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Thule Society

Thule Contemplative Society of Hitler

Message from James Rousse, Thule Society President


What type of people we are seeking as members?

Since I have assumed the office of president, the Thule Society has seen a slow uptick in the number of people contacting us and inquiring about membership; however, most of the people who inquire about joining our organization are not a good fit.

When Brain Ruhe was president, anyone from anywhere could join; however, what we really need at this time are people who can create outstanding new written content and perhaps create new and original video content as well.

If you wish to become a member of the Thule Society, then we recommend beginning the process by sending us an initial contact message and telling us a bit about who you are and your background. After making initial contact with us, the next step in the process is to submit a body of your writing for publication. If we like the writing that you send us, and if you can function as a regular content contributor, then earning full membership is quite possible.

We are thought leaders

If a person is to truly become a member of the Thule Society, then they must be able to offer our organization something of value other than financial contributions.

At this time, the Thule Society could be understood as a group of National Socialists who are forward-thinking “Thought Leaders” at the least, and visionaries at the very most. The Thule Society is also best understood as a society of intellectuals, thinkers, and scholars. The Thule Society now produces written content that discusses current events and spiritual matters, but we also provide guidance and counseling for those who are seeking our advice. We provide personal counseling and political advice, so feel free to contact us with inquiries of all types.

Where things are now

While I was still one of the Thule Society’s key content creators and also the Editor in Chief, I had disagreements with Brian Ruhe, who as the Thule Society’s president at the time, and these disagreements concerned the Thule Society’s aims and focus.

One point of disagreement was the question of whether the Thule Society should discuss current events and issues such as off-grid living, or maintain a strict focus on the spiritual aspects of Adolf Hitler. Another point of debate was how much discussion the topic of aliens and UFOs merited. There was also a running debate as to whether discussions about the American Civil War and the Confederacy were germane to our publications. We additionally had some disagreements as to whether publishing articles that discuss, homesteading and self-sufficiency are relevant to our organization’s mission.

Needless to say, Brain Ruhe has abdicated his office as president; therefore, debates about the our website’s content have become moot, and the focus and mission of the Thule Society has shifted a bit since Brian left office.

Our current mission still encompasses plenty of discussion about the spiritual aspects of Adolf Hitler’s life and his visions, but we now openly include discussions about current events and homesteading, so we are happy to play the role of dissident news service in addition fulfilling the role of a discussion forum for those seeking to escape Jewish-controlled mainstream culture. Now, we are happy to discuss relevant historical matters, and these discussions do not have to be limited to the Third Reich.

Membership candidates must be at least 18 years of age, and they must agree with the principles and goals of the Thule Society. Prospective members must also work within the constraints of applicable local laws.

Members will receive our emails and be able to participate in the meetings and activities of the society both in person or online, including participation as volunteers for specific roles as needed, or to host events in their own communities with prior approval of the society.

All members, however, regardless of where they reside, will be able to communicate with the President and his appointed representatives to share information, voice their opinions and concerns, make suggestions, participate in some of our events and activities, etc.

Only the President or members specifically appointed by him, are permitted to publicly represent the society, and to speak or publish statements on behalf of the society.