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Jewish Gaslighting Techniques Part 1.


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Jewish war tactics are as innumerable as the depths of their subterranean minds. Over the millennia, the Jews have developed myriad techniques of deception and manipulation against their opponents (In this case, the word “opponents” designates any and all Non-Jews.) as a means of achieving their goals which typically include enslaving and exploiting others. Jewish war tactics do not confine themselves to common worldly tactics rooted in our common dimension; but instead, Jewish war methods encompass black magic derived from the evil Jewish Kabbalah.

Kabbalistic war tactics include misdirection along with hypnosis and leveraged mental influence. In this case, the term “mental influence” refers to influencing worldly events through concentrated and focused will, concentrated and focused intent, and focused thought energy.

The writings below probably do not discuss much that is not already familiar to most of our readers, yet formally outlining some of Jewry’s common tactics of deception is still potentially valuable because this writing might discuss some items that are not familiar for everyone. Most of our readers are already being familiar with many common Jewish deception tactics, none the less, proving a formal inventory of record that notes common Jewish deception tactics is still valuable for the future.



Origen of the Term “Gaslighting”

The term “Gaslighting” derives from a popular 1944 American movie named Gaslight starring Charles Boyer and Ingrid Bergman which was based on a 1938 play written by Patrick Hamilton. The basic premise of this film is a manipulative husband who tries to make his wife lose her mind and thus get committed to a mental hospital. Some of the things that the manipulative husband does include planting his personal items in his wife’s purse and claiming that she stole them. In more recent times, “gaslighting” has become a verb that denotes the concept of a person being lied to and misled.

Gaslight (1944 film) - Wikipedia

Movie poster from the 1944 film Gaslight furnished courtesy of wikipedia.org



This tactic entails transferring blame and transferring karma onto Jewish opponents and often shifting blame onto innocent third parties who are then accused of doing, or failing to do, exactly what the Jews themselves are doing or not doing. This tactic also includes setting others up as “fall guys” ‘patsies,” or “set up men,” which then take the blame for Jewish misdeeds in a manner similar to sacrificial goats.

In the mind of the Jew, Scapegoating magically exempts them from blame, even in the higher dimensions (in terms of karma) and scapegoating pragmatically shifts the focus of wrongdoing away from the Jews themselves. A perfect example of this is the Leo Frank case where Leo Frank, who was a Jew, blamed an innocent third-party negro for the torture and murder of a White girl which Mr. Frank enacted himself. Other scapegoating cases of note include Jews fingering Arabs for their planned demolition of the twin Towers on September 11, 2001, or Jews blaming Egypt for the Israeli attack on the USS Liberty in the 1960s.

Scapegoat Theory - Ways of Scapegoating in Scapegoat Theory - The Black Sheep Community

Image above furnished courtesy of theblacksheep.community


Reverse Projection & Accuse the Accuser

In argumentation, this strategy is similar to the “tu quoque” (you too) fallacy where the guilty party accuses their accuser of doing exactly the same thing that they the real guilty party have done or have failed to do. Reverse projection can be imagined as a shield that a guilty person holds up to repel correct accusations against them in hopes that such counter accusations will bounce back against the rightful accuser. The Jew Saul Alinsky always advised his readers to accuse your opponents of the exact things that you are doing yourself in his landmark book called Rules for Radicals.

Who Was Saul Alinsky,? Carson, Clinton and What to Know | Time

Image of Saul Alinsky courtesy of time.com


Making Preemptive Strikes

When this tactic is employed, the enemy of the Jews is set up, vilified, and then framed before this real or imagined enemy has ever made any actual moves against the Jews. This tactic involves demonizing potential opponents in the eyes of third parties as a defense mechanism against anticipated attacks that will inevitably arise from Jewish misdeeds. This tactic of vilifying any potential opponents and challengers before they have even done anything to move against the Jews springs from paranoid Jewish minds and guilty Jewish consciousnesses.

A contemporary example of a Jewish Preemptive strike would be the excessive demonization of Donald Trump and his legion of supporters by the Jewish media establishment even though neither Trump nor his followers were notably counter-Semitic. It seems that the Jewish establishment was against Trump and his supporters for fear of what they might do as opposed to what they had actually done. In the case of Trump and his supporters, the Jews were imagining that any group of motivated White conservatives was a collection of raving counter-Semites in waiting, even though neither Trump nor any significant number of his supporters had made any actual moves against America’s Jews.

Trump supporters stay loyal but wary | Financial Times

Image of a crowd gathered to hear a Donald Trump presidential campaign speech furnished courtesy of ft.com


Blaming the Victim & Victim Shaming

Another corollary of scapegoating may be called “Blaming the Victim” which is similar to reverse projection but differs from the old “Accuse the Accuser” tactic because in such cases the Jews blame the victims of their evil deeds for what has been done to them by Jews. The actual actions used within this strategy are varied, but this method of gaslighting simply operates by blaming victims of Jewish evil for their own suffering.

Victim Shaming is an extension of Blaming the Victim, except when this tactic is used the Jews not only try to cast all blame for their misdeeds onto their victims, but they also look for ways to humiliate their victims as much as possible when they eventually seek redress for the crimes committed against them by Jews. Victim shaming is a tactic where the victim is not simply blamed for being on the receiving end of Jewish transgressions, but the victim(s) are also discredited and belittled as much as possible in hopes of shifting focus away from Jewish crimes.

A good case Jews blaming their victims can be illustrated by the fate of Germany’s Third Reich. The rise of the Third Reich was at least partially a righteous counter reaction to deprivations, cultural decay, and financial mismanagement that were wrought on the Germany by the corrupt Jewish-controlled government and banking institutions of the Weimar Republic; yet to this day, the Jews still entirely blame Germany for starting World War II while never analyzing their own misdeeds.

Bombing of Dresden in World War II - Wikipedia

The above image shows the city of Dresden, Germany after the “Allied” military forces bombed the city to rubble and killed more than 100,000 people. To this day, the horrible atrocities committed against the German general population are still blamed on the German people by international Jewry and their mass media complex. The image above is furnished courtesy of wikipedia.org


Building Straw Men

This tactic involves creating a false identity then pinning this fallacious identity to one or more people who the Jews perceive to be enemies. In such cases, the real identity of a single person or a group of people who the Jews dislike is distorted beyond recognition. The tactic of “Building a Straw Man” often involves creating an entirely false identities as “Nazis” or “anti-Semites” for anyone who exposes or criticizes bad Jewish deeds. The Straw Man tactic differs from simple name calling and labeling because the Straw Man Method involves constructing an entire false life and false identity around a person or group of people that the Jews dislike.

One good recent example of Jews building a straw man is the Jewish media’s treatment of the Proud Boys. The Jewish-controlled mainstream media in America has been fond of classifying the Proud Boys as a collection of racists and “White Nationalists,” yet the proud boys have aggressively courted non-White members and the leader of their Oregon chapter was and still is a Samoan man. The Proud Boys also happen to have a sitting club president who is Black. Despite being called a collection of “White Nationalists,” Gavin McInnes, who is the founder of this organization, is married to a Native American woman. Whatever the Proud Boys might be, they are certainly not a collection of White Nationalists. So, why do the Jews have so much dislike for the Proud Boys even if they are not overtly working against the Jews? It seems that the Jews see the Proud Boys as a threat to their ideological subversion of America because the Proud Boys stand for things that subvert Jewish plans for the enslavement of humanity such as traditional family life, building strong communities, and doing things like going to church.

Gavin McInnes Attempts to Quash Proud Boys' Post-Jan. 6 'Civil War'

Image of Gavin McInnes furnished courtesy of thedailybeast.com


Name Calling

Words carry powerful connotations and powerful emotional associations; for this reason, the Jews love to attach loaded words and labels to anyone who they disagree with. Labeling and name-calling are actually quite effective as a gaslighting method because the emotional associations connected with many words and terms is so extreme that simply reading these terms or hearing them spoken often short-circuits any reasonable discourse. Examples of such loaded words and slander include terms such as “Nazi,” “White Supremacist” and “Extremist.” When this tactic is used, name-calling and slander are spoken and libel is written. Leveraging this tactic frequently involves using third parties who generate bad associations against Jewish opponents through rumor mills. One could argue that the Jewish tactic of name-calling and labeling of enemies is simply a means of attack as opposed to a gaslighting method; however, name calling creates false identities and false associations for those who are on the receiving end of this tactic, so name-calling is in fact another type of gaslighting.

One good example of this tactic being put into action is the Jewish media’s tendency to call people they dislike “extremists,” and Mr. Larry Elder is just such a man who has been very wrongfully labeled a “Far-Right Extremist.” For those who are not familiar with this man, he is a radio show host and author of several books who ran against California’s governor from the Democratic pollical party named Gavin Newsome back in 2021. Interestingly, Elder ran against Newsome on a campaign to recall Newsome because so many of Newsome’s California constituents were so irate with their left-leaning Jewish lapdog of a governor.

Larry Elder reports raising over $18M in recall fight after filing snafu

The image of Larry Elder seen above is furnished courtesy of the San Francisco Chronicle’s website. 

Indeed, Elder has some conservative leanings, but any thinking person who has actually read his books would place him closer to being a Libertarian than a true conservative. It seems that the Jewish establishment and their controlled media dislike Elder so much because he has said, and still says, things that do not align with their agenda, such as expressing dislike for censorship and not properly conforming to Jewish Marxist derived Feminist agendas. Elder has also been a staunch opponent of “Minority Advancement” programs and a spirited opponent of governmental expansion. Jewish power only grows with more centralization, so anyone who makes a good argument against more centralized control is inevitably going to be a Persona non Grata with the Jewish establishment.


Weaponizing Appeals to Emotion

Name Calling is also closely connected with the tactic of making everything as emotionalized as possible in order to preclude any real scrutiny or analysis of an issue. One salient example of Weaponized Appeals to Emotion is the way that the Jewish media used false and contrived photographs of dead children washing up on beached along Europe’s southern Mediterranean coastline to emotionalize massive Jewish-funded plans to move huge numbers of African and Middle Easterners migrants into Europe back in 2015. The goal behind circulating these images of drowned migrant children across the massive Jewish-controlled media complex was to circumvent any real debate about the consequences attached this massive movement of migrants by making crude emotional appeals that were primarily targeted at European women. Circulating image of supposedly drowned children was used to muddy the waters of discussion whenever anyone pointed out that almost all of the migrants arriving in Europe during the summer of 2015 were fighting-age young men who were clearly not in poor health that were not accompanied by children or women.

Shocking images of drowned Syrian boy show tragic plight of refugees | Refugees | The Guardian

The image above shows a young Syrian boy who may or may not have drowned on a beach in Greece during an ill-fated migrant ocean crossing. We say may or may not have drown on a beach because many accusations of fake photographs of migrant children drowning on European beaches have been circulating around for years now. It is also worth noting that even if these images of children drowning during illegal attempts to enter the European Union are very real a few drowning deaths does not provide sufficient moral justification for replacing the entire population of Europe with non-european migrants, but the Jews are obfuscating such and important discussion with carefully crafted emotion-laden noise and interference. The image above is furnished courtesy of theguardian.com 

Another example of Jews weaponizing appeals to emotion to further their own agendas can be seen by the way that students who are enrolled in American public schools are often shown the famous archival image of the Black slave with all of the whip lash scars on his back. This image is not a false photograph, yet the emotionally charged nature of this photograph tends to make a nuanced, comprehensive, rational, and historically accurate discussion about the institution of slavery in the Antebellum American South much more difficult. Historians who have spent their entire careers researching the institution of slavery in the Antebellum American South have unanimously concluded that the old Southern institution of slavery was certainly nothing to laude and celebrate, but it was nothing close to the horror show that Jewish movie makers and school textbook writers make it out to be. The classic image of the Black slave with a whiplash-scarred back is useful propaganda if Jews are interested in demonizing Whites in the present day and creating a sense of guild in Whites and resentment in Blacks.

Gordon (slave) - Wikipedia

The image above that depicts a Black slave from the American Antebellum South that took a few too many caresses with a whip has been leveraged for rotten political ends by Jews and others for quite a while now. Photo courtesy of wikipedia.org


Fabricating False Associations

This tactic is typically not directed against individual people, but instead this method is weaponized against groups and organizations that Jews dislike. False Associations are often directed against entire ethnic and religious groups, so this tactic often operates on a large scale. A classic example is the attempt to associate the Swastika with the “holocaust” as a means of criminalizing this symbol.

Another example of Jews creating false associations that is occurring presently is the trend of casting Black men as being very smart in Hollywood movie roles such as depicting super-smart Black scientists in the Hollywood Wakanda movie franchise. Hollywood’s Wakanda movies depict a fictitious Black African nation called Wakanda that possesses indigenous and unique space-age technology that is developed and made entirely by Sub-Saharan Africans. The entire Wakanda trope that runs through Hollywood’s Marvel Universe movies is a classic example of Jews creating a false association.

The Real-Life Possibilities of Black Panther's Wakanda According to Urbanists and City Planners | Architectural Digest

The image above features a landscape photograph depicting the capital city of the fictitious African nation of Wakanda. Image courtesy of architecturaldigest.com

The entire concept of Wakanda is a false association because early explorers form Europe, India, Pharaonic Egypt, and the Islamic Middle East that ventured into Sub Saharan Africa all noted that there were no indigenous systems of writing ever found in this part of the world. Not only did Sub-Saharan Africa never develop any indigenous system of writing, no explorer from outside of Sub-Saharan Africa ever noted any indigenous mechanical device, nor was a single bridge ever built, nor was a single indigenous building over one story ever noted by any explorer…the list goes on. The Wakanda fantasy is a dangerous case of False Association because it imputes the idea that Blacks have the collective intelligence needed to crate futuristic space-age technology.

Yet another example of Jews creating false associations can be noted by the White Serial Killer trope. The Jewish media complex has implanted the idea into the mass public consciousness that White men are unusually and particularly predisposed to being serial killers; however, this idea has been falsely manufactured by omitting the crimes of numerous non-White serial killers and by hyping every case where a serial killer was White. In the Jeffrey Dahmer case, the entire story was a fabrication cooked up Jews with the intention of making White men look bad in the public mind.

Jeffrey Dahmer - Wikipedia

An archival police photograph of Jeffrey Dahmer furnished courtesy of wikipedia.org


Weaponizing False Historical Narratives

As long as Jews have existed, they have striven to destroy any and all true historical record and replace these true records with false fables that serve rotten Jewish interests. The Jews have created many false historical narratives throughout history, yet the most impressive Jewish instance of a manufactured and false historical episode to date has been the bogus tale of Jewish mass genocide at the hands of German National Socialist back in the 1940s. Yet another example of Jews rewriting history has been the deliberate omission of the fact that Jews were heavily involved in the Transatlantic Slave Trade. Falsely rewriting history involves passing huge lies as historical truths and in turn getting perceived enemies of the Jews to believe false narratives that are useful to Jewish interests. Jewish historical rewrites are designed to empower Jews and demoralize their enemies.

Jewish Slave Traders: The Jews, slavery and the slave trade through centuries (English Edition) eBook : De Bretagne, Agobard: Amazon.de: Kindle-Shop

The image above is a screen capture from an Amazon.com book seller’s listing. 


Striking the Victim Pose

Indeed, the history of the Jews is a history of self-victimology. Striking the victim pose is an old Jewish method of gaslighting others by making accusations of victimhood any time Jews are righteously criticized for bad behavior. An old Slavic fold saying goes “The Jew cries out in pain as he stabs you.” Another old Slavic fold saying goes as follows, “A Jew will always tell you what happened to him, but he will never tell you why.” Jews love to pull out the victim card whenever anyone calls attention to their misdeeds, and they do this because the victim card allows them to deflect attention away from their rotten deeds by claiming that their accusers are victimizing them. It is worth noting that the Jews continually invest a lot of their resources into endlessly perpetuating the idea that they are simply innocent and hapless victims of other-peoples’ aggression

.Create meme "famous memes, a Jew , le happy merchant " - Pictures - Meme -arsenal.com

Image courtesy of memearsenal.com

The victim narratives scribed by the Jew typically take form of what may be called “Semitic Pathos” which is a product of the Jewish lunar consciousness. This is characteristic of the Jewish Chandal morality as so well-articulated in Frederick Nietzsche’s works. For a point of reference, the term “Chandal” refers to a low caste within India’s Hindu population. As Nietzsche saw things, the term “Chandal Morality” describes an outlook on life where a group of people has a morality based on hating and resenting those who sit above them in the caste system or simply in the game of life. Chandal Morality can also be described as the morality of the low and oppressed who base their world view around resisting and striking back at their perceived oppressors and those who circumstance has made more fortunate. In other words, Chandal Morality is the ethos of all resentful and unprivileged people across the world.

Ironically, despite having so much worldly power, wealth, and influence the Jews still cling to a Chandal mindset where they see themselves as this oppressed and put-upon people; however, this way of looking at things is both poisonous and disconnected from objective reality. Jewish Chandal Morality can be observed in Jewish Hollywood movies, Jewish television sitcoms such as Signfeld that ran for so many years, and television dramas wherein victims are idealized and placed on a pedestal while all of that is healthy, noble, and good is derided, mocked, and aspersed.


Crypto Jews and the Chameleon Effect

Another tactic of the Jew is that of a chameleon, this tactic is named after the chameleon which is a type of lizard that changes color to match its surroundings. The Jew, being a lair and deceiver at heart can easily adopt many guises as a function of his subterranean mind. Jews liberally use the chameleon strategy to hide who they really are and thus cover their misdeeds in the process. Examples of Jewish chameleon behavior include changing their names to those of their host population in order to hide their Jewish identity and make it harder for non-Jews to spot patterns of Jewish behavior and uncover coordinated Jewish plots.

Australian Merchant | Happy Merchant | Know Your Meme

Image courtesy of knowyourmeme.com

Yet another strategy is called Crypsis. The strategy of crypsis constitutes a Jew adopting a completely non-Jewish name and then pretending to not be Jewish. An example of possible Crypsis is Bill Gates. Many people believe that Bill Gates is actually Jewish but he is hiding his identity in order to gain trust from non-Jews and to deflect righteous ire against Jews whenever his bad deeds are publicly exposed. Elon Musk is another example of Jewish crypsis in action because Elon Musk is Jewish by many accounts, yet he publicly pretends not to be.

Elon Musk Relationship History: From Grimes to Fathering 9 Kids

Image of a young Elon Musk in 1999 furnished courtesy of businessinsider.com 


Using Proxies

Jews often go about achieving their objectives by having other people do their dirty work for them. The tactic of using proxies is quite effective because proxies create a layer of separation between those who are carrying out the actions that benefit the Jews and the Jews themselves. The tactic of leveraging the actions of proxies does in fact make identifying Jewish agendas and Jewish misdeeds much more difficult. Examples of Jewish proxies are the Zio-American military machine which ostensibly operates under the premise that it serves the interests of the American Empire as opposed to simply serving Jewish interests, yet for some odd reason the American military seems to be out doing things across the Middle East that benefit Israel and Jewish interests.

Many public figures, such as the current American president named Joseph Biden, also serve as Jewish proxies. Countless Jewish proxy figureheads serve different purposes: (1.) scapegoats and fall guys (2.) representatives of ideas that Jews wish to manifest to the public.

A proxy figurehead may be a public figure of any kind: an athlete, an actress/actor, a singer, a politician, as well as a publicly known author or intellectual such as Jordan Peterson etc. The public intellectual, author, and YouTube sensation Jordan Peterson is not Jewish himself, yet he seems to go about publicly advocating for whatever idea or policy would help international Jewry if it is implemented on a mass scale. Jordan Peterson is such a clear Jewish proxy figure that he has earned himself the sobriquet “Juden Peterstein” in dissident circles. The famous author Steven King is also clearly not Jewish, yet he has earned much of his public notoriety because he has received generous Jewish publicity and promotion because he writes books that align with Jewish agendas. Regardless of their public persona, Jewish figurehead proxies are granted their high positions because they act out plans written by Jewish scribes and planners who often work at Jewish think tanks.


Jordan Peterson: I refuse to let prescription drug dependency make me a victim

Image of Jordan Peterson furnished courtesy of the New York Post’s website. 


Pretending to Act in Good Faith / Pretending to be a Friend

The Jews often deceive their targeted enemies into thinking that another cause is harming them and that thus the Jew is their friend who is trying to assist them. Examples of the Pretending to be a Friend strategy include Joseph Stalin getting poisoned by his Jewish personal physician and the Jewish serial killer named Ted Bundy who led search parties on missions to discover the remains of his own murderer victims.

The Jewish tactic of disguising rotten agendas with the trappings of good intentions runs very deep and has endless examples, yet the point to remember is that Jews put a lot of thought energy into developing ways to frame their plans and agendas as campaigns for justice or initiatives for the public betterment.

An example of this principle in action can be observed when Jews frame their plans to import masses of people from the Third World into Europe in humanitarian terms. Examples of Jews contriving noble-sounding reasons to import masses of third-worlders into Europe include proffering the rationale of “Climate Change” which asserts that the lifestyles of relatively wealthy European nations put too much carbon in the Earth’s atmosphere which then creates droughts and heat waves in southern latitudes which then means that Europeans are morally obligated to open their nations to mass resettlement programs that move the entire third-world into Europe for seemingly noble “humanitarian” reasons.

Greta Thunberg: Kids 'will never forgive' you for failing on climate change | CNN

The image above shows Greta Thurnburg who is a classic example of a Jewish proxy public figure along the same lines as Jordan Peterson of President “Sleepy Joe” Biden. Greta “the Doom Goblin” Thurnburg is spoon-fed huge amounts of media attention from the Jewish media complex and her job is to publicly push the idea of worldwide doom stemming from climate warming. It is also worth noting that our darling little Goblin of Doom is now 20 years old, she is also autistic and she is the product of mild fetal alcohol syndrome, so she qualifies as a climate expert. The Doom Goblin’s mission is to provide a rational for White people to have even fewer children in efforts to combat environmental problems and of course, to let ever more Third World migrants into places like Sweden under the guise of helping poor displaced refugees that were put in their terrible circumstances by hedonistic and wasteful White people. Image courtesy of cnn.com

Whether the boogeyman of Climate Change is real or not, the Jews have certainly harnessed fear of climate related problems to rationalized importing the Third World into every traditionally White habitation space under the guise of noble humanitarian charity on the part of Whites. Resettling people who are suffering from what may or may not be climate change caused by Europeans may seem noble and good on the surface; however, public discussions about this topic always seem to neglect to addressing the topic of simply helping masses of third-world people while they remain in their own nations.

Another logic problem connected with the Jewish plan to import masses of third-worlders into traditionally White nations for supposedly noble humanitarian reasons is the fact that after third-worlders arrive in wealthy traditionally White nations they begin to live in the same resource-intensive ways that are said to be causing the climate change that necessitates importing masses of third-worlders into places like Europe in the first place. Clearly, the any “humanitarian’ moral justifications for importing masses of third-worlders into formerly wealthy White nations are examples of Jews cloaking their agenda to rid the world of European people in noble-sounding lies.

Image courtesy of opensea.io

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  1. I laughed and shook many times reading this entire blog, James! You were too gentle writing that “maybe” climate change is not a real, man made problem. I say the climate change narrative is bullshit.
    You are thorough, thorough, thorough, as usual. I have complained about too much Jew bashing on our website but this is important truth.
    Thank you James,

    Brian Ruhe

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