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Adolf Hitler Deva vs The Power of the Devil (John 8:44) The Real Story of the Reconstruction

Lincoln had depended on the Income Tax to obtain the funds to make the interest payments on the loans he had taken out from the Rothschild’s Banks as I have previously mentioned. However, the unconstitutional tax was roundly hated across the Northern States, and could only be collected by coercive means.

After the end of the war the South had accepted the authority of the Federal Government and had also abolished slavery. So they had been accepted back into the Union on an equal basis. This meant that they now had their Senators and Representatives back in Congress.

They had no intention of accepting the Income Tax. Northern Congressmen now with Lincoln in the ground, wanted to abolish it also. Congress therefore voted unanimously to do so.

Lincoln had left the country heavily indebted to the International Rothschild Bankers. The South had no intention of paying the debt since it had all been accumulated to subjugate them. Many in the North wanted to abolish the debt too. They felt that it had been forced on them against their will.

The Rothschild Bankers had no intention of letting the United States ‘cash cow’ get away from them and it was now impossible to make the North pay the interest on the loans. So, they came up with a way to make the South do so!

The Rothschild’s Banks had already bought the majority of Congressmen from the North by this time and they managed to call a meeting of Congress without  informing the Southern members. The following laws were passed applicable to the eleven states of the classic old Confederacy plus Missouri who was very much in camp with them.  (1) All of their members in Congress were expelled. (2) Military government was established in each. (3) All of those who had in any way supported the Confederacy were stripped of their citizenship. All of this allegedly being done to insure ‘Negro Rights’.

This was a major ‘smoke-screen’.  Since the South had already agreed to give them those rights. (4)  Congress then passed a Constitutional Amendment forbidding the disavowing of Public Debt.

The ‘Carpetbaggers’ came south with the Unite States Army, which contained a large number of easily manipulated colored troops and others. The ‘Carpetbaggers’ were all agents of the Rothschild’s Banks and were very often Jews. The ‘Carpetbaggers’ were protected by the Army with bayonets. Their job was to loot the South and funnel the proceeds to the Rothschild’s Banks. All this chicanery, done-under-the-guise of “protecting the Negro” from the Southern White man.

The Jews would work through their ‘puppet’ state, county, and local governments which had been put in place by an Army composed of mostly easily brain-washed bigots, and small minded, uneducated ‘nary-do-wells’. The puppet governments were composed of the most ignorant, easily manipulated ex-field hand slaves they could find. Even so, a small number of Negroes were not mentally taken in.

To insure the Ex-slaves would never realize that they were being played, they set up Freedman’s schools whose main function was to program Blacks so they would always blame the Southern White Man for all of their problems. Especially the perversity inflicted on them by Jews. They didn’t know the difference between the Jews and the Whites. They were never told in those ‘schools’, that Jews paid the Black captors, mainly Mandingo, a few bottles of rum in Africa for each slave they delivered, or that Jews owned the slave ships and the slave markets where they had been sold, nor that 40% of Jews owned slaves as compared to only 1% of Whites.

One of the Rothschild devices was a program called, “Forty Acres and a mule.” Land and the livestock would be confiscated from Whites by the Army. The land would be distributed to ex-slaves at the rate of forty acres and a mule to each in exchange for supporting the Carpetbaggers. Loans were extended to them from the Rothschild controlled Banks as well. Very few Blacks had any idea about how to  actually manage a farm. So, they soon went bankrupt and the banks foreclosed on them. As a result, vast tracts of prime Southern land fell into the hands of the Rothschild’s, as per plan.

By this time and with the critical assistance of the United States Government, all banking in the South was in the hands of the Rothschild Banks in one way or another.

The Southern States were ruined through such means. The whole region was turned into a colony controlled by the Rothschild’s and Northern Corporations working with them They had stripped the wealth of the land and had rendered it destitute, for both ex-Confederates and ex-slaves.

The poorest states in the country, Alabama and Mississippi have never fully recovered to this very day.

Racial problems, real and serious as they were can only be understood by understanding the ultimate divide-and-conquer economic strategy of the Jews and their Corporatist/Communist allies and their agenda for the southern states.

In time, ‘Reconstruction’ was ended through the efforts of Wade Hampton and his Redshirts in South Carolina, Bedford Forest and his Klu Klux Klan across the rest of the South and Northern Democrats, who were having their own problems with the same people, who also succeeded in restoring citizenship to White Southerners.

But, the United States would forever remain in debt to the Rothschild Banks.

Heil Hitler deva!

Randall Lee Hilburn

Adolf Hitler Deva vs The Prince of the Power of the Devil

The Income Tax Crises of the 1890’s

The Scheme rapidly encountered opposition across the country. But it would be opposition from the Southern States that would prove decisive in preventing the crime from actually being implemented.

The states of the Old Confederacy once again vowed secession if the illegal tax was implemented. There was even threats to call the State Militias to prevent its collection if necessary. They were joined by Maryland which had only been prevented from joining originally because Lincoln imposed military government on the state before they could leave the Union. (For what its worth, that was a situation

they also shared with Delaware.)

It was at this time that a number of Southern States; Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, and Mississippi adopted state flags that included the Confederate Battle flags. That also included Maryland even though race originally had absolutely nothing to do with it. It was a statement of, if necessary violent, opposition to the Income Tax.

Rather than risk a civil war that they knew would glean widespread support across the country, The Rothschild’s and the United States government backed down. They, ‘The Vampires’ would need a whole new system of currency before they could implement their beloved Income Tax and start sucking the economic blood out of the country to enrich their selves.

With the threat of revolution looming the plan was scrapped for the time being.

They would also need a sympathetic United States president to do their bidding. That lackey of the International Jews, would soon come in to the President’s office, in the form of Woodrow Wilson.

Heil Hitler deva!

Randall Lee Hilburn

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