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Is the UFO Community Peddling Misinformation?

President’s Note: 

The Thule Society is not dedicated to discussing the topic of UFOs, nor are we devoted to the field of UFOlogy (UF-ology)  in general; however, we are not averse to occasionally discussing this topic because it does hold social relevance. This piece does offer some relevance to our readers, and to the general public as well, because it reminds us that although there is plenty of evidence that our planet has been visited by aliens since the dawn to time (think about all of those odd and very old cave paintings seen in Australia); regardless, we still need to approach the topic of UFOs with a healthy dose of skepticism.

I understand that we have all been lied to about countless things for a long time by supposed reputable and official sources (enter the Covid-19 fiasco as exhibit A in this matter), so it stands to reason that we have been lied to about alien contact as much as any other subject, yet all of these decades of mendacity from official sources have left many of our people thirsty for truth and thus open to swallowing stories peddled by grifters claiming to be “whistle blowers.” Many of us are fascinated by the topic of covered-up alien contact because our daily lives are so regimented and boring, so for this reason, many of us are predisposed to fall for the lies of UFO community grifters. Some of us who have left the mainstream Jewish intellectual and spiritual plantation are also prone to researching UFOs because we want reality to be more interesting than what sits in the public arena; none the less, we must always listed to people who tell fantastic tales with a healthy dose of skepticism. 

No Bullshit
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The article featured below was written and submitted by Brian Ruhe who is the Thule Society’s founder and former president. 



Fake whistleblower Corey Goode “admitted that his stories were false and he insulted his followers by blaming them for being deluded enough to believe him in the first place!”


Monstrous Lies on Gaia TV

Yes, you have to watch out for those monstrous Lies!

frankenstein 1516238427H3S

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Gaia TV publishes monstrous lies. They have about 8,000 videos and you pay about $15 per month for a subscription. They have a series on the Secret Space Program which peddles vast and complex lies from their guests, such as William Thompkins, Robert Wood, Jason Rice, Randy Cramer, Tony Rodrigues, Emery Smith and Michael Jaco. I believe the ethical thing to do is use free speech to out these charlatans, so I feel an obligation to write this post.

Montser Image

I tried the free week on Gaia TV, and I put Corey Goode’s name in the search bar on their website, and I discovered that Mr. Goode has been deleted off their platform. Goode was their first and most famous “whistleblower” since 2015 when David Wilcox interviewed him for hundreds of episodes. Goode boasts that their stock went up from $68,000,000 to about $350,000,000 during 2015 – 2018, when his show reached its peak. However, after being dropped from new episodes at Gaia TV in 2018, then dropped for more episodes in 2022, Goode sued Gaia TV and their speakers for stealing his intellectual property. Goode also admitted that his stories were false, then he proceeded to insult his followers by blaming them for being deluded enough to believe him in the first place! David Wilcox is much more famous, so this debacle utterly ruined Wilcox’s reputation in the UFO community.

You can see YouTube videos of Corey Goode reluctantly admitting what he did. See these links:


Corey Goode deposition, session 3


There are over six hours of this deposition, most of which is very boring, so I do not recommend that you waste your time watching most of this drivel. That being said, to get vital admissions, you start at minute 10:00 in session 3, then go to minute 30:00 in this same video, next you can jump to minutes 40:00 – 50:00 in this same video. You can see Goode struggling to not admit that he lied, but he does say it is his “creation.” These parts are worth watching and they provide a lot of morbid fascination.

Goode is saying that he was fired by Gaia and he claims that Gaia also brought in others who claimed to be part of the same Secret Space Program, and to top it all off, Goode asserts that being part of this same secret space program is actually his reserved intellectual property! Goode constantly repeats the initials “IP,” so he is suing Gaia because he “created it.” My own guess is that Goode was hired as an actor and others at Gaia TV wrote the script for him because they needed a pathological liar and Corey Goode was their man. You need careful writers to carry a lie this big for three years; therefore, much thought had to be given to this huge deception so that Goode never contradicted himself. So, I do not believe that notions of a super-secret space program were ever Goode’s original ideas, yet now he has the gall to claim that the idea of belonging to a secret space program as his IP!

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Today, Gaia TV has deleted the 300 or so episodes that feature Corey Goode, and most of these episodes include David Wilcox leading him on with questions. Now Gaia TV features videos of William Thompkins, Robert Wood, Jason Rice, Randy Cramer, Tony Rodrigues and Emery Smith speaking about the same secret space program. In the Aug. 31, 2019 video called “Defeating the Narcissists in Ufology. Richard Dolan The Big Picture” which is linked at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WqpWk_MG_0E, Richard Dolan says that when one of these disreputable people gets knocked down, there are a dozen more waiting to take their place. Well, Dolan’s prophecy has certainly come true because these replacement people are a bunch of lairs who are very easily replaced! Yes, these people are all paid, premeditated, methodical, and pathological liars.


Pants On fire

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William Thompkins was born in 1923 and claims that he worked in a sensitive top-secret capacity during WW II when he was very young. He claims that he was a witness to the Feb. 25, 1942 “Battle of L.A.” which was one of the most dramatic UFO encounters in history. He says that he designed spaceships for the US Navy that were two-kilometers in length, but he also says he had help from his Nordic E.T. secretaries. Richard Dolan also said that Thompkins was just an illustrator who made drawings but Thompkins did not actually design these craft. Dolan said he does not like to argue with a 94-year-old man; however, Dolan also says that he simply does not believe what Thompkins is saying.

On Gaia TV, Thompkins describes the “20-and-back” secret space program where people would join at age 20, serve for 20 years in space, then elect to come back to Earth if they wished. Should someone choose to enlist in this secret space program, they would be age-regressed 20 years, have their memories wiped 90.99% clean, and then finally they would be sent back in time 20 years to the point where they enlisted and left Earth. Obviously, this talk is all a bunch of claptrap and an outrageous cabinet of lies to boot, but a sucker is born every minute and many people actually believe this shit. You can see the video where Dolan says that 90.99% of these enlistees’ memories are wiped upon arrival back on Earth. When he said this, I assume that he made a mistake and meant 99.99% of these people from the secret space program had their memories deleted, otherwise thousands of people would be remembering these “experiences”. And yes, Thompkins claims that thousands of people have gone on this 20-years-and-back summer camp adventure.

Doc and marty
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Tony Rodrigues is the most popular of these con artists today, and on his website, he charges $100/hour for a consultation. On Gaia TV, Rodrigues says that he was in the American Secret Space Program and he claims to have been stationed Mars. He also claims that he was attacked by mantid aliens who were native to the planet while enjoying is time on the Red Planet. Mantids are very advanced and wise, so this story actually turns the truth on its head. Then, he claims that the Americans traded him as a slave to the secret-space-going Germans who just happened to own a few time-shares on the Ceres colony.

In case you did not know, Ceres is a planetoid that orbits our solar system’s sun near our near our solar system’s asteroid belt. Rodrigues says that there are 220,000 evil Germans living on Ceres and these bad old Germans keep 40,000 discontent slaves on this floating country club of theirs. Of course, Rodrigues tells us that these Germans are very mean and arrogant, which of course is a given, plus these mustache-twisting Teutons cannot resist seizing opportunities to break cosmic space laws and take over whatever they want.

Evil Nazis
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What Rodrigues is describing looks like the 1930s Germany with their military formations and marble-columned buildings. In the video called, “From Mars to Ceres and Beyond” Tony Rodrigues says that from the Ceres colony the Germans steal technology from other galaxies. Yes, they steal shit from other galaxies because just stealing shit in this backward galaxy of ours is reserved for bate-male untermenschen. In one Gaia TV video, Jay Weidner asks, “since they are so advanced why don’t the Germans try to take over Earth?” At 18:40 Tony explained that these evil Germans think they have already taken over the world by co-opting the world’s bankers who they control. (We all know that German people really control international finance, right?)

The ridiculous truth is that it was the Rothschild bankers who declared war on Germany and destroyed that fine goose-stepping parcel of land. You can study two centuries of the Rothschilds since Napoleon walked around with his hand in his jacket, and you can see how their banking system and other power structures have increased to this day. Long before Adolf Hitler was elected chancellor of Germany, these bankers who Tony describes, have secretly been in power around the world and the Germans never got control over these fine folks. This monstrous lie is laughable, but it makes you cry that people believe such bullshit.

All these heroes on Gaia TV unanimously agree that the Germans are big and bad cosmic bullies who steal your lunch money, and Jason Rice is just such a person. When asked why Germany lost World War II if they had such fantastic flying saucers, Jason Rice explained that the Germans lost the war because they did not know how to arm their vayamas until 1947. So, when Admiral Bryd went to Antarctica, the German flying saucers were ready for him and they beat the American fleet back at that time.

Jason Rice was interviewed by Jay Weidner in Season 5, episode 1, in the video called “Spiritual Beliefs on Distant Worlds” and Rice proceeds to insult the E.T.s on various planets by describing them at the same low and 3D level as other Gaia TV writers and guest speakers. Mr. Rice-a-roni says that on some planets these aliens were polytheistic and they believed that when they died a part of themselves would go to each of the gods they worshipped.

green Goddes
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According to Rice, these gods that the aliens worship are similar to those worshipped by primitive humans because they have gods for agriculture and fishing, etc. Rice also states that some of these aliens were superstitious and they would turn their shoes over at night so that evil spirits could not get inside them. Jason Rice went on with stupid stuff like this and he was the opposite of what is said by genuine experiencers like Suzy Hanen or Jeff Selver who have real, first-hand experience hanging out with the Greys and the mantids who both have high level spiritual natures plus the ability to transform into light beings. Rice also insults the mantids by saying that he was being interrogated by one such mantid tormentor, so he overpowered this mantid mentally, then went after him physically.

fighting Mantis
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“Captain” Randy Cramer claims that he worked on Mars for 13 years, but for some funny reason he claims that he never got paid. Cramer spoke highly of his American superiors on Mars, but he is frustrated with the bureaucrats who lied about paying him after his 20-year tour of duty and his return to civilian life on Earth. Now he has to work at some job when he should have had a million bucks coming to him, or so he says. Cramer also describes alien insectoids who took over a cave in Colorado. These cave-dwelling insectoids behave ways that are similar to some ants and and these same aliens want to build and accumulate power. This claim is actually quite disrespectful to mantids because people may confuse them with these four-legged insectoids, that he describes. Another one of  Cramer’s dark actors is the Zeta Reticulins. He repeats a tired false belief that they need our genes since they cannot reproduce well. This unfair negativity against the Greys is one of the biggest problems in the UFO community and Gaia TV feeds into this trope in other videos as well.

Love and Saucers
The image seen above is provided courtesy of thelasthingisee.com 

Emery Smith is another winner from Gaia TV who peddles intricate stories about his alleged 20 years in space where he utilized his fabulous medical knowledge. He said that when he spoke out about his experiences they killed his whole family — even his dog — but for some odd reason they refused to kill him because that would make him a martyr with his millions of followers. Millions? Are these guys starting to believe their own bullshit? David Wilcox was not completely scrubbed from the Gaia TV videos because he is still seen on some old shows, plus he still appears in interviewing with others, but he is finished and humiliated. He used to be on stage with the biggest names in the UFO community, but now he is gone.

Robert Wood is elderly, so his stories may be a marginally more believable, Wood also worked with William Thompkins for about 10 years. Wood was interviewed many times by Emery Smith that speaks reverently about Thompkins who died in 2017. They review Thompkins’ videos so Robert Wood can embellish Thompkins’s tall tales or rationalize his outrageous statements in order to still keep this bullshit sounding at least a little bit believable.

“Super soldier” Michael Jaco claims that he learned to levitate and walk through wooden walls and he was trained to fight with many weapons while he was stationed on the moon and at alien bases. Jaco also claims that the entire left side of his head was blown out while serving in the secret space program, but they had ways to regenerate it while he was out of his body for weeks at a time. He says that he was killed three or four times. Let us also not forget that he is currently bi-locating since a part of him can feel his other self from 20 years ago while he was still serving in the secret space program, but luckily, he has learned to live within these two realities.

Image courtesy of ew.com

“German Flying Saucers” is another Gaia TV video. At minute 16:00, they explain that the Germans did not lose World War II; but instead, they formed a Dark Alliance with reptilians in Antarctica. At minute 6:00, they tell you that the Germans who came to the US in Project Paperclip also took over the American UFO program. At minute 10:00, they even try to make a convincing case that the Roswell crash was German technology that was being tested there in New Mexico instead of a craft that was piloted by small Grey aliens. This video claims that the bodies found at the crash site in Roswell were actually midgets test pilots that these heartless Germans pressed into involuntary test pilot service.

midget cars
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Hello Spaceman

Image courtesy of sayhellospaceman.blogspot.com

Recently, Emery Smith interviewed Tim Tactical Advisor (no last name) from Germany. This interview takes place in season 21 in the episode titled “Mantis, Grays & Power Structures”. In this video, Mr. Tactical Advisor describes the E.T.s and says the Mantids assist the Grays as science advisors. This statement misleads the public because the mantids are the top architects of plans which are carried out by the Greys. Emery Smith even asks Tim if the mantids are higher up and Tim does not confirm this, but he merely says that the mantises work closely with the Grays. Richard Dolan explains that the reason why people see Grays much more than mantids is because people generally never see the boss-man out on the factory floor. Tim proceeds to explain that the Greys contract out their abduction and genetic work to other races since the subcontractors are the best at this work, but this idea is wrong and misleading.

Mantis Boss
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According to Jeff Selver, the Greys work for a galactic federation and they are guided by the mantis ETs while they cooperate with other species as well. He said that any UFO is probably a part of the federation; however, Suzy Hansen never said that the Grays are part of a galactic federation. That is a much-hackneyed expression used by other people, but not by Suzy Hansen. Suzy has always said that the Grays are part of a group of ETs who are cooperating to carry out a positive agenda for humanity. According to Hansen, the Greys are the front guys who have the most contact with humans and the Grays were selected or volunteered for this purpose on account of their skills and technology. Hansen notes that other species are also seen on alien spacecrafts who perform various other types of work behind the scenes. Tim, like most guests on Gaia TV, does not express the higher dimensional qualities of the aliens he discusses, nor does he mention any of the great spiritual qualities of these ETs, which ends up reducing them down to the kind of 3D thinking that ordinary people have.

alien working in office
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Go and see for yourself, you do not have to give Gaia TV $15 per month. The seven days of free viewing days on Gaia TV is enough to turn your stomach, so you will want to cancel your subscription before the payment kicks in. It is a shame that Gaia TV has so much misinformation presented on their network because they have 8,000 videos which actually contain some good stuff, like yoga classes and spiritual themes. Sadly, a lot of good people who have material featured on Gaia TV wind up smeared by their association with this collection of charlatans and grifters.

I know John de Nugent who recently spent four months with Werner von Braun’s son, David von Braun. John wrote to me this week:

Wehrner von Braun with Rocket Engine
Image of Werner von Braun standing in front of a rocket engine of his design furnished courtesy of allthatsinteresting.com

“The idea of National Socialist (NS) Germans taking over the US military is beyond laughable… and shows indirectly yet again why Hitler banned democracy; the masses truly are asses, with zero ability to critically examine even the most outlandish claims. Beyond that, the Corey Goodes, Wilcoxes, Sala’s, etc., to be blunt, are whores who bash Nazis to curry favor with the media.”

“David von Braun told me the Paperclip scientists were terrorized for decades by the Americans, and David’s father was also terrified of being arrested and charged with crimes against humanity because some slave labor was used to make the V-2 rockets. The German scientists from Operation Paperclip were so outraged by their abuse at the Army base in El Paso, Texas; which is right on the Mexican border, that many of them contemplated fleeing to Mexico and then contacting the Soviets (no friends of the NS Germans, of course) to work for them. That is an indication of just how bad the American Army actually mistreated the Paperclippers. The Germanophobe president Eisenhower then transferred them all to Huntsville, Alabama, just to get them away from the Mexican border with the goal of impeding any flight to Mexico and then to the USSR.”

David von Braun is not ideological, any more than his father was. But his father Werner was also apolitical and only interested in science and civilian space exploration, not NS ideals. In fact, Verner von Braun was placed under arrest by the Gestapo for a week on suspicion of treason because he was moving a bit too slowly on the V-2 rocket program. None the less, none of Werner von Baun’s actual beliefs prevented Americans from hating, harassing, attacking, and threatening him for allegedly being a “Nazi.”

Deviant Art Nazi
Image courtesy of Reginald-Peter-Skarr on deviant-art.com

In conclusion, is Gaia TV wrong to do all of this? My conclusion is that Gaia TV is part of the global controlled media. I believe that the wisdom of the Grey E.T.s concerning this matter is that Gaia TV is lying to humanity in order to slow down UFO sisclosure. Gaia TV has muddied the waters for millions of people so that the public are misled about the true nature of the genuine secret space program and the true alien agenda for human advancement. Gaia TV has helped to slow down UFO Disclosure, so are they good and right about what they are still doing today? What do you think? I am not a judge, so this is not for me to decide. I feel that Gaia TV is wrong but that is just Brian Ruhe’s personal opinion. After six days, I cancelled my subscription to Gaia TV, so I am relieved that I did not give any money to these sorts of people. This was their confirmation email:

Dear Brian Ruhe,
While we’re sorry to see you go, we can confirm that you are now cancelled and will no longer have access to our online library at Gaia, after 06/28/2023. If you ever have a change of heart, we’ll always be here, continuing with our mission.

To reactivate your account at any time, simply log into your account.

Thanks for evolving with us!



I hope this post will protect some new people who looking around for the truth from charlatans and grifters. Compared to other truthers, the UFO field is more susceptible to lies since we all know the government is lying to us and withholding the truth about E.T.s and UFOs. There is also this feeling of floating because it is not grounded in solid facts and it is such a profound and inter-dimensional subject. So, the truth vacuum surrounding alien contact gets filled with anything that can be foisted upon the open and honest beginner. So, if you are interested in learning more about alien contact, then please be wary and proceed with caution and many grains of salt.

Carnival Barker
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– Brian Ruhe



Corey Goode deposition, session 3



Q&A with Jay Weidner and Corey Good – Cosmic Disclosure – GaiamTV (Oct. 8, 2015)


Defeating the Narcissists in Ufology. Richard Dolan The Big Picturehttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WqpWk_MG_0E


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  1. Thank you for posting this James!

    One correction:
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    And yes, Dolan claims that thousands of people have gone on this 20-and-back summer camp adventure.

    But it is William Thompkins, not Dolan.
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