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Thule Contemplative Society of Hitler

Write for the Thule Society!

Our dedicated volunteers are always on the lookout for new literary voices to contribute articles and spice-up the offerings on the Thule Society’s website.

We are primarily interested in publishing articles about one of the following subjects, but all sorts of articles about a countless variety of subjects are also welcome.

These are the four topics of most interest:

Out top priorities for the world.

These are my “four noble truths” outlining the top priorities for humanity.

1) The truth about UFOs and aliens: Get the exotic technology to the rest of humanity.

2) The truth about globalist international Jewish power, working for aliens: Topple this strangling parasite from the Earth.

3) The truth about Adolf Hitler:

First, the world should admit that we were wrong about Hitler.

Second, we should teach the true history of the 3rd Reich.

Third, we should make reparations to the German people for the injustices they have suffered.

Fourth, we should learn from Hitler’s sublime personal example.

4) The truth about ancient advanced global civilizations: Give us our true history to illuminate our culture and give us advances in technology discovered from this.

Submission Guidelines

 In light of malware and other nasty things that could be embedded within computer files, we request that articles be submitted as the main bodies of email messages as opposed to attached files. Photos can be embedded in the body of the email and screen captured if need be.

We are also willing to look at files that are submitted in a PDF format; however, this is not our preferred format.

 We will not read first-time submission articles that are over 7,000 words. We do print articles longer than 7,000 words; however, longer articles will only be viewed if they are submitted by established authors who have previously written articles that we have published.

 The editorial staff may or may not make changes to articles that are slated for publication. That having been said, there is a good chance that we will make edits to the documents we receive.

We would love to hear from you!

 If you have any ideas for an article or if you have something that you would want to share, then shoot us an email at:



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  1. Angles of the North.

    The Angles (Old English: Ængle, Engle; Latin: Angli) were one of the main Germanic peoples who lived in Great Britain. They founded several kingdoms of the Heptarchy in Anglo-Saxon England, and their name is the root of the name England (“land of Ængle”). Angles lived are related to the historical regions of Schleswig and Holstein, today part of southern Denmark and northern Germany (Schleswig-Holstein).

    The Old North

    Yr Hen Ogledd (Welsh pronunciation: [ər ˌheːn ˈɔɡlɛð]), in English the Old North, is the historical region which is now Northern England and the southern Scottish Lowlands that was inhabited by the Brittonic people of sub-Roman Britain in the Early Middle Ages. Its population spoke a variety of the Brittonic language known as Cumbric which is closely related to, if not a dialect of Old Welsh. The people of Wales and the Hen Ogledd considered themselves to be one people and both were referred to as Cymry (‘fellow-countrymen’) from the Brittonic word combrogi. The Hen Ogledd was distinct from the parts of North Britain inhabited by the Picts, Anglo-Saxons, and Scoti.

    The Old North was inhabited by the same ancient Indo-European inhabitants of the cultural region of Dacia, located in the area near the Carpathian Mountains and west of the Black Sea. A Dacian Altar was found at the Birdoswald site in Northumberland and it was marked with the swastika.

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