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Thule Contemplative Society of Hitler


For the vast majority people, the name Adolf Hitler evokes feelings of repulsion and fear. When most people living today think about Adolf Hitler, their mental search engine inquiries return with visions of a historical figure whose mind was teeming with evil and violence. For all of our lives, most of us have been regaled with tales of Hitler’s evil schemes, and this ever-present narrative that paints Hitler as an evil mastermind still collectively blinds most of as to the truth. The idea that Hitler was a truly evil man has been so thoroughly drilled into most peoples’ heads that this way of looking at the world is assumed to be held by everyone.

Today, most people today tend to reject all things that are labeled “Nazi” without ever stopping to consider what the German National Socialists of yester-year actually accomplished. As the Hindu saying goes, “Truth Triumphs,” so recent years have been marked by an inevitable slow-but-steady shift in the way people perceive Hitler — a great awakening is upon us!

Awakened Mind

successfully get elected as president of the United States back in 2016. The significance of Donald Trump’s successful election to the office of American president has been trivialized and dismissed by many, and by National Socialists in particular; however, the mere fact that Donald Trump was elected president at all reflects the public’s increasing distaste for business as usual. The public in many nations is growing increasingly dissatisfied with the post-World War II status quo of life because the Jewish-controlled mass media and politicians who are puppets of shadowy Jewish interests have lied to them for so long.

If the media and politicians were lying to the public in nation after nation, yet the lives of the masses remained fairly comfortable, then the conniving of the Jewish media complex and their subservient politicians would matter for not;  however, Western nations are now seeing a marked deterioration in living standards as such things are measured by economists. Aside from simple financial considerations, the overall quality of life itself is now rapidly deteriorating in many nations because the status quo is breeding dissatisfaction across all facets of life. An unquenchable thirst for truth and justice has led many people to quest for answers, and the internet is the most important tool available in the public’s search for wisdom.

Countless souls are beginning to wake from their Jewish-induced slumber, and more people than ever are now learning to think for themselves — a new age of light is beginning! Who has joined the ranks of this new army of light? The ranks of this new army of light are filled with people who have rejected the official narrative that blankets the tragic terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001, and these same people are now waking to the fact that the mainstream media does nothing except dump one big lie after another onto an unsuspecting public. Luckily, the same people who have now waking from their collective drugged slumber that was forced upon them by a Jewish controlled media are also beginning to wonder what other lies they have been told. For the awakened seeker, digging deeper into the true events surrounding World War II shatters one of the biggest lies in history, and learning the true history of World War II also lifts the fog surrounding the world’s collective soul.


The reason we are told that Hitler was the most-evil man in all of history is because he was one of the greatest leaders that ever lived. Hitler not only gave his people new hope and economic prosperity, he also possessed breathtaking and mysterious inner qualities. Contrary to what most of the public now believes, Adolf Hitler was primarily a spiritual being and a celestial leader who chose to manifested in the form of a German Chancellor and Fuehrer. Hitler is an incarnation of Vishnu, and Adolf Hitler is a supreme moral example, a great leader, and a above all else, he is a spiritual being of great stature; this is what he is to the Thule Society, then and now. Hitler was not a normal man. John F. Kennedy said that Hitler was the stuff of legends. On account of Hitler’s extraordinary qualities, the Thule Society could be called a cult of hero worship.

For most people, their programming against Hitler is simply too strong to ever change — no matter how much evidence they are shown to the contrary. For this reason, membership in The Thule Society is reserved for those who face the truth and embrace it.

The Thule Society is named after the original German Thule Society that dates from the early 20th century. In the original German Thule Society, Maria Orsic, was their lead channeler. The new version of The Thule Society was formerly called “The Contemplative Society of Hitler,” and this new organization officially takes a religious view of Adolf Hitler. This idea to establish a new version of The Thule Society grew from several Skype calls between Brian Ruhe and other members of the organization’s board of directors, and these important conferences all happened back in 2015. The full name of the updated Thule Society is: The Thule Contemplative Society of Hitler, and the shorthand name of this organization is The Thule Society (TS).

There was a powerful spiritual aspect to Adolf Hitler that played a decisive part in his earthly manifestation and subsequent worldly success. Hitler’s spiritual nature was the core of who he was, and his spiritual power drove his mission on Earth. An unshakable faith in Hitler and his mission are the foundation of The Thule Society. The President of the Thule Society believes that Hitler was a profound spiritual being plus an avatar of Vishnu, and every other member of The Thule Society is encouraged to think the same way.

  1. Stillness is the first principle of The Thule Society.
  2. Belief in the continued presence of Adolf Hitler is the second principle of The Thule Society. 
  3. Belief in the sacred power of Adolf Hitler is the third pillar of The Thule Society.

The power of Adolf Hitler is really the same power that is found in all of the elemental forces of the universe, including the power of good and evil. The forces of good are channeled through Adolf Hitler, and the force of goodness that flowed through Adolf Hitler during his earthly incarnation are known by many different names; these forces continue to flow through Hitler’s celestial spirt. Good and bad are like Yin and Yang, and Buddhists call the universal force of evil “Mara.”

Although he is no longer with us in the flesh, the legacy of Adolf Hitler still matters because he channeled the wholesome forces of truth and dharma into this world. The Thule Society works with the sacred energy and the sacred mystery of Adolf Hitler; this is where our worldly power originates. The Thule Society also channels the sacred power and mystery that lies beyond Adolf Hitler. The force that lie beyond Adolf Hitler are given many different names by countless people, so the task of defining that force is left up to each individual member of The Thule Society.

Holding the status of a religious society provides legal protection to our organization, so this governmental shielding that we enjoy encourages people to join or society. Support for The Thule Society often takes the form of doing volunteer work, giving money, and getting involved in projects. One benefit of being a society with a written constitution is having a set of by-laws that explain everything in clear black and white terms; namely, what we are about, and what we are not about. Having a written constitution is important because this document provides prospective members with an accurate impression of the group they are thinking about joining. Brian Ruhe is the first president of The Thule Society, and he still lives in Vancouver, British Colombia.


The Thule Society is a peaceful organization and our name evokes images of people who meditate on the spiritual qualities of Adolf Hitler and discuss inspiring themes. The Thule Society’s name is very powerful to people who know anything about Adolf Hitler and National Socialism because The Thule Society was the official name given to a spiritual origination within Hitler’s political party. We also believe that the present incarnation of the Thule Society will eventually be on par with the first.

On account of our status as a contemplative society, we criticize Jews from a religious perspective. Holding status as a contemplative society is vitally important because it gives us legal protection because “our views are based on religious beliefs,” and religious beliefs are protected under Canadian law. Our status as a religious organization also gives us the ability to genuinely focus on spreading our message of peace and spirituality. Our focus on spiritual matters also provides us with a way to resist Jewish supremacy through meditation, spiritual practice, and education. The Thule Society fights fire with fire because Jews are using practices derived from higher realms to attack and control everyone else. The Thule Society is an important organization on a world level because we enlist capable people who are able to channel higher powers and fight the Jews spiritually.

According to the Thule Society’s founder and first president Brian Ruhe’s interpretation of Buddhism, the Jews can only go as high as Mara in the sixth heaven of the sensuous sphere, so the Thule Society channels he Brahmas who rest above this sensuous sphere to combat Jewish malevolence. The Thule Society also channels Devas who dwell within the sensuous sphere that are willing to help fight against the evil Devas who support Jews. The Thule Society understands that humanity must fight against Jews in the higher realms before making any attempt to fight against these monsters in the human realm, and this situation exists because humanity’s common enemy is simply too strong to fight directly within the material realm at this time.

Buddha Power

As things stand, it is still legal to use powers from the higher realms to combat Jews, so we take full advantage of this situation and openly use our powers from the higher realms to defend ourselves against Jewish attacks. Regrettably, the Jews wield so much power in the human realm because entirely too many people are unable to resist dark mind programing and psychic hijacking orchestrated by international Jewry. As a countermeasure against the awesome power that Jews wield in the material realm, we at the Thule Society fight Jewry by teaching people how to protect themselves against Jewish lies and manipulation.

Our constitution and organizational structure make room for contemplative teachers such as celibate monks and nuns, so our organization offers the positions of High Priest or High Priestess. There is also enough room for several people to hold the title of High Priest.

The president is the highest authority within The Thule Society; however, those who hold the title of priest have spiritual qualities that provide specialized guidance and leadership for the society, so there is a balance or power within the organization. The organizational structure of The Thule Society is modelled after that of National Socialist Germany where Hitler was the fuehrer and leader. By contrast, the SS was led by Heinrich Himmler, and this organization was an entity that sat apart from and above the state, just as the Thule Society operates apart from, and above, other like-minded organizations.

Part of The Tule Society’s mission is to recruit spiritually charged people to channel power from higher realms and to use this energy to defend the forces of good from the forces of evil in all their many forms, but especially that of Jewish supremacists. The Thule Society is now building an elite core of spiritual warriors who will go forth and teach spiritual practices to the public. So far, it is not illegal to teach spiritual practices, and few organizations are doing anything similar to that of The Thule Society. Our spiritual actions are what makes The Thule Society special and powerful, and we are working in conjunction with the higher realms, so we are able to attract the most talented and spiritually powerful people. Indeed, our spiritual power gives us the ability to act with wisdom, confidence, and speed when needed.

Buddha Heads

Leaders and regular members of The Thule Society are encouraged to develop themselves spiritually through mindful meditation and other disciplines described in the “Spiritual Practices” section of our website. We accept the possibility that members of our organization can receive guidance and instruction from the spirit of Adolf Hitler, as Matt Koehl and James Battersby have written. The Thule Society could officially name Adolf Hitler as our deity, but we encourage our members to have their own personal spiritual interpretation of Hitler’s life and legacy.

The Thule Society has no official dogma about worshipping a deity, nor any strict religions dogma other than acknowledging the special qualities of Hitler. For example, Savitri Devi thought of Hitler in polytheistic terms; on the other hand, Matt Koehl thought of Hitler in monotheistic terms. Hitler may have been an Avatar of Vishnu, he may have been the return of Jesus, or he may have just been a very spiritually aware head of state; we leave that mystery to the privacy of our individual members.

According to Carl Jung, the collective unconscious of the Aryan race was channeled through Adolf Hitler. The Thule Society is an organized structure that is designed to allow a natural process of working karma to bring like-minded people together from anywhere in the world. The karmic forces needed to combat the world’s Jewish menace lie dormant in most peoples’ minds, yet these forces of light will certainly arise in the future, so, for the time being, The Thule Society uses the Internet to connect people who are united in our common struggle.

The Thule Society draws its strength from a large body of “canonical scriptures” that contain the written philosophy of our society. The written philosophy of our society is based on the major figures listed below as well as other people who have viewed Adolf Hitler from a spiritual perspective going back to 1919.

Key historical figures 1950’s – 2010’s

Savitri Devi (30th September 1905 – 22nd October 1982)

James Larratt Battersby (1907 – 1955)

Miguel Serrano (10th September 1907 – 28th February 2009)

Matt Koehl (22nd January 1935 – 9th October 2014)

The Thule Society is a living and dynamic group of people that has a website which refers its members to a larger body of work that contains thousands of pages of deep philosophical thought. Our vast library of written wisdom gives the world a user-friendly guide to the spiritual teachings of Adolf Hitler. We also acknowledge and support The New Order at theneworder.org. The New Order is an organization that came before the Thule Contemplative Society of Hitler, and we support this organization because they also share a spiritual interpretation of Adolf Hitler.

The New Order have a long and venerable tradition that dates back to 1959, and this organization was closely associated with George Lincoln Rockwell while he was still living. In case the name George Lincoln Rockwell does not ring any bells, Rockwell was the legendary founder of the American Nazi Party. Following Rockwell’s tragic assassination in 1967, Matt Koehl maintained leadership for Rockwell’s organization, but he changed the name of this organization to “The New Order.” Koehl oversaw The New Order until his death in 2014.

The Thule Society is an internet-based organization that has the potential to grow across the world, and our organization is designed to connect like-minded people anywhere. The formation of our organization occurred at an auspicious time because since 2012 the world has been becoming more aware regarding the goodness and the truth of Adolf Hitler. Awareness about the goodness of Adolf Hitler was also boosted by Dennis Wise’s documentary called “Adolf Hitler: The Greatest Story NEVER Told”. Since our membership is still rather small, isolated, and often persecuted, the internet is a great blessing because it offers our members a way to work together without having to meet in person. Growth is dependent on new members joining our organization and receiving donations that will expand our membership even further. An expanding member base and a boosted budget will improve our leadership in the future.

Sacred Book

The Thule Society is internet based, so this format appeals to people who want to be alone at home with their own private thoughts. The membership format of The Thule Society also appeals to those who do not wish to interact with any groups of people at all. Our internet-based membership format appeals to many people because they can “join” our organization and not have to accept the slings and arrows associated with being publicly linked to group that openly advocates for Hitler and his government. Members of The Thule Society can download our philosophy and practices, plus members of our organization can interact with other members and people who hold leadership positions within the organization.

Besides just studying the literature in our library and interacting with members of our organization, the general public can also make donations, get involved in Thule Society community projects, and do volunteer work. Studying our literature is important; however, giving donations and doing volunteer work are the most important aspects of our plan to change the world. The Thule Society is working to awaken mankind to the truth of Adolf Hitler. On a local level, people anywhere can watch our videos, read our publications, and contribute their ideas. The Thule Society has an organizational structure that creates dynamic exchanges and builds a community, plus our organization encourages people to form neighborhood groups that meet regularly.

Internet Connection

A long-term goal of the Thule Society is to become a counterpunch to the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). The CFR is a Rothschilds-controlled Jewish supremacist think tank that issues marching orders to the CIA, the FBI, and both houses of Congress in America. The CIA acts as the enforcement arm of the CFR. Although The Thule Society is a contemplative organization that is primarily based around the internet, we are still willing to form supportive relationships with more proactive political, government, and military groups, so long as they have compatible views and goals. The Thule Society may be separate from other groups, yet we will lend our support to those who deserve it.


In summary, The Thule Society is a religious organization, so it is fundamentally a peaceful group of people who are primarily focused on education and personal growth. We also emphasize the unique accomplishments of Adolf Hitler and we spread knowledge about the benefits he offers to people alive today. Lastly, we work to spiritually and metaphysically break Jewish power, raise political and spiritual awareness, and protect what is good.

Lastly, we work to break Jewish power, elevate consciousness, and protect what is good.

Lotus Conclusion 


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