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Will The Imperial German Space Program Fly Again?

The Imperial German Space Program, once a subject of great intrigue and speculation, has long faded into the annals of history. Despite ambitious aspirations, it ultimately met its demise amidst the chaos of World War I. While its contributions were overshadowed by subsequent advancements in space exploration, the program’s legacy remains a captivating testament to the early dreams of space travel.

Part One
In my last incarnation, I was a Test Pilot in the Luftwaffe and I also served in the Technical Branch of the SS. In that previous incarnation, I was killed near the end of the war in the crash of an experimental seaplane. I that incarnation, I was born into a family of coffee planters near Mt. Kilimanjaro in German East Africa. As a small boy there in Kenya, I also lived through Von Lettow-Vorbeck’s legendary East African Campaign of World War I; however, my family was expelled by the British after the war, then they returned to Germany.

It was there in Germany that I met Hermann Goering who was another expatriate from Africa. Goering’s father was the governor of the German colony in Southwest Africa. It was Goering who got me interested in being an aviator, and it was also Herman Goering who introduced me to the NSDAP and Adolf Hitler. After learning about the NSDAP and Hitler, I became a staunch convert. I eventually became a test pilot and a Party Member in the Technical Branch of the SS. My work as a test pilot included serving in the Luftwaffe and at the Heinkel Aircraft Works. At the Heinkel Aircraft Works I was a test pilot for the (HE-162 Salamander) and a member of the factory’s dedicated airborne protection squadron.

Randall Photo

During those years, I made a few flights with prototype/experimental high-altitude and long-range aircraft that I helped transport back and forth between Germany and Argentina.

Gotta Love that Chimichurri

During my last incarnation, I was also assigned to the Third Reich’s “flying saucer” program to serve as a future test pilot; however, none of the experimental flying saucers of the Third Reich ever became flyable. The pictures you have probably seen of these old German flying saucers typically depict them sitting on airfields or parked in hangers, but these photos only show non-flyable prototypes that were only built for wind tunnel tests. Despite the fact that these flying saucers were not flyable, the airframes of these flying machines were perfected and the frames of these aircraft could have been mass-produced. Yes, the airframes of the Third Reich’s flying saucers were perfected and ready for mass production; however, the advanced propulsion systems of these craft were not quite perfected for production runs during the war years.

Bug Flying Saucer @

Before World War II began, the aim of the Third Reich’s Space program was exploration, not military applications. During the years before the war began, I made the acquaintance of Werner Von Braun who was a major in the technical branch of the SS. Werner von Braun was always a man who was primarily interest in space exploration. I must say, like Von Braun, I also caught the fever for space exploration during the years before the war. Regrettably, when international Jewry forced war upon our Fuehrer and our Folk, any focus on peaceful space exploration was placed on hold and all available resources had to be concentrated on developing weapons.


Part Two – Van Allen Belt, Imperial Germans/Nordic Aliens, and Neu Schwabenland

While serving as a test pilot in the Luftwaffe, I made the acquaintance of the occasional Nordic Alien because these visitors were periodic guests at some of the Third Reich’s ultra-secret facilities. The Van Allen Belt is something many people are familiar with, and the term Van Allen Belt refers to a belt of radiation that surrounds the Earth and is deadly to life and harmful to electrical circuits. The Van Allen Belt curves back to meet the Earth’s surface near our planet’s polar regions and leaves small areas near the poles free of these radiation belts.

The Fantastic Four

Exposure to the Van Allen Belts cannot be all bad, it gave there four astronauts some pretty nifty superpowers.

The Van Allen belts hold special significance for the Nordic Aliens because they must come and go through opening at the South Pole. Yes, the Nordics can come and go through gateways at the Earth’s poles, but entering and leaving through the Earths polar regions is not as simple as just opening and closing a door. Traveling through the gateways of the Earth’s Polar Van Allen belts is not a simple matter because these portals fluctuate between being open and closed. Crossing the gates of the Earth’s Van Allen Belts is also tricky because these portals can vary in size to an enormous degree. The fluctuations associated with the Van Allen belt portals is the reason why Imperial Germans did not intervene during World War II; however, these Imperial Germans did provide an escape route for those fleeing the collapsing Third Reich. After World War II ended, the Imperial Germans defeated the Allies in a battle near the Antarctic; everything relating to the activities of Imperial Germans was a question of timing.

Interestingly, once the Nordic Aliens have arrived on Midgard, they can travel about this realm at different vibrational levels which can render them invisible to the eye, but not to radar. It was the Nordics who transferred the technology that was necessary to perfect the engines which powered the Reich’s flying saucers: however, this transfer of technology was given to German escapees after the Third Reich’s demise. As a consequence, the Nordics appeared at the battle around the Antarctic which happened after the official conclusion of World War II.

Nordic Alien


One of the Nine Worlds of the Germanic Tradition is Niflheim which is the world of snow, ice, and mist, and this realm connects to Midgard most solidly at our planet’s poles. The Nordics have to access Midgard through the part of Niflheim that intersects with the Antarctic, and this is the reason that the Nordics are never seen approaching the Earth from space.

Before the war, the Third Reich planned to establish a base/colony in Antarctica called Neu Shwabenland which had a secret port for German U-Boats. Neu Shwabenland is the name that the Third Reich gave to the part of Antarctica which is now commonly called Queen Maud Land on the most maps. World War II prevented the German Antarctic colony of Neu Shwabenland from ever being built, although this area was surveyed. The location of Neu Shwabenland was intended to be shared with the Imperial Germans, and this region was slated to be the primary point of contact with the Nordics.

The main tender ship that helped establish and supply the colony was a huge ship designed to haul cargo and perform scientific research. The same ship that supplied the German Antarctic colony was a tender ship for the Third Reich’s long-range U-Boats. This same German tender ship that supplied the German Antarctic colony also serviced Italian submarines, and the pocket battleship Graf Spee in the early part of World War II. The same German tender ship for the Antarctic colony gave the Royal Navy the slip for some time before finally being located.

Watch out Imperial Germans!
Watch out Imperial Germans! Here come the British!

The British wanted to capture the German Antarctic supply tender because this vessel was carrying key materials for the Imperial Germans; however, when the British were about to storm this vessel, the German crew chose to destroy their ship instead of being captured. For good or bad, the German Antarctic supply ship took its sensitive material to the bottom of the South Atlantic with her. The British brutally interrogated certain members of the German ship’s crew; however, the British did not glean much useful information from their rounds of torture.

lego torture

The eventual debacle that the Western Allies suffered at the hands of the Imperial German Antarctic fleet was the fault of the Western Allies because they were basing their decision on information that was poor and incomplete to start with, and much of this poor and incomplete information was acquired by torture from people who were quite unwilling to share what they knew. For whatever reason, the Soviets had a much better appreciation of the Imperial Germans’ capabilities than the Western Allies, so the Russians refused to get involved in this fiasco. The Nordics stayed close to the Antarctic probability due to the restrictions that were placed on their operations by the behavior of the Van Allen portal.

No discussion about the British attempt to invade the Antarctic would be complete without a brief discussion of South Georgia Island. The British still claim that South Georgia Island is part of the Falkland archipelago, yet this island was never a part of the British Commonwealth until The United Kingdom invaded this island during World War II and took it from Argentina.

Argentina Soyjak

So, what motivated the British to invade South Georgia Island? In answer, Britain took an interest in invading “Las Islas Malvinas” as these specks of land are called in Argentina, and this interest in invading Las Malvinas only arose because Adolf Hitler’s old pal Juan Peron made this place available to those Germans who were fleeing to the Antarctic. The Malvinas island chain served as a nice way station between Argentina and the Antarctic, so the British believed that controlling these islands would prevent any wayward Germans from ever reaching their destination in Antarctica. In light of how Britain acquired the Malvinas Islands, the Argentinians were right to embark on their quest to reclaim these cold and desolate islands from the British back in the 1982 Falklands War because this chain of islands still rightfully belongs to Argentina!


Part Three – Moon Landing, Fact or Fiction?

Hi Moon!

The information presented below comes from an inside source of mine who worked on the Apollo Program for NASA.
In actual fact, back in the 1960s, the Van Allen Belt was discovered to be more like a piece of swiss cheese than the skin of an apple, so it is possible to bounce a signal off the moon and back to Earth through these openings. Eventually Werner Von Braun would figure out how to pass back and forth through these openings in the Van Allen Belt in spacecraft that were manned and unmanned.

The Cow that Jumped over the Moon
The Cow that Jumped over the Moon

Were fake moon landing photos placed in mass circulation back in the day? Yes Indeed! To make a long story short, the camera on the Moon Lander that was supposed to record that historic landing actually malfunctioned almost immediately after the astronauts touched the surface of the moon, and this equipment malfunction happed because the camera chosen to record this event was so poorly designed.

Only a few seconds of poor-quality film were ever produced from the first moon landing, and this snippet of film is quite fuzzy and shot, plus it is in black and white. This poor quality, yet genuine film footage of the first moon landing was taken by Neil Armstrong’s personnel Sears camera that he smuggled on the mission, which NASA confiscated when Armstrong got back to Earth. None of Armstrong’s film footage was ever released to the masses because NASA’s public relations department decided that this unofficial film record featured footage that was simply too poor to fuel an effective public relations campaign.

The problem with Armstrong’s unauthorized film-school internship was that fact that NASA’s administrators felt that having a really good film of the Moon landing was essential if they wanted any further funding for the Apollo Program. With worries about being defunded on their minds, the NASA honchos used a stage at one of their facilities to produced a bunch of fake but impressive color films that dramatized the Moon landing; however, the ass-clowns that NASA hired to produce a staged Moon landing were incompetent.

Melanin Grounds Rockets
Melanin Grounds Rockets!

When NASA’s public relations department stupidly released their fake pictures of the Moon landing, many people immediately figured out these sequences were fake. After the fake photos and film sequences of the Moon landing were released to the public, many people came to the mistaken yet perfectly understandable conclusion that the whole moon landing was faked. Sadly, NASA made a lot of trouble for themselves simply because they chose to suppress genuine pictures of the Moon mission because they were not considered to be awesome enough to suit their purposes.

Personal observation:
I originally came from an area not far from the Marshall Space Flight Center at Huntsville, Alabama, and I am familiar with this facility from the days of Wehrner Von Braun. After THE JEWS managed to get Washington to either fire or forcefully retire Von Braun and all the other German scientists who worked at NASA’s Huntsville facility, they then had all of these German technical experts tried for war crimes in Germany. To add insult to injury, these German aerospace experts had all become naturalized American citizens while working for NASA. One of my childhood friends from my most recent past life was one of the German engineers who was betrayed by the American government, and he probably died in a German prison while rotting away for decades on trumped-up charges.

The only thing that saved Wehrner Von Braun from the Jewish hangman’s noose was the fact that he was too well-known and too respected for the Jews to simply have him jailed or executed. The most that the Jews could do to von Braun was force him into early retirement. Since then, NASA has been run by a bunch of ass-clowns who have largely driven Von Braun’s organization and the Marshall Space Flight Center, into the ground; but hey, such behavior is perfectly acceptable to the JEWS!!!!

Wernher Von Braun

The man, the legend, Herr Wernher Von Braun.

Part Four – Conclusion
Presently, the Imperial Germans are shaking their heads and looking at the present state of the world’s space programs with dismay. The Imperial Germans are positively underwhelmed by the current crop of bozos running NASA and they long for the old days of the Third Reich before World War II. The Imperial Germans now look back at the days before the great war and look fondly at a time when the stars awaited their Earthbound kindred and all things seemed possible. Travel to the stars is deferred for now; however, Imperial Germans know that their Folk shall eventually return from these dark times stronger than ever. During Satya Yuga, the path to the stars will once again be opened to the Volk, and the old German Volk will journey to the stars where they will be accepted by others in the galaxy as one of the respected space-faring races.


One of NASA’s affirmative action cows — had some difficulties clearing the Moon.


Fear not! The Imperial German Space program will return!


German Space Program



Heil Hitler deva!
Randall Lee Hilburn

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