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Sodom & Gomorrah vs the Nordic Aliens!

A Critical Analyses of “Fire Raining Down From Heaven”

Of course, the Biblical account is heavily Judeo-Christianized and therefore cannot be taken at face value; however, there isincontrovertible proof that SOMETHING did indeed happen at the place that was once called Sodom & Gomorrah in ancient times. This same place is also located in the area east of Jerusalem which has been referred to as The Wilderness for millennia. The “Wilderness” is the area where the two infamous cities of Sodom and Gomorrah, which were described at length in the Bible, are supposed to have been located. The dry and desolate terrain east of Jerusalem simply could not have supported two large cities, or so it has long been assumed by serious researchers; therefore, many people now believe that the whole story of Sodom & Gomorrah is simply a made-up legend; but now, my story begins…

Circa 1990, a group of American scientists noticed that “something” set a particular area off from the surrounding desolate zones in portions of the Levant east of Jerusalem, and this area in question simply did not seem to fit in with its surroundings. However, since this odd spot of dry land was in the same area where the old cities of Sodom & Gomorrah were supposed to have once been located, this collection of Yankee scientists decided to carry out some field investigations to see what might turn up. What the Americans found was that throughout this strange area, whenever one digs down they start to encounter little lumps of tar, yet there are no hydrocarbon deposits nearby that would account for these strange lumps of tar in any natural way. In light of their unusual origin, the scientists in question sent some of these little tar babies to laboratories for analyses.

The laboratory’s conclusion about the tar ball samples from the Wilderness was that THIS TAR WAS NOT NATURAL, BUT A RESIDUE FROM A DETERIORATED PROCESSED PETROLEUM COMPOUND. So, in other words, somebody had made this strange tar compound in an advanced industrial facility which would need to be dedicated to nothing except petroleum processing. To make this scenario a bit more interesting, this same tar-like substance that was dug up in the Levant was also determined to be many thousands of years old, and further analyses of this tar reside in question ultimately identified a present-day and man-made compound which is identical to the stuff that was dug up in the Levant. So, what was this identical modern-day petroleum mixture? It was the same petroleum-based compound that is used in to make modern fuel-air bombs! While gliding towards the target, such types of fuel-air bombs first spray a very fine mist made up of an extremely volatile petroleum-based liquid, then these devices of mass delousing use a battery which creates a spark that ignites this airborne and atomized fuel mixture.


Image courtesy of myconfinedspace.com

fuel air bomb

The above image shows an American fuel air bomb at Edwards Airforce Base in California. Image courtesy of flickr.com

Whenever this same margarita mix that toasted the Sodomites and the Gomorrah zip-coders ignites, a tremendous shock wave is created which instantly pulverizes everything on the ground, this mighty shock wave is then followed by a rain of fire which instantly burns up everything in the vicinity. However, the combustion process for fuel-air bombs is never 100% efficient, so these massive petroleum-burning sub-woofers always leave some unburnt fuel on the ground as party favors, and any unburned revenants from the gas tanks of these bombs always wind up driven into the ground by the shock wave that follows the fuel’s ignition. In time, the unburnt fuel that is driven into the ground by the bomb’s blast deteriorates and forms little lumps of tar, just like those fine little black balls that are found under the soil in the Judean Wilderness.

The conclusion to be drawn from the 1990 findings of the American scientists who were working in the Levant is thus simple and clear cut: The cities of Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed by a single huge fuel-air bomb which would be difficult for modern man to conceive of and impossible for modern people to duplicate. In actual fact, this story about Sodom & Gomorrah getting toasted by a fuel-air charge was featured on mainstream media outlets, but it only aired briefly before it was suppressed by Jewish censor-heads along with the American and Israeli governments. The mainstream religious establishments in both America and Israel also worked overtime to bury this controversial news item.


Who Were these “Angels” that Visited Lot, I Mean Really?

The canonized Bible makes clear that there were happenings of some sort around what is now the Sodom & Gomorrah archeological sites, so a group of investigators was sent to establish the veracity of the Bible’s reports, or lack thereof. Contemporary reports from the archeological sites of Sodom & Gomorrah contain some observations that are hard to accept; therefore, launching further investigation into the Sodom & Gomorrah archeological sites was enacted. That being said, common sense indicates that the old Biblical story about Sodom & Gomorrah does not recount any actions taken by great supernatural beings that were sent by an omnipotent, all-seeing, and all-knowing God.

Angry bearded god

Image courtesy of 123rf.com

Reports from the Sodom & Gomorrah archeological site indicate that these old-time dens of depravity were really put to the torch because the local yokels from these-here parts were deemed to be a tad too offensive by somebody’s sense of morality, and these twin centers of moral turpitude may have even been razed because they posed some type of concrete threat to the interests of whomever sent these debased postal codes to the smokehouse.

According to the Bible, there was a single family; namely, the family of Lot, and this family was an exception to the otherwise general rule that Sodom & Gomorrah were places devoid of decency. The most likely situation that fits with the biblical tale of Lot was this: A decent and trustworthy group of people were part of an observation team that traveled to Sodom & Gomorrah to stay with Lot and his family. After this team of observers arrived at Lot’s home, the local rascals quickly learned of the team’s arrival. After word got out that an interesting group of visitors had arrived in town and they were holed up at Lot’s place, a mob of local bisexual men then gathered around Lot’s home and demanded that Lot turn his visitors over to them so that they could be taken outside and politely asked to play a few rounds of Hide the Salami — boys will be boys!

Hide the Salami

Image courtesy of someecards.com

Being the coward that he was, Lot offered this hot-and-bothered coterie his two young virgin daughters in leu of his house guests. However, if these so-called Angels who were couch surfing at Lot’s pad that day were great supernatural beings, then I simply fail to see the reason why Lot might offer his daughters to the goblin horde in place of his Air B&B clients. With hearts chocked full of disgust, Lot’s pajama party guests put a hasty stop to any such nonsense as virgin girls being handed over to that gaggle of depraved rapists. Besides, these randy stud-muffins from Funky Town were not particularly interested in taking a stroll behind the barn with Lot’s young daughters anyway.

Obama Hide the Salami

Image courtesy of knowyourmeme.com

Lot’s visitors were obviously particularly handsome and desirable, so it makes me think that Lot’s guests were in all likelihood Nordic ET’s. Besides being driven by lust, it is also quite likely that Sodom & Gomorrah’s thirsty connoisseurs of playing the back nine wanted to use their driving irons to establish dominance over Lot’s visitors. I have seen this sort of dominance by rape charade played out myself on more than one occasion, so it seems that these particular boys in the band had decided to pick a fight with the wrong bunch of motor scooters that day.


Image courtesy of pinterest.com

With threats of an oncoming snuggle struggle hanging in the air, one of Lot’s visitors did something that blinded the local choir boys, and a lot of different happenings are candidates for what exactly blinded that fine congress of buggerists on that fateful hour. Some of the things that could have blinded this cheerful committee from the Sodom & Gomorrah home owner’s association include common grocery list items such as using a flashing strobe light which was pointed in their faces or by deploying a flash grenade which detonated in front of these short-bus kiddos. Either a strobe light or a flash grenade would have blinded and disoriented that crowd of party-goers which had congregated outside of Lot’s casa more than long enough to permit Lot’s visitors to ditch that lame beer bust a bit early, as per the Bible’s story.


Image courtesy of photos.com

After blinding the committee of local well-wishers, the Nordic vacationers then moved about the city in disguise and saw the state of nation for themselves; however, before finally warming up these twin towns of depravity, the Nordics returned to Lot’s digs in order to tell him and his family to get the fudge-knuckle out of Dodge before their planned shake-n-bake kicked off. It seems most likely that the Nordics had decided to roast Sodom & Gomorrah because they had seen enough after having hung out there for a while. I agree with those who think that the Bible has left a great deal out of the recounting of Sodom & Gomorrah’s final days. I also believe that there was a bevy of reasons why our fair-haired Nordic friends decided to enact a bit of cancel-culture on the twin pueblos of Sodom & Gomorrah; that being said, I would hazard a guess that garden-variety disgust was certainly one item on the menu when the Nordics finally chose to hit the start button on their urban renewal campaign. I would additionally speculate that there was already a hefty-sized soup bowl filled with bad blood exchanged between the fine citizens of Sodom & Gomorrah and the Nordic Extra Terrestrials. I would also speculate that the rapey days incident which took place at Lot’s street address was the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back and finally exhausted the already dwindling reserve of Nordic patience.

So, is modern-day America a tent revival of Sodom & Gomorrah? Well, bestiality is being openly pushed on the internet these days, yet all things Confederate, and all things National Socialist, are now rabidly getting banned. During the Weimar Republic, there were also Jews pushing bestiality — who would have thought? Hey, any port in a storm bro! Not surprisingly, the fine and morally upright (((individuals))) who were teaching bestiality 101 courses during the sterling days of the Weimar Republic all mysteriously came down with fatal cases of lead poisoning as soon as The Great One came to power. I am now beginning to seriously wonder if the USA is now treading on the same thin ice that Sodom & Gomorrah walked when they took those beer-soaked weekend ice-fishing excursions back in Biblical times. Just like during the good old days of Sodom & Gomorrah, and the later days of the Weimar Republic, the bad apples that fester within the smelly fruit barrels of rotting societies will always take savage delight by throwing their degeneracy in the faces of the few remaining upright citizens.

Blue Hair dont care

Image courtesy of me.me

Well of course, the company of Lot & Family got the memo and fled the scene as they were advised to do, but they were also warned not to look back at what would soon be happening to their old place of residence. However, despite hearing the warnings that were given, Lot’s wife did look back at her former home and she was turned into a pillar of salt for her efforts. It seems that Lot’s wife did what she did because she was looking back in anger and she was fundamentally unable to let go of her former life and come to terms with what she knew was coming to pass. Perhaps Lot’s wife really suffered from the moral defect of refusing to truly see the wrong that was being done in her former home, and perhaps part of her being always endorsed and tolerated the lifestyles of her former neighbors. This passage from the Bible practically screams that Lot and his family were warned what not so that they could avoid becoming collateral damage from the Nordic’s up-and-coming remodeling plans for their old home. For whatever the reason, Lot’s wife did not follow her prescribed instructions, so she met with an unfortunate accident.

Just Jared.com

“Lot, you got a nice family, we wouldn’t anything to happen to them.” Image courtesy of justjared.com

There is another characteristic of fuel-air bombs which I will now address. I believe that Lot and his family were actually advised to travel a certain minimum distance from the twin cities then to take cover in order to avoid the upcoming fireball that was going to be driven outward by the bomb’s forthcoming tropical heat wave. It seems quite likely that Lot’s wife unknowingly exposed herself to the oncoming shock wave and the following ring of fire because she wanted to watch that evening’s parade and fireworks display. Unfortunately, Lot’s misses became a needless leftover from Sodom & Gomorrah’s going-away pot luck when she chose to stay up past her bedtime and watch that evening’s late-night comedy show. Up to a certain distance, a fuel-air bomb will instantly incinerate an exposed human body, but beyond that certain threshold of vaporization, a human body will not be totally consumed by the fuel-air bomb’s heat and flames. So, what is the last thing to burn in a human body? Why the SALT of course!

Later, the canonized story of Lot states that he was unable to find anyone suitable to replace his lost wife, so he just impregnating his two daughters instead. Ah yes, here we see some of those good old Biblical family values being put into action; indeed, Biblical figures such as Lot furnish us all with sterling moral examples that we should strive to emulate. To me, this whole story of Lot doing the bone dance with his daughters sounds a lot like something that a horny and perverted Jew would cook up. So, I suspect that the part of Lot’s tale where he enjoys a bit of sticky friction with his two daughters is a later addition to the original story. After a few sessions sitting in on a group discussion for psychologists, I learned that this is just the sort of thing that Jews do with their daughters. I would venture to say that the advanced technology of the petroleum fire-air bomb just might be needed once more!

Well kids, I am calling it a night for my current purposes, but just keep in mind, extraterrestrials with advanced technology abrupted Sodom & Gomorrah rather than supernatural beings.

Heil Hitler deva!

Randall Lee Hilburn



It Isn’t What You Think It Is!

Part One – The Geology

This tale of the tapes starts in the Kidron Valley which lies between the Temple Mount in Jerusalem and the Mount of Olives. The Kidron Valley is part of a highly unstable network of faults which is known as the East African Rift Valley. The East African Rift Valley stretches from Tanzania in East Africa all the way to the waters of the Red Sea, which is really just a flooded portion of East Africa’s grand rift valley. The East African rift zone also extends along the Jordan River, the Dead Sea, the Sea of Galilee, and of course this big rift also ventures along the Kidron Valley until it finally ends at the base of Mt. Hebron in northern Palestine, which is near a place called The Mount of Megiddo, aka Armageddon. Besides perching atop a vast sea of magma, the Mount of Megiddo also rests on top of a vast hydrocarbon deposit. There will certainly be quite a fiesta on the day when the Mount of Megiddo’s sea of magma and lake of hydrocarbons sneak into the broom closet together for a bit of extracurricular activity!

Lava Lamp

Image courtesy of castletoysandgames.com


Part Two – The Samson Option & Ragnarok

I have gone into detail on this subject elsewhere, so I will only mention it briefly here; once The Evil Ones truly face their inevitable and decisive defeat, this will mark the time when they will try to destroy the world by unleashing nuclear weapons. This planned and spiteful ending of the world by using Amway’s line of nuclear consumer products is the same song and dance that will come to pass when the evil Fire Giant Surtur stomps around the gym swinging his flaming sword, knocking over the punch bowl, and ultimately ruining the school dance for everyone. The story of Surtur playing with matches and lighting the world on fire originates in ancient Nordic religious teachings, and this old Nordic textbook lesson says that when Loki’s Army of Darkness truly faces defeat, that will be the same Saturday afternoon when Loki finally wheels out his chained-up Gimp along with all the nukes he has stashed in his mom’s moldy basement. Old Nordic teachings also state that a deluge of water will flow from the sacred banks of the Rheine river and finally snuff out Surtur’s fire.


Deviant art.com

Image courtesy of deviantart.com


Part Three – Trigger Warnings

Trigger Warning

Image courtesy of knowyourmeme.com

The Book of Revelations clearly outlines the causes for the Great Earthquake which will ignite the Gehenna Fire under the Mount of Megiddo. The magma and crude oil that rest under the Mount of Megiddo will ignite when a great supernatural being which the Bible calls “The Lord” (Let us recall that Lord is not a name but instead a title.) sets foot on the Mount of Olives in what is today called Israel. The fire that starts when the lava and petroleum under the Mount of Olives meet up for an after-work beer remains relatively localized in the Kidron Valley region and its nearby environs, which means that this fire will be mostly confined to the Jewish State of Israel. It looks like this cabinet full of small-hatted ass-clowns will eventually end up sautéing themselves with their own doomsday weapons.


Part Four – The Spiritual Component

“Victory for A New Social Order.” – From an Italian World War II poster of the Italian Social Republic.

Must we have victory for a new social order? Absolutely! Victory for a new social order that is free of Jewish control is all that matters if our world is avoid cataclysmic worldwide death, destruction, and upheaval.

Ultimately, World War II was fought to prevent a worldwide tsunami of obliteration, and World War II was ultimately fought to halt the downward spiral of the Kali Yuga which mankind and the Earth has been riding for approximately the last 2,000 years. Hitler and Germany’s heroic last stand against the Jews and their dupes represented the final flaring of Ancient Sunlight’s dying embers before Utter Spiritual Darkness set in; yes, we are talking about the same utter spiritual darkness like that which is happening now.

They, (The Evil Ones) are presently digging through the ashes of Ancient Sunlight’s dying embers and tying to discover every tiny hot coal they can find in order to extinguish it.

The Evil Ones burned away beauty, or so they thought; however, the Light that they hated so much was never truly extinguished, but merely dimmed. The embers of light that the Evil Ones hate like crack-heads hate broken lighters will not be extinguished, at least not all of these embers will be extinguished!

The embers of light that The Evil Ones have been snuffing out, or fervently seeking to snuff out, will soon reignite the same conflagration of holy fire that was seen during World War II; except this time, all the works from The Evil Ones will finally be cast into the ever-burning lake of fire which they themselves have created as their own personal domicile. Fortunately, the Evil Ones will eventually be granted some relief from their suffering when this Day of Vishnu finally concludes and Lord Vishnu himself will graciously gift these rotten little buggers with an end to their misery. It seems that despite the kindness of Vishnu, the Evil Ones will always thirst for the Waters of Spirit which they can never attain. The Evil Ones will never have their thirsts quenched by the Waters of Spirit because they are always burning with endless lusts which can never be satisfied, for this is the fate of people who would make themselves into God.

Heil Hitler deva!

Randall Lee Hilburn


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