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Adolf Hitler Deva On Public Education

Adolf Hitler Deva On Public Education


Everybody familiar with the American system of Public Education knows it to be a disaster. Its products can’t read, can’t write, can’t count, can’t carry on a rational conversation, can’t think, a people deprived of their own history, but are thoroughly brainwashed and programmed by the very worst sort of Communists (International Jewry).

The realization of this very often blinds people to the critical importance Public of Public Education for the future of our Folk.

Adolf Hitler deva once defined intelligence as, “The ability to engage in independent analytical reasoning.”

The proper role of education is to teach people How, not What to think. It is an ability people are not naturally born with and a very great many never develop. Rote learning is no mark of intelligence as Adolf Hitler deva explained. As he also explained National Socialism is a system for only truly intelligent people.


I will discuss the origins of public education in three countries in the late 19th Century, Britain, United States, and Germany of the 2nd Reich because they are pertinent to the discussion at hand and those are the ones that I am familiar with.

In Britain, up until the Mid-19th Century, illiteracy had been used by the Aristocracy and Capitalists to control the general population. The belief was that teaching the masses to read and write would only encourage them to rise above their station. This isn’t dissimilar to the attitude of the current Republican Party towards Public Education. The original British Labor Party was created to improve the lives of the workers in the vast industrial slums of the great cities of the British Isles. Literacy was one of those improvements they demanded. Public Education was conceived as a mechanism for improving the lot of the working poor. Faced by the threat of revolution if they refused to bend the British Ruling Classes they compromised and agreed to allow literacy and public education.

In contrast, in the United States, up until the late 19th Century, the Upper Classes had not monopolized education entirely as in Britain. However, the education for the vast bulk of the population was very limited. Only the well-to-do could afford a good education. Eventually it came to be realized by primarily the Democratic Party, that a workable republic required a citizenry that needed to be educated enough to truly understand the issues and make informed decisions regarding them. Thus the need for a system of Public Education, after the end of Reconstruction, the Democrats became powerful enough to make the needed reforms.

Up until the reforms instituted by Bismark of the 2nd Reich after German Unification, Germany had been a very backward and impoverished nation, as well as being a very fragmented nation. Public Education was instituted by him to enable him to unify and modernize the country. The system he instituted was so good that in the span of about forty years Germany would rise from near destitution to become the second most powerful economy in the world. It set the standard, for the U.S. would end up adopting major portions of it. Germany had always had an outstanding University System, but the benefits of it were limited to those who could afford it. His reforms, including the economic ones, enabled even the children of the Masses to attend University, provided they were talented enough. Talented as a result

of the new system of public education. The combination of outstanding universities and this large influx of new blood into them from the German People, helped to make Germany the great nation they  became.

Weimar Education

Essentially Public Education in Germany had become somewhat similar to what it now is in the United States. Due to the same corrosive influence by the usual suspects. As a consequence German society was disintegrating just as American Society has now already largely done. International Jewry tries to make all Goyum the same with its educational system (public). I am not concerned here with the why but instead with the results in social terms for a folk. What you end up with is a homogeneous and degenerate mass of atomized individuals. Easy to control because each individual is a man or woman alone against the state, with no unity apart from it.

As a consequence many parents began to pull their children out of the public schools into private, church, or home schools. Just as in the U.S. now.

Enter Adolf Hitler deva & The NSDAP

When he came to power he and the NSDAP faced a disintegrating German Society and Culture as well as disintegration in other areas.

The only solution was to give the German Folk once again a common sense of themselves. But without undermining German individuality, which was seen as one of the reasons for their greatness. A common Folk identity must be internalized by each German Individual. They must make the idea of their Folk part and parcel of their personal individuality. The individuality and initiative, and search for excellence of the German Folk must serve the collective as well as the individual good.

Hitler deva saw that that could only be achieved through a system of Public Education, the same for all of Germany. He didn’t want a cookie-cutter system that produced automatons. He wanted the young to internalize the idea that whatever the individual differences may be, the important thing was that they were all one Folk above all else.

He saw that further disintegration of the German Folk would be caused by continued Non-Public Education for the following reasons I will address shortly. Thus he made all education in the 3rd Reich compulsory and public.

(a) Private Schools, Now called Charter Schools in the U.S., Essentially teach class consciousness and struggle from the top down, because only the wealthy can afford it. (b) Church Schools, teach sectarianism. (c) Home Schooling, parents pass on their personal prejudices to their children/students.

I have personally seen the results of all three and fully agree with his evaluation of them. They drive the Folk apart not bring them together.


I came out of the Public School System before it had gone completely off the rails, seriously flawed, though it was already. To a degree I credit it with what I have become. At least I received a basic education and was energized to grow intellectually.

My personal experience has taught me the correctness of our Fuehrer’s point of view in regard to Public Education.

Heil Hitler deva!

Randall Lee Hilburn

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