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The Race Riots: Why Now?

The Race Riots: Why Now?

A Tree-stump Opinion Rant by James Rousse, first published on thulesociety.com

June 17, 2020

Over the course of the last week we have seen some pretty depressing and grave images of riots, cities burning, and communists setting-up no-go zones. These horrifying images of the apocalypse’s four horsemen riding into town have been plastered all over our television screens, personal computers, and smartphones, so we have been able to see things unfolding in a manner close to real time. While I was recently out hiking in the woods near my home, I asked myself why all of the troubles we were seeing on the media feeds were happening now.

First, let’s examine what just happened. Basically, we the public were recently force-fed a Noseler narrative stating that there was some sort of terrible virus from China stalking the land, so we had better close down all of the businesses, except hypermarket stores like Wallmart and Target, but I digress. So, we were all forced to wear dust masks into coffee shops and grocery stores, and many of us were left without jobs. Also, quite a few people are still unemployed on account of the “Corona Virus” shoving its way into our lives.

The Corona Virus may or may not be a real thing, but the fallout has been terrible for many people regardless, so the consequences of this happening are certainly real. On top of all the issues with the forced closures of small businesses, schools, and all of the other problems brought about the purported virus from China, now we have a set of riots taking place around America. The riots I mean peaceful protests have arisen from yet another story about a black man murdered by supposedly evil white men. Given the uneven and downright hypocritical nature of the Jew media’s reporting practices, it is not too crazy to deduce that this latest round of leisure time activity for long-hot-summers was a media-hyped story designed to manufacture outrage in certain quarters.

If I remember correctly, it was not too long ago that a story was hyped by the Jew-controlled media that yammered about a black burglar down in the state of Georgia who was shot by two white residents from the same neighborhood where he was breaking in to a home which was under construction. Yes, it sure looks like we the public are being subjected to media-hyped stories that are designed to manufacture outrage from blacks and white liberals. It also seems that this latest bedtime story written by Shlomo will get the colored masses properly riled-up and thirsting for the spilled blood of America’s white population including the white shit liberals who claim to care so much about those who violently attack them.

Indeed, poor old white America has seen Jewry lobbing one blood libel incident after another at them during the months of May and June in the year 2020, on top of the irritations induced by business closures, deliberately produced unemployment, closed schools, and cancelled sportsball games. Thank God liquor stores were never closed, but they were considered an “essential service” along with Walmart from what I hear.

On top of the mess resulting from burning cities, we now have Antifa and Black Lives Matter setting-up their own little communist fiefdoms in the hearts of crumbling American metropolises that were formerly lorded-over as one-party states under the Democratic political party’s bootheel. It turns out that the Jewish Bolsheviks actually attacked the police with media smear campaigns in Russian cities just before the Russian Revolution kicked-off, and, surprise surprise, the Bolsheviks set up their own communist militias in the Russkie cities after they managed to get their police departments first defunded, then disbanded.

Let’s also remember that Russian metropolitan police departments were disbanded in the name of social justice sound familiar? Thus, the June 2020 happenings in Seattle are a close approximation of communist militias called Checkas that were set-up in Russia around 100 years ago to the day. In light of Ckeckas forming in large Democratic political party strongholds like Seattle, it appears that we the people are now forced to contend with a matzo-ball-driven communist takeover. Yep, when it comes to Checkas, check yourself before you wreck yourself.

So, yes, watching cities burn and Checkas make power grabs has created a difficult few weeks for me, and probably for others as well. Over the last few weeks, it has felt like America was totally crumbling, and it basically was crumbling over the last few weeks. America continues to crumble. Now, whatever is left of that which used to be America it is just falling-apart in a little bit slower manner. As the dust is beginning to settle from the riots induced by knee-jerk-reactionism that was spawned from the alleged death of St. George Floyd, and just for the record, that’s not Pink Floyd, but Black Floyd. (I will see you on the dark side of the moon.)

Sigmund Floyd’s possible demise at the hands of police, or more likely his staged death at the hands of his fellow crisis actors, begs the following questions: Why did the Jews create the fake Corona disease scare a few months before the riots were induced? Why did the Jews manufacture the George Floyd death case at this time? What do the Jews have to gain by uncorking a new bottle of urban melanin-fueled mayhem?

Clearly, the George Floyd case is fishy, and it seems like the whole stunt was yet another Hebrew who-done-it with nasty results that are comparable to those of 911. This round of race riots is also reminiscent of other small-hat-orchestrated mass shootings that seem to just blur into one another. Indeed, 911 was a pretty bold and spicy move if I do say so myself, and the Black Floyd case has some weird elements to it, just like 911.

For example, in the Black Floyd case, why were the cops not objecting to having someone film them keeping poor Mr. Floyd on the pavement for eight minutes and however many seconds? Why was there no ambulance called if Mr. Floyd was possibly having serious medical issues? Why was no defibrillator used to help resuscitate the poor unconscious and illing Mr. Floyd? Why was the shape of the ear from the cop seen choking Floyd in the TV video different than the ear of the man who appeared in what was supposedly a mug shot for this same Floyd-choking white cop? Why were the different police men in the TV video wearing what appears to be dissimilar types of police badges? I know, these top cops don’t need no stinking badges, but close analysis of the Floyd video still raises some awkward questions.

Besides the issues with the official video of the white cop choking Mr. Floyd, what is up with all of those pallets of bricks appearing in the peripheries of designated rioting zones? A recent video by the YouTuber Terrance Popp analyzed the issue of buying pallets of bricks and cut lumber, and it turns-out that a pallet of bricks typically costs around 600 dollars, and pallets of 2 X 4 lumber pieces are expensive as well, so somebody with a lot of trucks and some funding had to place those rioting materials in their designated spots.

Lastly, how come the Jewed-out mainstream media never makes a peep of noise when white men are barbarically murdered by police officers, or when black crooks are killed by over-zealous black policemen? (Both of these things actually happen quite a bit.) Yes, there seem to be some rather peculiar questions that arise from the Black Floyd case.

So, we can conclude that the Floyd case is likely to be another false flag operation designed to manipulate the gullible masses, as was the whole Covid-19 farce. Yet, it begs the question: Why deploy all of these weapons of mass deception now? Logically, it might benefit the Jews to wait another 20 years or so before springing events like a manufactured plague scare and a fireworks display of race riots fueled by Semitic blood libel accusations.

It seems logical that waiting until whites become a pronounced minority in America would be a better time to spring the race war trap because by then whatever is left of white America will be even easier pickings than it is today. Despite the rantings about “white privilege” by colored folks, white America is basically a sinking ship with weakening mojo if one examines the sagging demographic numbers. Likewise, every present indicator seems to be pointing in the exact opposite direction of white power. So, if white people are on their way out as the Jews are always claiming, then why not wait until the white prey animals are in a position of even greater weakness before making a move to eliminate them for good? What is the hurry if Jewry is all about playing the long game?

My personal theory is that the race riot operation was kicked-off this month because white America was beginning to push back against their own dispossession with some measure of success despite their acknowledged shortcomings, so time was actually not on the side of the Jews. Sure, we can all agree that there has been a huge importation of non-whites into America happening for decades without any real opposition from the shrinking white majority, but the election of El Trumpolini showed that the Jewish establishment could not just count on white America simply snoozing forever and casually accepting their own demise.

We can agree that El Trumpo will not really follow-through on his promise to build a wall on the Mexican border; none the less, the fact that Trumpo’s hollow promise met with such resounding enthusiasm from heritage Americans showed that free-for-all mass immigration was beginning to wear thin with the white herd.

Although we can conclude that most white Americans have been relatively comfortable and complacent for the last 50 years or so, the effects of even a slow and gradual white replacement and marginalization are now beginning to be noticed by the white masses despite determined Jewish subterfuge and gaslighting. In light of white America’s slow waking-up to their dispossession, any ideas that the Jews had about killing the white masses slowly and quietly without them ever noticing that they are under attack looks doubtful.

So, what are the signs that white American has begun to smell the sodium pentothal? Well, for starters, despite how hollow it may seem these days, Trump did get elected, and that was a significant changing of the guard for white America. However, even before that, websites like 4chan.org were beginning to spread the gospel of Jewish scum and villany on top of spreading the word about race realism in spite of dedicated Jewish censorship. For the Jews, other signs of trouble have included white advocacy organizations like Counter Currents Press gaining more followers and Jerrod Taylor’s organization American Renaissance slowly seeing more people attend their conferences.

Aside from the foundation of Jewry’s power being etched away by bubbling concoctions brewed in the bowels of the “Intellectual Darkweb” on 4chan, big social media networks like Facebook and YouTube have also been hotbeds of edgy and cool pro-white content for a while now. Edgy and cool content on social media networks is a threat to Jewish power because it helps to dismantle Jewish mass mind programming.

Conservative, dissident, and pro-white content posted on YouTube was, and still is, a problem for the Jews because it was beginning to steal their narratives and challenge their big entertainment and news media empires. In recent years, not only was dissident right social media content beginning to change white perceptions of themselves as a group, white nationalist social media content was also able to insult, belittle, and ridicule Jews in addition to exposing their bad thinking and bad deeds. Basically, Jewry came to understand that if they did not enact some program of heavy censorship for popular social media networks, then they were going to completely lose their power base and their plans for white erasure and world enslavement were going to be destroyed completely. Remember, Jews do not censor people who have weak arguments.

Aside from the rising tide of visitors to subversive websites like 4chan, a series of public speaking events like the Free Speech event that took place on the steps of the Lincoln memorial in June of 2017 have also awoken the white public. The Free Speech event on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial was an alarming trend from the standpoint of the Jews because this hapening showed the beginnings of a congealing and strong white identity movement that would foil their plans for eliminating white people and assuming control over every Western nation.

Other events like the mass street scuffle in Berkeley, California back in March of 2017 represented demoralizing losses for Jewry because the “Alt-Right” basically won the street scuffle and drove Antifa out of the area. Besides just driving Antifa out of the area, that same March 2017 event produced a viral film clip of the “Based Stickman” cracking an Antifa fuck on the head with a stick; this was great PR for the grassroots dissident right. Likewise, a June 2018 film clip featuring a member of the Proud Boys knocking out an Antifa fuck garnered over 15 million view on YouTube alone, so this was also not good press for Jewry. The point to remember is that white identitarian movements are very capable of scoring big PR victories and gaining high levels of social capital.

Admittedly, the events of Charlottesville in the summer of 2017 were a severe public relations disaster for any budding white identity movement; regardless, one bad happening would only derail the rolling train of a white resistance for only so long. The Unite the Right event at Charlottesville, Virginia was basically destroyed by Jewish subversion because the Jews had several months to plan an incident that would derail and smear the whole event in the public’s eye, so whomever showed up to speak or march at that event was really just walking into a well-laid trap. Despite the Charlottesville event being a fiasco for white advocates, that fact that so many conservative whites were going to hold such a large and well-organized rally represented a troubling development for Jewry.

So, the trend over the last few years has been the growth of a white identity and solidarity movement that have taken the worst that Jewry could throw at them and still kept going. Despite the Charlottesville debacle, the following years have seen other gainful activity like the political campaign of Patrick Little ,and all the viral videos that went with it, plus the more recent political stunts by the Groypers . The Groper public trolling events at Jewish fake conservative conventions have produced their own viral videos on social media. For those who are not familiar with the term, the word “Groyper” refers to white identitarians who are also conservative Catholics.

Indeed, Jewry has taken counter measures to stop any white advocacy movement from gaining steam, and these measures have consisted of strict censorship, removing funding options for white advocacy organizations, staged false flag incidents that are designed to besmirch white advocates, and even outright arrests. However, the white identity movement has just kept moving despite underhanded Jewish counterpunches.

White people beginning to wake to their own dispossession has spawned a tough and resilient movement; therefore, Jewry has been under pressure to make a big move because as America grows less white, Jewry will be facing an inferior tax base for military building. In addition to facing the prospect of having less money to build and design military equipment, as time passes, Jewry will have to rely on blacks, browns, and white shit liberals to enforce their will.

As mentioned on a June 17, 2020 article posted on Counter-Currents.com, like the Orks in various fiction genres, blacks might be quite physically large, bullish, and nasty, yet they make poor soldiers. Relying on brown men to enforce Jewish agendas will also be difficult because the browns are also not the best soldiers, and they just are not very well-motivated to go out and kill whitey if they are going to have to bleed in the process. Ironically, despite the continued decline in white power, genociding whites by using physical force will actually get harder as time passes. Moreover, trying to crush factions of white conservatives by using turncoat white shit liberals will not work very because white liberals are not good fighting men for the most part.

In summary, Jewry has kicked-off the Covid-19 scam and then hit America with a truly intense campaign of false flag attacks against white people. The disease scam followed by the manufactured race riots has taken place recently because the Jews feel that they must act soon or else their window of opportunity for a true Bolshevik power grab will disappear because of a combination of whites waking up and Jews having a less capable army at their disposal. In truth, the riots and the manufactured outrage are a prelude to an armed coup that is intended to usurp whatever power remains from white America. It may seem like the Jewish overlords would stand a better chance of achieving white genocide if they only waited a few more decades, but that is not really the case. If Jewry is to make a successful power grab for North America, it is now or never, that is why the riots have been kicked-off at this time.

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