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This present system of government has to collapse totally before any meaningful direct action will be possible for correction. Success is dependent on popular support which will not be present until people have sufficient reason to turn against the system and those they can see are responsible for it.

Believe me, that time is coming, and my best guess, as to when, is by the end of next year and perhaps, a little sooner. But, the time for it is not yet. We do not need our own “beer hall putsch”. Our Great deva said that approach is a major blunder, because it was a move to come to power without sufficient popular support.

The American People, and indeed the world-at-large, both Aryan and Non-Aryan, must pass through the crucible before they can be refined and ‘reborn’. But, do not get discouraged! For International Controllers are in the process of expiring as they discredit their selves. A small but increasing number of people are beginning to wake up. The insatiable greed of the International self-Chosen are in the process of displaying their deep addiction to insatiable greed, which will soon bring about their downfall.

We see they are “Money Addicts”, and that fact cannot be over stressed! Just as every other kind of addict that refuses to change, their addiction is going to destroy them. Their addiction leads to insanity and death. Think of an Alcoholic’s disease, as Mammon disease. Those addicted are their own worst enemy. We need only be patient, as they run their ship into the iceberg of destiny.

We find Followers of Adolf Hitler deva, of the Thule Society and “allied” groups are like other ships standing by to pick up the survivors. International Ones are drunk out of their minds and will end up going down with the ship! Problem solved! “Those whom the Gods would destroy, they first make mad.” – Old Roman Saying

Heil Hitler deva!

Randall Lee Hilburn

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