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From out of the Ruins: Reflections on Life After World War II

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 THE NEW WORLD ORDER IS EXACTLY THE SAME THING AS THE JEWISH KOSHER NOSTRA! Jewish organized crime syndicates have been around for a very long time; they date back to ancient Babylon, Ancient Rome, and the old Greek city states. The present Zio-American Empire is really just another manifestation of the old Kosher Nostra. One World Government is really just more of the old Kosher Nostra monkey business that has taken a while to mature. Piracy on the high seas is perfectly in keeping with the character of Jewish gangsters.

A still from Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone showing the goblins of Gringott’s bank.

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Iran’s heroic and Charismatic General Soleimani was murdered by the Jewish Mob because he got in their way. Zionism is just another name for Jewish Organized Crime and vice-versa. Both Capitalism and Communism are also just different names for old Kosher Nostra rackets. The State of Israel is the international headquarters for Kosher Nostra, and the nation of Israel can also be thought of as nothing more than an international hideout for criminals – mostly Jewish criminals. Kosher Nostra’s world financial racket is run out of New York City, The City of London, and Tel Aviv, but the same group of Rothschilds are the principal Money Men behind the different store fronts.

Kosher Nostra tortured and murdered Mussolini and his girlfriend because Mussolini had the temerity to defenestrate Kosher Nostra from the fine nation of Italy; ergo Kosher Nostra made a shining example out of Mr. Mussolini and his old lady as well.

the 4ain's workgroup

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There were elements within the American Ruling Class who craved Absolute World Domination from even before Britain’s original 13 North American colonies achieved a sort of quasi-Independence from the British Crown. America’s original powdered-wig-wearing “Founding Fathers” were all fond to tights and they were also staunch Freemasons down to the man. Of course, We all know that there is an established connection between Freemasonry and Judaism, and the American franchise of Freemasons would quite literally merge with Zionism in the late 19th Century. From then on, the Freemasons became for all intents and purposes a branch office of Kosher Nostra

.Screenshot 83

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Kosher Nostra and their Freemason lackeys have always striven to destroy every obstacle to their planned worldwide imperium. Some of these obstinate obstacles have included Germany of the 2nd and 3rd Reichs and the old Southern Confederacy. Innumerable others trouble makers and errant children have been taken to the wood shed by Kosher Nostra and that list includes our frizzy-headed friend in Libya Momar Kaddafi along with Benito Mussolini, plus Imperial Japan’s famous Hideki “Toe Jam” Tojo. All of the previously named fools got the knock-around by Kosher Nostra for cock-blocking and obstructing “progress.” My relatives, and so many others died in the American War Between the States because they got in Kosher Nostra’s way.

Think of a single vast criminal syndicate that has spanned the “globe” for the last 300+ years, then what we call “world history” starts to make perfect sense.

Stanley Kubrick's Eyes Wide Shut Orgy Featured Cate Blanchett | IndieWire

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 International Jewry hijacked the name Holocaust from an actual event. KOSHER NOSTRA STOLE THE WORD HOLOCAUST!

The word Holocaust was initially used by a number of newspapers in England to describe the Irish Genocide (aka the Potato Famine). Sure-and-begorrah, the actual Irish Potato Famine was a bona-fide attempt at genocide against the Irish people that was planned by the Rothschild (Kosher Nostra) dominated (((British Empire.))) (5 Million+ Irish people died in this terrible spud-deprived episode) Even some English newspapers of that day saw this ignoble episode and called it for what it was.


Playskool Mr. Potato Head

Image courtesy of amazon.com

International Jewry are the ones who are primarily responsible for suppressing the truth about the Potato Famine to the present day. At the same time, the little elves scurrying about in Kosher Nostra’s media workshops have been keeping their little hands busy by pushing Kosher Nostra’s fictitious Holocaust™ narrative. Kosher Nostra, has completed their curriculum and certification exams at the Professional Victims Academy,™ so they cannot afford to let genuine potato-deprived Irish victims jeopardize their long-cherished and lucrative victim racket.

Kosher Nostra, who are the true masters of shyster-hood, saw how a perceived Holocaust™ yarn could benefit them in all kinds of ways, but especially monetarily. Kosher Nostra’s Holocaust™ franchise did become a big money-maker; however, Kosher Nostra’s criminal Holocaust™ franchise needs suppressing knowledge of the Real Irish Potato Holocaust to keep the money flowing and the Klezmer toons blaring long into countless liquor-soaked nights.

.Stacks of Cash – Lottery Scratch Tickets | Oregon Lottery

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The story behind the Real Holocaust needs to be shouted from the rooftops worldwide so these Kosher liars can finally get some Kosher exposure for what they have done. Kosher Nostra has stolen somebody else’s very real tragedy, then leveraged a fairy tale derived from a real tragedy for their own twisted benefit. To add insult to injury, Kosher Nostra has played a game of one-up-man-ship and claimed 6 million fake Jewish deaths in place of  5+ million all-to-real Irish deaths.

Kosher Nostra’s trademarked  narrative needs to be publicly exposed until this whole rotten house of cards finally collapses. After Kosher Nostra’s house-of-cards Holohoax narrative finally collapses in on itself, then all of the prisoners who have been so relentlessly persecuted by Kosher Nostra for telling the truth will have to be set free and their tormentors taken to task.


You didn't become the goyim that the Merchant thought you would be. | Happy Merchant | Know Your Meme

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ISRAEL’S MURDER OF RACHEL CORRIEIsraeli inquiry into Rachel Corrie death insufficient, US ambassador tells family | Rachel Corrie | The Guardian

Image of Rachel Corrie courtesy of theguardian.com 


Showing the Futility of Non-Violent Resistance Against Kosher Nostra…

Rachel Corrie was a young woman from Olympia, Washington who was 23 years old when she was MURDERED IN COLD BLOOD BY THE ISREAL DEFENSE FORECE back on April 16th 2003, Corrie’s murder happened in Rafah, which sits in OCCUPIED PALESTINE. Rachel’s parents were Cindy and Craig Corrie.

Some of Rachel Corrie’s quotes:

“Follow your dreams, believe in yourself and don’t give up.”

“Sometimes I sit down to dinner with people and I realize there is a massive military machine (I might add, paid for by money extorted from American taxpayers. – RLH) surrounding us, trying to kill the people I’m having dinner with.”

Directed at her soon to be murderers. “We are protecting civilians. We are unarmed. We are no threat to you. Please don’t shoot.”

Corrie was an activist who went to Palestine with sugar-plum dreams of non-violently protecting unarmed Palestinian Civilians from Israeli land theft, savage persecution, and genocide. I have been personally told by Israelis that the Palestinians, along with the Iranians, are not truly human, so I should not bother myself with either Palestinians or Iranians. Corrie and a handful of like-minded young Christian ladies journeyed to Rafah to peacefully protect the Palestinians who were living there. Corrie and her coffle of young church ladies took the idea that Christians are non-violent quite seriously, but this misguided optimism would end up abrupting her young and idealistic life.

Origins of the Term, “Pipe Dreams” | spydersden

Image courtesy of aspidersden.wordpress.com 

The day Corrie’s life thread was cut, the IDF came to the neighborhood where she was staying to destroy a large tract of Palestinian homes ostensibly because these Palestinians were supporting Hamas. In reality, this exercise was done so that Israel could build condominiums for Jewish settlers on that plot of land. On the day of Corrie’s death, the IDF was using Caterpillar’s huge D-9 bulldozers to push down Palestinian homes.

What follows is attested to by the other young ladies who were with Corrie on that day: Corie interposed herself between an oncoming IDF bulldozer and the home of the Palestinian family she had been staying with. According to witnesses, the Israeli soldier who was driving the D-9 laughed hysterically as he swung the bulldozer around and dragged Corrie away from the house she was trying to protect. Still laughing with the most sadistic glee, the Jewish bulldozer driver saw that a very badly injured Corrie was trying to crawl away, so that Jewish driver lowered the bulldozer’s blade to the ground and then backed that huge machine over her. After running over Corrie, the Hebrew bulldozer driver simply resumed his Kosher work demolishing Palestinian homes.

Roadkill Cafe - Seligman, Arizona - Gil's Thrilling (And Filling) Blog

Image courtesy of nmgastronome.com

After slimming Corrie down a bit, the Kosher bulldozer and its curly-headed attendant resumed their dirty tasks. After the happy-Hannukah-dozer crawled away, Corrie’s friends ran over to her and knelt around her and began to prey. Next, a Palestinian ambulance with medical personnel inside began to approach the time scene, but the nearest Israeli soldiers began shooting at the ambulance until it was finally forced to drive away.

Let me now fast-forward this sordid story to Birmingham, Alabama in the days after Corrie’s murder. Unlike the happenings in Palestine, I can vouch for these happenings around Birmingham because I was there personally. A large number of posters were put up around Birmingham’s Southside Neighborhood that condemned the Government of Israel for Corrie’s killing. These posters were placed on power poles and storefronts, and these posters were put there by the Christian group that miss Corrie was associated with. WITHOUT EXCEPTION, Birmingham’s large Jewish population went ballistic over this incident. Birmingham’s local Jews gathered at their synagogues and then coordinated packs of them went through neighborhood tearing Corrie’s posters off of every power pole; meanwhile, other Jews went to any businesses that displayed one of these posters and demanded that the management remove such posters immediately or else America’s entire Jewish establishment would see to it that each of these offending businesses would be driven under by boycotting, viscous media libel campaigns, and administrative violence from banks and a host of Jewish-controlled regulatory agencies.

The School Bully - Young Sheldon - TV Fanatic

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Not surprisingly, all of these offending posters were quickly replaced by other posters claiming that Rachel Corrie was a rabid an anti-Semite, Neo-Nazi, and Islamic Terrorist who deserved what she got.

While groups of Jews went around ripping down the posters and issuing threats to local business owners, the area’s Jewish Lugenpress got their bulldozer tracks moving as well. At that time, the Jews controlled Birmingham’s television, radio, and newspaper, plus almost every reporter around Birmingham was also Jewish, so they had the means to pound viscous lies about Rachel Corrie into the soft minds of Birmingham’s lemming population. Birmingham’s local lemmings swallowed the Jewish Lugenpress’s bullshit about Rachel Corrie hook-line-and-sinker until the local lemmings  eventually forgot about Corrie altogether.

Fake news” may have limited effects beyond increasing beliefs in false claims | HKS Misinformation Review

Image courtesy of misinformationnews.hks.harvard.edu

Let us contrast the fate of this innocent but naive young woman with the fate of Egypt and the Sinai. With the critical assistance of the Zio-American government in Washington D.C, Israel stole the Sinai from Egypt by way of a sneak attack in 1967. Then, in 1973, Egypt took the Sanai back by defeating the IDF at the Battle of Chinese Farm, which was the third largest tank battle in military history. The largest tank battle of all time was the Battle of Kursk which took place on the Eastern Front between the Germans and the Russians. The 2nd was the battle of Gazalla that pitted the Germans & Italians against the British in North Africa. The fallout from the Battle of the Chinese Farm allowed expelled Egyptian civilians to return to their homes and the Israeli squatters to be expelled.

I certainly wish that our world would be more like Rachel Corrie thought it was, but unfortunately our world is simply not as Corrie imagined. Our world is more different than Corrie imagined, especially when dealing with the Jews. To Jews, any kind of integrity is considered a hostile and alien concept, so I will close with the following words: “You have sown the whirlwind, now you will reap the hurricane!

Copy Cat Pat O'brien Hurricane Cocktail

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An individual came to you in peaceful protest and then you murdered her in cold blood and assassinated her character. As a result, an avenger will eventually come upon you and bring righteous judgement upon your nation of murderers. Judgement will eventually come or Corrie’s murder and for the vast multitudes of murders that came before Corrie’s murder and continue this day.




Imagine a book called The History of the Destruction ff the Moral Fabric of Civilizations.

If such a book was ever written, then it would do incalculable damage to Jews because their activities would become painfully obvious to everybody except the most stupid. There is a problem with this idea however, because treating the subject of destroying the moral fabric of civilizations in such a forthright, documented, and thorough manner requires researchers to crawl down to the bottom of the gutter and sleep alongside of the Jewish Revolutionaries and wallow in the muck around with them. In this case, wallowing around in the gutter with Jews would be needed to accurately understand and then describe the ongoing Jewish threat to others.

When putting such a book together, the level and length of exposure to Jewish filth would at the very least seriously cripple every researcher’s spirit if it did not destroy it altogether. The effects that would arise from performing this kind of research would be a lot like what happens to cops who have been serving in various types of big-city vice squads for too long.The Scary Sewer Monster - Alan Wade storyboards and illustration

Image courtesy of alanwadeilillustrations.com 

Ref: 1666 – Redemption Through Sin by Robert Sepher

 (The past I contend is prelude.)




Chaffetz, Weiner, Love Ewe–Bestial Friends Forever | Old Road Apples

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By: The Lonely Bull (See music video of Herb Abert & The Tijuana Brass’s “Lonely Bull” from 1962.)

“Goyim’, or “Goy” for short, is a derogatory term used by Jews that refers to all non-Jews. The ramifications of the term, if one can avoid becoming overly emotional, are truly profound. (Technical Point: goy or goyim should never be capitalized because this term is just another word for cattle and not a proper name.)

Non-Jews are of no more consequence to Jews than livestock. Indeed, Jews consider any non-Jews to be THEIR livestock. Some breeds of livestock are more useful to Jews than others, and some breeds of cattle are easier to control than others. For example, the Black breeds of cattle are the easiest to manage and the White breeds of cattle are clearly the most difficult to manage, and the White breeds of cattle are even dangerous to work with. Yellow, Red, and Brown breeds of cattle sit somewhere between the Black and White breeds on the Jewish danger scale.

Danger, Will Robinson | Creative Infrastructure

Image courtesy of creativeinfrastructure.org 

Pure-blooded cattle stocks of any type are always more difficult to manage, but pure-blooded Whites stock is notoriously difficult to manage; for this reason, the Jews are developing a new strain of cattle by mixing all of the breeds together. This new mixed breed of cattle is projected to be suitably docile because it combines the desired characteristics of all of the pure-blooded breeds except in a very diluted form; however, the Jewish livestock industry always emphasizes quantity over quality in all cases.

CNN on Twitter: "Goldman Sachs' next CEO, David Solomon, also moonlights as an electronic dance DJ. His stage name is DJ D-Sol. https://t.co/sboMJRPoX1 https://t.co/AXlAq8VTZL" / Twitter

Image courtesy of twitter.com 

Planet Earth now has around 7 1/2 billion head of cattle that are constantly multiplying, so the Jews are faced with the problem of oversupply and the resulting waste of limited resources that an oversupply brings, so the Jews are looking to cull the world’s herd to a more profitable level. For the Jews, everything is always about money.

Of course, the Jews are not about to simply limit their cattle breeding schemes to a simple matter of reducing numbers; no, they are also engaging in many genetic engineering programs intended to perfect their new super breed of livestock. This ultimate new breed of Jewish cattle will not only have diluted versions of all the characteristics found in pure races, this new breed of cattle will also have characteristics stolen from other lifeforms and traits heisted from many fields of technology. This new breed of Jewish cattle will be called “Transhuman.”

Wojak Paradise

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“You mess with  bull and you get the horn!”




Bad Moons Variant Banner
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(Serious Reference; The Song “Bad Moon Rising” By Creedence Clearwater Revival)

It may be helpful to understand the situation that we are in down here in Dixie if you wish to why the blood can come to a boiling point to quickly.

While we Southrans (What our ancestors called themselves) are certainly part of the greater family of Aryan Nordic peoples, and the peculiarities of our history have made us into a very distinct people within the overall European family. Our development is not unlike the way that the Batavi who started out as one of many German tribes but whose history made them into a different, although still Germanic, people who we call the Dutch today

.Cinemaphile: Austin Powers in Goldmember / *** (2002)

Image courtesy of thecinemaphil.com

Since our history has always involved a struggle against a variety of mortal threats, we have become renowned, or notorious, depending on one’s point of view, as a nation of scrappers.

While there is a strong German influence in our psyches, and in some areas, there is also a French undercurrent, our primary ancestral influence has always been Celtic (Ireland and the Scottish Highlands) and English Working Class vibes which originated from the slums of the great industrial cities of the British Isles.

This “Nobody crosses me and gets away with it” kind of attitude has marked us down for destruction by International Jewry for obvious reasons. The Jews hate White Southerners so much because they are afraid that we might be a bad influence on the rest of the goyem because we just might give them some bad ideas.


Image courtesy of minds.com 

The Jews are presently stirring the Blacks against up against us, but it does not require much looking to see that all of our present troubles with Blacks are ultimately the product of Jewish conniving. The Jews are presently using the Blacks to do their dirty work for them and they are planning to have Blacks eventually absorb any violent blowback from Whites. I am not absolving the Blacks of all responsibility by any means, but I am merely establishing the fact that Blacks are being used as tools and pawns on a chessboard by International Jewry.

Yes, the above image is crude and low-brow, yet it does convey an important idea. Image courtesy of gab.com

The intended extermination of White Southerns would be carried out in three phases according to the Jewish plan:


Phase One – The 2nd American Revolution (AKA The American Civil War)

This Rothschild-derived war destroyed the Southern means of organized military opposition, plus this conflict destroyed any pretenses of the Southern peoples’ right to self-determination.


Phase Two – Cultural Genocide

This phase began just after the close of World War II. For this phase, international Jewry could not risk instituting a program of cultural destruction until the 3rd Reich and its allies were disposed of. This phase of cultural destruction included such things as forced integration with Blacks, the so-called Civil Rights Movement, an intensive campaign of Hollywood subversion against traditional values, and a campaign where the Zio-American federal government took control of public education systems which were formerly under state control. After World War II, White children across the South were brainwashed with a counterfeit version of their own history while their true history was being systematically suppressed and destroyed. This systematic Jewish campaign of disinformation against the Southrans has persisted to the present day until most White Southerners have come to hate themselves almost as much as the Germans have been brainwashed to hate themselves. Since the 1960s, the South has been on the receiving end of a general assault against the moral and social fabric of society that has been orchestrated by International Communist Jewry.


Phase Three – Literal Genocide

In the near future, as soon as the Jews believe that White Southerners have been sufficiently weakened, the Jews will then unleash exactly the same systematic genocide as we now see being leveled against White South Africans. This is the future plan, and I am as certain about this as I am about the sun rising tomorrow.

It is most assuredly true that one’s spirit must remain at peace and rest even as the storm gets ready to break around them. Let one’s mind dwell in the Garden of Paradise while sharpening weapons in preparation for the coming battles. By remaining calm before a battle begins, you keep possession of your soul rather than surrendering it to your enemies, yet if we are to win the upcoming battles, then we must become a mad dog just like our enemies.

Enough. | Angry Pepe | Know Your Meme

Image courtesy of knowyourmeme.com 



Riot Games Support on Twitter: "@NotTheShirts I added those hearts myself cause I'm an artiste. ~Proxy https://t.co/glLMrT10Pb" / Twitter

Image courtesy of Riot Games Support on Twitter.com

From the end of World War II up until just a few years ago, it was forbidden in Germany to create anything that showed German history in a positive light, whether this portrayal was academic or artistic. However, there was a recent German television series called “The Barbarians,” which revolved around the Teutonic defeat of the Romans in the Teutoburger Wald. This television show portrays Germans in a very positive light which would have been absolutely forbidden until quite recently. I have also learned that there are reenactment groups in Germany who recreate battles from the Franco-Prussian War, which is also something that would have been unheard up until a few years ago. The items just mentioned are perhaps small indications of progress, yet these small changes indicate that Jewish control of Germany is beginning to slip.

The German nation still suffers under the heel of the most severe Jewish repression, but the beginnings of resistance are now showing.

Do not neglect the political effects of art. The Celtic Renaissance was an artistic movement which started in Ireland in the 1890’s that sparked the Irish Revolution which freed most of Ireland from the (((British Crown))) after an 800-year struggle for self-determination.




Image courtesy of woodywoodpecker.fandom.com

Speaking as a veteran who served in the Zio-American Navy during “The Cold War,” I have come to the inescapable conclusion that this whole thing was actually a complete fraud. I call the “Cold War” a fraud because this chilly little tiff was not a beef between the USA and USSR; but instead, this little spat was a high-noon showdown between Israel and the USSR. The so-called Cold War was started by Winston Churchill as soon as Stalin started driving the Jewish Bolsheviks from positions of power across the Soviet Union. It is true that Stalin supported the establishing the state of Israel, but this chess-move was only done in hopes that the Jewish Bolsheviks would leave Stalin’s Soviet Union alone. As others have noted, from the end of World War II up until the fall of the Soviet Union (?), the USSR was the greatest opponent of Israeli expansion.

I missed the 1948 Arab-Israeli War and the Suez Crisis of 1957, yet I did I serve at the time of the 1973 Yom-Kippur War, so I saw Israel’s wars of expansion from inside the US military. I also served with one of the former crewmen on the USS Liberty. During the Suez Crisis, the USA and USSR cooperated in preventing the Suez Canal from being stolen from Egypt by Britain, France, and Israel. The Suez Canal had been nationalized by Ganal Abdul Nasser after Britain and France had refused to pay the lease fees to Egypt as they were obligated to do by a treaty while Israel was in on this project because they were trying to grab more land from Egypt.

During the waning days of World War II, the USSR and Stalin did truly ghastly things to the German people, and they did the same things to the Hungarians, except on a lesser scale. The atrocities that were carried out against the Germans and Hungarians cannot be excused, even to this day; however, we must also understand that these awful things were done during a time when both Stalin and the USSR were being dominated by Jewish Bolsheviks. Once Stalin began to move against the Jewish Bolsheviks, there was still a lot of oppression happening across Europe and the Asiatic parts of the Russian empire, yet Russia’s great Jewish Bolshevik nightmare had unofficially drawn to a close.

imKXE4voaw8zJD4pLS6E7 A8gwWxMvWAiMpFbIMI0 vZtsPUmWX7UOG5nyZNwtHr5WRPXuXdVFQgNWeNomu6S m4kFClPOTXSG9k?auto=format&w=1000

Image courtesy of opensea.io



(Of This Age & Great Year, Not of This World.)


Very ancient prophecies speak of a great war on our planet between The Sky Gods, the Earth Gods, and The Governments of the Earth. It is worth noting that this prophesized war will usher in a New Golden Age for the peoples of Earth. These war-to-end-all-wars types of prophecies appear in the folklore of South Asia and also among the Ancient Celts of the British Isles.

Legends and prophesies about war with sky gods overlap with a prophecy from South Asia and Mongolia where the King of the World wages a war to rescue his beloved wife who is The Earth Mother from kidnappers who are abusing her. In this legend, the King of the World acts as a sort of a Sky Father who wars against those who are basically controlling all of planet Earth.

In this old South Asian and Mongolian prophecy, the Lord of the World raises his standard in the East, and the different peoples of the world who are longing to be free from their oppressors rally to the Lord of the World’s banner.

There are also prophecies from Ancient Egypt where the Neteru (“Gods”) return to the Earth and walk once again amongst men in a new Golden Age. In these old Egyptian prophecies, Kalki returns to smite the Race of Devils (take a wild guess who this race of devils might be) and their fellows and in the process, he frees the Earth and humanity from the Race of Devils. After Kalki returns and breaks the Devil People’s power structure, then a New Satya Yuga comes into being.

NICE DEVIL MERCHANT | Happy Merchant | Know Your Meme

Image courtesy of knowyourmeme.com

All of the prophecies mentioned previous refer to the same period of history, which we are now entering. The exact timing of any prophecy mentioned earlier still remains quite unclear, but the trends that indicate the arrival of these prophecies are now becoming ever more visible whenever one references these ancient prophecies. One day in the not too distant future Heimdahl will be blowing his horn called Mojner which will summon the heroes out of Valhalla and begin the times of Ragnarok.


In recent years, two groups of Extraterrestrials have come to Midgard by way of the Earth. One group came to K-2.  K2 is the second highest mountain on Earth and this peak is located in the Himalayan mountains. Another group who call themselves the Azeez have recently been visiting the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina and the mountains of Vermont. The Azeez are in all likelihood from the Pleiades.



Do Aliens Belong in this Discussion?


Wojak Paradise

 courtesy of wojakparadise.net

I have heard for many years that an agreement was made between the Grey Aliens and the Zio-American Empire’s government, and I have also heard that this agreement was made during the Eisenhower presidency. However, it was not until recent years that I heard what the Greys got in return for the technology they exchanged with the Zio-Americans. It appears that the Grey bargained for freedom and license to abduct the common people across the Zio-American Empire, but they also engage in what is commonly called “Animal Mutilations”.

Cow Skater by Federico Monzani | Children illustration, Skateboard art, Visual art

Image courtesy of pinterest.com 

No one typically sees the “Aliens” who are putatively responsible for our current rash of animal mutilations; none the less, there is a huge number of UFOs sightings that happen near the sites where cattle mutilations take place. In the mid to late 1970’s, there was a serious problem with “Cattle Mutilations” where I am from, which is the Western end of Etowah County in Alabama. While these cattle mutilations were happening in my neck of the woods, federal agents who were sent in from Washington, D.C. intervened and HALTED any further investigations on the local level with threats of violence and imprisonment. Some of the local people who were threatened by the feds included the Etowah County Sheriff’s Department and local ranchers. The feds visited the homes of local ranchers and threatened them with dire consequences if they did not shut up and drop the matter of cattle mutilations happening on their land. Sadly, some local ranchers were ruined financially because they refused to cooperate with the feds.

Wojak Paradise

Image courtesy of wojakparadise.net

I express a personal theory here: Some “Alien Race” foresaw the disastrous consequences of giving such power to the utterly ruthless criminal cartel that we call the Zio-American Government that is headquartered in Washington D.C.; therefore, these aliens gave the government of the USSR much of the same technology so that they could act as a counterbalance to possible threats arising from the Zio-American Empire.

 “The journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step.

Heil Hitler deva!

Randall Lee Hilburn

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