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National Socialism In Cyclical Time. Installment #7, The Navel Of The Earth (PART TWO)


National Socialism In Cyclical Time

Installment #7, The Navel Of The Earth (PART TWO)

The Earth (Midgard) is not a unique planet in the galaxy but is nonetheless rare. It is a crossroads leading to many worlds and is unusually conducive to a great variety of lifeforms. As a consequence it attracts the interest of a number of different Higher Powers. Rather than fight over it they divide it up into spheres of influence in which they establish their own respective peoples. By agreement the Aryans I referred to in the last installment were chosen as The Sacred People and Egypt was established as the Navel Of The Earth.

The boundaries that were established used the Giza Plateau as the benchmark. The boundaries of the peoples and their sacred sites were laid out according to a system of latitude and longitude like what we now use except the point of origin was Giza instead of the Royal Observatory in Greenwich, England. I only know of surviving boundary markers in portions of Greece and the British Isles. The time I’m referring to is in the neighborhood of 26,000 years ago. Things have long ago gone astray which I hope to address in my next installment. Boundaries of territory and blood were all considered sacred and never to be violated.

Egypt lies of course in the center.

North of Egypt lies the lands of the White Peoples (The Men Of The North). Of which there are three races  There isn’t a single White or “Aryan” Race but three. The Germans, Celts, and Balts together would represent one of these. Each race was divided into twelve nations and each nation into twelve tribes.

East of Egypt lies the lands of the Yellow Peoples, the Orientals. They are divided up in the same way as the Whites.

South of Egypt lies the lands of the Black Peoples. Also divided up in the same way. The classic negro’s, known collectively as Bantu’s, were one of the three black races.

West of Egypt lies the lands of the Red Peoples. Divided up in the same way.

The presence of the Red haired Aryans around the world represent the settlements of them as Judges and Civilizaers and to make sure trade and other contacts did not compromise the blood, territories, or cultures of the various peoples. The Higher Powers knew that they and their initial offspring here would not always be present in direct contact with their peoples so they had to leave somebody in charge to administer what they had set up after they were gone. These were the Red-haired Aryans who were considered closest in character to the Higher Powers.

All of these various bodies of people were National Socialist in nature. Each blood in their own place with their own traditions. But every one NS in the manner most appropriate to that people. All of these NS bodies were combined into a single global Confederation of NS States in effect. This is what the Higher Powers intended because that is the same sort of relationship the Higher Powers had with each other.

When the system was up and running and at its height during the Satya Yuga there was a period of approximately 3,700 years when the entire earth was at peace and the spiritual development of each people and individual was the chief pursuit. A time when Spirit covered the Earth like water fills the oceans. This would become known as the Age Of Aquarius “The Waterbearer”. Water being symbolic of Spirit.

Next Installment (#8) I will address how this work of creation, for that is what it ultimately was, was derailed by the Evil Ones. Evil can only destroy and never create. Therefore it envies good its ability to create. So it kills the ones who produce good and steals what they produce, corrupting it in their image along the way. The title of this installment shall be THE KILLING OF THE LIGHT.

Then (#9) which I will title THE MAN OUT OF TIME. which will address Adolf Hitler deva’s attempt to resurrect the Earths and Mankind’s Golden Age using the 3rd Reich.

Then I’ll conclude with (#10), The Way Forward. How I believe we should proceed with the Great Work which Our Glorious Fuehrer started. We must never forget that he didn’t fail; he showed us the way forward. He only fails if we ourselves give up.

Heil Hitler deva!

Heil the Folk!

Heil Victory!

“To the stars through difficulties!”

Randall Lee Hilburn

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