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What did Adolf Hitler have to say about Personal and National Self-determination?


Mental, Spiritual, and Political Self-Determination

Part One – Mental Self Determination

I will begin with The Great Adolf Hitler devas’ definition of True Intelligence, which he very succinctly defined as, “The ability to engage in independent analytical reasoning.” Adolf Hitler took great pains to make it clear that He Did Not Want a bunch of Blind Followers in the NSDAP. Instead, he wanted people who had done their own research and reasoned things out for themselves, then came to agree with him on their own. Hitler’s long-term goal was to work towards making the principle of thinking for yourself One of the Defining Characteristics of the German Nation! Thinking your yourself was once a cherished principle and valued virtue for our distant Aryan ancestors. Our ancient Aryan ancestors also possessed a Nobility of the Intellect, and such nobility was impossible unless such people they thought for themselves. Part of Hitler’s program for the restoration of The Folk was to return to them their Ancestral Nobility of The Mind. I really do not have to add that anything said to the contrary is lying or it is nothing more than ignorant propaganda.

Mental Brilliance
Image courtesy of freepik.com 



 Like everyone else I had always been informed that Adolf Hitler wanted the Germans to be a mass of mindless automatons which existed purely to do his bidding. Just like the Jews and the Jewized non-Jews go to such great lengths still to get people to think. When I was 13 years old, I had an opportunity to obtain a biography of the Red Baron and another book that was titled Frogmen which told the story of British and Italian Naval Commandos during World War II. I started out reading these books because I was just curious to see things from the other side, but what I ended up finding out that the Germans and their Italian allies were regular human beings and not some sort of mass of demon-possessed instruments of Adolf Hitler and his old pal Benito Mussolini.

I came out of these readings with a growing suspicion that people in the US had been lied to about the sort of people the Germans were during both World War I and World War II. From that point on, and till the present day, I have read literally hundreds of personal accounts of members of the Waffen SS and of the Regular German Militaries.

What I will focus on here is what was said almost universally about the “Home Front” in Germany both before and during the Word War II. While there were strict laws in place that focused on combating crime, treason, and general degeneracy, the Third Reich never tried to stamp out the right of  German people to be individuals or to think for themselves. Nor did the Third Reich’s government ever try to prevent people from having a healthy enjoyment of life. I saw that Germans under Adolf Hitler generally had contented and even happy lives as a free people.

German Village
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This was for me the pinhole in the dam of lies that many years later led to the collapse of the whole eco-system of lies that the Jews had created surrounding the Adolf Hitler, National Socialism, and the Third Reich.

Ask time passed, I began to finally recognize an endless stream of lies coming from the Jews about a great variety of subjects. This awakening of mine was coupled with the knowledge I gained about the Germans as people which in turn caused me to eventually ask myself a very simple and straightforward question: Since the Jews had lied about the Germans as individuals and were continuing to lie about them and a great many other things as well, including the USS Liberty attack and the murder of Rachel Cory, then maybe they were lying about everything else too, especially matters concerning Adolf Hitler and the Holo-cost?

Eventually, I began to read everything I could get that was written by Adolf Hitler himself, what he said or wrote in his own words I mean, as well as what people who actually knew and spent a lot of time with him said themselves. The Adolf Hitler which is depicted by mainstream entertainment and academia never existed as I eventually discovered. This chimera of Adolf Hitler was entirely a product of the mass propaganda machine that was created and still is run by international Jewry and their goy stooges. My eternal gratitude goes to Matt Koehl, who was still alive at the time of my waking up, and I still owe much gratitude to Koehl’s  New Order organization for their help in getting me to finally see and understand all of this.

American Nazi Party

The image above shows Matthias “Matt” Koehl. Image courtesy of findagrave.com 

I saw no evidence of any Holocaust in anything that was actually said or written by anybody within the Third Reich, and my hat will always be off to David Irving for opening my eyes to this fact. EVERY scientific study that set out to determine whether or not the so-called “Holocaust” happened, and if so on what scale has ended up proving that the whole thing was an utter hoax! The efforts of the Jews to squelch all of any facts and truthful information about their so-called “Holocaust” have proven to be ineffective, and I have found the true history of the “Holocaust” as it is presented by David Irving and Matt Koehl to be most enlightening in and of itself.

At that time, I had a dream, but now I see this dream as a soul flight into another world. In this dream, I stood before Adolf Hitler himself and the NSDAP luminaries stood around me as well. Close by my left shoulder stood Joseph Goebbels with the faintest of smiles on his face and Adolf Hitler stood nearby and his own hands decorated me for my services to The Party. This decoration was for something that I had done or would do, or for something I was doing already. I finally decided that it really did not matter exactly why I was receiving such awards, but at that moment,  I stood in world that exists beyond all space and time. From that moment onward, I have loved Adolf Hitler like a father and like the true god of National Socialism.

Adolf Hitler Portrait
Image courtesy of remember.org

Part Two – Spiritual Self-Determination

The famous old Greek philosopher named Socrates made it abundantly clear that The Gods, if they were truly worthy of being called “Gods,” were noted for their “Sterling Character” as it was once called. True, these gods of the old Greek religion would sometimes have their disagreements with others; however, whenever the old Greek gods had their disagreements with others, such quarrels were always based upon honest differences of opinions. Any self-styled God who does not show Good Character in their dealings with Mortals and other beings are Lying Spirits who are trying to pass themselves off as Gods (aka Devils). Any stories which attempt to assassinate the characters of The Gods are actually the products of their enemies, The Devils.

Why are certain beings called Higher Spirits? Are some beings  called “Higher Spirits” simply because they inhabit the Higher Planes? Why, I ask, is that? When I speak of beings who inhabit higher realms or higher planes of existence, I speak of such things because such being exhibit CHARACTERS that causes them to vibrate at much higher frequencies, which in turn enables them to rise to higher worlds and to dwell in Higher Worlds. GOOD CHARACTER is the qualifying characteristic of the gods here, and good character is defined by choosing to follow the path of Right, Truth, Justice, and General Goodness without forming any attachment to the results of doing good works. Having good character means doing what is right because It Is Right, and not because one is hoping for some type of reward.

Greek Gods
Image courtesy of freepik.com 

These characteristics that demonstrate good character are also National Socialist traits which Hitler insisted that his followers have if they were to be counted amongst his true followers. Hitler, of course intended to bring up the entire Folk to his same high standards over time. CHARACTER positively demands Self-Determination (aka Free Will). The path to our homes in the Higher Planes truly can be considered A Hard Road to Travel because everything in the Kali Yuga is so fiercely trying to drag you down in the opposite direction into Helheim (The World of the Dishonorable Dead). Good Character=Honor, it is as simple as that. “You cannot ride into heaven on somebody else’s coattails” as it is said, but you can damn sure ride into Helheim on somebody else’s coattails by not thinking for yourself.

“The Truth Never Fears Investigation,” and this is the case because The Truth and can only be confirmed through honest investigation, and this is precisely why Hitler demands that we exercise genuine intelligence before hitching ourselves to his star. Only through the means of honest inquiry will we come to know that what Adolf Hitler teaches is the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. As I have said before, I consider Adolf Hitler to be the God of National Socialism, just as the native Shinto religions of Japan defines the phrase “The God Of…”.  What Shinto priests call “The God of…” is also what we in the West would call “The Ultimate Father Of…” Adolf Hitler and The Gods are patient with those who are honestly trying to grow beyond the Spiritual Darkness of the Kali Yuga, but they have no patience with those who are going in the wrong direction even though they know better. Hitler and the gods may be willing to forgive honest ignorance, but they are not willing to forgive ignorance when it is willful and calculated.

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Part Three- Political Self-Determination


To begin with, the Third Reich was never actually defeated, but it was only driven underground in a manner of speaking. The Third Reich remains to this day in the hearts and minds of we who are the Children of Hitler in a very real sense, and this is the case because the truth about the Third Reich has been trampled into the dirt by Jews, yet it has remained the truth even so. Because it is the truth, this knowledge about the Third Reich’s continued existence must persist until a new reich rises again from the ashes and is reborn like the Phoenix — we are the beginning of its rebirth.

Image courtesy of freepik.com

In the sense of our present incarnations in Midgard (the World of Men), we have not had the privilege of personally knowing Adolf Hitler while he was also here on Midgaard; however, he often speaks to us in our hearts and minds from out of his present Spiritual Home in Asgaard (Spiritual New Berlin). It was necessary for others who personally knew him during his mortal lifetime to carry his torch in the interim so that they can now pass it off to us who are living in future generations. (Interestingly, the Olympic Torch Relay which takes place every four years in its present form was the creation of the Third Reich’s Olympic Committee for the 1936 Berlin Olympics.) Chief among those who were commissioned to carry the torch of National Socialism into the future and to carry National Socialism into its present context was Leon Degrelle, of whom Adolf Hitler once said, “If I had a son I would want him to be like him.”

Degrelle wrote a book that was titled, “Hitler and the Third World.” Degrelle’s book was considered to be so dangerous by the Jews that Mossad agents stole the only manuscript as well as the printer’s plates and destroyed them both to prevent this tome from ever seeing the light of day. I feel that the torch has been passed on to me and the present blog is the result of this torch being handed to me by Hitler and others. I have both read Hitler’s written words with my analytical mind and my spirit has oftentimes communed with his. What I have learned from my communications with Hitler, I have also had a long time to meditate upon. Of course, I am not saying that all of the information which I have received from the spirit world is from Hitler alone; but nonetheless, Hitler’s influence is a major source of inspiration for me.


My Personal Story of Meeting Degrelle

I was in Malaga, Spain back in 1975 while I was serving in the Zio-American empire’s navy. At that time, I knew that Malaga was the city in Spain where Degrelle then lived and I also knew of him by reputation. At that same time, the Israelis were trying to extradite him back to Israel to be tried and executed for alleged war crimes. Francisco Franco outright refused to have Degrelle deported to Israel to stand in humiliation at a Jewish kangaroo court, so Franco instead assigned some of his undercover security people to protect Degrelle at all times. When Washington also started putting pressure on Franco to extradite Degrelle to Israel so that he could be publicly dishonored in a public Jewish sham of a trial, Franco also told them that if they wanted to keep their bases in Spain, then they would have to drop the subject. Needless to say, with the prospect of having to relocate their military bases out of Spain for the sake of sending one man to be publicly humiliated in Israel, the Zio-American empire relented on any further plans to push for Degrelle’s extradition out of Spain. So, despite powerful international pressures to have him extradited, Leon Degrelle remained a free man in Spain during Franco’s watch.

One bright and sunny day, I was strolling along the waterfront in Malaga when I passed by a large sidewalk cafe. As I was walking by, I turned into this nice sidewalk cafe and decided to sit down and enjoy a cold and refreshing bottle of Spanish beer. As I sat outside in this nice café and sipped my beer, I noticed an older and very dignified looking gentleman sitting at a table near to me and drinking a cup of coffee. I do not know why my gaze was drawn to him, but it was. The look in Degrelle’s eyes was intense, like the look of a man who was always alert but feared nothing and nobody. Such power and strength were projected in his look from that day. So, did he notice me taking the occasional glance at him? This is hard to say because he was visibly aware of his surroundings and everyone around him.

I had no earthly idea at the time what Degrelle looked like, but for some strange reason I occasionally over the years found myself wondering if he was that man who I had seen at the cafe in Malaga, Spain. Then several years ago, I saw a large portrait of him in his later years, and in this portrait Degrelle was standing before the Rexist Flag and he was wearing his White Waffen SS dress uniform. In this portrait, Degrelle had that same look on his face that I still remember. Amazing, yes indeed, he was that man I saw at the street-side cafe in Malaga, Spain! I feel truly honored to have such a man pass on the torch to me.

Image of Leon Degrelle in the 1980s furnished courtesy of mourningtheancient.com 


Planned Post War Administration of the Third Reich Itself

For Germany itself, Hitler worked to foster a Single Folk that was united under a single government with himself as the Fuehrer. One of the principal weaknesses of Germany up through the Second Reich had been the presence of the German Princes who ruled over the various German states and kept these differing German states at perpetual loggerheads with each other and the Kaiser’s government as well due to nothing more than conflicts of egos and ambitions. Prussia was different than other German kingdoms of its time because it was a separate Kingdom unto itself. These Princes’ particularism seriously undermined the German empire’s collective war effort during World War I; however, when Hitler came to power he made a point of stripping these petty, vain, and egotistical princes of their titles and exiling them from Germany at which point they passed into well-deserved oblivions. These princelings only caused bitter and artificial divisions among The Single Folk, and Hitler recognized this problem very clearly.

Prussian King
Image courtesy of freepik.com

This paragraph is based on Adolf Hitler’s own words:

The NSDAP did not recognize titles of nobility; however, the Lesser Nobility were allowed to retain their titles. It was just that The Party took no notice of them, even if as indeed happened in a few cases, they became members of The Party and officers in the Waffen SS.”

Hitler’s intention was to abolish all Artificial divisions among The Folk that was based on where a German resided and/or on their economic class. That being said, Hitler and the NSDAP knew perfectly well that there were many local area differences or regional area differences across greater Germany that were naturally based on local conditions and circumstances, and this was true even across the long-united Kingdom of Prussia. Hitler and his top disciples clearly understood that there could be no one-size-fits-all type of administration for the Third Reich or future Reichs. Yes, there was and still is only One Folk; and yes, there was only One Reich; and yes, there was only one leader, but there also had to be many local administrations that could deal with the various local peoples’ diverse and peculiar circumstances. Hitler wanted The Folk to be individuals and not carbon copies of each other which runs in stark contrast to Jewish Communism and Jewish Capitalism which bothceaselessly work to standardize all people everywhere.

There is a map which one occasionally runs into that was produced by the NSDAP, and this map shows the planned administrative divisions of the Third Reich after they won World War II. This particular map shows a German Reich that is divided up based upon legitimate local area affiliations which align with real regional differences as opposed to creating administrative areas that are predicated solely upon artificial political divisions. What many people do not realize: from Aachen in the West to Memel in the East, from Lubeck in the North to Tyrol in the South, from Berlin to Vienna, there is a wonderful kaleidoscope of German local cultures. Yet, as I said before: One Folk, One Reich, and One Leader; from the one to the many, and from the many to the one.

young prussian
Image courtesy of freepik.com 

Each “German” Waffen SS Division was recruited from all over the Reich itself because they swore an oath to the leader of the NSDAP and to their overall Folk, and through allegiance to Adolf Hitler himself, the Waffen SS gave their loyalty to the Reich as a whole — they were “Party” troops. (They were party troopers and not party poopers.) By contrast, the Wehrmacht divisions had assigned and very specific recruiting areas; for example, the men of the First Panzer Division were all from Berlin, the men of the Second Panzer division were all from Thuringen, and the men of the Third Panzer Division were all from Vienna. Within the Wehrmacht, every soldier also swore an oath to Hitler, but these individual oaths of loyalty to Adolf Hitler were only taken with the understanding that each and every Wehrmacht soldier recognized Adolf Hitler as the legal head of state for the army where they were serving.  By necessity, the German Army was established as a non-political organization and would remain so until the end of World War II.

Image courtesy of freepik.com


Planned Pan European Administration Under the Post-War Leadership of the 3rd Reich

Hitler once said that German National Socialism as embodied in the NSDAP was for Germany alone and not for other even Germanic Europeans (Aryans), not even closely related kindred peoples like the Danes and the Dutch. As Hitler saw things, each European nation has its own distinct identity that is on based on its own unique history, culture, and development. Hitler was adamant that even though different European peoples all shared Aryan racial characteristics, they also have differences amongst themselves that necessitate different forms of National Socialism for each Volk and each separate nation.

During his time here on Midgaard, Hitler envisioned a Pan-European confederation of National Socialist States that all would have ran under the leadership of himself and the German Third Reich. Germans were the most developed Aryan people during Hitler’s time, and Germany was also the birthplace of National Socialism, plus Hitler was the father of National Socialism, so it was assumed that Germany would hold a position of international leadership.  There was never any genuine descent from Hitler’s proposed confederacy of National Socialist states from any National Socialists themselves during Hitler’s lifetime because Hitler can be considered the God of National Socialism and its Sacred King. Hitler’s status as the Sacred King of National Socialism means that he also represents National Socialism’s Spiritual Heart as well as serving as the Father for this way of life. Hitler rules by selfless example rather than raw power like your typical human king, and he only wields the real physical power he possesses when there is no other way to achieve his goals. Like a true philosopher, Hitler prefers to win people over by logical persuasion and leading by exemplary personal example, so he only takes on his warrior aspect when he is maliciously attacked by evil; however, Hitler never used violence as a means of forcing people to agree with him.

Members of the Waffen SS were classified in the following manner:

#1. Germans who were only recruited from within the borders of the Third Reich, which was limited to classic Germany itself.

#2. Germanic men who were recruited from the various nations that shared a basic German culture and ethnicity with Germany itself. The Netherlands and Luxemburg serve as examples of such nations.

#3. Aryans who constitute all tribes of non-Germanic Europeans.

#4. The Tiger Brigade – Non-Aryans from India. The Indian Tiger Brigade was the exception to the general rule for National Socialist membership because Himmler saw a spiritual rather than a racial connection between Indians and Germanic Europeans, and this connection stemmed from the Ancient Aryan Conquest of Northern India.

The Waffen SS was envisioned as The Pan-European Army, so how it was organized and recruited reflected the nature of a planned United Europe under Adolf Hitler’s leadership.

#5. Hitler’s Worldwide National Socialist Confederation

I have sometimes been misunderstood as advocating equality between Black Africans with White Europeans, but what I am really opposed to is Colonialism for anybody because I have lived under a system of colonialism in the American South myself, plus my mother’s people come from Ireland, so I have a distaste for imperialism in any form.

Quite frankly, I do not consider Colonialism to be worthy of Aryan Nobility because colonialism is really the product of Jewish Capitalism according to my research. Capitalists, especially Jewish Financier Capitalists, are really the only people who actually benefit from colonialism in the end. All that Aryan men ever realty got out of colonialism is the rather dubious honor of shedding their blood for these Jewish parasites, and for this reason, the NSDAP eventually became absolutely anti-Colonialist in its orientation. Adolf Hitler and the NSDAP also became well-known in certain portions of the self-determination movements across the lands that were controlled by the various colonial powers, including the USA, the USSR, France, and Great Britain.

British Soldier
Image courtesy of freepik.com 

Hitler and the NSDAP saw Americans as a semi-Aryan people as a whole due to the large amount of race mixing that has always gone on in the Western Hemisphere since the Portuguese, Spanish, French, and British first established colonies in this half of the world. The matter of American racial identity was further complicated by the fact that some of the Native American tribes already possessed some degree of Aryan blood during pre-Columbian times.

This list of Native American tribes and nations that had some degree of European blood prior to the arrival of the first Spanish explorers arriving in the Caribbean is a long list, and these groups included at least the Cherokee, Mandan, and a number of Tribes from the general New England area. Contrary to what most people have been told, the Romans maintained colonies in North America during the time of their empire, and the ancient Celts routinely traveled back and forth between the Americas and Europe long before Columbus ever set sail across the Atlantic. Let us also not forget that the Old Norse people also traveled extensively around the Atlantic coastline of the Americas and the Caribbean before 1492 and even set up Nordic colonies along the Eastern Seaboard of North America.

Native Americans
Image courtesy of freepik.com 

During the Third Reich’s time, the Japanese Empire had transformed into the Greater East Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere which was intended to be a league of National Socialist States under the leadership of a National Socialist Japan. Although Japanese National Socialism was always peculiarly Japanese in nature, Japanese National Socialists still regarded Adolf Hitler as “The God of National Socialism” but within a Shinto context. Likewise, each member of Japan’s Greater East Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere would preserve their own unique racial and ethnic identity, for this reason, the coming together of the Third Reich and Imperial Japan thus becomes the most logical thing in the world.

Hitler fully intended for every people on planet Earth to eventually adopt their own unique version of National Socialism that is best-suited to themselves, then come together in a Worldwide Confederation of National Socialist states which would exist under the leadership of himself and the German Third Reich. The intended purpose of this worldwide confederacy of National Socialist nations was to create lasting worldwide time of peace and prosperity. This concept of a worldwide confederacy of National Socialist nations was intended to be the Thousand Year Reich that was discussed so much and looked forward to so much during Hitler’s time as Germany’s chancellor. The true nature and goodness of Hitler’s plan to create a 1,000-year worldwide National Socialist Reich has been so often lied about by the Jews along with their cohorts and lackeys. The ultimate meaning of the Japanese word “Banzai” (“Ten Thousand Years, Forever” in translation.).

The necessity of German leadership of the Worldwide Confederation rested upon the fact that the Germans were at least at that particular time the most spiritually advanced people on the planet and they had the most highly developed form of National Socialism. At things were at that time, the Germans would be the world’s tutors by their examples and not just by their words. Some of the worlds peoples of course required more tutoring than others. The Japanese were at one extreme end of the spectrum because they needing little if any guidance from the Germans. Then at the other extreme end of the spectrum were the Bantus of West Africa and the native peoples of New Guinea who would require a very great deal of guidance for a very long time if they were ever to become anything resembling civilized races of people, and this fact is obvious to anyone who has truly spent time in sub-Saharan Africa of the giant tropical island of New Guinea.

New Guinea Cannibals

The image above shows tribal New Guinea people. You can take these people out of the jungle but you cannot take the jungle out of these people; well, at least not quickly anyway. The modern world may have made its way into New Guinea, but this nation remains hopelessly poor and underdeveloped and of course insanely violent and corrupt. The image seen above is furnished courtesy of thesun.com 

The Jews alone were excluded from this list of National Socialist Confederation members because they were considered to be outsiders to all of humanity and this tribe was considered to be totally incompatible to live with humans or to live in this dimension because of their inherent self-serving natures which makes them unable to integrate into a new National Socialist world order.

Spiritual Maturity, for that is what we are talking about being taught here, can ultimately only result from the exercise of Free Moral Agency (aka Self-Determination). True spiritual maturity cannot be forced on people; they have to voluntarily choose the path to enlightenment. What would not be tolerated in the Confederation of National Socialist states was any other system than National Socialism. Hitler himself expressed his judgement that one of the principal reasons for human history being so bloody was that you had all of these competing systems fighting for dominion at the expense of all others systems of governance and economics. National Socialism alone could bring universal peace and prosperity because this system of government and economics alone could balance the individual welfare of A Folk against the collective welfare of our planet at large which in turn would bringing about unprecedented peace, prosperity, and contentment in its wake for The Folk and everybody else.

I will close this section with a quote from Indira Gandhi who was noted for his commitment to non-violence as well as Indian Independence. “Hitler is a Good Man”. When asked why, he replied, “Because he genuinely loves his people.” I believe that Gandhi understood what Adolf Hitler was ultimately aiming at and that was why he favored a partnership between India and Hitler’s Third Reich.

Indira Gandi
Image of Indira Gandhi in 1983 furnished courtesy of wikipedial.org


Conclusion – Ancient Aryan Governance, The Past as a Prelude

I learned from someone who knows such things, that long ago the original ancient Egyptians were described as fair-skinned, red haired, and blue eyed; these ancient Egyptians were obviously of European stock in other words. Even though the original Egyptians originated from amongst the Men of the North (“Whites”), they were not synonymous with Whites. The ancient Egyptians were clearly very advanced spiritually (To whom Spirituality, Science, and Engineering were one and the same thing.), but these people also lived an agrarian lifestyle that was close to the land along the bottomlands of the Nile River.

Egyptian Print
Image courtesy of the Hisham account on iamfy.co 

The ancient Egyptians had Nobility of Spirit, which including their commitment to Truth, Justice, and War only as a last resort, so they found favor among the Neteru (The Neteru never referred to themselves as Gods). The Neteru were sent all around the Earth to restore civilization, but the Neteru were never here to establish a world-governing empire in the classic sense of the term, nor were they here to impose a common culture on our world,  nor were they here to try and create only one race of men. Instead, the Neteru were here on Earth with the goal of teaching everyone such things as agriculture, civilization, and a basic code of morals and ethics. The Neteru did suppress human sacrifice and cannibalism which had become widely practiced the world around during those days (and unfortunately such barbaric practices have not entirely disappeared, particularly amongst the elites along with very isolated and backwards groups of people. Sub-Saharan Africa and New Guinea are still troubled by human sacrifice and cannibalism, as is the modern nation of Mexico in an underground and unofficial manner.) The of Neteru “Gods” strictly prohibited such practices as cannibalism and human sacrifice.

Image courtesy of freepik.com 

The Neteru arrived in Earth and spent some time here, but their intention was never to become permanent immigrants but instead to serve as a sort of visiting group of teachers. The word “Aryan” is translated from Sanskrit to English as “Nobility of Spirit.” With this etymology in mind for the word “Aryan,” we can now we see what was going on at the time of the worldwide ancient Aryan presence. These Aryans were instructed to always keep their blood pure and never let it be watered down through mixing with others, not even with Earth’s Men of the North. The Swastika was a central component of Aryan Spirituality as it would also become a sacred symbol for those they taught; therefore, some members of the NSDAP believed that the Germans were descended from these ancient Atlanteans. Many scholars still believe that the ancient Atlantean homeland was located in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of present-day Morocco and around the Canary Islands; this was likely to have been an ancient Aryan colony at some point. Perhaps this part of the Atlantic basin was where the excess population from Egypt settled.

Ancient Swastika
Ancient Roman frescos often incorporated swastikas. The image seen above shows a Roman mosaic from the 4th century A.D. The image seen above is from Nis in southeastern Serbia. Image courtesy of OldEuropeanCulture on twitter.com 

At the close of the previous Great Year, (I am referring to the 26,000 solar years it takes for our solar system to complete one orbit around of the center of our Milky Way Galaxy), the Earth was devastated by cataclysmic upheavals that destroyed the previous world civilization along with most of humanity. The survivors of this cataclysm that happened around the close of our planet’s last great year took shelter underground and when they were able to finally emerge to the Earth’s surface once more, they were in a very degenerated state, thus there was a strong need for somebody to teach them proper ways to live once more. The previous world civilization became very corrupted which helped to bring about this calamity at the end of our Earth’s last Great Year, so the Aryans were not trying to resurrect the old civilization, but instead, they were interested in creating a newer, better, and more spiritually pure civilization to replace the old one.


This just about says it all concerning what the Global National Socialist Confederation is supposed to be and what Adolf Hitler saw the Third Reich’s role in this new confederacy as ultimately being, so let us not make the mistake of judging by surface appearances, WHAT THE REBORN FOURTH REICH IS GOING TO SOMEDAY BE!

Heil Hitler deva!

Randall Lee Hilburn

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