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Does the Biblical Tale of Noah’s Ark Have Extraterrestrial Origins?

Noah, the Great Flood, & the Tower of Babel


Part One – Who Were the Giants?

In the Germanic Tradition, Jotunheim is the Lower Plane of the Giants, or Jotuns as they are known in German There are many different races of giants with some races of giants being more human in appearance and some races of giants that look less human. Jotuns also range in size from being truly gigantic to only being somewhat larger than regular humans. The Biblical Old Testament describes many different tribes and families of giants who were of differing average heights.

Unfortunately, these various groups of giants were something of a plague upon the Earth everywhere they settled; however, at this time I will be talking about the ones who settled in the Middle East, and more specifically in the Levant and Mesopotamian regions of the Middle East. That having been said, other groups of giants also plagued our ancient Germanic and Celtic ancestors as well as the Ancient Japanese and Native Americans. Giants or Jotuns were actually invaders from another realm and these rowdy visitors seemed to be aligned with certain bad extraterrestrials which I will discuss in Part Two where a gaggle of giants came into conflict with certain Nordic colonies that were situated in the Levant.

San Francisco Giants

Let us not forget the San Francisco Giants! Image courtesy of Wikipedia.org


For all you NFL fans out there, let us not forget the New York Giants! Image courtesy of gmenhq.com


Let us not forget the Jolly Green Giant! Image courtesy of greengiant.com

Let us also not forget the band called They Might Be Giants! 


Part Two – Anunnaki, Nephilim, and Fallen Angels

The terns Anunnaki, Nephilim, and Fallen Angels are really just different names for the same group of Bad Extraterrestrials as we shall soon see. In ancient times, these bad extraterrestrials from the wrong side of the cosmic railroad tracks moved in to Mesopotamia, set up shop, and then proceeded to enslave the locals. The Anunnaki arrived as extraterrestrial colonialists who were only interested in extracting wealth and enjoying the local women. As a result of the Annunakis’ sweet-tooth for the local women of Mesopotamia, many mixed-race offspring were fathered.

The Anunnakis’ early Club Med summer vacation franchise and the accompanying sex tourism business quickly collided with the Nordic Aliens and their associated human settlements, which I have already made many references to in other writings. The Anunnaki were considered renegades by the Nordics because the Anunnaki were not card-carrying members of the Galactic League. The Galactic League is just my chosen name for the Confederation, which is also called the Galactic Federation. The Anunnakis’ lack of an ongoing membership in the Galactic League meant that they were never bound by the same laws and treaties that governed everyone else’s dealing with humans and other members of the League. That being said, if the Annunaki would have used their Galactic Prophylactics, then none of this race mixing would have been an issue.


Part Three – Genetic Manipulation and Out of Africa

Among the Bantus (Black Africans), there is a vast variation in the psychologies of the various tribes, and the worst representatives of the Black Race tend to stem from a small manufactured housing community where the very degenerate tribes originated, and this state of affairs still holds true for Blacks who have long left Africa long ago for whatever reason. Descendants of all tribes tend to subconsciously seek out other members of their group, and this happens even if a tribe’s descendants have no conscious tribal memory. For example, one tribe of people will furnish the world with hulking NFL linemen (Polynesians) while another tribe will gift the rest of the world with quite an entertaining roster of inner-city drug pushers (take a wild guess which ethnic group that might be).

The Anunnaki came to Sub-Saharan Africa to exploit its immense natural resources, and in the process of extracting the resources that these Anunnaki hipsters coveted, they also rounded up a good number of locals and essentially re-engineered them into a form that was suitable to serve as the slaves that they required. Part of the process for fashioning good slaves out of the indigenous African simians included crossing Bantu and animal genes. If an astute observer were to compare the appearance and behavior patterns of apes and monkeys against those of Africa’s most degenerate troupes of Blacks; then one would note that they have a lot in common. So, we have two general groups of Bantus. Those who come from the original pure, organic, and free-range stock as opposed to those who come from the GMO and degenerate slave stock.

The trouble with the Annunakis’ breeding scheme was that their engineered slave species proved to be quite rambunctious indeed, so the Annunnakis’ incomplete middle-school science fair project was ultimately abandoned and the rest of humanity has been forced to deal with this backed up toilet of a problem ever since. Despite the countless woes that the Annunakis’ breeding scheme has proffered, one group of folks certainly likes the outcome of this botched project, and this perverse group of aficionados has submitted plenty of 5-star product reviews on Amazon for the Annunakis’ offering. So, who is this group? Why the Jews of course. The Jews are quite happy with the Annunakis’ destructive creation because these engineered simian slaves give the Jews legions of dimwits to exploit for their own foul purposes.

Dindu 2

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30 year old luter

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R2 Dindu

R2 Dindu seems more appropriate. Image courtesy of knowyourmeme.com


Part Four – Bel, Semaramis, and Nimrod

In a classic case of “Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places,” Bel was apparently a Nordic Extraterrestrial of major importance, and Bel is also frequently mentioned in the very ancient Celtic Pagan Tradition; however, for some unknown reason Bel thought it would be a swell idea to marry Semaramis who was an Anunnaki. Bel and Semaramis had a son who they named Nimrod — talk about the dangers of race mixing! Good old hot-rod Nimrod became notorious far-and-wide for his evil nature and predatory disposition; and well, Nimrod and his beloved mother eventually developed a “Thing” for one other. This “Thing” that Nimrod and his mother had for one another involved hatching a plan to murder Bel so they could marry one other.

ring my bell

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mom says Im cool

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Part Five – The Mesopotamian Reign of Terror

The killing of Bel allowed Nimrod and Semaramis to seize absolute power in Mesopotamia, and soon after this old-time power couple secured their rulership, the exploitation and abuse of Mesopotamia’s population beggared description; well, that is unless one can imagine a Siberian Death Camp from the Soviet Union’s heyday replicated on a scale that encompassed the entire Fertile Crescent.

After securing power in Mesopotamia,  Nimrod and Semiramis eventually struck outwards with intentions of seizing all of the Levant and Egypt, which were areas where that the Nordics were very ensconced.

For the Nordics, this attack on their territory by Dumb and Dumber was seen as much more than just a simple matter of aggression against their sphere of influence because the Nordics were also genuinely disgusted by the total depravity of those who were in control of Mesopotamia. As Nimrod and Semaramis’ attacks against their territory began in earnest, the Nordics also begin to sympathize with the general population of Mesopotamia who were languishing under their yoke of oppression.

HIde the Pain Harold

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Part Six – Who or What Were Noah & Family?

It has been noted in recent decades by those who are constantly looking for any extraterrestrial presences in the Biblical that Noah & Co. did not appear to be “human” as we now understand the concept of human to be. No, Noah and his family seem to have been either Nordics or descendants of Nordics as opposed to simply being common plebian humans.

The great lifespans of the so-called Patriarchs from the Bible, which included Noah, is one of the greatest indicators that we are dealing with humanoids rather than humans when examining the characters who are discussed in the Bible’s Old Testament. The oldest human that I am aware of was a man in Peru who was discovered in the late 1960’s, or perhaps he was discovered in the early 70’s, anyway, this man was in his 140s at that time. Likewise, certain People living in the nation of Georgia, which is also referred to as the Trans-Caucasus, have been routinely proven to live more than 100 years, and this proof of unusually long life expectancies in certain parts of Georgia has been a well-documented phenomenon in the 20th century. However, even these impressive life spans found in the Caucuses mountains look rather pedestrian when compared to the ages listed for the Bible’s the so-called “patriarchs.”

Few people realize that the Old Testament is taken from a vast collection of disparate literature, so most of the information presented in the Bible’s Old Testament is of “The most hideous antiquity,” to coin one of H.P. Lovecraft’s favorite expressions. The Jews who wrote the Old Testament condensed a lot of information down into a comparatively small volume of around 1000 pages and edited it quite a bit of the original content as well, and during the process of changing this text, the Jews also wrote themselves into the story as “God’s Chosen People.” After altering the Old Testament, the Jews tried, but without full success, to suppress the older accounts that relate to the Old Testament. So, what were some of these “Older Accounts” that describe what happened in the Old Testament? Well, very Ancient Egyptian accounts of the happenings from that time and place are particularly enlightening, and I will address them shortly.

All in the family

Let’s not forget everyone’e favorite old TV sitcom… All in the Family. Image courtesy of cheatsheet.com


Part Seven – The Building of the Ark

Noah lived somewhere in the mountainous inland area of what is today called Palestine. Noah seems to have been warned about a coming flood that was going to be unleashed upon the area where he was living, so he knew that somebody was planning to carry out a campaign of Weather Warfare that would destroy the predatory and degenerate state that was established by Nimrod and Semaramis. The Bible lists Noah as being Nimrod’s uncle, so he was obviously Bel’s brother.

The hull design for the Ark that is described in Genesis clearly identifies Noah’s “Ark” as being a ship that was comparable to a modern-day bulk carrier vessel in size; however, two crucial items seem to have been left out during the Bible’s discussion about Noah’s shipwrighting program; specifically, neither a steering system nor a means of propulsion have ever been described for Noah’s Ark. It is strange that Noah’s Ark seemed to lack both a steering system and a means of propulsion, so it is likely that the Bible simply mentions the size specifications for Noah’s Ark as opposed to this ship’s actual design.

Noahs Ark Cover Image

Image courtesy of memegenerator.com

While serving in the Navy, I have personally had to steer a ship in heavy seas without the luxury of a working rudder nor the luxury of having functioning engines. Both a working steering system and a working propulsion system are a necessity on any ship because propulsion and steering systems are needed to keep the bow of any ship pointed into the oncoming waves. Without a working set of engines or sails, big waves will quickly push any ship into a position where the waves strike that vessel on the broadside, and having big waves hitting a ship on the broadside will likely capsize even the largest of vessels.

Fact is, Noah’s Ark could not have been constructed without the help of a shipyard and a set of experienced workmen, and non-Biblical sources have described precisely that. Noah did indeed hire the required workmen from the coast, and Noah had them establish the needed shipyard up in the mountains. The workmen that Noah hired to build his big wooden ship, like everybody else in the region, thought he was crazy. Having a crazy boss or not, a paid job is a paid job, so the workmen did as they were asked, yet they would change their way of thinking as time passed.

The animals that were to be brought aboard the Ark were most likely an assortment of domesticated animals that would be needed to restart an agrarian civilization after the flood had subsided. It is also quite likely that the existing civilization that was slated for demolition had become a highly urbanized one like what we have today. Noah figured that wild animals would be able to escape the oncoming flooding by fleeing to higher ground, but domestic animals would need a little help. Noah also packed along a good supply of the seeds that he figured he would need at a later time, so an extensive seed bank that was ear-marked future crop plantings was also packed aboard Noah’s big wooden ship.

this animal

Was this Animal on board Noah’s Ark? Image courtesy of scopes.com


Part Eight – The Chinese Interlude

China has a civilization that stretches back into the most remote antiquity, so not surprisingly, The Great Flood makes a cameo appearance in official Chinese records circa 8,000 BC. Just after this great flood happened, this event gives us a general time frame for other happenings. China had trading interests in the Middle East that stretched back even before the Flood happened; therefore, the Chinese kept a close eye on happenings around the Middle East. Old Chinese records describe the flood as a huge inundation that swallowed the entire Middle East up to the Mountains of Ararat which lie the northwest of the Levant.


Part Nine – A Change of Heart

Over time, Noah ceased to be an object of ridicule by his employees because his paid help eventually came to see him as a great spiritual leader, and these same workers and their families also came to understand why the oncoming flood needed to happen.

With a different understanding in mind, Noah’s former employees petitioned their man of the hour to take them as passengers on his ship after the Ark was finished. With a sense of dread in their hearts, Noah’s workers asked him what was to become of themselves and their families after the oncoming flood arrived, and they asked this of Noah because they had come to realize that he was right in his convictions. Also, once Noah’s hired help came to see that he was on the right track, they all did their best to clean up their act so-to-speak. Despite knowing that Noah was right and despite having made concerted efforts to clean up their acts, Noah’s disciples also clearly understood that there was not enough room for them and their families onboard Noah’s recently minted cruise ship.

bob the builder is now ememployed

Image courtesy of memegenerator.net

With full knowledge that there was no way to save all of his hired guns, Noah consulted with his own “Higher-Ups,” and this was their reply: Noah’s bosses told him to instruct his obedient little worker bees to start building ships for themselves and their families down along the coast of the Mediterranean and then to set sail for a far-off land that is now call the British Isles. Noah told his subscribers to beat-feet, or to raise sails to more exact, and head for the British Isles because Noah and his bosses had no quarrels with the Britons, but they did have a real dislike for the locals of Noah’s present area code.

Celtic Norf

Image courtesy of knowyourmeme.com


Part Ten – Nimrod’s Ark

 Unlike almost everybody else in the greater Mesopotamia metro area, Nimrod took the threat of an oncoming flood very seriously, so he commissioned his own crew of shipwrights to build of an Ark for himself and his entourage; however, Nimrod had no qualms about leaving everybody else in the vicinity to their fates. Nimrod and Semaramis commissioned the construction of their own ark because they meant to reestablish their own civilization after the oncoming flood, and as predicted, both arks did survive the deluge along with a scattering of thoroughly chastised people who had lived near the edges of the flooded areas yet somehow managed beat the clock and hoof it to higher ground. Noah of course finally ran his Ark ashore somewhere in the Mountains of Ararat, which was a franchised chain of mountains, but not a single mountain.


Image courtesy of memesmonkey.com

memesmonkey noah

Image courtesy of memesmonkey.com

Part Eleven – The Tower of Babel

 After the flood, Nimrod and the civilization he presided over before the flood were reestablished with a new capital near the site of what would later become Babylon. After the founding of Babylon, Nimrod intended to challenge the Nordics for dominance in that part of the world, so he began to build a great tower that would reach up to heaven. The ruined lower portion of Nimrod’s tower was pin-pointed long ago, and it was not the tower itself that the Nordics saw as a threat, but what would have been mounted on top of Nimrod’s tower was certainly perceived to be a threat.

In order to build this mighty tower, Nimrod and his associates enslaved everybody they could catch and then forced them to work as slaves to build this towner. To make his compelled volunteers easier to control, Nimrod instituted what is now would call “Multiculturalism.” Nimrod’s enforced campaign of multiculturalism including instituting a single language and ruthlessly driving a diabolical campaign of mass miscegenation. Nimrod’s legions of happy campers were actually not all that jazzed about their boss’s company culture, but being slaves and all meant that their union hall was quite corrupt and ineffective, so they simply had to manage as best they could. Nimrod forced his captives to work by force and intimidation and his hand-picked mod-squads of goons were the only ones in that area who had any weapons.

Before Nimrod’s tower could be finished, the Nordics hurled a thunderbolt (perhaps a missile of some sort) against the incomplete tower which caused it to collapse. (Thunderbolts and lightning, very, very, frightening!) In the turmoil that resulted from the tower collapsing, most of Nimrods people were killed either by the Nordics or by the slaves who had now risen in revolt.

After the tower fell, the newly liberated slaves were aided by those local residents who had escaped the flood and somehow managed to evade capture from Nimrod’s HR department. During the construction process, those who were resisting Nimrod’s tyranny did manage to get the word out to Nimrod’s version of Amazon employees that if they did not destroy their employer’s tower themselves, then the Nordics certainly would condemn the building and claim all their lives as collateral damage during the process.

After Nimrod’s tower was destroyed by a combination of disgruntled employees and powerful weapons, Nimrod and Semaramis fled to Egypt with only a small number of followers along for the trip. I find it very interesting that Abraham, who is the father of all Jews, just happened to hail from Chaldea. The Chaldeans were next door neighbors to and close kin of the Babylonians, and perhaps somebody had gotten overlooked, because they were pretending to be something other than what they really were.

babylon will fall

Indeed, Babylon will fall. Image courtesy of 18karatraggae.files.wordpress.com


Part Twelve – Down to Egypt

 The Aryan population of Egypt at that time was highly advanced spiritually but not very warlike. When Nimrod arrived in Egypt, the Egyptians lived in the lowlands along the Nile where they had established an agrarian and very spiritual civilization. At that time, the land that was away from the river in the savannah was much wetter than it is today, and this land hosted a population of nomadic black African tribes.

The Aryans of Egypt were governed by a 300-strong Counsel of Elders who were selected because they were considered to be the wisest men, and even a few of the wisest women, from amongst the population of Egypt. Needless to say, when Nimrod and his entourage arrived in Egypt, they behaved like a ravenous pack of rabid bloodthirsty wolves high on crack, so these nasty invaders swept into Egypt and brutally enslaved Aryans and African alike.


Part Thirteen – Neteru

 The “Gods & Goddesses” of old Egyptian lore never actually called themselves gods or goddesses nor did they claim to be any such thing; however, professional priests would refer to these invaders gods and goddesses at a later time.

When asked who they were, these so-called gods and goddesses would only say that they were Neteru (plural) or Neter (singular). Seth, who was a so-called Egyptian God, was actually Noah’s eldest son. Though they were widely credited with a shape-shifting ability, the Neteru clearly had some type of connection with the Nordics. Likewise, Nimrod was able to pass himself off as Osiris, and Semaramis managed to pass herself off as Isis. In other words, both Nimrod and Semaramis both managed to pass themselves off as Neteru.


Part Fourteen – Seth Before the Egyptian Council of Elders

Seth informed the Egyptian council of Elders that he had come to this land to kill Nimrod and end Nimrod’s career in the tyrant business once and for all; however, he made it clear that he would need the council’s help if this were to happen. During these talks, Seth also made it very clear that if the Council of Elders were to deny him assistance in his quest to kill Nimrod, then the Nordics would become exceedingly angry, and they certainly would not want that to happen. Luckily, the Egyptian Council of Elders was more than willing to lend their support to Seth if Seth could spare Egypt from their own version of the Red Terror and the Cultural Revolution.

The problem with killing Nimrod was that he would never directly expose himself to any personal danger because he was the quintessential bully of the weak and helpless, so he always hid behind his army and his retinue of bodyguards. In response to Seth’s request, the Council of Elders raised an army at Seth’s request and sent their soldiers against the main army of Nimrod. The main Egyptian army did manage to neutralize Nimrod’s primary army by tying them up and keeping them busy, so while Nimrod’s large regular army was occupied, Seth organized a hand-picked force of supporters whom he called the “Companions of Seth” and set out to personally kill Nimrod. Eventually Seth and his small and carefully chosen group of fighters caught up with Nimrod personally, and while Nimrod’s elite personal bodyguard legion was being entertained by the Companions of Seth, that nice little basement poker game bought Seth a personal meeting with Nimrod.

Egyptian Homer

Image courtesy of telerevision.wordpress.com

Part Fifteen – High Noon

Seth finally had a chance to meet with Nimrod in person somewhere along the banks of the Nile and when this personal meeting between Nimrod and Seth happened, Seth proceeded to hack Nimrod into pieces. Nimrod had always been a great rapist of women and young girls, so he would have been a regular visitor to Epstein’s Caribbean Island if he were alive today. Nimrod may not have liked exposing himself to danger, but he did like exposing himself to children. Nimrod was intensely proud of his man-tackle, so Seth felt that editing Nimrods junk would be a fitting desert for this fine fellow before Nimrod enjoying his final departure. After relieving Nimrod of his toys, Seth then flung Nimrod’s dearly departed frank and beans into the nearby Nile where they were swallowed by a big Nile carp that just happened to be in the area.

phishfood 2

Image courtesy of benjerry.com

After performing a bit of improvised cosmetic surgery, Seth then pined Nimrod in place and removed his organs one by one. Before Seth put on Nimrod’s fire, Seth shook Nimrod’s bloody innards in his face as he yelled, “This is for the women of Egypt!” Before Nimrod’s time on the carousel ended, he had the pleasure of watching Seth fling his internal organs into the nearby Nile river. As a final gesture of good will, Seth sent the remaining pieces of Nimrod to the existing groups of Nimrod’s supporters with the following warning: “This is what is going to be done to you if you people keep it up.”

Ghost of Bart

The above image is a tattoo featured on the website manasuncut.com


Part Sixteen – Aftermath

Semaramis was able to eventually recover all the pieces of Nimrod except for what had become fish food. She then put the pieces of her son/husband/lover back together and then fashioned a phallus to replace the missing part. Semaramis also claimed that Nimrod had been resurrected and had impregnated her. An individual who it was claimed was the offspring of a resurrected Nimrod and Semaramis eventually appeared and went looking for Seth to avenge his father. Seth killed Nimrod’s posthumous son as well according to some accounts.

zombie bart

Image courtesy of beth182’s account on deviantart.com


Part Seventeen – The Curtain Falls

This ends the story as far as any clear extraterrestrial presence is concerned.


Heil Hitler deva!

Randall Lee Hilburn


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