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National Socialism In Cyclical Time

The Primordial Aryan Origins

1st Installment Title: Light Out Of The Arctic

Ref: “The Arctic Home In The Vedas” by Bal Gangadhar Tilak

Understanding the history of the climate in the circumpolar regions is essential to understanding the origins of our Aryan Peoples. The climate there has fluctuated over time and the ice cap has always been rather lopsided. More substantial in the direction of northern Greenland, Canada, and Alaska than towards Siberia, but never at any time totally absent. Even now the furtherest north city in the world Longyearbyen in Spitzbergen is less than 500 miles from the North Pole and lies between there and the North Cape of Norway. With a warmer climate the inhabitable region would stretch even further north.

The Vedas were written round about the time of the Aryan Invasion of India at the latest. It is clear from them that the Aryans were highly familiar with astronomical conditions in the circumpolar regions. Which they still remembered as their original homeland. Their original yearly cycle of sacred festivals time-wise revolved around Polaris (The North Star) and nearby constellations only visible in the Arctic.

The lands above the Arctic Circle were remembered as their original homelands. Including such islands as Spitzbergen, Franz Joseph Land, Novaya Zemlya, and the Siberia coast and islands touching the Arctic. As well as of course Arctic Alaska, Canada, and Greenland. The climate being like the northernmost temperate zone is now. A large population was supported.

These White Ancestors were governed by an aristocracy noted for their Nobility Of The Spirit. They called these aristocrats Aryans (meaning something like those possessing nobility of the spirit). They would eventually give their name to all of the Indo-European Peoples, but it should technically only apply to their nobility.

These “Aryan” Peoples, as they are commonly called nowadays had always been a CONFEDERATION of racially and ethnically related but distinct tribes. They did possess a High King for spiritual and military purposes (However war was all but unknown to them.) but it must be understood that they Did Not Have a strong centralized government in the modern sense of the word. They were organized in a somewhat similar fashion to the Confederate States Of America. These tribal differences would ultimately take the form of the ethnic divisions among Indo-Europeans, such as those existing between Celts, Germans, Balts, Slavs, Persians and so forth over time.

What held this Confederation together for so long and made it such a power to be reckoned with was a common spirit as well as blood which manifested in many tribal forms. From the one to the many, from the many to the one. All of the tribes looked for the same nobility of the spirit in those that led them. The Aryan Elders are what held it all together.

The climate changed relatively suddenly, over the course of a few decades. That made much of their homelands uninhabitable or at the most only able to support a small population. This forced a mass migration south to more hospitable regions. The Ancient Traditions always held that this change was not natural. That it was the result of a deliberate act. According to the Germanic Tribes it was the work of the Fenric Wolf. The one who plagues the Earth and Humanity with periodic Ice Ages. The “Aryan” Tribes began fleeing what the Germans called the Fenric Winter (The Winter Of The Wolf).

The Fenric Wolf was described as an Evil Spirit Devil that took the form of a giant wolf standing six-hundred feet tall. The son of Loki (The rough equivalent of the Biblical Devil) and Angrbroda, best described as a Giantess/Witch/Female Devil.

Loki and Company have it in for the Aryans and their Peoples because they were considered closest in spirit to the Gods, their arch enemies. Those who stood between them and total world supremacy. The Gods led by All Father Odin/God The Father.

There seemed to be three major migration routes out of the Aryan Arctic. By far the largest went south into what is now called Central Asia. The Celtic tribes were among those that went in that direction. There was a smaller group, the German tribes, that went south into Scandinavia, where they all settled for a time. Then there was a third much smaller group who went into Hudson Bay and continued on south. Accompanied by what had been their Non-Aryan neighbors immediately to the south who had also been driven south by the same Fenric Winter.

This concludes the first phase of the history.

Heil Hitler deva!

Randall Lee Hilburn

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