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Sneaky Nazis Need Not Apply!!

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An Archival Essay by Matt Koehl

(Old Matt Koehl was a dear old soul.)


If we do not tell the truth about National Socialist Germany, why should we expect anyone else to do so?

On occasion, we receive the suggestion from people who are “‘sympathetic” to the NEW ORDER and to National Socialism that we would have more success building our movement if we abandoned our policy of openly championing Adolf Hitler. In our opinion, such requests are made by liars, so we write these people off as Jews and throw away their memory.Additionally, we believe that defending Germany needs no moral defense because the greatness of National Socialist Germany speaks for itself!



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The Swastika has been, and still, is the strongest and oldest symbol of hope and good throughout the world stretching back at least 35 thousand years — that is right! It is so! If you talk to any anthropologist who has not been totally brainwashed or bribed, then you will receive confirmation that the Swastika is a truly ancient and cross-cultural symbol go good luck, peace, and prosperity. No, the people who hate the wonderful symbol of the Swastika are those who destroy and murder, have no principles, have no compassion, and do not realize that they themselves are the Devils who hate all that is good. These same people who hate the Swastika have allowed themselves to become so brainwashed that they hate what is good, and these same people are the sons and daughters of the Devil and they will enjoy Hell after they die.

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Ordinary White Americans, if they believe the Devil’s lies, and if they do not recover see the truth before they die, then they too will join the Devil in Hell. (See the self-proclaimed Christian Bible which was written to bind stupid people to the Devil’s ways.) Those who are suckered into believing the nonsense packed into Bible or the Koran (same thing) speak against themselves, and ironically, these same devout but idiotic people are hated by the Jews more than the less-brainwashed non-believers because nobody respects a groveling slave, even if this slave dutifully serves the needs of his or her superiors. To add insult to injury, the Jews only intend to genocide those who they have under their control anyway, so just following the orders of Jewish masters will not save the religiously brainwashed slaves anyway. No, the Cross they love so much is one of the symbols that is the most hated by “God’s Chosen People.”

Unlike for many Europeans, the word “socialist” has a negative connotation for many Americans, but these same people must learn to open their hearts, stop hating, and open themselves to the teachings of The Great One (Hitler). Many White Americans who say that they are against socialism would be amazed how much love and understanding they could receive from the divine spirit of Adolf Hitler, the Third Reich, the Swastika, and from “National Socialism.” Yes, Hitler was a socialist, and a National Socialist at that; however, Hitler was not a Communist, but a visionary who brought a divinely gifted Third Way that was neither runaway capitalism and corporate oligarchy which people living in the West today know so well, nor was Hitler’s Third Way a revival of the authoritarian socialism that was so wide-spread in the 20th century.

The teachings of Adolf Hitler are the keys to your freedom and the keys to your liberation from the slavery flavor of slavery that is perpetuated by the likes of Benjamin Netanyahu and other Jews who want to remove you from the embrace of the divine. The Devil’s children do not want you to know anything about the truth; instead, National Socialists should simply explain our philosophy and our policies in a modern American context; however, most versions of Mein Kompf, Manheim’s version included, are compromised by the Jews and are not even worth looking at. By contrast, anyone who is inclined to read Mein Kompf should look for the “Kamp” version.

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Reddit Camp

Remember boys and girls, when shopping for a new copy of Mein Kompf, always insist on the Kamp version! Image courtesy of reddit.com

Those who tell you not to care about “My Struggle” i.e. (Mein Kompf) clearly do not care about you; however, the true version of Mein Kompf will teach you how to think! (Not what to think.) Reading Mein Kompf will heal your mind and your life because this book will give you the keys to access your innate tools logic and your inborn ability to truly see. Those who try to keep you from reading and studying Mein Kompf have a vested interest in trying to keep you from entering the heavenly realms, and if you are a White American, then remember that have lost your country through ignorance and because your mind and that of others has been manipulated by the Sons of the Devil!

Many people image that our day-to-day efforts at recruiting and spreading our message of National Socialism would be easier if we just distanced ourselves from our essential National Socialist identity, and instead focused on “fitting in” and “modernizing” our approach. In the 1970’s around 80% of America’s National Socialists followed the plan of distancing themselves from Hitler and not showing the Swastika; however, in the 1970s it was an openly National Socialist group, the National Socialist White People’s Party, that was the strongest, and most the most successful National Socialist (NS) group in North America in terms of membership, income and activism. (That is why the Yids had George Lincoln Rockwell assassinated! Rockwell was assassinated because had become too popular and he was scaring the pants off the Jewish Devils.)

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Groups that shunned the open approach to National Socialism languished for decades, yet by the 1990s, it was the National Alliance, who were openly NS, that had taken the lead. Recently, one openly NS group has given up using the Swastika in the pursuit of greater mass acceptance – but since deciding to ditch the Swastika, attendance at its public gatherings have dwindled. What these well-meaning but misguided groups of National Socialists do not realize is that the Swastika keeps the evil ones away like garlic and the crosses keep blood-sucking vampires away.


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All theories aside, the historical record indicates that the open NS approach is not the kiss of death its HATERS and critics maintain that it is, which is maybe the best reason to keep presenting the truth first! Other factors, such as leadership, energy, and organizational competence are also important factors that determine if a national socialist organization will succeed or not, regardless of whether they openly fly the swastika or not. For example, when the Jews started attacking Matt Koehl’s approach to leadership, this was a big clue that the Devil’s children were getting nervous about his great success!! Matt Koehl scared the Jews because he was working in harmony with Divine laws, so the Devil’s children tried everything they could to frustrate his work. The Yids attacked Matt Koehl by publicly lying about him because lying is what the Yids do best, and this ingrained Jewish instinct to lie is usually expressed by way of their lying filthy mouths and by their perverted Jewish press. 

As a practical matter for National Socialists, pretending to be something other than who they really are just does not work. Yes, we can claim that we are not “National Socialists” (AKA ‘Nazis” – which is really just a Jewish term of ridicule and hate aimed at National Socialists), and try to camouflage ourselves in any number of ways – but experience has taught us that this tactic is never successful. What we have learned over the years is that whenever National Socialists attempted to disguise themselves they never fool the Jews nor any of their other enemies.

So, when we try to disguise ourselves as anything other than National Socialists:

We do not fool the media.
We do not fool the government or its spy agencies.

Lego Hitler

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In the end, the enemies of National Socialism all know us when they see us, and the only people who do not recognize us for who we really are when we try to disguise ourselves are the people that National Socialists most want to reach! So, what we have learned over the years is that the Jewish press will always describe National Socialists as “Nazis” no matter what, and this is how they will always treat National Socialists, despite whatever cosmetic changes we might to apply. In the end, there is an iron-clad mandate for all National Socialists is to tell people the truth and not try to hide our true identity!

As George Lincoln Rockwell explained in his groundbreaking essay, In Hoc Signo Vinces, if National Socialists abandon our symbols and renounce the great men and women who died fighting for a National Socialist victory, then we also give up the enormous spiritual power offered by the proper symbols of National Socialism. It is also important to remember that there are also tremendous publicity advantages that are inherent when we openly advocate for National Socialism.

Beyond the issue of dishonoring our predecessors, whenever National Socialists try to adopt the “Sneaky Nazi” route (as Commander Rockwell called it), this pathway undermines the fundamental integrity our movement in the present day. Remember, unlike the Jews, we National Socialists do not have huge fortunes of money at our disposal, nor do we have the support of powerful forces in the government and the military. National Socialists also lack a mass following that counts millions of people, and National Socialists do not have a positive reputation in the eyes of most people. Lastly, we National Socialist also do not have effective access to the means of mass communication to broadcast our message; however, what we do have is integrity.

Integrity is a word that you do not hear much anymore, and for good reason, because the values of honesty, wholeness, and incorruptibility that define the concept of integrity are completely at odds with the modern zeitgeist, or the “spirit of the times.” Rather, in the decadent, degenerate, and soon-to-be-gone final days of Western civilization, the ruling paradigm is that one should do whatever brings the maximum amount of short-term pleasures, regardless of whether one’s behavior is dishonest, immoral, or just plain wrong. Lamentably, shamelessness is now the order of the day for the decaying Western nations.


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Gay Lego

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On the other hand, National Socialists do not derive our code of behavior from the Old Order and its rotten value system; rather, National Socialists derive their values from the sacred precincts of our racial soul, our ancestral spirit, and our innate spiritual stirrings from the Aryan personality. Within the confines of the Aryan personality lie, honor, courage, loyalty, and purity, so National Socialists like ourselves let others take the path of least resistance in the name of temporary expediency. National Socialist are also unfailingly true to ourselves, no matter what the cost. If we who are National Socialists abandon our sense of integrity, the we lose the moral premise on which our struggle has always been based.

It is sometimes argued that the outcome of our mission is so important that we are justified in taking shortcuts to make ourselves superficially more appealing to the masses, yet in the early 1920s, at the outset of his struggle, Adolf Hitler had already encountered similar arguments. His response was as follows:

Even then I always came out in taking a position in important questions of principle against all public opinion when it assumed a false attitude – disregarding all considerations of popularity, hatred or struggle. The NSDAP should not become the constable of public opinion but must dominate it. It must not become the servant of the masses but their master!” – Mein Kompf.

 We cannot put it any clearer than that.

There is much that White people today – and especially young adults and teenagers – need to know about World War II and the era preceding it, whether they want to hear it or not. For better or for worse, the world where we live in today is a direct consequence of World War II and its tragic outcomes. Had Hitler won that war, there would be no threat of White genocide, nor would there be the menace of a nuclear holocaust caused by the misdeeds of the Jews in occupied Palestine. As the American novelist William Faulkner put it, “The past is never dead. In fact, it’s not even past.”

Some people suggest to us that it would be better to let the Revisionists fight the battle of rectifying the historical record. One thing we quickly note is that “Revisionism” is not a unified movement; different “Revisionist” historians pursue different objectives, and typically they see things from a non-National Socialist perspective that that is not necessarily in-line with our ideas.


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No, it is up to us to tell the truth about our Movement and its history, rather than to leave that up to others. Only we have the objective knowledge and the subjective understanding that is necessary to explain our past, its significance, and its meaning.

We know that everything was not perfect in Hitler’s Germany, and that Hitler’s Germany was never a completely realized National Socialist state, although things became much better as the years passed, so much so that by 1944-1945 the development of a pure NS society was in an advanced state. Despite the problems that Hitler encountered, we have a choice today: Do we emphasize the things that were done right, or do we focus on the shortcomings?


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As a matter of fundamental policy, The NEW ORDER does not engage in petty, nit-picking criticism of Adolf Hitler, nor does the New Order level harsh criticisms against National Socialist Germany. We cannot expect that the average bloke who has not yet risen in spirit to understand the motivations and thoughts of one who has reached a higher state of consciousness such as Adolf Hitler because this act is impossible for all but a few people. Truth is, none of us can ever understand the reasoning behind those who are above us in spirit and soul until we reach that same height, yet there are many mainstream historians who make all sorts of poorly informed pronouncements about Adolf Hitler. Maybe the Anthropologist named Robert Sepehr has reached a sufficient level of spiritual development to interpret Hitler’s actions, but he is a rare person. Rather, we should focus on the positive aspects of the Third Reich and hold them up as shining examples of the society that we seek to build for future Aryan generations.

So, no, we are not going to abandon the Swastika, nor distance ourselves from the Adolf Hitler deva; rather, we will continue to tell the truth about the National Socialist era in Germany and to proudly proclaim ourselves to be its heirs.


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  1. Thank you Sir,
    You have done a quite thorough job of this, with no hedging behind. You are 100% correct. We have the Joy of having our Heil! Adolf Hitler deva! straight up, and when others do the same it’s a festival in spirit and the celebration of Adolf Hitler deva!!

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