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What Does it Mean to be a National Socialist?


– A Channeled Message from the Adolf Hitler deva and the Miguel Serrano deva.


Natural Socialist Pyramid

National Socialism can be envisioned as a three (actually four) sided pyramid.

The three sides being

1) Body

2) Mind

3) Spirit.

4) Which all rest upon a base of Nature.

All four sides of the pyramid of National Socialism are just different facets of the same Golden Pyramid; therefore, body, mind, and spirit are not separate entities; they are just the same thing viewed from different perspectives. Each facet of National Socialism rests on Natural Order. The Folk have come full-circle; as it was in the beginning, so it is becoming once again.


Ref: “Esoteric Hitlerism” by Miguel Serrano

r/Kaiserreich - OTL Chilean Hitlerist author Miguel Serrano portrait for NatPop Chile:

Hitler has oftentimes been quoted as being opposed to any sort of Mysticism, but in truth, he was simply opposed to anything that was not grounded in nature and true science. Hitler was also quoted by Martin Bormann in Bormann’s book called “Hitler’s Table Talk” (First Edition) as saying that he was going to reestablish the ancient Germanic spiritual tradition and not going to adapt it to modern times. Yes, the ancient Germans were what we might call today “pagans,” but this term only appears to be a contradiction because of the deception perpetuated on almost everyone alive today by a very certain group, and I need not dwell on whom — we all know who I mean.


Indeed, this mass deception about the true nature of the old Germanic spiritual traditions has been driven by the usual suspects, and this deception has left a negative impact on the Folk who are living today. The key point to remember about the spirituality of the “pagans” who lived in the past is that they did not differentiate between Spirituality, Science, and Nature because they saw these seemingly different disciplines as all being part of the same thing. To the ancient Germans, there was no spirituality that existed apart from a truly scientific understanding of nature (The natural world included.) and no science ever existed without the correct understanding of its spiritual foundations. So, in summary, Adolf Hitler was simply opposed to separating spiritual ideas from scientific research, as opposed to what has so often been done under the influence of the usual gang of trouble makers.


(From my running notes.)

In its purest essence Hitlerism is not a political movement but a spiritual path. To the devoted Thuleist ( hopefully you), spiritualism must always take precedent before politics. The idea of placing spiritual work before that of statecraft was always the idea that The Great One was trying to get across when he was being blocked by the Jews and their ilk long before World War II ever started. (In this case, the term “Their Ilk” refers to non-Jewish accomplices who aid and abet the Jews in their vile schemes.) The good news is that despite every attempt to drive the spiritual pathway of Hitler underground and ultimately to destroy The Great One’s teachings, Jewry has never managed to erase Hitler’s ideas, nor will they ever.



A rise in true Germanic spirituality is of the highest importance for European people at this time because the enemies of European people have no need to fear a strictly political movement. Jews do not fear any movement that is strictly political because secular politics is a game that the Jews know better than any other game; however, they fear the rise of a native Germanic spiritual path because they have absolutely no way to control something like this. (Addendum – That is why the Jews fanatically try to destroy everything that might contribute to, or provide fertile soil for the open emergence of a new and genuinely European spiritual path.)

Ascending Storm













Remember, it is a Spiritual Renaissance that will forever preclude any corrosive Jewish influence, and that is why the Jews are so determined prevent the development of authentic spirituality in any form.

Savitri Devi Image

















Although we are certainly well-meaning, those of us who are Hitler’s followers have tended to put the cart before the horse so-to-speak and focus on political gains before spiritual developments, and this is the wrong way to do things. Most of us have lost sight of our most important spiritual objectives over the last 75 years because we have been blinded by Loki’s spells and illusions that currently blanket all of Midgard; however, Hitlerism will open our eyes to the real Midgard. As of now, the world that we think is real is actually nothing more than a Jewed-up lie, and this lie is damned by God!  Our present world is made of lies — near on all of it — and only the faintest glimmer of the truth ever manages to seep through.



Yes, Hitler is still our political leader, but he is also our Sacred King! More accurately, Hitler is also our supreme shaman deva. Hitler is additionally the one who transforms and restores, and he is the bringer of the Great Renaissance.

Sunlight on a New Dawn









Following Hitler’s examples, and following his teachings will show those who are willing to listen how to break the dark pall of Loki’s glamour spell and dispel the lies that presently enslave us, and this is what the Jews and their ilk fear the most.


Traditional Women












The path that The Great One has set before us to is clear:

Be strong in body.

Be strong in mind.

Be strong in spirit.

Be strong in our relationship with the natural world.


Artaman Woman

















The things mentioned before represent that which Hitler has so clearly spelled out for us, and these things so clearly show what he wants us to be. Indeed, we must renew ourselves accordingly, then, through our example, others will be drawn to The Path and dawn to The Great One. Only after our spiritual objectives have been met will the promised 4th Reich begin to appear on the Earth.

We are Everywhere












The Germans, generally speaking, were the most spiritually advanced people on the planet; and therefore, it is still the Germans who are the ones who are best-suited to lead the world into a new Golden Age. During his worldly incarnation, Hitler appeared amongst his people to lead the world to a new golden age, and this is why the Jews struggled so relentlessly and desperately to destroy Hitler and all that he represented while he was still here on Midgard — as they still do. Even until the present, the Jews are still absolutely determined to destroy the nation of Germany and the German people themselves because the Germans are the polar opposite of Jews, and therefore Germans are the truest enemies of Jewry.


Heil Hitler deva!


Randall Lee Hilburn

National Socialism Cover Image

A Note From Hitler Himself

Comrade, never forget that you are an exponent and representative of the National Socialist Movement and our Weltanschauung.

The stranger will form his opinion about the Movement according to the impression he gets from you. Therefore, be a National Socialist in all your actions, in everything you do and leave undone!

For others, be an example of courage, discipline and devotion.

As a man be diligent, industrious and modest. Treat your subordinates like fellow nationals and not like pack animals. Do not regard them as objects to be exploited but as fellow-fighters and colleagues in our nationwide fight for existence. Never treat them in a way in which you, as a German and National Socialist, would not want to be treated yourself. Always remember that you are not a slave master but a leader and never forget what they owe to you, and what you owe to them.

In all you do, act as if you carry the future of the entire nation on your shoulders. Never expect from others what you are not ready to give and do yourself, and always be an example for your comrades.

As a leader, be responsible in executing your duties and be determined in giving instructions. Treat your subordinates well and be helpful. Never be narrow minded in your opinions on the frailty of human nature. Realize other people’s needs quickly and be modest in your own! Never get drunk!

Do your duties for the Movement and always keep in mind that the greatest achievements can only be accomplished by men who are willing to submit their own ego to more important common necessities and to common welfare. In everything you do, you should give your fellow nationals and comrades an example of what you would like them to be. Look upon the last one of your fellow nationals as someone who shares your blood, someone you are inseparably tied up with on this earth by destiny. Therefore, estimate the last German street-cleaner higher than the King of a foreign nation.

Never forget that for a nation freedom is the greatest good in the world. Without freedom there is no life and the loss of freedom cannot be compensated with speeches or labor, but only with a fight full of sacrifices. Remember that this fight for freedom can never be led by a social class but only by a nation! It is the task of your Movement to transcend all social classes and to form a nation that is able and ready to achieve the very best.

If you are fighting for the National Socialist German Worker’s Party, you are fighting for your people.

Adolf Hitler
München, 9 January 1927


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  1. You say “Do your duties for the Movement…” so what are these duties? They should be listed in the site, or if you could clarify what these duties are then this would make a great article for this site for people to read and learn.

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