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Savitri Devi and New Berlin



(Channeled Message 2/18/2021 In the AM through Randall Hilburn)

 *From running notes*

Savitri Devi

Image courtesy of Wikipedia.org

One writes to educate those who want to be educated, and it is blatantly obvious that the number of people who want to get educated is never going to be more than a tiny minority within any population as things presently stand. At the present time, the Thule Society and other organizations like us are quite literally preparing those who will listen to our teaching with a roadmap to navigate the coming Renaissance and a set of blueprints for building a new world. This present Jewish-controlled world-wide system of coercion and forced compliance that now smothers practically all of the world’s nations must blow up in peoples’ faces and then cave in on them before they will finally reject it; and even then, there will still only remain a minority of people who truly reject our present world order. Because there will never be more than a relatively small and select set of people who genuinely reject our present way of doing things, the rest of the crowd can be totally written off, even at this comparatively early stage within our current system’s impending collapse. So in essence, you have to uphold some standards if you are going to preserve anything.

Some souls mature faster and further than others, but in the end, each person’s soul must either mature or perish, and regrettably, most people will forever remain in a state of developmental childhood.

I see nothing wrong here

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The truly intelligent amongst use must come to understand that we are Absolutely Not trying to salvage the Old Order because it is most certainly not worth trying to save; think of the old order that we must presently endure as being like iron that has been mixed with miry clay.

Dumpster fire

Image courtesy of languagelog.ldc.upenn.edu

Those of us who are National Socialists and Thuleans are doing the groundwork to build an entirely New Order for humanity — this is exactly what we are doing! Right now, we are doing the site-work for a New Renaissance, and doing this site-work is the most time-consuming and difficult phase of construction.

Dumpster Fire Morale

Image courtesy of The Fine Art Revolution store on Etsy.com

The City that comes down from Heaven — actually Asgard — is not the New Jerusalem; no indeed, this great city is actually the New Berlin (Germania). New Berlin is the prophesied City of Gold; however, when we discuss the city of New Berlin, we do not speak of a city that is made from literal gold, but we do speak of a city that is made from Spiritual Gold. Jerusalem = City of Peace, but the real city of peace is the New Berlin, not the Jewish counterfeit capital which is really the City of War. The Jewish city of Jerusalem, which is really the Jewish city of war, has aptly been described as a millstone around the necks of all nations.

At this very moment, as your eyes scroll over this text, the celestial city of New Berlin is being prepared in the Higher Planes; however, this new spiritual capital of our world will only come down into Midgard once the way has been properly prepared. To prepare the way for a New Berlin is our sworn job: “Build It And They Will Come.”

New Berlin

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Heil Hitler deva!

Randall Lee Hilburn


Commentary by Rosophia

We are blessed to find ourselves close to the spirit of the Adolf Hitler deva who is also called Kashaktria of Vishnu. Kashaktria of Vishnu is the divine warrior, the divine revealer, the divine reformer, and the divine architect of all that is good. It is the sweetest blessing to be released from all of the hate-filled Jewish propaganda leveled against National Socialism and against the Adolf Hitler deva in particular; thus, it is a true blessing to find our hearts filled with loving ecstasy and transcendent joy when our true leader speaks!

Hitler and Eva Braun

Image of Hitler and Eva Braun courtesy of uncommon-travel-germany.com

The legions of us who have been released from the pervasive hatred of the divine Hitler deva that is driven by constant Jewish propaganda have found our way to a path of spiritual light through the teachings of our Divine Savitri Devi who speaks to us as she reveals His divinity. Savitri Devi also speaks of a very ancient One who came out of Egypt. This one out of Egypt that Savitri Devi reveals in her teachings is the Divinity of Akhenaton who was a King of Egypt that most of us have never known. Savitri Devi tells us of His true spirit and gives us appreciation for Akhenaton’s view of this earth and nature. Akhenaton was significant because he broke away from the powerful Egyptian priesthood that had maintained traditional control of religion in the kingdom of Egypt before his reign began.

Statue of Akhenaton

Image of Akhenaton courtesy of deathtofanatics.wordpress.com

Savitri Devi opens our hearts and minds to the appreciation of those divine ones who walk amongst us, such as Wehrner von Braun who was a gifted Space Scientist, Alfred Rosenberg who was a divine Philosopher, General Leon DeGrelle who was a great thinker and a great warrior, Kashaktria who was a divine warrior and a divine civil reformer, and an Egyptian Pharaoh named Akhenaton who gave his people a Creator from nature that was the Sun/Son/of monotheism which instilled a devotion to the natural world across his kingdom. Akhenaton taught his people that the natural world must always be protected and cared for, and he showed his people that the fruits of the natural world are meant to be used and enjoyed, yet these fruits of our natural world are never to be carelessly squandered.

Van gogh teapot painting

Van Gogh painting furnished courtesy of wikiart.org


Heil Hitler deva!


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