery which resulted in many deaths including babies; however, the actual truth was slightly different.

First the building seen in this fake atrocity video that featured the Russians supposedly shelling a hospital was actually not located within a hundred miles of the actual fighting that this video was supposed to document. Second, this hospital building was actually an aging apartment building that had been condemned and was in the process of demolition. In this case, what was actually filmed was the final dynamiting of this decrepit old apartment building. In this phony video, Jews hired some Russian women from off the street to run away from the demolished building screaming as the charges went off. These amateur Russian thespians were supposed to be nurses running from the hospital as Russian shells slammed into the building; however, being amateurs, these Russian lasses provided a very unconvincing presentation to anybody who was half-way paying attention.

soyjack television
Image courtesy of knowyourmeme.com 

I guess I need to give one more example as a cautionary note in this case because the Jews are using images to deceive the unwary. Early on in the Russo-Ukrainian war, the Jewish-controlled Western media complex often showed masses of burned out equipment and claiming that this ruined equipment was Russian. Well, this destroyed equipment was indeed of Russian manufacture, but that proved absolutely nothing because at that time Russians and Ukrainians were using the same tanks and other armored fighting vehicles such as APCs (armored personnel carriers). In these suspicious film clips, the wrecks were too badly burned to tell who they belonged to. While surveying these videos, I also saw numerous cases of burned out AFVs that had obviously been dragged together from various places to produce group photos. The Jewish media claimed that these wrecks were/are Russian and had been destroyed in that location, but I have come to suspect that these film clips which are showing groups of wrecked vehicles actually depict equipment that was move around to produce these “after action” photos and videos because very often these pictures look like they were staged.



Since the Russo-Ukrainian war began, I feel like I have been trying to hit a moving target because I am trying to keep up-to-date on a situation in the Ukraine which is in a constant state of flux. The Zio-American empire has deployed troops around the stockpiles of weapons that have been sent to the Ukraine which the Russians have been trying to destroy.

The UK has been implicated in the attacks on the Nordstream II Pipeline, the Bridge into Crimea, and the Russian Black Sea Naval Fleet along attacks on the ships that carry grain out of the Ukraine. Russia has stopped allowing any more grain shipments out of the Ukraine as a result of these attacks underhanded British attacks. As time passes, this stoppage of Ukrainian grain exports will bring hunger to many countries including the UK. These attacks on outgoing grain ships are considered to be acts of war on the part of the UK against the Russian Federation and Russia has informed the UK that there will be consequences for such behavior.

Image courtesy of Apetitive-Soul on deviantart.com 

Only Poland, who is also clamoring for a nuclear first strike against Russia, and Romania as well, at least somewhat reluctantly, are willing to help the Zio-American empire to place ground troops in the Ukraine. As for other NATO helpers, France has been bogged down trying to rebuild their colonial empire in West Africa, so France really has nothing to send to the Ukraine at this time. Iran and Saudi Arabia are reportedly on the verge of war, so if the Straits of Hormuz are closed, then the price of gas worldwide will go through the roof. Israel has declared what amounts to open season on the Palestinians, so the rest of the Levant region is now a powder keg waiting for a spark to ignite it as a result of Israeli actions in the Gaza Strip.

The Zio-American Empire is accusing North Korea of supplying Russia with artillery ammunition for use in the Ukraine. The Zio-American empire and South Korea are also staging massive military maneuvers along the old Demilitarized Zone that divides North Korea and South Korea which North Korea is taking as preparations for an impending invasion. There are now more Zio-American troops in South Korea than there have ever been since the end of the Korean War, and South Korea is now clamoring for the Zio-American empire to deploy nuclear weapons to the Korean Peninsula… great.  This mess on the Korean peninsula is also happening while the Zio-American empire is pressuring Japan to accept the delivery of nuclear-capable missiles for use against North Korea which stands in violation of the Japanese Constitution. North Korea has ICBMs (Inter Continental Ballistic Missile) that can reach the 48 contiguous US states which will create an immense EMP (Electro Magnetic Pulse) burst by exploding high up in the atmosphere which offers the potential to knock out the entire Zio-American power grid in the empire’s lower 48 states.

Nuclear Winter Wojak
Image courtesy of pinterest.com 



First, we need to establish what National Socialism was intended to ultimately be when it was offered by Adolf Hitler and the NSDAP back in 1933. Very often, people have tended to confuse the methods used to achieve Hitler’s ultimate purpose with the ultimate purpose itself, so now I intend to clarify exactly what real National Socialism is intended to be.

Resolving the Jewish Question

Jewish Groomer
Image courtesy of unbiased-history.fandom.com 

This is a critical prerequisite before National Socialism can even begin to achieve its intended purpose; however, the Jewish Question cannot be equated with the true purpose behind National Socialism. For National Socialists, dealing with Jewish problems is a means to that end, but not an end in and of itself.

We must begin by first defining what a Jew is. Simply put, a Jew is a spirit which manifests itself in human form, or possesses a human body. Such as spirit may or may not practice some form of its own religion which is called Judaism. A Jewish spirit can practice any number of religions or no religion at all, but most examples of Jewish spirits prefer to practice their own religion in one form or another. These Jewish spirits prefer certain bloodlines, with the Khazarian bloodline being currently the most popular by far, but we must be realized that not all Khazars are Jews, though admittedly the vast majority of Jews are now Khazars. Yes, most Jews living here today are Khazars, but not all Jews Khazarians  because Jews can actually be of any racial group.

Biafran Jews

The Ibo people who are native to the southeastern corner of what is today known as the nation of Nigeria are a subset of native Sub-Saharan Africans who were early and enthusiastic adopters of Christianity. The Ibo people’s early and spirited adoption of Christianity inevitably exposed them to Judaism as well as Christianity in the process, so a small subset of greedy and unprincipled Ibo men eventually chose to convert to Judaism in place of Christianity. Ibo Jews truthfully have absolutely no actual genetic connections to the Levant region despite whatever lines of bullshit they might offer to the contrary, yet a small number of these native Africans have sincerely taken on the same type of greed, selfishness, and moral turpitude that comes with adopting Judaism as a religions, so these people inevitably think and behave like Jews one way or another. The kind of Ibo men who convert to Judaism are generally intelligent but totally selfish and unprincipled. The image seen above is furnished courtesy of timesofisreal.com

The defining characteristic of Jews is the presence of a Jewish Spirit which manifests regardless of genetic bloodline, if a Jew rejects their Jewishness, the a Jew then rejects the inter dimensional and celestial Jewish Spirit. When a spirit rejects the Jewish spirit it ceases to be a Jew. When spirits rejects being Jews, then such spirits do not consider themselves to be Jews anymore and they are not considered to be Jews by other Jews as well. True, the numbers involved in such rejections of the Jewish spirit are very small, but none the less, such rejections do actually exist, and I have personally known examples of such people. Conversely, if a pure-blooded “Goyem” accepts the Jew Spirit, (These are what Rosenburg refers to as the Jewized.) then they actually become Jews for all intents and purposes. It is worth noting that a good number of people who are not born Jewish convert to Judaism for selfish personal gain and for financial opportunities, so in a general sense the kind of non-Jews who convert to this unprincipled belief system are quite unprincipled people to begin with, and making a full conversion to Judaism is unlikely to change them for the better.


Orders of Jews:


Image courtesy of Galago on deviantart.com

– Their earliest manifestation of Zionists was in Roman times when they were known as Zealots. Later, Jewish Zionists manifested as Sabateans (followers of Sabbatai Zevi). Then they manifested as Frankists (followers of Jacob Frank, who claimed to be a reincarnation of Sabbatai Zevi). Then finally in the 1890’s, the Zionist became formally known as Zionists. This group includes, but is not limited to, those ultra-secret sects of Judaism which practice child sacrifice. These Zionists are the Jews who see themselves as members of a master race that is destined or foreordained to rule the entire world, conquer nature, and reduce all of the “Goyem,” that is those they let live, to the status of being slaves to Jews. What Zionist are really trying to do is make themselves into Gods on Earth. These Zionists have to exterminate all Aryans by whatever means necessary because Aryans truly stand in the way of their rotten and selfish ambitions. Zionists may or may not be outwardly religious, which really does not change change anything because their ultimate goals remain the same; all Jewish Bolsheviks fall into this category of Zionists of course.

Zionist Jews will often take non-Jewish names and camouflage their Jewishness in order to gain institutional power, so this group is very dangerous due to their ability to hide within European societies and European diaspora societies such as Canada and Australia.


“Orthodox” Jews

Image courtesy of 9gag.com

– Orthodox Jews are religious Jews who are often anti-Zionist and often stand against the Zionist State of Israel. Orthodox Jews are still Jews, but they are clearly the lesser of two evils when compared to Zionists because Orthodox Jews certainly lack the bloodthirsty ambition of Zionists; however, Orthodox Jews still believe that they are destined to rule the world as well, but as a priestly nation that governs in a very humanitarian manner. Orthodox Jews believe that the will eventually lead all of the gentiles to accept the one and only true God which is Yahweh the God of the Jews. Theirs is what might be called a universal and exclusive religion because these Jews believe that their religion is the only true religion and they believe that their religion is applicable everybody everywhere. Although Orthodox Judaism is also anti-Aryan in its foundational nature, the genocide that Orthodox Judaism plans for everyone is a cultural one rather than a literal one like with the Zionists are seeking. There is a small sect(s) within Judaism which do not believe that their worship of Yahweh is universal and exclusive, but they simply believe that Yahweh just their God, not a universal one, and these people believe that other peoples have their own Gods who are equally real.

Another factor to consider when discussing Orthodox Jews is the fact that this group generally does not wield a lot of institutional power because they consider themselves to be above such worldly matters, but this group of Jews also do not wield much institutional power because their clothing and grooming standards makes them stand out like a fireworks displays wherever they go; therefore, the steady infiltration of institutions is not really possible for this bunch in the same way that it is for Zionists and more secular racial Jews.


Secular or “Racial” Jews

Image of Allen Ginsburg provided courtesy of haaretz.com 

– These are non-religious Jews who to varying degrees profess their Jewishness, but these people are sometimes actually vehemently anti-Zionist and anti-Israel. This bunch is somewhat of a wildcard because they certainly lack the bloodthirstiness of the first group of Zionist Jews and they lack the self-righteousness and aloofness of the second group of Orthodox Jews; none the less, one must always keep a weather eye on this shifty crew because one never knows what to expect from them; their actions can be either good or bad. Today, we find ourselves in the exact same position as the Romans under Emperor Vespasian and his son Titus circa 70 CE, and Adolf Hitler and the NSDAP did beginning in 1933 concerning the Jewish Question. In regards to the Zionists, there can be no other course of action except to get them before they get us, but we do know as the Romans and the three previous German Reichs knew; if things start going against the Zionists, then they will simply melt back into the general Jewish population and start working undercover to prepare the way for their next big return and their next great campaign of revenge against us. Whatever exactly we National Socialists decide to do with the Jews, we must always remain cognizant of the fact that we can never really achieve any peace with Zionist Jews nor Jews in general whether they be Orthodox or secular.

Secular Jews may not be very religious, but they often maintain a sense of Jewish racial solidarity that never goes away, so this bunch is really not trustworthy no matter what they might profess. Secular Jews have a long history of working their way into positions of institutional pull across many societies, and they do this by changing their names and dressing like everybody else around them in order to avoid attention and suspicion, but their loyalties always remain suspect no matter what they say or do.

Even very secular Jews who are critical of their own religion and people should always be regarded with a lot of suspicion because Jews have a long history of making false conversions to Christianity with the goal of subverting Christian institutions. E. Michael Jones has mentioned in his writings that Jews have infiltrated the Catholic Churches priesthood with the goal of subverting this institution, and more recently, the office of Archbishop for the Anglican Church in England has been assumed a man named Justin Welby who is a racial Jew.

Not surprisingly, when the Anglican church in England has a crypto-Jew occupying its highest office, then the Church of England inevitably degenerates into a fetid  cesspit of woke ideology such as transgender madness, negro worship, pro-homosexual politics, and advocacy for open borders. As the Western nations are currently seeing, any protestant church denomination that truly drinks the Kool-aid and fully embraces woke ideology soon withers on the vine and dies, and it appears that the Anglican church is headed the way of the Dodo bird in Western countries. Welby’s personal website notes that he is the “Spiritual Leader” for 85 million Anglican Christians worldwide, but at this time the vast majority of all Anglican Protestant Christians live in Sub-Saharan Africa and elsewhere outside of Western countries, so this organization has no vested interest in looking after the welfare of Europe or the church’s founding population.


Justin Welby
No, this picture is not a meme and it is not a fake, the photo posted above is  provided courtesy of a website called archbishopofcanterbury.org

True colors

This photo shows Welby’s true colors quite well. The image above is furnished courtesy of archbishopofcanterbury.orgLaura Loomer

The Jew Laura Loomer has recently made a very fake and insincere public “Conversion” to Christianity. Loomer is a Jewish media personality who’s been commissioned to pose as a “Conservative” then sabotage and mislead religion White Christian convervatives for Jewish ends. Laura Loomer is being referenced here to illustrate the point that racial Jews will make very insincere conversions to Christianity only to further Jewish ends, so racial Jews are really not to be trusted. The image seen above is furnished courtesy of  newyorker.com 


Brother Nathaniel

Milton Kapner is a man who was born and raised Jewish, but he is now at least publicly and officially an Orthodox Christian priest. Brother Nathaniel as he is called, produces online video content that exposes Jewish misdeeds and bad behavior. Brother Nathaniel is very critical of Jews, but the question remains, can he really be trusted? The truth is hard to know with this man, but the safest bet is to never extend full trust to any racial Jew no matter what they might say or even do.  The image above is furnished courtesy of thepostindependent.com 


Brother Nathaniel

Cartoon image of Brother Nathaniel furnished courtesy of Whinstein on deviantart.com 


Complicating Factors
Yes, many racial Jews have made completely insincere and false conversions to Christianity in order to sabotage Christian organizations from within, but a small number of Jews have made sincere conversion to Christianity over the centuries, so the issue of Jews leaving their religion is actually quite murky. In more recent times, a decent number of Jews have converted to Buddhism, and yes, the Thule Society has discussed the Jewish subversion of Buddhism in America and other Western nations, but none the less, some of these Jewish conversion to Buddhism are real. Interestingly, a meeting took place in 1989 between the Dali Lama and a group of prominent Jewish rabbis, and this meeting took place because the Jews were growing somewhat concerned because so many of their people were leaving their Jewish roots and converting to Tibetan Buddhism. Indeed, the issue of racial Jews leaving their ancestral religion is muddled and uncertain, so it seems that the best policy is to consider people of racial Jewish stock to be truly non-Jewish only after at least two generations of living as non-Jews have passed. To put it another way, any Jew who leaves his ore her religion must be still considered a Jew for the rest of their life, but if these people have offspring, then these descendants can be considered non-Jews as time passes, provided that these Jewish descendants continue to practice a religion other than Judaism. 


Aryan Renaissance – Again we must begin with definitions.

The original and very ancient meaning of the name Aryan is of course “Nobility,” but there is much more to this word than just the terms “noble” or “nobility.” The original Aryans were the Godlike progeny of beings who came from the stars. Not being able to stay on the Earth for very long stretches of time, these extraterrestrials (Nordics/Imperial Germans) chose to somehow produce offspring that could stay on the Midgaard plane for extended periods of time. These original hybrid people were not some kind of genetically modified beings, they were their literal offspring of the Nordic aliens. These Nordic extraterrestrials were sent here on purpose, and we must constantly keep this in mind in order to teach the people who are now living on this planet about how to build and run great civilizations and how to take care of our Earth.

Image furnished courtesy of YouveBeenOwned on deviantart.com 

Each group of people was taught a somewhat different version of the Nordic visitors’ lessons, and each set of lessons from the Nordics was chosen to be appropriate for each group of people and their particular location, but every different set of lessons had a number of basic concepts in common. The Aryans were strictly forbidden to intermarry with their subjects, but they were also instructed to always be firm but benevolent in their dealings with their subjects. The Aryans first appeared among those who most closely resembled them, that being the Indo-Europeans, who are now also called Aryans; next, the Nordic extraterrestrials spread out from the Eurasian landmass to every corner of the world. The story of the Nordics and their time here on Earth is far too long to go into here, but the Aryans eventually began to mix with those beneath them until the Nordics are now all but extinct. As a result of this race mixing, eons ago the Nordics lost their formal Godlike powers, including their abilities to shape-shift. (That was why, for example, Quetzalcoatl is described as both a Nordic-appearing man, AND a feathered serpent.) The goal of the NSDAP and Adolf Hitler was to recover and purify the original Aryan bloodline of the Nordics through a program of selective breeding that was governed by marriage laws with the goal of returning Aryans to their ordained and rightful places as the world’s leaders and civilizers.

This reborn Worldwide Aryan Civilization is, you guessed it, NATIONAL SOCIALISM!

Hitler Buddha
Image furnished courtesy of antigo.igsbrazil.org.br

Aryan Civilization is what we call now a Holistic civilization because according to the Nordics, the separation of science, spirituality, economics, and politics into different areas is a sure sign of a high state of degeneration for a world order; however, under the auspices of Aryan rule such divergent disciples are all considered to be one and the same.


Where We Are Now – The Old World Civilization of the Kali Yuga is in its death throes

Whore of Babylon
Image of the Whore of Babylon furnished courtesy of Jason_Lenox on deviantart.com 

– The new ARYAN civilization of the Satya Yuga is beginning to rise and take its rightful place. Remember always that although an Aryan must rule with iron and keep themselves pure, Aryans must also remain benevolent and rule for the benefit of those under them. We must always keep in mind that Aryans fundamentally represent Higher Spirits, so we must never act in a manner that will reflect negatively on the ones who sent us here; instead, our actions must bring honor to our space-faring Aryan ancestors. How to tell who is and who isn’t a genuine National Socialist should be easy now because we have a perfect example of genuine Aryan Nobility before us and he is “THE GREAT ONE” ADOLF HITLER.

Heil Hitler deva!

Randall Lee Hilburn

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