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The Primordial Aryan Origins 2nd Installment Title: From Hudson’s Bay To Appalachia with the Forgotten Aryans


National Socialism in Cyclical Time


The Primordial Aryan Origins

2nd Installment Title: From Hudson’s Bay To Appalachia with the Forgotten Aryans


The Aryan migration south from Hudson’s Bay was as I mentioned last time undertaken in the company of a Non-Aryan People. While a certain amount of mixing did end up  taking place. There were some who remained part of the overall group but never mixed. This group became a principal part of the Ancient Ancestors of the Cherokee Nation. So you have Cherokees who were American Indians (Algonquins), others who were ARYANS, and of course mixed bloods. I count among’st My Ancestors  some of these Aryan Cherokees. But all three groups considered themselves to be Cherokee and were seen by outsiders as such. Much later on other American Indians and Aryans would be absorbed by the Nation, but its racial composition remained the same. Aryans would especially include WHITE SLAVES escaping the Plantation System in what we would now call the southeastern US. The area occupied by the Nation originally included an area encompassing North Alabama and Georgia, Western South Carolina, the Western two-thirds of North Carolina, the Eastern two-thirds of Tennessee, all of Kentucky, western Virginia, and West Virginia. The Southern Appalachians and its environs.


There were Celtiberian Colonies for a long time in the area of what we would now call New England and New Brunswick. They lasted up threw Roman Times. The Romans maintaining a regular trade with them. After the Romans withdrew from the Atlantic Seaboard of Europe they were isolated and ended up migrating into the lands of and being absorbed by the Cherokee Nation.


The Nation at its height could field 10,000 warriors, a number of whom were Aryans, The later alliance between the Cherokee Nation, now mainly in Oklahoma, and the Confederate States Of America then begins to make sense, as each fought to maintain their independence together. Like so many of their ancestors always had.


So I am saying that the Aryan presence, both pure and mixed. in the Southern Appalachians goes back close to 20,000 years more or less.


During the 3rd Reich the department of the SS which concerned itself with racial research, the exact name I don’t recall, thoroughly researched the racial identities of the various American Indian Peoples. For the several tribes which they discovered had some level of Aryan Blood they coined the name Semi-Aryans. These included of course the Cherokee. Which as I have been saying actually always possessed a number of pure blooded Aryans among its members. As well as of course a considerable number of mixed bloods. The Semi-Aryans were considered to be sort of an intermediate racial group between Aryans and Non-Aryans. When presented with the results of this research project Our Hitler endorsed its conclusions.

(This concludes the 2nd installment.)

Heil Hitler deva!

Randall Lee Hilburn

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