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Does the American Civil War Have Jewish Beginnings?



The Devil is in The Details!

Judah P. Benjamin — a Jew — was installed as Secretary of War for the Confederacy, and there is no real mystery concerning the how and the why when Benjamin’s appointment was made, and this same type of appointment was also made in England during this time. Concerning the ways of Jews, their motto is: “We support and stand together on any and all issues, and this has always been the policy of the Devil’s Chosen whether what we do is right or detrimental for everyone else.” – and this tenant is always and forever.


The image of Judah P. Benjamin that is featured above comes courtesy of innerkwest.com

After Benjamin’s incompetence and/or sabotage produced a series of military disasters, he was removed from office and replaced by John C. Breckenridge of Kentucky. Breckenridge was a brilliant general and a gifted administrator who spent the rest of the American Civil War trying to fix Benjamin’s screw-ups.  After Breckenridge took his rightful place as the Confederate Secretary of War, Judah Benjamin changed roles to that of the Confederacy’s Secretary of State, and this change of positions happened for well-known reasons. While serving as the Confederacy’s Secretary of State, Benjamin went to England, and once in England, this foolish Jew mostly just sat around in London doing nothing personally, except probably racking up some rather large bar tabs while his subordinates did all of the work.


Yes, John C. Breckenridge does look a lot like Mathew Perry who is a presently living actor. Image courtesy of heraldweekly.com

Alabama, Louisiana, and Virginia only seceded because Lincoln threatened to impose occupational military governments on some of the Southern States, regardless of whether they chose to stay in the Union or not and regardless of whether they agreed to abolish slavery or not. Fact is, Abraham Lincoln leveraged every means at his disposal to provoke a war that was designed to justify concentrating power in the hands of the government that was headquartered in Washington D.C, which was really just a front for Lincoln’s corporate and banking industry backers — aka the Republicans, Abolitionist groups, and most crucially…the Rothschilds. Lincoln also carried out a GENOCIDAL war against the western Native American tribes in order to clear them off the land, and these atrocities were done to further the interests of greedy corporations and big Jewish-controlled banks.


Image courtesy of ifunny.co

The Devil’s chosen are still applying the same tactics they used against Native American tribes during Abraham Lincoln’s day to the Palestinians during our time. The Jews also practiced the same rotten tactics in Scotland back in 1774, and the same land-grabbing tactics that have been used against Native Americans and Palestinians were also used to steal land from the Scottish people through the Massacre at Culloden. Stories recording Jewish atrocities are as endless as the history of the Devil’s children themselves a.k.a. (The “Chosen”). It is always the same story, Jews commit one genocide after another because they envy and covet the lands of others, and their evil “scriptures” tell them it is their right to dispossess and murder others. The Devil’s chosen have a long history that is endlessly filled with records which document the atrocities they have done in order to benefit themselves and by stealing from others. During the American Civil War, in many areas of the North, Abraham Lincoln could only stay in power by jailing his political opponents indefinitely without having ever formal charges pressed.


Image courtesy of memegenerator.com

It is certainly true that there would have never been any talk of Confederate secession without the scheming of the Rothschilds, just as there would have never been any talk of abolition without the machinations of the Rothschilds. Today in the U.S.A., vast acres of farmland are now actually owned by the Devil’s children, but this fact is carefully hidden from the public, and Bill Gates is a well-known crypto-Jew who presently owns an inordinate amount of America’s farmland. In the time of Abraham Lincoln, the “abolition” of slavery was never really an item of Jewish interest, despite their endless virtue-signaling about “freedom,” and in our time, keeping farm produce natural and without toxins is not something that Jewry is trying to do either.


Talk of Succession

Before the American Civil War started, the agents of the Rothschilds did not muster enough votes at the Alabama Secession Convention to pass an Ordinance of Secession; that is, UNTIL Lincoln announced his decision to impose a federal military government on all Southern states, regardless of how they might vote in any future succession conventions.

Before the American Civil War began, Governor Thomas Overton Moore of Louisiana saw the game afoot by Lincoln and the Rothschilds, so Governor Edwards refused to introduce a vote for secession into the Louisiana state legislature; however, Lincoln still tried to send troops into Louisiana in order to impose a military government behind the Louisiana governor’s back. To make matters worse, Lincoln’s plan to impose an occupational military government onto Louisiana happened AFTER Governor Moore had already informed Lincoln that he intended to prevent his state from succeeding!

sos.la .gov

Image of Thomas Overton Moore furnished courtesy of sos.la.gov

In the initial Virginia Secession Convention, the representatives voted AGAINST making any asseveration of Secession. After solidly voting against succession, the delegates who attended Virginia’s first Secession Convention were on their ways back to their homes when Lincoln demanded that Governor Letcher turn over Virginia’s State Militia to the federal government in Washington D.C. so that Lincoln and his federal government could use Virginia’s state militia to foist military rule onto other Southern States, including Alabama and Louisiana. After Lincoln demanded that the Virginia state militia be turned over to his personal command, that was when Governor Letcher chose to call for a second Virginia Succession Convention. After Governor Letcher decided to call for a second Succession Convention, the Virginia governor then asked all of his state’s representatives return to the convention hall and vote on succession again. At Virginia’s reconvened succession convention, a vote to succeed from the Union was finally passed.


Image courtesy of encyclopediavirginia.org

Virginia’s Governor Letcher had tremendous influence amongst his peer group of Southern Governors, and before his state ever voted to succeed from the union Letcher tried to arrange an in-person meeting with Abram Lincoln in order to discuss plans to prevent any more Southern states from seceding. Letcher also wished to discuss plans that he was confident would bring the Southern states that had already succeeded back into the Union. At the time when Letcher requested this meeting with Lincoln that was intended to prevent more states from succeeding, NONE of the Ordinances of Secession were irrevocable! South Carolina, Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia, Florida, Texas, and Louisiana were all still willing to entertain the idea of rejoining the Union, even after the Articles of Succession had already been signed!



Even as the prospect of war loomed, Lincoln had still refused to meet with Governor Letcher of Virginia, even after Letcher had traveled to Washington D.C specifically to meet with him, and this action is still a damning indictment of Lincoln to this day.  After traveling to Washington D.C. in person and making every effort to arrange a face-to-face meeting that would have been likely to prevent a huge and bloody war, only then did Letcher finally agreed to call for a second Virginia Secession Convention. After Virginia voted to succeed at a reconvened succession convention, Arkansas, North Carolina, and Tennessee soon voted to succeed as well while Missouri and Kentucky soon followed.


A word needs to be said about Lincoln’s idea to send America’s Blacks back to Africa, a short discussion about Liberia is in order here because this is a subject that is still grossly misunderstood by just about everybody. Lincoln’s talk about “freeing the slaves” may still sound very high-minded in our present age, and this same talk about “freeing the slaves” that came from Lincoln may still have a ring of humanitarian goodness about it; however, Lincoln’s attempt to send millions of American blacks back to Africa was actually an act of selfish colonialism and exploitation — pure and simple. I will explain

During Lincoln’s presidency, the US had essentially occupied the area in West Africa that is now called Liberia, and Lincoln’s “liberated” American Blacks were shipped in to “Liberia” to administer the colony on behalf of Washington and to suppress the most violent opposition from the native people who had been reduced to second class citizens by the American colonization program.

Even to this day, Liberia is still a US colony in all but name, and this is one significant reason why Liberia is still plagued by so much awful turmoil. In Liberia, it is the same old pro-Washington and pro-Israel elites who are oppressing the same native population from Lincoln’s time — the present situation in Liberia is the same trite song and dance as before, except in a different century. The colonialism in Liberia is yet another one of “Honest Abe’s” gifts that just keeps on giving well into the 21st century, and these great legacies of Lincoln that just keep on giving have all been funded by the American taxpayer.


Lincoln’s War Propaganda

When I was in college, I wrote a review of a book titled “A History of United States and Latin American Diplomatic Relations.” Reading this book opened doors in my life that would have eventually led me to getting a job with the US State Department and specializing in Latin American affairs, provided I had chosen to go that route. This book that I read in college was published by the U.S State Department and there were less than 30 copies that were ever printed; this limited print run was done because the publication in question had originally been intended to only circulate amongst the highest levels of the American state department.

Another book which addresses the same general topic as the previously mentioned volume was Rawl’s View of the Constitution, and this book was the standard textbook that outlined Constitutional Law at West Point up until the outbreak of the American Civil War. The ideas contained in Rawl’s book provided the reasons why 2/3’s of the officers in the US Army resigned their commissions and sided with the Confederacy. Incidentally, Rawl was a constitutional lawyer from Pennsylvania and a determined moral opponent of slavery.

Before the American Civil War started, Lincoln shut down all the newspapers in the North, and the newspapers that still dared to tell the truth had their editors jailed indefinitely without formal charges ever being filed against them and without any trials ever taking place. In the years leading to the American Civil war, and during the war years themselves, Abraham Lincoln suspended habeas corpus in the North by issuing executive orders that were written just to have his political opponents jailed.

In light of the numerous arrests of newspaper editors that took place during the days before the Civil War began, it is no surprise that the only things most people ever heard about the war during those years were complete lies, and unfortunately, the same lies that were printed in newspapers during the Civil War era have been successfully passed off as truth in many official history books, and this state of affairs persists to the present day. Three guesses as to which ethnic group has pushed a distorted rendition of the American Civil War’s history. Abraham Lincoln lied about what was happening before the American Civil War began, and Lincoln continued to lie during the course of the American Civil war. We have the same types of lies surrounding military conflicts in our day, except the technology used for spreading lies has changed a bit.

While in college, I also read a book titled “The First Casualty – A History of War Journalism.” Beginning with the old adage, “The first casualty in war is the truth,” this book shows how the process of lying to the public concerning wars has pretty much been perfected over time. The process of suppressing the truth and building imaginary castles made out of lies that suit political agendas started in the Crimean War, yet this same trend has also progressed though the 2nd American Revolution (the Civil War). This same pattern of war-related disinformation that was seen during the American Civil War has also wound its way through the two World Wars, then finally stumbled along through the 1st Gulf War and on to the recent conflict in Syria. Of course, there are countless other examples of how furnishing disinformation is an integral component of fighting wars.

One of the most interesting pieces of information found in the book that was previously mentioned was the fact that the same atrocity stories are resurrected again and again, yet these worn-out old stories are simply changed to suit a different time and place. A classic example of a recycled war propaganda tale is the so-called “Eyeball Story.”  The old Eyeball Story started during the American Civil War when Northern Newspapers reported that Southern women would gouge the eyeballs out of Northern prisoners and make necklaces out of those Yankee optical orbs, and this same dusty and flatulent story was resurrected during World War I where it was altered to tell a lurid but false tale about German soldiers gouging out the eyeballs of captured Allied prisoners. Again, in World War II, this same tired, liver-spotted, and shuffleboard-playing rumor was recycled and wheeled out of the basement in order to finger Germany’s Croatian allies for supposedly gouging out the eyeballs of war prisoners and keeping these pried-out peeper as party prizes and grisly trophies.


Image courtesy of ballmemes.com

More recently, the old eyeball story was used in 1991’s First Gulf War when this worn out and flatulent locker room gossip was pinned on Iraqi soldiers who supposedly gouged out the eyeballs of Kuwaiti prisoners of war. Thing is, this same old story has been repeated over and over again, yet every time this story is used there is never any actual evidence to support the accusations. Whenever the Old Eyeball story is recycled, there is always a lack of evidence for the accusations, yet the same purpose is being served each time, and this purpose is to dehumanize and demonize the enemy of that particular moment. Not surprisingly, this old eyeball story has always been promoted by the same lying ilk (three guesses as to whom this bunch might be), so examining this story raises a big question concerning what makes the minds of those who recycle this withered and maudlin piece of propaganda eternally run in such demented and spastic circles.


Image courtesy of me.me


Abraham Lincoln and his Dealings with Native Americans

Jefferson Davis’s Confederate government dealt with the Cherokee, Creek, Choctaw, Chickasaw, and Seminole tribes as allied nations, and relations between the White Confederacy and these Native American nations was administered by the Confederate State Department. Additionally, the Confederate government also dealt with all of the Native American tribes who lived in their territory that were not previously mentioned as independent nations as well.


Image courtesy of fanpop.com

The 1st and 2nd Cherokee Mounted Rifles, the Creek Mounted Rifles, the Chickasaw & Choctaw Regiments, and the Seminole Battalion were all incorporated into the regular Confederate Army. Additionally, Stand Watie, who was also a chief of the Cherokee Nation, earned an official commission as a Brigadier General in the Confederate Army, and this commission was awarded by none less than the Confederate Congress. While the Confederate government existed, each Native American tribe that lived within Confederate territory was allowed to send one non-voting member to the Confederate Senate where they functioned just like other senators, except they could not vote.


The treaties signed between the Confederate government and the Native American nations that lived within Confederate territory were considered to be valid “As long as the rivers run and the sun shines.” The permanence of each and every Confederate agreement with Native Americans is notable, and this same absolute level of permanence was found in all treaties and formal agreements that were made between Native American tribes and the Confederate government.


Image courtesy of sportzforless.com

The Confederate government made a solid commitment to never encroach on any Native American land, and the Confederate government also pledged to assist Native American nations if anybody else were to ever unlawfully encroached into any allied Native American territories. The Native American nations within the Confederacy also pledged their support for the Confederate government in the event that some group of people were to unlawfully violate any portion of Confederate sovereign territory, and just like the Confederate government, the Native American nations who allied themselves with the Confederacy conversely intended their agreements to exist in perpetuity.

In sharp contrast to the Confederacy, the orders issued by the Lincoln Administration frequently called for the wholesale and completely heartless extermination of the Native Americans. Unlike Lincoln, Jefferson Davis specifically forbade any language that spoke of killing Native Americans to circulate within any type of Confederate Army orders.


Image courtesy of focusgn.com


Relative to the Discussion at Hand

The original intention behind creating the United States of America was to create a Confederation that included all of the nations in the Western Hemisphere with the exception of European colonial possessions such as Canada. (It was also understood that individual states and nations could and would have a racial and ethnic orientation because at that time racial policies were considered to be an integral part of each state’s internal affairs which existed outside the purview of any Confederation.) Originally, the word “state” was considered synonymous with a sovereign nation. The Confederation of American states was originally envisioned to be a strictly voluntary league, and the procedures for entrance and exit for individual states were spelled out in very clear detail.

The Rothschilds created the crisis of the American Civil War when negotiations began to take place between the United States and the nations of Central America; however, these confederation conferences excluded British Honduras which is now called Belize. The nations of Central America who were interested in joining this new league of American nations only insisted that they be treated as equals within this new confederation and they also insisted that they be permitted to outlaw slavery within their own borders. For example, the nation of Cuba wanted their independence from Spain as a first order of business (the war of Cuban independence began in 1868), then they desired to join the Confederation after achieving their independence.


Image courtesy of photolamus.com

The conditions set by the Central American nations regarding the formation of a new confederacy of Western Hemisphere nations were agreed upon immediately by all parties involved and without any disagreements from the states of the American South, plus the Southern States of America immediately agreed to permit other nations within a new American Confederacy to outlaw slavery within their own borders if they wished. During the initial conferences to establish a new confederacy of Western Hemisphere nations, the issue of slavery was not really a divisive topic because it was considered to be an internal matter that each individual nation had to manage on its own.

Buck Breaking Historical Program

Image courtesy of knowyourmeme.com

Establishing a new American league of nations made sense in the years before the American Civil War because the economies of the Southern states that bordered the Gulf of Mexico, along with the nations of Central America and the island of Cuba, were already becoming very integrated anyway. Before the beginning of the American Civil War, the American South in general, and the Gulf Coast States in particular, already had many non-racial interests in common with the nations of Central America and the island of Cuba, so formalizing economic and political ties with Cuba and the nations of Central America was seen in a positive light by all contingents.

This growing empire of the United States of America as envisioned by the Confederacy was considered to be a dangerous threat to any simmering Rothschilds plans for global dominance, and this was the case because the Rothschilds needed to have a strong central government in America to facilitate their plans for world control. From the perspective of the Rothschilds, the Goys could not be allowed to run their own affairs, nor could these upstart Goys ever be allowed to opt-out of membership in a Jewish-owned empire as they pleased. The Rothschilds have consistently followed a policy of divide and conquer in regards to how they manage the Western Hemisphere, and everywhere else for that matter; therefore, playing Anglos and Latinos off against one another has always been part of their plans, and having a confederacy of American nations in place would have spoiled any Rothschilds plans to divide and rule the Western Hemisphere.

While there were certainly those who opposed slavery on moral grounds, most leaders of the Abolitionists/Republicans were drawn from the banks and big corporations that were headquartered in the American Northeast, and all of these big Northeastern banks had connections to the Rothschilds to one degree or another, so the abolition of slavery was definitely not a pressing moral issue for these superlatively unprincipled people. Indeed, the American Civil War was fought to strengthen the interests of the Rothschilds banking cartel, and the political opportunist named Abraham Lincoln was selected as their front man.

Buck Breaking II

Image courtesy of knowyourmeme.com


Image courtesy of knowyourmeme.com


The Fire Eaters

In the times of America’s civil war, there was a group of wealthy plantation owners who were nicknamed the Fire Eaters. The Fire Eaters were the people that were the most vociferous about pushing for disunion and war, and they all had connections to the (((same people))) that were telling Lincoln what to do. Once Lincoln provoked the war between the states, as he had been commissioned to do, the Fire Eaters then began to do everything they could to undermine any campaigns for independence within individual Confederate states, plus the Fire Eaters did everything in their power to hamper the Confederacy’s war efforts in general.

Daves Ultimate Insanity Hot Sauce

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The Fire Eaters were especially busy in their campaigns of sabotage and subversion after Jefferson Davis, who was the Confederate president, nationalized all banking activity and currency printing rights within the Confederate states. The Rothschilds and the Fire Eaters were both angered by Jefferson Davis’s plans to nationalize currency printing rights and banking activities within the Confederacy because Davis’s nationalization actions had taken these powers away from the Rothschilds. Jefferson Davis’s efforts to bring some sort of economic equity and stability to the Confederacy were well-meaning and valuable; however, Davis’s efforts were ultimately too little and too late.


Image courtesy of sheknows.com

Davis, and Memminger, who was Davis’s Secretary of The Treasury, were also never able to totally eliminate Rothschild influence form their financial institutions; for example, the Yancey’s were one of Alabama’s most well-known Fire-Eater families who managed to escape justice within the Confederacy, then flee to England after the American Civil War, and eventually go to work for the Rothschilds while exiled to England — just like Judah P. Benjamin had done! Unless they are completely kicked out of a country or territory altogether, the Rothschilds will always find a way to worm their way back into that nation, and I suspect that Davis may have tried to limit rather than eliminate their influence, but we now understand that such a half-hearted strategy will never work. The main point to remember is this: Kosher Bankers played both opposing sides of the American Empire in order to bring about a civil war, then they set out to do everything they possibly could to undermine the Confederacy.

Ass in Space Hot Sauce

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Before and during the war American Civil War, the Southern States did not allow incorporations; however, the legal concept of incorporation was forced on the Southern states by a constitutional amendment that was enacted after the war. The Kosher Bankers could only operate as individuals or partnerships in The South before the Civil War, so the Rothschilds had to force the changes they wanted by military conquest. After the Civil War had concluded, the Bank of Rothschild and their satellite banks could finally operate as they wished in the Southern States.

As the 3rd Reich understood, Imperial Japan eventually came to understand, and Mussolini’s Italy came to understand as well, but way too late, you can only free yourself from the Kosher Bankers by kicking them out altogether and then refusing to have any further contact with them. The banks of the 3rd Reich, Imperial Japan, and the Italian Social Republic, were all changed into government/public institutions because that was the only way these governments could get the Rothschilds out of their countries and keep them out.

One of these days, I am going to have to read Jefferson Davis’s book called “Rise and Fall of The Confederate Government” where he talks about high-level Confederate economic matters, but I have a pretty good guess as to what have happened during Davis’s time as President of the Confederacy. What I think happened is this: The president of the Confederacy nationalized the printing of currency so that only the Confederate Treasury Department could officially and legally print currency, and this action stopped any individual bankers and their satellite banks from printing their own currency. However, Davis left the actual operation of the banks within the Confederacy in private hands, and these private banks that were operating in the South during the Civil War were none other than Rothschilds-owned institutions and their satellite banks. Despite Davis’s well-meaning efforts, the Rothschilds continued to manipulate the Confederate national currency and these manipulation actions enabled them to completely destroy the Confederate currency’s value, which in turn helped to ensure a complete Confederate military defeat.

Jefferson Davis Image

Image of Jefferson Davis courtesy of wikipedia.org

The Rothschilds have also recently done something similar to what they did to the Confederacy during the American Civil War when they tried to destroy the economy of Syria through currency manipulation. The Kosher Bankers were notorious for charging truly exorbitant interest rates to state governments in the South whenever they had to borrow money during the American Civil War, and these extortive bank loans to the Confederate state governments forced Davis to do the bidding of the Rothschilds in the same way that Czar Nicholas II of Russia was forced to do their bidding decades later.

The Rothschilds put both the Confederacy and the nation of Russia in debt, then they threatened to call in that debt if either of these governments did not follow their Kosher banking orders. Once a nation falls in debt to the Kosher Banksters, it is next to impossible to ever free themselves from this debt, and having any debt to Kosher bankers is an extreme detriment to the rank and file citizenry of any population to say the least. The notable exception to the rule was a time when the nation of Japan managed to pay back a considerable debt to the Rothschilds at the conclusion of the Russo Japanese war during the early 20th century.

Japan’s act of escaping debt to the Rothschilds seriously angered all of international Jewry, and this event has also put the entire nation of Japan at odds with globalist Jewish bankers ever since. The animosity incurred from the Japanese escape out of Kosher banking debt has resulted in the nation of Japan getting attacked by two nuclear bombs then hit by the planned meltdown of a nuclear reactor, now plans are afoot to turn Japan into a “multicultural” nation as a means of destroying the Japanese people once and for all along the same lines as Germany. The Jews are now beginning to flood Japan with male migrants and they are beginning to establish an ethos of “multiculturalism” which is intended to be the final stage of genocide for the Japanese people, just as they are presently doing for all Europeans.

rare pepe.com

Image courtesy of rare-pepe.com

Many people still fail to understand that the American Civil War was an act of cultural genocide above all else, and in some cases this war also constituted a literal campaign of physical genocide that was directed against both White Southerners and Native Americans alike. Union Generals such as John Pope, Phil Sheridan, and William T. Sherman all carried out genocidal campaigns against Western tribes of Native Americans under Lincoln’s imprimatur, and all three of these butchers also proposed doing the same genocidal things to White Southerners for the crime of defying the heavy-handed rule of Washington D.C; however, both Lincoln and Grant publicly muzzled such talk of systematically eliminating White Southerners and their Native American allies because they were afraid that if word of any planned genocide against White Southerners and their Native American allies ever reached the South, then the Confederacy would change their military strategy from a campaign of conventional warfare to a strategy that was focused on guerilla warfare.


New Orleans

New Orleans

The photo above shows a typical scene from the French Quarter in New Orleans. Image courtesy of voyerweb.com

Abraham Lincoln, General Grant, and the Rothschilds all wanted to avoid any guerilla warfare campaigns in the Southern states because they knew they could never win such a conflict. Lincoln and company knew they could never win a campaign of Guerilla warfare in the South because so much of the South’s territory is ideally suited for irregular military operations. The terrain of the Southern states includes mountains, swamps, and vast forests, all of which are ideal for hit-and-run military tactics. Additionally, the city of New Orleans may have been “occupied” during the war years, but this area was never really under Lincoln’s control because the White population of that city vociferously hated this occupation.

During the Civil War, Lincoln’s occupying forces in the South were facing urban guerilla warfare in a major city, namely New Orleans, and the problem of ongoing urban guerilla warfare in New Orleans existed on top of the simmering problems related to the Rothschilds and lingering questions about slavery, so the Union soldiers who were technically occupying New Orleans tended to hunker down and rarely venture out of their bases. The threat of what is now called Cultural Genocide (Forcing people to abandon their native culture and adopt another) was what kept the Confederate military under arms for the duration of the war in spite of their soldiers never being paid in most cases.


American Exceptionalism 

An attempt at cultural genocide was made against White Southerners because even before any independence from the British Empire was ever gained there had been plenty of talk in certain extremely powerful circles of a Universal Yankee Nation. Essentially, the concept of a Universal Yankee Nation was the idea that God had commissioned the USA to turn the whole world into Americans, whether they wanted this or not. When you have God on your side, then nobody can really stand against you, right?

This idea of a Universal Yankee Nation would eventually merge with Jewish Supremacism to produce what we now have today — The Zio-American Empire! Presently, the Universal Yankee Nation is a reality, and this soon-to-be dead empire sends its military forces and its foul corporate outlets around the world to impose Jewish Communism, Jewish Internationalism, Jewish-spawned Multiculturalism, Hebrew-handed sexual confusion, and Jewish-driven Miscegenation. Concerning the actions of the present-day Zio-American Empire, what is really transpiring is a state of affairs where the Zio-American Empire provides the money and the military muscle needed to execute Jewish ambitions, just like the old British Empire did earlier.


Image courtesy of imager.com

American Exceptionalism has been present in one form or another since before the American War of Independence, also known as the “Revolutionary War,” which was fought against Britain, had ever began, and now the Zio-American Empire is inextricably paired with Jewish interests, so the corrupt government of the Zio-American Empire really takes it directions from the government of Israel. Because the Zio-American Empire takes its orders from Israel, the notion of American exceptionalism has been ramped up to entirely new levels.


Team America – FUCK YEAH! Image courtesy of ibdm.com

As one who is a genuine White Southerner, I am forced to bear constant daily attacks against my heritage from all across the board, but I am keeping silent no longer because my personal honor and the honor of my ancestors is being called into question. Actually, there are other things that I would much rather be writing about, but I will go where honor requires me to go. In the long run, the most important thing for me is to be filled with love for my people who are living today, to be filled with love for my ancestors, and to feel uplifted by the great spirit.

Heil Hitler deva!

Randall Lee Hilburn

Yahoo images

Gotta stand by that Southern Heritage!!! Image courtesy of yahoo images. 

Southern Heritage

Image courtesy of wideopenspaces.com

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  1. My Dears, Even though this article covers a great deal of US of Israel hardship and the decimation of a people there was still room for laughing out laud. My Dad is born of the southern Appalachia mountains. His dad worked in the coalmines owned by the Rothschilds, town owned, all the stores owned by them and housing the same. It’s the kind of life saints are created by. He spent many years in the military, where several times I could see that his leader was trying his best to exterminate his own men. Turned out the man had been a Trotskyite. That captain retired and was replaced by a good man, for which I thank our lucky stars. He managed to obtain a Civil Engineering degree after the military service. That job held until his office became under fire for not having enough “minorities” which didn’t give enough warning for the move he had to make and he lived out of his truck for two weeks. With no place for his extensive collection of rare books, he lost them. He’s a righter (spelling intentional) and a writer of history and would have used those books for reference. He’s a thoughtful and kind person and a great friend.

  2. Another thorough essay by Randall with the meticulous editing and fascinating images by our editor-in-chief, James Rouse.
    Brian Ruhe
    President – Thule Society

    1. When dealing with The South both past and present very few people anywhere realize that the great driving force was/is Poverty and Economic Domination not Racial Conflict. The later was made to grow out of the former as part of a divide and conquer strategy by the usual suspects. They got the two races to blame each other for what was the work of a third party. They come as champions of the Black against the White man. But that never does the Blacks any good. They are just made to sink even further into poverty, degeneracy, and dependency. The Whites continue to follow them on the same downward spiral, led by their own set of wolves in sheep’s clothing (false champions).
      Honestly, I feel that National Socialism is the one and only way out of the poverty and the only path to ending the Racial Conflict while, it should go without saying, preserving Our Folk. We have to focus on defeating the common enemy, then the rest becomes manageable under The Great Ones guidance.

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